Month: December 2003

Finally sick, figures.

We’ve all had colds, light ones, since a day or so before Christmas. Well, they progressed to just drippy and sneezy and scratchy throat off and on for us, but for me, it’s gotten worse since Saturday. That evening I was feeling worse, and also had felt allergic more than sick, so I took some Benadryl for those symptoms, which was fine since I ended up having to eat something for dinner than had had mushrooms in it. My swollen tongue from that was bad, but minimal in comparison to past encounters. So I woke up Sunday morning dragging, and just Frank and Victoria went to church. Asa has had a clear dripping nose constnatly, and Russell having more symptoms than Victoria or Frank. So I felt much better later, but still not great. Then I felt feverish late afternoon, and I was sort of flush faced. It wasn’t raging fever though.

Well, today I’ve stayed in be all day, I just feel a bit achy, it’s cold downstairs and I didn’t feel like getting dressed for it, so I stayed on my bed. My throat hurts today worse, actual hurt instaed of scratchy. And I feel feverish again since 2pm, chills on occassion, and my forhead and nose feel beadingly moist from the heat.

Laptop computers are a wonderful thing in this case.

I have two cats curled up on my lap sleeping, and another one handing out right at my side, bathing, and my computer is beyond that lower on the bed, with my keyboard and mouse by my side, wireless. My ‘puter is always on wireless networking as well. Just not wireless for power πŸ™‚

I’ve been doing stuff over at Rotten Tomatoes while I’ve been ill today, and some on previous days too. For the fun of it I started a journal there purely for movie reviews. I have plenty of other places for journals or blogs, it’s just that this one has a community of movie stuff, and I can keep all that movie stuff over there. Rotten Tomatoes is a place with lots of collected info on reviews and movie, game, DVD, info, etc. and the USER stuff is nice, for making journals, groups, forums, on topics, on particular movies or celebrities or just any topic, like someone could use it as a regular weblog or topical on something, anyway, it’s free, and just a new thing to play with.

So please pray for my recovery soon. I don’t know what to call this. I never was one to know what is a cold, what is flu, etc. This is day 6 of whatever it is, and it’s only gotten worse since 4 a bit, then more on day 5 now more even more on day 6. Just a general achy-ish feeling, achy throat, flushed feeling, chills off and on. Definitley NOT that “run over by a truck” feeling— yet.

I haven’t done anything for this yet, but Frank is going to get me some Vit C, tomato soup, and cough drops for my throat. I’ll go nuts with the Vit. C. believe me. Maybe some garlic too. Tomato soup is always my favorite, particularly when sick. It cures every ache and pain. Nearly.

If there are typos in this, please forgive and overlook them. My computer is actually further away from me than I’d prefer, with all these cats, I can’t quite get the right foucs on the screen for good typing as I go, nor oroof reading. Oh well. Later I’m sure I’ll care enough to get that done. πŸ™‚

Strider is doing better

After the last update here on Strider, I let him stay in the bathroom cabinet and just checked on him frequently and tried to get him interested in food.

Well, I was able to force him to eat some hamburger, but HE didn’t do it unless it was in his mouth and if I didn’t let him drop it out. So he didn’t eat much more than a few tidbits for days. No drinking either.

A few days ago, on Saturday, we were out and got home from the errands, and I went up to see Strider and immediately just decided on the spur of the moment to take him downstairs. I fished him out of the cabinet, he had moved to a harder to reach place since the last time I saw him, the first time since he’d moved to the easier to reach him place.

Oh my poor kitty was lightweight as I carried him downstairs. I put him down after re-assuring him it was alright, and …. he stayed put. He didn’t run. Since then he has stayed in the downstairs, never venturing upstairs at all. But he’s not hiding at all.

That first time he was down, I tempted him with some sour cream, and he wanted it. So I gave him some in a dish, and he gently lapped some up, stopped, then went back for more, and so on.

I then got a dish for water for him, and he wanted that, lapping it up like crazy. What a remarkable change! From refusing everything … to wanting some things.

I tried hamburger then, and he was fully UN-interested. Hmm.

Well the next day he was in the kitchen when I went downstairs. After church I went to see if he’d be tempted by the hamburger, and guess what … he begged for it when he saw me going into the fridge, and kept begging for it even when he knew what it was. He ate it.

