Month: August 2002

Happy 10th Anniversary to Us!

Well, Frank and I have been married for TEN years now. A whole decade of official marriage!

We were engaged on June 5 and married on August 22, 1992. Fast for some people, not for us. We met on December 1, 1991, right after the evening service at CRPC. I knew that month that we’d get married. It took Frank until June to figure it out for certain.

I’d been happy to get married sooner. Yes, much sooner. But all is fine with how it turned out. By having to wait, we had our wedding while many people were boarding up their houses in preparation for Hurricane Andrew coming.

Bride and Groom had NO CLUE until during the reception. No wonder there were very few men at the ceremony! LOL

So, our wedding is memorable. It’s the weekend that Hurricane Andrew was bearing down on South Florida. We had to evacuate our apartment. Our honeymoon was supposed to be in the Florida Keys. We ended up in Orlando. Blah.

Well, we count our Smoky Mountains week long trip in August 1994 as our REAL honeymoon. That was great.

Go to my Geocities site to see some of the pictures from our 2nd Anniversary trip. It’s not been updated or finished. It’s been months and months and months since I did any real work on the site. But, you can get a glimpse of the trip. It was delightful.


School is beginning in many places very soon. We homeschool, so nothing much is changing for us. We don’t do anything formal yet, in the way of education. Our oldest is Russell, and he’s 6. He’s learning to read, count, and how to learn. He’s exploring and expanding in knowledge. Well, the same goes for Victoria, who’s 3, and Asa who will be 2 soon.

Check out

This is information we’ve recently stumbled upon, but it’s pretty much what we’ve planned to do in our home all along. It’s really nice to find information published that validates your educational philosophy!

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