I had a plugin called kittensspamwords installed here in wp, and today saw that comments were throwing errors when one tried to post a comment. The comments posted, but an error page showed instead of redirecting the person back to the page and showing the comment posted, or just the page as it was before posting –if moderation would have taken over for the post.

I spent all evening reloading stuff, looking through code and couldn’t make heads of tails of it. I took out all my plugins but still comments wouldn’t work. I finally put comments on full moderation status, and there were no errors thrown anymore.

I finally realized that it might be the blacklist I had installed, so I tooked all those out, from the admin site, options, discussion, at the bottom of the page. Voila! It all worked again. So I reput the blacklist in, and bam, back to errors. So I took out all the regular expression and less errors were thrown, but still there was something persistent and I sure wasn’t about to look through hundreds to nearly or over a thousand of dirty entries looking for the last offender or two that kept throwing errors. So I took everything out and just input the dumb little list that’s on the wp wiki. Augh. Run of the mill spammers and dirty site owner spammers are incredibly annoying.

Reformed theology says, rightly, that man is totally depraved … and that’s so true and very viewable when one sees the crud that people force on nice little blogs via comments. Ugh! (totally depraved means: corrupt … not entirely unable to do good, but the soul is broken, dead, and not able to respond to God without the heart first being regenerated by God. Man cannot choose to live unless he is first stirred and brought to life, therefore doing right (seemingly choosing to be ‘saved’) is due to the Grace of God, and the salvation He brings through Christ our Lord, His Son. 🙂 and just to finish this little theology lesson, young folk can be regenerated from the womb on up through childhood at any point. Maturity of intellect has nothing to do with regeneration and the point of “personal” salvation. Realization of salvation is something else entirely. Some folks go through life to various adult ages before being regenerated or realizing that they are. So one can be in gross sin, and be cleansed by the Blood of Jesus unto Salvation, so you spammers take note: Read the Bible, John, Romans, Matthew, etc. Read it. Ask God to open your eyes. And know this, we are praying for y’all to come to repentance and turn from your wicked ways of business. Until then, us bloggers unite with Blacklists and spammer defeating utilities. So this blog isn’t unprotected, just slightly less functionally protected from y’all, but will be again one day soon.)