I’m not sure I’ll be using Word Press entirely, though I’m trying to work it out that I do like it enough to do so πŸ˜‰

One thing is, with MT I had customized my archive paths entirely to be easy to use based on date or category. Movable Type is a static setup.

WP is dynamic, so all paths are “virtual”. In order to use “virtual” paths entirely one must have .htaccess available. I don’t [yet]. ReWrite rules are used to direct traffic, that’s what WP uses .htaccess for. [I have other uses for .htaccess as well, so I hope it’ll be turned on soon!]

Part of the permalink structure of WP allows you to customize the paths, and if you don’t have Rewrite access the custom paths DO work, as I’ve found out, except for certain aspects of them:

  • RSS feeds aren’t linked properly
  • Trackback doesn’t work right
  • Trackbacks are sent when publishing a post, by inputting the link you want to send a trackback to, in the box designated for it in the write section.
  • I can send a trackback but can’t recieve one. I test this by trackbacking to my own posts.
  • I can put a trackback link into a post and publish with “pingback” auto discovery in the post. That works. Using either the posts permalink uri, or the one with “trackback” on the end. That works.

So then I turn off the custom permalinks, and ugly paths are shown. I can use trackback in that case. So, there is something in WP that lets pingback work but not trackback, though nearly the same thing they are.

RSS Feeds are linked properly using ugly paths as well.

So then, I still have custom paths turned on since that’s what I intend to use.

I am still looking at Textpattern, not sure if I want to use WP or Txp … since Txp is multiple capable, given many options in how to work out the site, with sections, pages, and forms … it’s quite nice, but still in it’s early days, PHP but not purely as WP is … so I’m pulled to WP so that it’ll make me understand PHP better, and use it smartly. But I sure don’t like the lack of template-like stuff that is in WP, so every page is like the others, whereas in Txp you choose the section and can override the default page that is based on, CSS too, and whoa that is NICE!

I still wish, as I’ve written elsewhere, that WP and Txp could be combined, or that I can understand how to use one or the other just like each other πŸ˜‰ My stong suit is using programs, designing, manipulating … with a little behind the seens coding, decent at HTML and CSS but not great across browsers with it, and so I rely on others to build utilies out of PHP that are great to use for publishing bloggy stuff.

Otherwise I publish HTML and CSS by hand with Notepad. I don’t want to go back to that! I love the virtual-ness of WP and Txp, on-the-fly creation of pages, everything ALWAYS updated to current design due to that. Since using Blogger, then going to Movable Type, now moving on to new things … I find that my web stuff is for blogging utilities since it’s all date archivable, and that’s nothing to do by hand if you have alot of stuff, writing, pictures, and all by categories … searchable … oh yes, blogging — rather, CMS — is for all content, and so me. πŸ™‚