So he’s still recovering, but eating, and drinking, hanging around us, not shying away at all. He is thin, very thin, but strong. This has been so odd, and I’m glad he’s on a major upswing.

My sweet kitty is not quite back to his normal attitude, but only by a thread. He’s grooming himself, lying in the sun if it’s out, sitting by the fireplace if there is a fire going, and just hanging out on the sofa futon, or in the kitchen, or under something or other, as any other cat would do.

I am very thankful that God saw fit to keep Strider safe thus far. He’s such a nice cat, a definite, usually, stress reducing machine, organic though.

Return of the King

Today Frank and I saw Return of the King at the theatre. It was excellent. Several others from Church got together, and we went with them. It was a mid-afternoon showing. Our children stayed with a Church family, they had lots of fun. Afterward we all went to that home and had Chili and a good time of fellowship.

As for the film, I won’t say anything more. It’s still only been out a few days. Some neat stuff, and I can hardly wait for the extended DVD to come out!

If y’all haven’t read the books yet, do so. If you haven’t seen the films, read the books, then see the films. See them in order, but be sure and read the books afresh FIRST!

The theatrical releases on DVD are good. The Extended Versions on DVD are better. If you haven’t seen any of it, or just some of it, I recommend seeing them all. See the theatrical, then the Extended, first 1, then 2, then go to the theatre and see this latest one on the BIG SILVER SCREEN!

Strider is sick, but with what?

My poor Strider. He was back for 2 1/2 weeks when something funny happened. The other night I fed them, then went to bed. I saw Strider chipper and doing great, dragging a chicken frame into the corner to chow down. Good behavoir.

Sometime during the night I heard some kind of cat heaving, but in the morning, there was no mess anywhere, so it was a mystery. But as the morning wore on, I saw there was no Strider around. I started calling and looking for him, and finally a few hours later found him under our bed. His left side whiskers were bent back hard, so he must have been sleeping hard as well, I figured. I picked him up, and he was just “not himself”. He looked alright otherwise, but was acting sedate, wouldn’t purr, and seemed to be “burping” every once in awhile.

His eyes looked frightened, but his fur looked fine. He didn’t “look sick”. He came downstairs, hung out then in the sunshine streaming through the door windows in the kitchen. He then went upstairs and stayed on our bed late afternoon, and was still there when we went to bed around 10pm. I sat down and held him, and then he started hacking, and ran to the edge of the bed, just dry hacking. His behaviour was just so odd, but then he stopped, jumped off the bed and ran into the hall, that was the last I saw him for a long time. But he ran off “full of life”.

Well the next day I set to looking and looking for him and didn’t find him all day. I was expecting a dead cat if/when we’d find him. Things muddle a bit, and it was this day that was Friday I think. No Strider. Saturday, still no Strider anywhere. I had torn apart every possible place in the house, under beds, in closets, etc.

The only other place he could be was in the crawl space. It was impossible to see in there, as the insulation in the ceiling of the crawl space is all fallen down. It’s not a fun place to go into in any case. I often had gone down there, turned the light on, opened the door and called Strider over and over.

So Saturday, Frank finally went down there in the afternoon, and crawled around and saw him hiding in a far corner, and was able to frightenly chase him to where I could just barely get into the space and grab the cat.

He looked just the same, only more frightened. I was totally happy to see him warm and moving well. Status since then, he’s in the bathroom and hiding behind the toilet, won’t eat or drink. Lethargic, yet not. He doesn’t purr much, only once in awhile. He still has the “burp” thing, and dry heavy cough.

I thought perhaps a bone was stuck from his last meal, or that he’s sick from the food, but no other cat or pup got sick, same food source.

So then I’m thinking whatever it is it’s just HIM, and perhaps a gastrointestinal thing, a gas-x product may help … over gassyness would cause no eating or drinking to be desired, and moaping and sick burpyness. Well, he can’t go on like this for long, without fluids at least.

I took a secondary approach and started giving him yukky cat hairball treatment stuff, “just in case this is a really bad sudden hair ball attack entirely” but it doesn’t make sense, in my many years experience with cats, to have anything like this at all.

