Valentine’s Day Desktop

I’ve created a desktop for my computer for Valentine’s Day 2004. Last year I made the 2003 version available here, so I’ll make that my first annual Valentine’s Day desktop for download.

Here is this years:

Please leave a note under this post to let me know if you downloaded one of the above versions of this desktop. Email addresses are not displayed on this site when you post a comment.


  1. I downloaded the 800×600 one as our desk top background. It may be our only Valentine’s Day acknowledgement here- we don’t do “holidays” well! Thank you!

  2. Hope you enjoy it Elizabeth! As for doing holidays, I used to LOVE going all out for holidays. Until I grew up for real πŸ˜‰ It’s too much for me to do much of anything special. So this is my ONE special thing that “I” do for Valentine’s Day, it’s something I think is alright, since it involves big red or pink hearts. It’s sweet, and cute, and cheery for February.

    Ah when I was a child, and into my twenties, I loved decorating, dressing for the holidays, and all that. I’m so much more “down to earth” nowadays. It’s exausting having a family … isn’t it? I’m waiting for my girl to grow up a bit, and take over the festive-ness, or rather “start it up”. πŸ™‚

    I have the ideas, just don’t have the energy to implement it, nor the desire for the most part. πŸ˜† Some computer graphics are the easiest and my fingers find a way to get it done. If only we had digital picture frames embedded in the walls …

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