I created a desktop for Frank, and have it on my computer for the “holiday” too. I decided to share it with whomever else would like it as well.

Here it is:

Pick the one right for your monitor resolution:

800 x 600 56kb

1024 x 768 82kb

1280 x 1024 101kb

1600 x 1200 184kb

Right-click and “save target as …”

or if you plain old click, you can right-click on the image that loads and “save picture as …”

In any case, save the .gif file on your computer, where you can find it when browsing. Right click your desktop and choose “Properties”. On the Display Properties box find the “desktop” tab and click “browse” to find the picture you just downloaded, choose it. You can then choose APPLY or OK. Apply will save the changes and leave the screen open so that you can make other changes. OK will save the changes and close that screen.

You can change the desktop color to match the picture, if your settings have a color under the icon labels. When you have the above screen open, go to the “Appearance” tab and find the place to change colors and fonts for different window settings. Input these color values, if you know how to do it:
[WIN XP choose the “advanced” button, I seem to recall older Win systems have the info on the “appearance” tab, or on another named tab, something findable for sure]
247 88 88

If you have THEMES on your computer, you can save these settings, the desktop color and the desktop picture, as a THEME, go to the THEMES area for your system and save the current settings with a name. For instance I call this one on my computers: Valentinesday

So in the future, I can use this theme again easily, just going to THEMES and choosing it. I can make other color choices as well, to correspond with my THEME, if I want. It’s all there in the Display Properties box.

One fun thing to change to go with themes is the screen saver. It doesn’t change with a theme, you must manually change it. Go to the Screen Saver tab on Display Properties and utilize something called 3-D Text if your system has it. Choose “settings” and then enter a short phrase or name, something with meaning, and then choose the properties to display it, the font, the size, then how it moves, and then how it looks via colors or choosing a bitmap picture to base what the graphical words will look like.

I like “reflections”. Here’s a small [59kb]bitmap version of the Valentines Day desktop, that you can use as either a “texture” or “reflection” with 3-D Text screen saver. Save it the same way as above.

I like to save my special pictures such as these in MY Pictures in a folder I create called “Desktops”. It’s easy to find the files then, and keep them organized.

Let me know your comments about this! If the 1600 x 1200 resolution .gif isn’t clear, let me know and I’ll do a new one for you. I didn’t test that one. I use 1280 x 1024 personally. I can make a better one for the largest version if it’s requested! 🙂