Bad News and Good News

The Bluebirds first clutch of eggs (5) for 2004 did not hatch, so I removed the nest and eggs on Saturday, May 1, 2004.They were warm the day before, but cool on that day. It was many days past when hatching should have already occurred.

Yesterday, May 5, 2004, I checked the box, and there was some dried grass in it. Mr. Bluebird has been very active around the box since Sunday, the day after I removed the nest and eggs. So yesterday I saw him several times in a row perch on the entrance hole into the box and look in, go partly in, come out, go in all the way, out, in, etc. Later then I went over to look in the box, and Russell was with me, we saw the several pieces of dried grass. Box Reserved!

Late this morning, May 6, 2004, I checked the box, and there is the beginnings of a nest, over an inch-high of loose dried grass formed into a circle. It’ll be built much higher, and become more densely filled with materials to make the nest a safe warm place for new eggs, and hopefully hatchlings.

I’m happy for the Bluebird’s that they are wanting to continue and try for a second time this season. πŸ™‚


  1. Stopping by to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  2. Happy (belated) Mother’s Day, Marysue!! How sad about the bluebirds but I’m sure the second time will be the charm! I’ll “stay tuned” for updates!! πŸ˜‰

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