Month: May 2004

2nd Nesting of 2004 coming to a close

I checked the Bluebird Box this week, and the eggs were warm each time, and still intact. The last check I did was Saturday. I didn’t check today, Sunday, but will first thing tomorrow, that’s Monday, Memorial Day in the USA. Hatching should have occurred already, so I sure hope there are baby birds in that box, not another full failed clutch!

When you feel like

I feel like posting but have nothing much to say. So this is it!

WP and Category Lists

< ?php wp_list_cats('optioncount=1&children=0&sort_column=name'); ?>

I found that by accident. I had been using:

< ?php wp_list_cats('optioncount=1&children=true&hide_empty=1'); ?>


< ?php wp_list_cats('optioncount=1&children=false&hide_empty=0'); ?>

and the reverse of both, flip-flopped, if you will.

I was using the WIKI for WP, looking at the tags and what was what.
This attribute: CHILDREN is for top categories to SHOW them or NOT to , use of this is TRUE or FALSE … Continue reading

Some Word Press stuff

I’m not sure I’ll be using Word Press entirely, though I’m trying to work it out that I do like it enough to do so πŸ˜‰

One thing is, with MT I had customized my archive paths entirely to be easy to use based on date or category. Movable Type is a static setup.

WP is dynamic, so all paths are “virtual”. In order to use “virtual” paths entirely one must have .htaccess available. I don’t [yet]. ReWrite rules are used to direct traffic, that’s what WP uses .htaccess for. [I have other uses for .htaccess as well, so I hope it’ll be turned on soon!]

Part of the permalink structure of WP allows you to customize the paths, and if you don’t have Rewrite access the custom paths DO work, as I’ve found out, except for certain aspects of them: Continue reading

2nd Nesting of 2004

The Bluebirds did make a second nest, and laid 4 beautiful blue eggs. I didn’t take any photos this time. They look just like photos of the first nest this year, minus one egg πŸ˜‰

It’s near time for this clutch to hatch. If I recall correctly (which I highly think I am doing so) she laid the fourth egg on a Friday and began sitting that day, which would mean: this week – Day 12 on Wednesday, so hatching by Saturday, most likely, Lord willing.

Since their first clutch failed this year, I’m very hopeful that this one will be 100% successful.

It rained today

It’s not rained for a few days, always threatening at some point in the day at least once though. Today it finally rained. Relief, sort of. It was hot and muggy early today, a sure sign it SHOULD rain. After it rained, during as well, it cooled down, but not too soon of course it was muggy-ish again πŸ™

I checked the Bluebird box today. The eggs are all fine and warm. I have to check my data to see when brooding started. Mr. & Mrs. Bluebird have been around and are faithfully doing their respective jobs πŸ™‚

I’m using Word Press now

I’m using WordPress for my weblog now (just this part of the site, so far). You can find my old one below.

Old MT Weblog

All content from Tuesday, May 18, 2004 and previous is there, comments are also there, but not available to be commented on any more.

Entire content of the old weblog is now HERE and commentable as well. So the other is just an archive until I figure out what I can do with referrers, redirections etc. (no .htaccess available to me on this site yet)

I’ll be fine-tuning this blog as time goes on, when I can, and I am NOT trying to make it look as it was with MT, just want to make it look how I don’t mind, using the blues I like, but not copying content look, per se. I like re-arranging things, like rooms, and this is the equivalent of that, online.

Who is John Galt?

My eBay shipment came yesterday. Here goes another one … another what?

There is great confusion in the world, as in “Who is Dink?”

Is Dink the Bears in the Attic bear that I bought in the early-mid 90’s, and loved him to “non-new looking”? That bear is a big bear. (16-inches?) I don’t have access to him or I’d meaure him and take a photo right away.

But then there is one bear I bought via eBay this year which “reminded me of My Dink” but he was being described as being someone else, of which that “someone elses name” described a TOTALLY different bear, totally, so, it wasn’t that bear … who is it? It’s not a 16-inch bear. It looks reminiscently of the bear I originally got, but not exactly, and the size is wrong. What’s right is the fur color and texture, and the blue ribbon around his neck. My original bear is hallmarked as such. But face and size change the quotient.

Enter more confusion when my searches on eBay turned up a “Dink” for sale, as an earlier post describes. Right away I could see that “reminicent My Dink” look but wasn’t POSITIVE. Just really thought it could be … but I needed visual verification. He was being sold with little “Ace Bruin”. I’m familiar with him.

Here I am, with a Boyd’s collection, but no value guide. So how can I figure out who is who without a pictoral and descriptively individual items value guide? Older bears are not on the BoydsStuff website.

So there was the package in the mail yesterday, “Oh, it’s too small” πŸ™ But I was prepared for it not to be the one I really wanted to find.

I opened it, looked at it, and asked Russell to go in my room and find the bear I lastly got from eBay. Yup, twins, though their tush tags are different. Hmph.

Where is my bear, my dear bear whom has little bears that remind me of him? Is he Dink? Or are these littler bears Dinks? Who is my bear if he’s not Dink? Who are these littler bears if my bear is Dink? Who are these littler bears if they aren’t Dink? Questions rolling through my mind.

I have to rummage through my physical photos to find the one I referred to earlier, of me in the hospital in April 1996 with my already super-loved bear. That’ll help ease the struggles, to see something of what My Dink looks like … I’m getting a feeling that he isn’t really Dink, so then I have to fall back into the position of “But just who IS he?” Now, I suppose the one value guide I had some years back that I ID’d Dink in must have had their height as part of the description, so if I went on it from height and picture … but I am not sure anymore, it’s was in 2000 I think, that I had that guide (and it’s buried in the garage too.) πŸ™

It seems to me I hear whispered around me “Who is John Galt”. Ah, a most intesting book that comes from, but I don’t think the irony here is very strong. “Who is John Galt” is a better Q. than “Who is Dink?”

