Day: June 12, 2004

My New Blue

First off the music. It’s the whole album, the whole thing. I like both Styx “The Grand Illusion” and “Paradise Theater” in particular. Recently I found an old cassette tape of PT and so we went out and found both the above on CD. Ah, the good stuff once again!

Frank went out and got me a new fan. So I only had my green friend for the day. Now I have a new Blue Buddie, it’s actually called Tootsie! the Fan. No cute face, arm, and legs. But it’s bigger. Solid. Three speed settings. And it’s BLUE! Take a look at the pictures.
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Clickable Links and About the Photo Log

I just installed a new thing for making links clickable.

The above link is my Photo Log, done in MT. I’m waiting to know what I want to do with it, convert it to WP as it’s own thing, or incorporate it into this WP installation.

EXHIBIT is a great plugin that’s in development stages, but fully usable at version 1.0b right now. It’s fantastically versatile and has many more possibilities upcoming. That’s what I’m using on this blog to share photos, and it’s what I’ll use with the WP version of a photo log, if I do it that way, or it’ll just live on to higher use here with the old photo blog content imported. Well, it’s just so highly difficult to figure out how to do it. The Photo Log as it is has an individual page for each photo, that’s a full fledged page for one photo. That’s dandy for somethings, but the way I upload pictures EXHIBIT works wonders. I like series of pictures. That’s the shining point of EXHIBIT. Do each post however you like with as many as one to hundreds of photos in one post. Currently hundreds of photos wouldn’t work so well, but pagination is coming in the future which will make that possible. As well, other kinds of gallery features are most likely to come.

Cool stuff!

My Cool Friend

See my new friend? He’s smiling, green and really cool, well, as cool as he can be given the degree of heat 😉

The three pictures aren’t exactly the same: one of them you can see the fan moving in. The other two, the fan was moving when the photo was snapped, but the flash was on for them, and that froze the image immensely well. I’m duly impressed by how well that worked with the tempermental Olympus D-520 camera.
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My Very British Name

My very British name is Margaret Chamberlain.
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My Maiden Name is:

My very British name is Margaret Salisbury.
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