Month: January 2004

Recent Listenings

UPDATE: NO LONGER SHOWING RECENT LISTENINGS ON THIS BLOG no FTP support … and no desire to figure out another way for now.

Today is December 7, 2004, and it’s been a few months or more since haven’t had “recent listenings” going. Thanks!

I’ve been working on getting a recent listening from my computer list on this page. If you are using IE as a browser you’ll see my most 10 recent under “Recent Listenings” on the right-hand side, mid-ish-way down [of my main page]. I’m still working on how to produce it to look nicer. In Netscape, it doesn’t show up. That’s why there is a link “10 most recent tracks” opens a pop-up window. That info is coded from someone else, and it links tracks to Barnes and Noble looking up the Artist and Title for the album to buy. Most of my CD’s are older, and some don’t link correctly, some not at all. Also, I listen to mp3 sermons often, and they don’t link to anything on B&N, of course.

When I’m better at writing PHP stuff, I’ll see if I can’t get things to link better, how I want, depending on what the thing is that is listed.

My goal for now though, is to get a normal non-linked list to show up in either IE or Netscape.

What I’ve done:

I am using Windows Media Player 9 for Win XP. There is a blogging plugin which puts lots of info for what you are playing output to WMP9’s interface. Songwriter is another plugin for WMP9 which allows you to output and upload XML &/or TXT files of Meta data for each track listened to. There are many options on how to make that work then, on your site.

All I’m doing right now is using a dataisland kind of coding to place the data on this page. [That is XML info which is pulled from/into datafields, XML to a TABLE midst other HTML/PHP code.]

The pop up window data uses a PHP script. I’ll study that later to see how I can use that to write the info I want on this page.

I was using SonicStage, which comes with my Sony Vaio, and it uses OpenMG as a way to load music as smaller files. I have some stuff like that already on my ‘puter, and since WMP uses a different file-type I have to burn those OpenMG files to CD’s and then copy the CD’s to WMP’s Media Library.

Once loaded via Media Library I can add more info to tracks. WMP9 is rather nice. Not perfect, of course. SonicStage uses a different service to recognize music … and it works better at that than WMP9’s version. For instance, I listen to Cecilia Bartoli, and via WMP the info doesn’t include her name at all, and so on linking with that popup window, you can’t find the CD that the song is on, and there is no reference to her at all written to my site. On the other hand, if I play those CD’s in SonicStage, they are recognized correctly.

I could load all my Bartoli CD’s onto WMP Media Library, but I sure don’t want to load all the music onto my hard drive. I’ll have to figure out what to do, fooling around with loading it, fixing the data, then burning new CD’s, will that fix it, or not. Ah, the trouble of non-standard compliance. Older CD’s recognized fine in Sony application, but not in Windows XP application. It has to do with the services they are attached to, but really, it’s plainly annoying. If I could have plugin capabilities for SonicStage usefullness online, I’d use it, but so far I haven’t found it. πŸ™

Using WMP9 w/the Songwriter XML output, if I insert a new CD it sends info out for “not known” immediately, which messes up how the pop-up window reads the XML file. Also, the entries that IE shows, shows a messed up entry for that “play” but the next track shows up fine, as once the CD is in for a few moments it is recognized, but WMP9 insists on sending out “not known” data … which I’ll surely stop if I can figure out how to do that.

Well, that’s that for now!

The XML (songout.xml) file
The HTML file that I use to pull the data to the main page, how it looks before main stylesheet is applied

Plumb tuckerd and tickled

Well, it’s been hard work today. I was in the garden and that’s just something wearisome in late-January (I started to type “mid-January, and realize we are at the end already! Where’d it go?!!!). Un-accustomed to that bent position, since I hadn’t “really” done it since June 2003, I dare say, I grew tired fast. But I enjoyed every second of it.

