Just for fun

Here’s what my desktop looks like today.

Win XP 1280x1024resolution. Taskbar auto-hide [that is why you might see a tiny blue line at the bottom of the picture if you look close enough]

Who’s the picture of? Any guesses?


  1. Ashley, Yes, that is me!

    Family and I don’t agree as to how old I was. I was trying to elicit some reponses from them, but as you can see, no one replied.

    I figure I’m about 6. Maybe 5, but closer to 6. So, it was 1971 or 1972 when that was taken.

    Now, I imagine that sounds long ago to you! 🙂

    I’m the youngest of five children, and very few photos of me were taken growing up. I struggle to find as many as I can and find out how old I was in them. I like comparing them to photos of my own three children. I’m finding that my youngest, Asa, so far resembles me the most. He’s two and a half years old.

    The picture on PP that shows up with my posts right now is of me when I was two. FWIW

    Thank you for playing the guess who this is game!

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