Strider and Dixie

Photos of two cats

It’s been hot, and without A/C, we’ve had the windows opened most of the time. Our house doesn’t get good crosswind breeze, no matter what the weather conditions, with just the windows opened. So to get better air, when we can be watching well, we have to open up the deck doors, french doors with no screens at all.

On May 19th I took some pictures with the Digital Camera, mostly of Strider, but two with Dixie in them. They were on the deck investigating. Our cats are all indoors only, but since this is our first Spring/Summer without A/C the cats THINK they can go out when the door is opened. As long as they stay on the deck, fine, but they don’t. These pictures were one of the first outings they had, so they were mightily interested in everything on the deck.

A side note that is interesting: since we frequently have the french doors opened, Lothar, our puppy who is morphing into a dog, has taken up alerting us 99% of the time any cat goes out. If they go off the deck he gets very yelpy, and the further they go the more frantic he gets. He’s in a 10’x10′ chainlink kennel, right next to the deck, which is visible in the pictures to some degree since that’s the side of the deck he’s by. No photos of doggie poo here though.

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