The earth has not frozen at all this year, so the cold nights of icey temps just have the ground nice and soothingly cool. Ant that had invaded my herb section last Summer left the earth fine and airy around the chives, basil, thyme, and parsley I was dealing with. I fairly easily pulled out dead weeds, and some live ones too. Some live ones were dastardly tough, but I won. The basil, dead as a doornail, was ensconced in the earth’s depths, and several battles ensued before I finally conquered, but conquer I did! πŸ™‚

I can see that corner of my garden from the bedroom window I sit next to right now, warm, rich brown soil blazenly showing itself to me, beckoning, oh so seductively.

It feels so good to have rich soil in ones bare hands. It’s just too early to really think about it so much. We just had an ice storm the other day, and now here I am doing some gardening, one example of how odd this winter is.

I’m holding back the urge to fire up the Mantis. I suppose I should look into growing some garden plants from seed, if we can manage the $ for flats and the right growing medium. I’ve not ever done that before, it’s hard for me to plant seeds and thin the young plants, so it’s generally easier on me to go the route of buying started plants for the garden.

This past summer I planted some things in a natural way … I throw remants of veggy cuttings over the deck on the side to decompose naturally, well it was a nice moist summer and I had some lovely tomatoes growing come Fall, they flowered and started fruit, but didn’t mature before the first Frost on Nov 13th. A melon of unknown variety was growing as well. Seems an interesting method for growing … I may just figure a good way to do that on purpose this year πŸ™‚ Growing tomatoes there is interesting, I could tie them up to the deck posts well, or perhaps grow string beans, tying leads easily for them to snake their way up, just go onto the deck to harvest for dinner … that’s something I’m truly considering doing.

Well then, it was nice being with my plants over in the garden. I have two German Thyme plants. One is rather nearly all woody with very little growth, kind of weird. The other one is lush and gorgeous right now. Part of it died off, but it took off in the other direction. Smells so good! The dead basil wood smelled wonderful as well. The chives are low to the ground. I pulled the dead stuff out of them, I have three spots with chives. They were one plant, I divided it from the pot last Spring into three sections. They are establishing nicely. New little green shoots under all that dead stuff. They should do nicely this Spring.

We still have some winter to go through, but mostly the forecast is calling for these cold nights and moderate nights, and warm days for the most part. mid-March, last frost time, is less than two months away. It’s not too long before some trees will really start to rev up to blooming. Maples and Apple trees in our yard are getting buds growing to nearly looking Spring-ready-to-swell-and-burst! Just hold off until it’s safe dear trees!

I have some maples I grew from seed, from the October Glory, and a few of them are naturally sprouted that I harvested underneath the tree. I have them in a small planter on the front porch. They are about a foot or more tall and looking nice. I need to get a pot for each of them soon, and re-plant them. We want to keep them potted so that we can easily take them with us if/when we move, with heritage from the big tree we bought and installed and can’t move with us πŸ™ but really πŸ™‚

So I got my hands all dirty today. I had to dig the dirt out from under my nails and soap them up really good. I hate garden gloves πŸ˜‰ Earth on bare hands is supremely satisfying. Particularly in January.

Ice Storm

On Sunday late afternoon, the rain on trees started to turn to ice. So, we finally had an ice storm. It was mild here, the roads were mostly safe, as far as we know from what we experienced.

Everything was frozen through this morning, only melting as the morning warmed up finally. One and a half days of ice was nice … the tree’s are exceptionally pretty like that, but weak trees tend to break or fall over in a dangerous bend. Well planted, healthy trees are generally alright, but older and natural planted pines tend to have problems here in GA.

We were at the Mall of GA last night, B&N, and the sight was so silvery, so many trees all decked out in natures beautiful ice.

I would have pictures of our trees right now, but the Digital camera is not working again. I have film pictures, well, will have eventually.

I’m frustrated with this [digital] camera, it has worked alright, then didn’t at all, then did fine for awhile then now doesn’t work again. We’ll have to find the book and look to see if temps are going to make certain thing not work. The thing about the two “not working” times is that the are not the same. First time the lens did not come out at all. This time it does come out, then goes right back in.

