I changed my desktop again, since I decided to have some fun with my cheap digital camera this morning.

I went out back to one spot and took overlapping pictures to come up with a panoramic shot.

It’s a cheap camera, and the exposure for each wasn’t very alike [I have no control over it, and it’s hard to fix each photo to match afterwards also, cheap!], so guess how difficult it was to piece these together and fix the “sky”. Ugh. Anyhow, this is what it looks like as my desktop. I think it’s pretty cool, and I’ll work on a better version of it with my film camera sometime.

I’ll create a page with this picture on it some day soon. The house closest, the one in the middle that’s bigger looking, is ours, the blue roof is the top of the “Jungle”[a Cedar Works of Maine climbing/swinging structure]. You can’t see a whole lot in this version of the photo, since it’s the “desktop” copy. In a bigger photo you might be able to better make out the fence line. Our grass is long and short in different places. You see the weeds right where I was standing, the tall stuff –dying Thistle, can you say “Roundup”? And the white are natural wild daisies that come up in the back of the yard every Spring.

And yes, Frank, you have this same desktop, at a smaller resolution. It looks nicer on mine though, as I have an LCD 16.1″ view-able large screen, and you only have a 15″ CRT monitor from 1995. Sad, but true.