Month: July 2002

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

The Hummingbirds have become very active here in the past week, particularly.

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are the regulars in Georgia. We have one adult male for certain, and he is a “sentry” setting up in differenent spots in trees in the back yard, waiting for the other Hummers to come by on their way to the backyard feeder … and he heads them off in a variety of beautiful aerial manuevers, then back to a sentry point!

There are at least 4 other Ruby-throats around our feeders. One in particular is an adult female, and one for sure is a juvenile male. The other two I’m not sure about yet. And, there may be more! A total of 5 individual RT Hummers have been spotted at one time, a few days ago. They continue to do their thing!

I have some photos, on film still, of the adult male RT. Once they are developed, if there are any good ones I’ll get them online here!

Eastern Bluebirds

I saw my baby Eastern Bluebirds today! Mrs. Blue had both babies in our October Glory Maple, then they went across the street to sit on the gutter of that house. One of those babies I held in my hand on July 2. Oh how cute! They both fledged without me witnessing it. So nice to see them out and about finally!


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