So, it’s now soggy time, as the temps go up, and all that rain gets to absorb into the ground finally.

We are in for a few nights of below freezing though, and only Partly Cloudy days, which are not quite sunny or warm enough to make things warm in the house. Well, we had a couple of nice days before the ice days. Winter continues, cold, warm, mild conditions, a little wintry weather.

It is a late first ice we’ve had. It really wasn’t in the usual ahead forecasts. We do have the next forecast wintry weather on Feb 6. Rain, mixed with snow, then later snow possible. It’ll be interesting to see if we get that, and how soon or late, and if anything else crops up.

Archive Heirarchy Changes

I’ve just changed my archiving method. If you have a link to anything I’ve written before, it’s changed now. My Individual archives are dirified by title and in category folders, meaning:

Say I have a post on “January 1, 2004” and it’s titled “Happy New Year” and it’s main Category is “Holidays and Celebrations”

it would be found at: /archives/holidays_and_celebrations/happy_new_year.php

That’s where Individual posts are to be linked to.

Month and Daily archives are now here:

/archives/2004/Jan/index.php for the Monthly archive page

<$MTArchiveDate format="%Y/%b/index.php"$>

and dailies are in their respective year and month folder and are titled, for example:

<$MTArchiveDate format="%Y/%b"$>/<$MTArchiveDate dirify="1" format="%B %e, %Y">.php

(I’ve never had anything linked to them, but just in case I ever do, they are there. If I have one post on any day, it’ll archive as a daily, and any other post on the same day archive on that same page. It’s the same premise as Monthly archives.)

The above are all ficticious paths and files, btw.

I’ve wanted to do this in the past, but didn’t wrap my mind around how to get the codes for the paths the way I’d want them. It’s a confusing thing and takes time to figure out, since there isn’t an easy example of different hierarchies of filing ways for MT, easily found, that is.

I was working on another installation of MT today, and it’s where I decided I HAD to use a different method because of how I wanted to use it. I got it worked out fairly fast. So it inspired me to take the plunge on this blog and get it done.

For some reason, it didn’t work so smoothly. I had to manually create all my directories via FTP. On the other installation of MT I didn’t have to do that. Weird. Same Host. Same files, from same source on my computer, that is. Well, I did have trouble in the past deleting something that MT created on this site when uploading with it. So it’s possibly a weirdness in how this one domain is set up. πŸ™

I did an overhaul some time ago when I converted all my files to .php extentions. That means all the google and yahoo, etc links out there are dead when one does a drastic change like renaming extentions, or totally changing the directory structure. For me that’s what it is, I have no control over any .htaccess files, so I have no way to re-direct or have nice 404 pages and error pages.

I have a good host, a friend, but some things are just set to default and there’s only so much I can ask for without being a pest and a half. I do want to do my own hosting someday so I can do what I want and not bug anyone at all, but myself πŸ˜‰

I’m considering doing an over haul of my photolog directories, but I’m not sure how I’ll do it. I’ll do it a bit differently than this one and the other one I did earlier today elsewhere.

I’d put the code for what I did in my archive paths, but I am too bleary eyed and brained to find the solution on how to do that. I need something, a plugin or something, and I’m not finding it. Well, maybe tomorrow after a few hours sleep I’ll be more successful. πŸ™‚ DONE.

New Photo Log

I’ve been working on a new Photo Log. I’ve imported most everything into the new setup and now have it in the place of the previous one. Referrers on it are new, they didn’t transfer, so page views and referrer links are starting from scratch.

This photo log is just the same in how I use it to load things, but it displays totally differently. The place I got the templates from is linked on the pages. I’ve tweaked it heavily though, changing the colors as well as integral parts of size and how it works in certain instances. I could have done the whole thing bottom up, but since someone else had done work on a similar style as to what I wanted to do, and has the templates available, I went ahead and used those.