I gave Strider the Petromalt that I had lying around from a long ago purchase, I put it on my finger, opened his mouth and shoved it in. It stuck to the roof of his mouth, he didn’t like it, but it forced a swallowing action, and he swallowed it fine. So, perhaps nothing is stuck. He’s just so NOT STRIDER, it’s sad, I don’t know what else to do with him. Bringing him to the Vet isn’t possible.

So, if anyone reading this has any clue as to what’s up or how to help him, please leave comments.

I stroke his fur often, and really massage his sides. Whenever he has that burp thing, is sounds really wet. Whenever he has that coughy hacky thing, it sounds wet, nearly like hacking stuff up, but nothing comes out of his mouth. No throw up, nothing. He’s not pooping or peeing either, not eating of course, since Wednesday night, so I don’t know his bathroom habits on Thursday, Friday or Saturday before we found him in the crawlspace.

So my dear kitty just stays behind the toilet, miserable, but looking pretty. I’m puzzled, but glad he’s still here with me. πŸ™

Wintry Weather — sort of

I have always viewed “winter” as starting about Thanskgiving, or maybe a week later, when anywhere other than in Florida, where I’ve lived.

I know that the actual season begins with the winter solstace, later in December, but the weathe distinctiveness lulls me to the Winter feel early. As it does for many, I suspect.

We’ve had many nights so far around freezing, or below or right above. Higher than that as well. Days might get around 60, but mostly just above 50 degrees F. the last several or more days. I am not being precise, for all days flow into one, with the exception of Sunday, for me. πŸ™‚ Memory of temperature fluctutions then is not precise. One day if I get my wish of a digital weather station to mount around the house, then I’ll be able to easily be precise. For now then, it’s blurry ideas.

The most prolific thing about the weather is the temperature the house. We aren’t using our central heat system this year, taking things more natural instead. If it’s cloudly it’s very chilly inside. I keep a fire going most of the time on those days. Most every day demands a fire in the fireplace at least half the morning, if not longer. Evening time a fire is useful too. We turned our living room into our dining room. It is SO nice eating by the fireplace for dinner, lunch, or breakfast, fire or no fire inside it.

We have one small portable electric heater we can move around to different places. It takes the edge of coolness off when need be. Like bathrooms in the AM. πŸ™‚

I’m liking this all so far. It’s far more romantic and feels connected to previous generations. I do still use electricity, of course, but am wanting to grow less dependant on it. I sure need it for this medium, but less for others as time will hopefully allow. I’d love to have a woodburning stove, as well as a gas or electric cooktop. To bake in a woodburning stove is my dream. To use it in the cool weather, in particular for cooking and warming the kitchen. If we get to build our next house, we’ll include such a plan to accomodate my ‘dream’ kitchen. That’s not the all of it, just a part. I won’t wax on about my “dream kitchen” right now.

I love building and maintaining the fireplace fires. They are easy to do, but sometimes a challenge to start, depending on the wood. The crackle and occasional ‘pop’ of the wood burning is soothing, the flames as well.

Another aspect of it is coming close to natural human stuff. Flame for heat. It brings up pictures of Hell as well. The phrase “Fanning the Flames” take on new meaning if you work with fires. And Christmas songs come to mind.

We are on a countdown to official Winter. And once that hits, it’ll practically be Christmas Eve.

For us in Georgia, that then means another week until New Years, then a month of possible ice storms, maybe snow. Then the first sign of Spring will appear in February sometime. [whisper]It’s not far off![/whisper]

This is why I can enjoy Winter-like time so much, perhaps, it’s limited in days, unlike some places up North, which can have Winter stretch out far into the days when we are harvesting something from the garden, planted as a seed there that Spring. πŸ™‚

So for now, the days get shorter, the weather gets colder.

Ebay again

My first Ebay buy came in the mail today!

On Dec 2, I found a pair of shoes for Victoria, the size I was looking for, the brand, and the exact same finish and style as I was hoping to find, ones that are like her current too-small dress shoes.

