Month: July 2004

What Jane Austen heroine are you?

Courtesy of Tamara I give you my results:

:: L I Z Z Y ::

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

You are Elizabeth Bennet of Pride & Prejudice! You are intelligent, witty, and tremendously attractive. You have a good head on your shoulders, and oftentimes find yourself the lone beacon of reason in a sea of silliness. You take great pleasure in many things. You are proficient in nearly all of them, though you will never own it. Lest you seem too perfect, you have a tendency toward prejudgement that serves you very ill indeed.

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Really it was (having to tear apart one’s Austeniqueness.) I do suppose one’s answers on certain questions, as usual, are weighted, while others are not. So in the end, I am Elizabeth Bennett, which is mighty fine. It’d be fine to be nearly any of them, but I do suppose I identify with Lizzy’s character overall the most. πŸ™‚

About the prejudgement part, that’s not *exactly* it though … πŸ™‚ this Q. 11. How do you cope with crises? ; I chose this A. You let others deal with it, and congratulate yourself for being right all along.; since it seemed to offer the sense of what it means to see people and situations as something, and then be justified in how it turns out to be right, later, without manipulating it. I surely don’t mean I play games or such, it’s just the “discerning character is often shown to be right in the end” kind of thing, I was thinking.

The next Q. that might have thrown that result: Q. 6. Which most accurately describes your faults? ; That is where the prejudging things stems from In My Estimation, though I didn’t choose that prejudging answer, it was worse: I chose: A.You are often extremely emotional and usually too brutally honest. You’re often short with people who annoy you., which is true when I’m amongst true friends πŸ˜‰ I don’t externalize my passionate emotionalisticness every time either, though.

Q. 6’s answer that goes as such: A. You have a slight tendency toward prejudice – perhaps you ought to get to know people better before you judge them. ; is the one that is a Lizzy answer, which I didn’t choose. I chose the Marianne Dashwood answer, as detailed in the above paragraph.

Out of 11 Q’s to Answer, I chose 4 very Lizzy answers, so they must be weighty.

There, that’s me, always trying to analyze WHY I got the result I got. I’ll stop before I go too far.

Me, a quiz taker, never a quiz maker, and always a quiz-taker-aparter.

They are a good diversion when diversion is needed, as well.

Bluebird Clutch 3-04 Sitting Begins

Mrs. Bluebird began sitting on her eggs this weekend. She has laid four. I am estimating that she started sitting on Sunday, July 25, 2004.

Bluebird Activity Alert

I noticed last week that the Bluebird box was being readied for use. So keeping an eye on it, with Russell’s help, I was able to see that it was being filled and arranged for a nest.

This morning there are two blue eggs in the nest. I could be a day off of understanding the laying pattern since I checked yesterday late morning, but not after, and not the day before that at all. So I’ll be checking the box later this afternoon.

I am hopeful for the Bluebirds, but a bit wondering at their sense. Will they be able to raise up two or three or four babies and ready them for winter?

They tried twice to nest this year, with both failing, so this is a third attempt. I admire their spirit!

Field Genealogy

Genealogy is a fun past time. It’s more than that though, for it reveals good and bad in family lineage. It reveals personal history, it reveals times that you can personalize a study of history through.

One line I’m looking at is our Field heritage.

Able to be traced back to pre-William the Conqueror, but the genealogy I’ve drummed up goes to Hubertus De La Feld who arrived in England, probably with William. Same time-frame for sure. And lots of clues that it’s what is. It’s not like there was documentation of immigration back then πŸ˜‰

The Field family is one part of that line. Other parts of the line took on different forms of the name.

In America there are many Field lines, and many of them tie in to that one Hubertus De La Feld line.

Most of us here are connected via the last common ancestor being Roger Del Feld in 1240. We come through his son Richard, and others come through his other son Thomas.

There is a famous John Field in England knighted for Astronomy advances in the 16th century. He’s through Thomas. So a cousin.

Who else comes through that line? I have a famous cousin. 12th cousin 7 times removed: Thomas Jefferson, yes, THE Mr. Jefferson.

His grandmother was Mary Field. Her folks came to Va. in the early 1600’s.

My folks came to Rhode Island around 1638.

My line in America is via Robert Field, and he and his two sons were signers of the Remonstrance of Flushing in 1657/1658. Robert held patent there, and also previously was involved with Newport, RI.

His son Anthony is where my family comes from.

All that above is impetus to further historical studying of the New World, Early American colonies, Early American Government, English historical everything back to William’s invasion in 1066, and further back to Alsace region where the De La Feld family originates from … castles and lands and what-not which I haven’t even delved into yet.