Most photo weblogs in MT utilize ImageMagik (a server-based image manipulator) when creating entries. My server doesn’t have that available, but even so, I find it easier to create thumbs of photos myself in Photoshop, and then upload the photos and thumbs via FTP, then just code in location into the message template, avoiding the whole “upload file” thing.

If I have a few or more to do at the same time, I can create an import file, and use that to easily add many new entries at once.

They are easy to create, just a text file facimile any “export” one can create inside MT’s weblog interface. If you use MT but haven’t ever imported or exported, look that info up and give it a try. It’s a good way to back up your blogs entries and comments. It will give you the right template to use to create new entries, as I do for multiple new entries.

Using this import/export feature, you can move entries around to different blogs, entire content or partial.

I have a little work to do with my photos. I’m changing the way Portrait photos display. I’ll have all thumbs 100×67 and that means portrait thumbs will be cropped. Portrait photos will display individually at their length in contrast to the width of 500px. All other (landscape) photos will display at 500 x 333px. So any portrait dimensioned photos that are blurry, haven’t been reloaded yet, and the thumbs if they are portrait shaped (bigger than 100x67px) that also means they haven’t been reloaded yet. I’ve done some, but not all. as of yet.

Let me know what you think of my new Photo Log layout and how it works!

Updates and rambling talk

I had trouble with something on the server, so my sites have been partially to totally down due to dependence on the thing I had trouble with. It’s back up and working now. πŸ™‚

I found what happened to our pullet. The puppies got her. I have a page I constructed for that occassion here. [It’ll open in a new window if you just click from a normal browser, unless you’ve over-ruled page behavior with your browser settings!]

It was a very sad find. I only found the evidence once I decided to stop looking for a whole chicken.

It’s been cold again lately. We ran out of firewood by the close of the evening last night, and Frank has business to attend to all day that didn’t get him home with more wood until early evening. A day late and a dollar short for any help today πŸ˜‰

When it’s cold at night, the downstairs area really chills down heavily. The morning brings promise with the sun rising. As long as it’s clear, the kitchen and dining room are tolerable to some degree, depending on the outside temperature. But if it happens like it did today, the promise of good sunshine began, but was quickly snuffed out by heavy gray overcast by mid-morning. My feet were so cold I had to take off my shoes and go sit in bed with my computer or a book. If we’d had wood, I could have tended a fire in the dining room and it would have taken the edge off of anything the gray cold kitchen could throw at me. Ho hum. Tomorrow I have wood at least!

Accuweather said that “today” it’d be Mostly Sunny. It sure was NOT! Tomorrow is supposed to be Partly Sunny. Based on today, that’s not good news. πŸ™‚ As I said above, at least we have wood for tomorrow.

I have dinner going all day for tomorrow. Pulled Barbeque Pork. I’m just letting it go in the crock pot all day and night, and I’ll pull it in the morning. I’m using a bottled sauce this time, it’s Vidalia Barbecue sauce, a natural, no preservatives product we picked up at Harry’s. (It smells so good! I think it’d be best on grilled chicken, but it’ll be fine with pork too.) They are now owned by Whole Foods Market, but retain their original good food, broad ethnic varieties, fresh veggies galore, and grand selections of wine, cheese, etc. It’s just a better place now that there is some Whole Foods Market stuff going into Harry’s, a very good wedding of services and foods. We used to go to Whole Foods Market some times, but find Harry’s ultimately better now. Before it was occassional Harry’s, and more Whole Foods, but WF’s has made Harry’s the one-stop place for us the last year or more.

Well, apparently things are going on politically that I’ve not had first hand attention paid to. The D. Caucaus, and the State of the Union address. I’ve mostly heard other people talking about them, read commentary of regular folk, etc.