It was a new listing that day, and the shoes had a “buy it now” price that made the shoes more than worth it, no sweating out the auction, and the price was contained in a good area. Other shoes I HAD been looking at had a “buy it now” price on them first, which was more than I paid for this pair including shipping. So, I got a good deal viewing it that way. The other thing is, the other shoes if I had gone into the auction would have cost the same, or MORE, as they ended with a snipe bid winning, so whatever her max bid was, it would have made my snipe bid go to a higher amount, based on her max bid; if my max bid was higher than hers, or if hers higher than mine, different ending prices would have shown, but all in all, it ended well, with me happy with a new pair of shoes for Victoria.

Indeed, a good buy, as they are in our home already. Bought in the AM on Dec 2 as a “buy it now” feature, shipped from CA priority mail and in our home by Dec 4. That is QUICK!

These are Elefanten shoes, the only normally findable thing that truly fits our childrens feet correctly. They are pricey, of course, so finding Ebay shoes, from someone who wore them once or twice, wow. They are practically-speaking, brand new. For way less than half-price brand-new-full-price-speaking.

Nordstrom Rack has Elefantens on deep discount at their “Nordstrom Rack” stores. Well, you have to know the exact second they are delivered … we’ve found a few there in the past few years, but usually only the odd things. We’ve paid full for good shoes most often. Not shirking that at all, as we get every penny out of them. Sometimes it’s just that penny-pinching is THE-only-way. Sometimes it’s a choice.

I’ve always known the value of garage sales, thrift stores, etc. My dear husband is a bit, quite a bit, more hesitant to even want to look at something like that, let alone consider even buying it.

He trusts my judgement when looking at things, and he knows that I say yeah or nay based on quality, not on price. When speaking of brand new items, always my choice is a middle or top of the line object. Show me things without prices, and I’ll pick the one I like, honestly, the best. It comes out it’s in mid or high range of price every time. Comparing Apples to Apples. or even Oranges to Apples.

So now he’s seen my first online used buy. He’s impressed. Well ebay is built on trust. Trust to bid and come through with pay. Trust that what the seller says is true. There is a feedback system that keeps this in check. It’s better than a thrift store or garage sale. I can see an item and see it’s quality in real life, and on ebay, it’s the pictures and words of the worthy seller.

My objective then is to be a seller. That will be my #1 thing, selling. My buying is to replace things in our wardrobe, and find books, and gadgets we need, within right price-ranges. Selling, is to sell re-sell-able wardrobe items, and toys, and such, and anything else I find that’s sell-able. My eye has had that roving desire for doing such for a long time. So now that I feel alright about letting go of baby clothes and such, I will be able to fund my for-selling-purchased-locally stuff.

At any rate, I really like using Ebay so far, partially due to, I am sure, AuctionTamer, which I hope I’ll be able to continue using, but that relies on … $

My Intro to Ebay

My sister has been Ebay-ing for a long time. I finally got serious and did something this past weekend.

I watched a few auctions for a bit, got AuctionTamer, and started using that to track auctions, and found a few things I wanted.

Did I then bid on anything?

No. I am a sniper.

I won my first auction, a coat for Victoria.

My second auction I lost, due to using the same method as the first time, but something messed up with my ID not being recognized, and my Autobid didn’t go through. Had it gone through, I’d have won the pair of shoes for Victoria that we need. I didn’t have enough time to manually make the bid work, so the auction was over a split second before my bid finally tried to submit. πŸ™

So, my second auction isn’t credited towards me as anything, it is not one I participated in, officially.

The third auction, I won. Hands down, no other interest in it. A pair of boots for me. It was a good find, exactly the thing I look for in stores, display shoes on sale. Display shoes are usually my exact size –6 american.

Sometime I’ll start selling, something. Right now, it’s nice to find stuff we need, and spend less getting it via ebay even with the shipping, than looking in used stores, consignment shops, garage sales, etc. AND the best part is, it’s FUN!

It’s a really good thing we have very limited money. πŸ™‚ I’m limiting myself to looking at only what we truly need, and have wanted or planned on getting when affordable.

So I’m looking at some skirts and dresses for me and Victoria as well. It’s interesting to see the same names over and over, other bidders lead me to other auctions. I basically don’t lead anyone anywhere, except for to see what I’ve bid on and won or lost, no current bids generally would be found for me. I’m only a buyer right now, so I’m not going to spill out my ID. πŸ™‚

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