Mouse in the House

Earlier this morning, Foster, our youngest cat, came running into the bedroom and stopped by the bathroom door, which is on my side of the bed. He dropped something. Yes, a mouse. It was already dead. Just a play thing.

We put him in the bathroom and shut the door, with the mouse in there too. I later put Dixie and Scarlet in with them. It’s now 10:54 am, and the mouse was abandoned for awhile, and just a few minutes ago Dixie came back and found it underneath something on the floor, and proceeded to play with it some more. It’s looking frazzled, but not being really eaten by any of them … until just now. Ugh. I see some blood and guts right by the door, there is a one-inch gap under it which enables me to see into the bathroom for such an event as this. :rolleyes:

So we had a mouse in the house. Foster caught it. That earns him a gold star. Perhaps now Dixie is getting a silver star for eating the mouse.

Are there more? If one is seen, there must be more. Natural feeding, gotta love it. As long as they actually catch the mice and dispose of them more quickly in the future. πŸ˜†


  1. Well, so far, no more mices! It’s a bit odd though, to have “just one” caught or sighted. The cats have run of the whole house, but are inside fairly normal spaces only, the crawl space if off limits for them now … so it wasn’t from there. They do get access to the ceiling of the bottom floor of the house, as the “Family Room” isn’t drywalled yet … that’d be a weird place for a lone mouse to be though, in the ceiling.

    I am guessing it was just in the “Family Room” which is right next to the crawl space. Perhaps it squeezed into the room from there. Big possibility. Also could have been in the laundry room, the other room right next to the crawl space, with bigger holes to find to squish through with the pipes. πŸ˜‰

    Perhaps it came from elsewhere. I really won’t know until we see another. The possibilities of it coming from the kitchen are rampant, with too many “very hard to get to” corner cabinet areas … which require the light of a bright flashlight. On order for Spring time looking when it’s fine enough to be on the floor, over that currently cold crawl space.

  2. Hmmm, I heard a mouse in our house early, early this morning…I was up in the wee hours as I couldn’t sleep and he was disturbing my reading! Must be a Spring-thing… Time to let the cats in more often from the garage – which is “their domain” for just such reason (to stop the mice *before* they come in the house!). Many a battle we’ve witnessed in the garage…poor little mice are so valiant…but, alas, they are not wanted in the house…if only they would stick to their domain! Anyway, guess one was “shrew”-ed πŸ˜‰ enough and got passed them. πŸ˜†

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