I don’t usually talk about politics here, but I will say a few things now. For years we were staunch conservative Republicans, and proud of it. In 2000 we voted for Bush, and by the time the inauguaration rolled around, we were not so proudly Republican. We’d bandied about with some folks on the internet over third party vs. Republican. We found that we had changed our position a bit to incrementalism, choose the best of the worst. So it wasn’t too much further we had to go, that last Presidential election did it for us. For me in particular, I was sick of it all, and pretty much said I’d not vote anymore “unless” …

Unless what? I don’t know. It’s not out there yet. I haven’t determined that any third party actually deserves a vote. My NOT voting is perhaps the most stewardship acting of all, to me. It’s not a message, it’s what’s right as opposed to what’s wrong.

A label for me is “Paleo-conservative” I have no possible party affiliation. No group stands but the “Constitution Party” but they aren’t it, in my estimation. I believe in grass-roots, not trickle down.

Frank and I are debating whether to get an absentee ballot or not this year. Hedging toward doing so. That way we can mull it over in the comfort of our home. Why not just get the ballot info ahead of time, and vote IRL? Because it’s just not the same. I want the actual ballot and me knowing that I am voting correctly or not. Internet and phone at hand with an at home ballot, one will find the answers one is seeking, and not overlook something and goof up as I would be privy to doing in a public anxious setting.

One thing about this is the way this State handles politics. In Florida you were registered to vote as whatever you were. You declared, basically, Republican, or Democrat, or Indepenent, others as well I suppose. We moved to Georgia, and you register to vote, that’s it. It was that evil “Motor Voter” program that signed us up too. Urg. We’d have sought out the right place to do it, we do believe that only those who desire to vote, and understand it should vote. Motor Voter is too easy. πŸ˜‰

So then on voting day, the precincts are just voting places, not particularly partisan. Weird.

That probably played a part in the toning down of our politics. We are fervent still, just in a better way. What the difference between Dems and Reps? Not much. Maybe 10 to 20 years. Or a way of dressing or talking. We are not inbetween those two. We are outside of the established political environs. We listen to Hannity on the radio sometimes, and it’s funny, he’s so, well, that’s enough.

It’s hard to be able to describe this. I’m more conservative than ever, yet more liberal than that. You know it’s really a true right and middle position all at the same time. It’s something that is not Libertarian, but somewhat similar in SOME ways. It’s just not so simple anymore. And THAT is alright. More black and white, less gray, some darker grays than lighter grays.

So a grass-roots method is what is best. That means doing the right thing right where you live. Local elections, local buying, selling, living, supporting. Our communitites breed the next leaders. Grass roots. Raising a family to God’s standards is exactly that. πŸ™‚

Our new pullet is missing

My new chicken, the pullet I got a week ago, got out of the pen today, while we were at church. The wind blew the top metal panel off of the pen, the four hens that were in there with the new pullet were still in the pen, but new pullet was missing. She did not like being in there, so I guess she got out as soon as the roof blew off. Where she went I don’t know, she wasn’t in the yard when we got home in the early afternoon, and we didn’t see her anywhere, or evidence of her anywhere.

We went out, and got home after dark, but she wasn’t in the yard anyhwere that I could find then. I had the dog crate out there opened for her to go in if she came back. Well, I hope she does come back. I hope a hawk did not get her. I feel so bad about her missing. I was going to keep her inside in the dog crate for a few weeks, but just put her in the pen the other day, and figured she’d be fine … the roof only has come off in the past with very high winds. We had some wind today, but nothing THAT strong as far as we know, in any case, the one panel was on the other side of the pen a few feet out, so it blew fairly far. In the past the hens that got out in such times stayed in the yard and we only had to catch them and put them back in the pen. I am figuring this henny just hates being “locked up” and “flew the coop” so to speak, at her first chance. πŸ™

Our back yard is about a 1/4+ acre with a 6ft. wooden fence all around. I am just so mad that the pullet left … or that any old hawk that took her didn’t leave a calling card. So if she doesn’t show up ever, I have no clue if she left and is alive elsewhere, or if she got eaten. πŸ™

Mild Weather and trees

We’ve hit another mild spell in the weather. It was in the high 50’s to low 60’s on Monday (I say today, since I’ve yet to fall asleep πŸ™‚ ) Tomorrow (really “Today” Tuesday) it’s supposed to reach 63 degrees F. The low overnight tonigh should be down to 38, and that is so much nicer than 32 or thereabouts. It will be similar to this through Thursday, then back in the 40’s for highs, which if sunny out, are mild enough generally, in the back yard especially, where we get full sun all day. Our property is diagonally positioned so the sun rises at our back (when looking out the back door) left corner of the property (we have a straight-lined rectangular property.)