Then there’s the old TV show it reminds me of “Will the REAL Dink please stand up!”

I Found my favorite bear on eBay!

We bought a bear at Dillards years ago. A teddy bear, that is. I love teddy bears, but haven’t had many in my lifetime, up to then, that is.

So we saw this teddy bear in Dillards and it was just classically my kind of thing. I slept with it, yes, as a married adult, for years. In the last year and a half, my poor bear has gotten misplaced, or lost or some horrid unknown has happened to him. I hold out hope that he’s in the garage with our amassed junk that needs to be gone through, toys, books, clothes, pillows, … in efforts to clean out other parts of our house to finish the basement, paint rooms, etc. the stuff has just mounted up and up and up … πŸ™

Who is the bear? His name is Dink. He’s a Bears in the Attic bear, a Boyd’s Bear line. I didn’t know that when we bought him. I was “Boyd’s Bear unintelligent” back then. This bear slept with me, and went to the hospital with me when in labor to deliver our first child. I have a photo of me doped up on Dramamine, in bed in the hospital, when my water broke, but I wasn’t in labor, and my cervix was totally not ready for induction (it was supposed to get it ready, that Dramamine, but I really think it just made me feel goofily horrid instead all that morning, if I can dig up the photo, I’ll insert it here later, then you’ll see!)

Dink was my buddy through life since purchase in 1994 or 1995. Three children came after him, and still he was my favorite bear. I also realized what Boyd’s Bears were during this time period, and began collecting various other Bears in the Attic, TJ’s Best Dressed, Artisan, etc. all Boyd’s Bears. Dink I didn’t know his name until I got a collectors Secondary Market Value Guide in 2000. I had lost his hang tag years before, not realizing it’s worth. So I never knew he had a name. I ID’d him in that guide book, and that’s when he became DINK, but still he was just “TEDDY BEAR” or “MY BEAR” to me πŸ˜‰

My Dink is nicely worn looking, or rattily worn looking, however you’d choose to view it. I haven’t seen him in person for so many months now, and it saddens me. I have combed the internet looking for photos of him since at least January 2004. I actually bought a bear on eBay that reminded me of him, and was wrongly labeled on the auction as another bear entirely, it’s not Dink, but isn’t the bear that they said it was either — I have yet to get an ID of him. So now I JUST YESTERDAY! found a bear labeled as Dink along with Ace Bruin, up for auction.

Yes, it looked like my Dink, but I can’t be sure until I get him in my hands. He is sitting scruntched up, and so I can’t see how tall he really is (he looks big, looking at his feet … as he should be). The auction was set to end 5 or so days later, and started at $2, with no bids yet, and there was GLORY BE! a “Buy it now!” price of $10 on the auction. My heart was racing after I discovered this. I ran to the phone, called my DH and asked him … and he said, “Get it!” Yippee! So, with shipping, it’s $14 for two sweet Boyd’s Bears, and one is touted to be my Dink, but even if he’s not, so what! He could be a twin of the other bear that reminded me of Dink that I got earlier on eBay. In any case, he’s welcomed here, but he sure looks great to me!

Here is Dink and Ace Bruin, as depicted on the eBay auction I just got (they should arrive via parcel post sometime next week!):

In the photo, Dink looks the right color, compared to my memory of MY Dink. I’ve read some things, on eBay, when I was able to search for past auctions and found some Dinks that had been for sale before I had looked πŸ™ They aren’t available to view anymore, and I hadn’t saved the photos there, stupid me. In any case, I found out that there are variations of dink, and older face, a newer face, and at least three different colors of fur … variation colors lighter, darker, etc. So then, my Dink is a certain Dink, and he is who he is, to me. This photo looks like I think my Dink looks. Crazy, I sure wish I could find my original Dink to compare my memory, pictures, and the coming in the mail Dink, as soon as possible. Sigh. Not so easy. I’ve searched and searched for dear Dink many times. I’m glad though to find one like him, hopefully it’s just like him, and one day I’ll be thrilled to find my original.

Bad News and Good News

The Bluebirds first clutch of eggs (5) for 2004 did not hatch, so I removed the nest and eggs on Saturday, May 1, 2004.They were warm the day before, but cool on that day. It was many days past when hatching should have already occurred.

Yesterday, May 5, 2004, I checked the box, and there was some dried grass in it. Mr. Bluebird has been very active around the box since Sunday, the day after I removed the nest and eggs. So yesterday I saw him several times in a row perch on the entrance hole into the box and look in, go partly in, come out, go in all the way, out, in, etc. Later then I went over to look in the box, and Russell was with me, we saw the several pieces of dried grass. Box Reserved!

Late this morning, May 6, 2004, I checked the box, and there is the beginnings of a nest, over an inch-high of loose dried grass formed into a circle. It’ll be built much higher, and become more densely filled with materials to make the nest a safe warm place for new eggs, and hopefully hatchlings.

I’m happy for the Bluebird’s that they are wanting to continue and try for a second time this season. πŸ™‚

Peter Pan (2003) on DVD Today!

Peter Pan is being released on DVD today. I’m sorry it didn’t do better in the theatres, but now that it’s out on DVD I am hoping it’ll gain better audience approval. It’s a really nicely done version for the whole family, and IMO very watchable, where as I can NOT watch that horrid D-version :rolleyes:

We saw Peter Pan (2003) on it’s opening day, December 25, 2003. It’s the first time we went to the movies as a family! πŸ™‚ So we are all awaiting the DVD’s arrival later this afternoon, when Frank will bring it home, if all goes well. We’ve only seen it the one time. It’s impact was far deeper than that one time would normally give

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