Fried eggs: the right way

I’m making myself breakfast right now, and boy oh boy how I have missed my home laid eggs!

I’m using the first two eggs laid, brown ones they are, and frying them as I normally do, in hot butter but on a low heat to gently cook them. They are gorgeous!

We have bought the best eggs we could in the store this winter, as we used to before having hens … and this time is even more noticable at to how much better backyard fresh eggs are. We aren’t into Spring grass yet, so it’ll just get better than this.

My eggs are lovely to look at, orange yolks sitting high in their bed of whites, firm yet delicate. Nearly too good looking to eat … nearly 😉

How many eggs I’ll have to share this year is still up in the air. I’ll do it if I can, but I sure will use the ones I need to and not be using any more store eggs if possible, as last year we did.

Store eggs, ANY kind, bleck! (I haven’t been eating eggs except in quich and other dishes all winter, so to eat them breakfasty like, fried, scambled, french omlet — got to be backyard laid!)

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  1. Amen to that, sister!!!! 😉 I’m eating our fresh eggs this morning too!! Yummy!!!!!

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