Our trees are all still too young to give any shade that amounts to much of anything. (We planted them in the front and back in Spring 2002) Our property was treeless, minus the one “weed tree” (what I called it before I knew what it was) that is on our SW property line at the point that our backyard fence meets the back of the front yard just behind the garage. It looked like an overgrown weird tree. I saw no glory in it that first year, then the second year as well. The third year we had a landscape designer come out to survey the property and draw up a plan. He asked some questions about it’s habits (that weedy tree) and he said it was a honey locust … that it had little white flowers in the Spring and a high fragrance … right? We said “No”. So well it was a Locust tree of some kind, but not a honey. So we thought.

After that, that tree grew more and more and finally turned into a lovely mid to late afternoon shade tree. Giving shade at the front West corner of the backyard. That hot sun plus that tree at least give a small space for the children to play in on afternoons.

We were in official drought the whole time we lived here, until 2003. In early 2003 we had enough rain. That weed tree BLOSSOMED! Whoa! It was the smell that made me notice it, never had it blossomed in our time living there. Tell tale things I’d learned before that blossom time were met with actual visual truth during the summer. The blossoms fertilized, green leather strips of seed pods were being formed and grew to long lengths. Autumn brought change to leaves, and the leaves all fell, and the seed pods began to dry out.

We had found traces of old seed pods in the yard the previous years, old ones from before we saw the house first in September of 1997. The mystery was solved, this tree DID produce them. It was a hard few years of drought. So the good rain we finally got gave good results. Enough good life to make a joyful blossoming tree. We had super thick pods on it this Autumn, and a few windy days blew them all off minus a few. Believe me, a decent blossom makes for massive pods which if not disposed of will be everywhere thickly for a long time.

It’s a tree I can appreciate, it grows fairly fast. And does give great shade, though it’s not a straight up and down tree, it usually has a few “trees” that sort of grow together in a clump, in it’s natural setting. It, of course, has thorns, big thorns. But it’s a great shader.

We planted 3 apple trees in March of 1998, and moved them Spring of 2003 before they started to blossom. We also planted several maple trees, Autumn Flame, October Glory, and Japanese Bloodgood. We had some sticks that we planted from “Arbor Day Foundation” (I call them sticks, they look like that, bare root sticks) Well one of them, only one, began to grow very well in 2002 so we moved it to nearer to the house, not knowing what it was, since I lost all ID of the seedlings. Well, all those are suppose to flower, but not so far. This tree is is incredible though, it was many inches shorter than me in Spring 2003 and is taller than me by several inches now. It has thorns too. It’s a nice thick, full tree.

We also now have two Paperbark Maples and a Weeping Willow. I checked several of these trees today, and the buds are getting rather prominent. We still have half of January, all of February, and half of March to get through before it’s nominally safe for the trees to start blooming. But there is no controling nature. So many mild spells are hopefully not going to spoil a beautiful spring KABOOM bloom this year.

I enjoy the temps warming though. This month is going fast, it’s the 13th already, and since it’s been rather sunny and not so bitter it seems like Spring is truly around the corner, but it’s really way to early even so. I’m still looking for nasty weather in the forcasts. I just checked and we have some below freezing temperature forcast for over a week away, no snow or anything though.

That’s what things are like mid-January. Just really odd.

Henny Update on Egg Report

Check out my Egg Report for an update on what’s happening in our Henny Penny world.

