Which Movie Do You Belong In

Y’all people out there should have more sense that to take so many quizes and try and entice others to take them too by displaying your own results to said quizzes …

So since that’s how y’all play, I’ll just be sure and post my results too, to make sure it spread πŸ˜‰

You belong in the Disney movie, Pirates of the
Caribbean. Your life is a constant drama with
many twists and turns. But in the end there
will be a true romance.

Which movie do you belong in? clh
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Thanks to Rebeka for this one.

In the end there will be true romance … should I tell my husband? πŸ˜†

This quiz is simple and of course not filled to the brim with “really” figuring out what kind of movie one should be in, but it does allow for reasonable answer to a degree. πŸ˜‰

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  1. LOL!!! That’s what mine said too only I ended up being Cinderella! Don’t tell my hubby! πŸ˜† Those quizzes are just too much fun!!

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