I took the splash graphics from the Peter Pan movie site and put them together in Photoshop Elements 2, and pieced together some black to cover a hole, and also to cover over the graphic “playing now” as shown on the site currently.

I then “saved for web” and re-sized it in that utility as a bigger file, the pixel width of my screen resolution: 1280px.

The “save for web” utility allows for a nice graphic, even when blowing it up. It’s really nifty. The original file I made is 584px wide. The picture isn’t the full height of my monitor, just 769px and my monitor is 1024px. So I chose the graphic in my desktop properties, chose “black” as the background color, and “center” for the graphic. Voila, lovely desktop. I could add black to the actual picture file to make it larger–my full desktop size, but why? It works fine to add the black via desktop properties, saving byte size.

  • Click here for a copy of it for yourself, if you like. If you want it narrower in width, just shrink it by choosing “stretch” in your desktop properties.