Henny News


Smilies are now available on this weblog πŸ™‚

I have four available for use in the comments, smile, lol, sad, and wink: as clickables.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜† πŸ™ πŸ˜‰

Changes on Weblog and Photo Log

I’ve done some work on this weblog, as well in my Photo Log.

In this weblog, I’ve done some coding so that when I write a post, fully typed out links are autolinked as hyperlinks to open in new windows, and the same for anyone who posts a comment — just type out from http through to the end, with no text touching either side of the URL, and post. The system will hyperlink it for you! Nice.

This solves the problem of “knowing how to hyperlink” for those that don’t, as well as saving typing for me, and for those that do know how to encode properly. Also it solves the pop-up window problem of links opening in that little window, instead of it’s own new window. Most links that are in posts here, or in comments, would be off-site links, not always would someone want to gravitate away from this site when clicking on a link here, so this is the default behavior (overridable by some browsers)

On my Photo Log I’ve changed the previous and next behaviour on the indiviual archive pages. You can find them via the main page — by clicking on any thumbnail image you’ll go to it’s individual page … on that page then you’ll find the previous and next navigation at the top of the page, with images and the title of that images post underneath for each. Navigation is by date entered on the site.

In the future I can also code for previous/next in category … but I’m not doing that yet.

I’m toying with how to overhaul the Photo Log. I’m certain I want to, but certainly uncertain about how to go about it, at this time πŸ™‚

I have pictures to load up to it, but I’m just not getting to it. I hope to get to it soon. I have pictures to scan, and other to get ready for the web. We just got a new battery system tonight, for the digital camera, so hopefully that will enable me to use that device better. I do have three photos of Victoria on Christmas Day, as we were about to leave for the theatre to see Peter Pan. She’s in a red dress and her “new” coat. Cute. They’ll be the first new ones I’ll load, tomorrow maybe.

Cold, cold, cold

It’s been like Spring, really what I’d like to call “Summer” if only Summer would be so nice, around 70-74 as a high, mostly in the high 60’s usually for daytime temps. I digress …

It’s been around 70 or higher some days the past week, with temperature getting down in the 50’s at the most at night. Balmy, mild weather. Yesterday it began to rain, and it rained and rained and rained. It then stopped. Opening the door, the chilly air wafted in, as I quickly tried to slam the door shut. The door has been really swollen for many days. It doesn’t shut so easily. See, balmy, mild yet warm temps. Not dry, not wet, just probably moist enough to make the door swell with joy.

I knew colder temperature were coming, I’ve been watching them via predictions the last few weeks, waiting for the heralding of the next day being the actual COLD day. It’s here. It was down to freezing overnight. It’s supposed to be up to 45 degrees F. today. That’s about 25 degrees lower than normal — uh, not the average normal, but the normal of late, what we’ve been experiencing.

Guess what tonights low is supposed to be? Cold. 16. Brrr. Considering that in the 20’s is USUALLY as cold as it gets in this part of the country. Considering that balmy temps in January are rarely thought of really happening at this time, in this part of the country. Considering that we’ve been lulled into dressing like it’s Spring, thinking like it’s Spring, seeing that it’s Spring … this is a hard fall. I see in the extended forcast finally a prediction of snow, sleet, or rain on the morning of Jan 9. That’s the first use of the words “snow” and “sleet” this season in forcasting this area! The only other days also for that kind of forcast are the 17th & 20th. Plenty of cold in between this all.

In past years we’ve had snow in December and January, and at least one big ice storm in January, if not two. We have become babies this year. Spoiled rotten. Let the games begin. We have a tough few weeks to dive back down into Winter, again or for the first time this season πŸ˜‰

So then, I have my hennie pennies to prepare for their first ever COLD COLD night. We got the Leghorns in February last year, as young pullets. They had lived through winter, but in a cosey place I do think. We’ve got quite a different setup. Speaking of which, I’d better post this and go do something about it!

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