Month: December 2002

Web authoring

I’m working on our church’s web site. Once a new hosting site is found I’ll be updating the site with my pages. I code by hand, and it’s a task I enjoy. I’ll put a preview link here later, when I have some more content on my site. I’m loading on this site it to get it working ahead of time.

I’m using some css, actually, quite a bit. It’s the way things are going, and I sure hope that everyone who won’t be able to see CSS made pages will put some effort into getting a newer internet browser! πŸ™‚

CSS is a way to really enhance web pages, and make changes easily in the future, once a web site is installed. It makes adding pages easy, and changing the look of the whole site by changing just one, or a few more, pages, depending on how one’s site is set up.

It’s fun stuff!

How do I learn my HTML and CSS? By browsing, looking at other people’s pages, looking at tutorial sites, and absorbing the information and putting it to use. Some people would need to have a book or take classes, but I bet that others can learn how to do web coding the same way I do. Just jump right in and do it!

The Two Towers

We’re in Michigan, leaving on Friday. Last night, opening day, we went and saw The Two Towers (Tolkien movie – The Lord of the Rings, book/movie 2). We loved it. Of course it doesn’t follow the book exactly, but does produce a wonderful product, faithful to the content of the book overall, though not in all details. For us, we absolutely loved it.

Better than Fellowship of the Ring? Can’t compare them. They are equal in greatness, sort of, both different, and make a cohesive two parts of three. It’ll be hard to wait the year out for installment number three of the Trilogy!

Frank and I went alone. Our neice Renee watched the children. It was nice to have a “date”. Not a usual practice for us at all. We go for the DVD’s instead of movie theatres usually. We didn’t see Fellowship of the Rings in the theatre. We saw it on DVD in August when it first came out via that medium. I’ve seen it several times, therefore, since we bought it, and then the extended version also … which is even better.

If you haven’t read the book(s) read them first. Then get the DVD of Fellowship of the Rings, and then the Extended version. Rent the first one and buy the second one if you don’t want to buy all of them. Then go see the second movie or wait until it’s out on DVD. Then wait another year and go to see the third movie. You’ll need a DVD player too, they are really pretty cheap now-a-days! And worth it for the movies and the extra content you get on the DVD’s. Cool stuff!

December 2002

It’s December! It came really fast this year. Yes, the years go faster once you are an adult, but I must say this year sped past really fast, for that other years for sure. Wasn’t it just a few months ago that it snowed here at our house? Oh, that was December 2001.

Today it’s cold, as it is in much of the Eastern US. It’s nearly to freezing and there is water up in the sky that is supposed to want to come down sometime today in the form of freezing rain or mix. It’s been drizzly on and off, but mostly light as a feather kind of drizzly. It’s windy too, and there’s a chill factor in the 20’s. It’s 33.4 degrees F. right now, at 2:30pm. The temperature is going down. It was 45 degrees F. this morning, around 7:00am.

It’s been colder the last few weeks, but this is the coldest DAY we have had so far this season. We can expect up and down temperatures for the next few months, then it’ll be the real Spring for us. Our winter is like winter/fall/early-spring — Up, down, down, up, up, down, up etc. Snow, rain, ice, freezing rain, slush, any of those kind of days, and very cold days with blue, blue skies, as well as overcast days in the 40’s that feel kinda spring-like. And more. Winter is the worst in Dec and Jan always. But even with that, we have spring flowers beginning to push up their green tops in January or February usually.

We do have Winter, but it’s mild. We do have Autumn, but it’s late. We do have Spring, it’s early and glorious in the South. We do have Summer, it’s long. I grew up in PA and Frank in MI. We both had long Winters and short Springs and short Summers and short Autumns. Here things are quite different. We both lived in Florida for awhile, and so appreciate the South for it’s “real” seasons πŸ˜‰ We do get all four seasons, and they are just different than the North’s. Even the North can not claim a same season as all of the North. In MI they get more snow than in PA in most places, so my Winter of childhood is different in the realm of the Wintery weather, than Frank’s. Across different regions of a State this holds true too. In the South too. But the generalities of it all is mild winter, and good long growing season in the South. In the north there’s plenty of time to think about gardening … all the long winter long. Then get out there quick and grow some stuff before harvest time sets in. All the while Southern cousins are growing, growing, growing, sowing second or third crops of whatever … πŸ™‚

And can settle in for a few months of crisp, cold weather, with some snow and/or ice here and there. It’s nice.

Lexington, KY

We left MI on Friday morning and drove to Lexington, KY, where we had a hotel reservation. This cut our trip basically in half. We can go multiple ways home, so this one was by choice, for the views it brings.

The Lexington side of Kentucky is very horse farmy, with a few cows here and there (the brown cows are my favorites!) We stayed on the NE side of town. A few miles above is the Kentucky Horse Park. After dinner we drove to that, where they had what was called “Southern Lights” — 4 miles of horse themed Christmas lights. There were some nice views for our 6 year old, the other two were asleep, so the $12 it cost … a bit steep …

Before that we went downtown Lexington, to Joe Bologna’s, a local pizza place. Distinct pizza, and particularly a distinct atmosphere–an old church building. Originally built by a Presbyterian congregation in 1891 … they sold it to a Jewish Synagog in 1912. The floors are original Kentucky Pine, and the windows are all stained glass and protected on the outside by modern material to keep them safe. Our table was right under the big 18-foot high stained glass window that looks out over the street, and has since 1891. Gorgeous. The bar is at the opposite end of the building — yes, right where the Minister used to preach from! Not a problem for Presbyterians, who believe that the Bible teaches, and it DOES teach this, that alcohol in moderation is fine.

The bread sticks are huge, and come with melted butter/garlic in a dish, the dish which reminded Frank of some kind of church dish–metal and just not a shape expected for restaurant use … oblong and boat-like, yet not. Makes no sense as I’ve worded it! LOL

But the bread sticks are good. They are chewy and light, but not heavy and gooey, yet have body. Perfect for white flour bread. Better than any chain restaurant makes, across the board. How was the pizza we ordered? It was a 16-inch round, ham and sausage. The sauce was more like we like, a marinara-ish sauce. And the crust was crispy on the bottom and light and body-like the bread sticks only better. The crispy bottom really made the difference. Good pizza! My whole family ate each slice wholly. I mean, that’s not normal πŸ˜‰

So, if you are ever in the Lexington area for lunch or dinner, try out Joe Bologna’s downtown. Any local should be able to point you in the right direction, it’s a known landmark. The biggest disappointment is how North that State is. No Suhwheat Tuhee (sweet tea, to you non-southron’s!)

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