I find this all fun and exciting, to understand that Mr. Jefferson is my distant cousin is quite nice, since I consider myself to hold the label of Jeffersonian economically. Fine thing, considering I didn’t know the Jefferson connection a couple of months ago when I took the Austrain Economic quiz on, knowing I was a Jeffersonian, but wondering where the Austrian Economics would place me in their scheme of things. I was 80% or less … close to that though. Which means, I’m not an Austrian Economic being, and knew I wasn’t already. I like stuff on and Rockwell’s stuff, but I’m not a Libertarian. I’m a cousin to it, but definitely not one. I’m a Paleo-Conservative, which the main identifying label, to me is Agrarian in principled living, which is Jeffersonian Ecomics through a Biblical lense. IMO So then to find that we, me and Mr. Jefferson, hail from the same ancient stock partly, cool!

That’s just part of the good stuff in the family. One itty bitty little bit. Family expands the further back you go. What we can know of our ancestors is so little, so what we do find out is so hugely important, to me at least.

Trivial connection for this family that is interesting: One of Mr. Jefferson’s sisters married into the Bolling family. A later Bolling went on to marry Woodrow Wilson, while he was president in office. Back several generations in the Bolling family is: Pocahontas. So there is a trivial marriage relationship to distant cousin of 12.7.


It’s the night before. Ah time flies.

This is the least fun year to have a birthday. But that’s alright, since it’s on the Lord’s Day this year, very involved with Sunday services will take my mind off of it.

It’s not the age. I’m just indifferent to so many holidays lately. Just another one tomorrow. :rolleyes:

I could use a bit motivation in the creative energy department … I’ve been lacking for a few years, at least. πŸ™

Heat in more than one way

Woke up this morning to computer woes again.

The desktop I’ve been working on for the last however months decided to throw a heat tantrum.

I didn’t realize how much gunky fuzz was on the heatsink, but there it was. Without the aid of compressed air, I got as much of the packed in dust out via a small darning needle and blowing that out with my breath.

There have been other problems, which I’ve been want to admit I could have done something for perhaps. Some mysterious “device driver” error pops up every so often. Some days often, then not at all for days or weeks on end. It’s the infamous Blue Screen of Death.

My laptop didn’t ever do it, may it rest in peace. It has a heat problem which needs to be fixed one way or another. I rarely turn it on anymore. It’s got it’s fresh install of OS and programs, so I know it’s alright, just awaiting a new heart … daughterboard or thermal something. It’s the infamous Vaio Shutdown “bug”. It gets worse as time goes on, once it starts it will only continue and worsen for sure.

So what is it about the desktop system that I didn’t want to do. Well what I wanted was to run my Xp Athlon 2100+ at toppish speed.

Can’t do that with the Memory installed, which is the big problem here. It’s not high quality. In order to run a 266 board w/ DDR memory it’s got to be good stuff. Ask me how I know.

So memory prices go down, down, down. Still there are so many other things we need, so pride must go and I’m running cpu speed at 100/100 and DDR CAS RAS settings at higher numbers, for slower performance, which should stablize the desktop.

So all I get out of my 2100+ is a 1500+, which is still nothing to sneeze at, being that it’s speed is actually a hefty 1.29 Mhz — why hefty? Cause it’s an Athlon. Athlons of this nature are worthy of comarison with Pentium 4, not sure if this one can go there, but with better memory it could surpass Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz.

On my laptop I have a Pentium 4 1.x something Ghz. Not much difference in performane from this desktop, in speed of how everything works.

I mean, really, it’s not a noticeable difference at all.

This is the second AMD processor we’ve had. In 1998 we built, with a friend, a cheap model with a … I can’t even remember. Well, it was roughly equal to a … whatever back then. That’s the old days, technology has far surpassed those times. I still have the processor, on the motherboard, on top of the freezer downstairs though. It was/is a good little horsepowered doohicky. We had a “Pentium” system before that. Yes, that was it’s name. Just plain “Pentium” no numbers or letters. AMD’s K6, that was it, something of that nature, blew that Pentium away. This current processer Athlon XP 2100+, however it runs, at whatever speed, it’s a very, excellent piece of hardware.

So back to the heating issue. I took the temperture settings down, and what it was doing earlier, it had cooled down once I had cleaned it in that silly way, but that wasn’t enough, I had to change the settings before it got to run at 54 Celcius. I can’t blame it for that, it’s not exactly a cool house it’s running in. Wait until Winter, and if no new memory has fixed it, we’ll see how it does in the cold house. πŸ™‚

If I could just say one thing now. Technology may be advancing further and further each day, but this computer and my laptop both have processors that are not relics, though they are both over a year old, by far. The old AMD K6 processor was fairly far down the list in terms of what was hot and new, I mean there were better processers of theirs to get in 1998, but $ was the consideration. Within a few months that computer was really out of tune with much that is done on computers nowadays. But it’s still powerful enough to do email, spreadsheets, wordprocessing … like for children to do educational work on.

So I have no fears of waiting to install more and better memory for the desktop, and seeing if we can get it running a tad faster while being stable as well. I’m happy with this processor. Wanderlust has not struck.

Look at Asa!

This takes a while to download [it’ll autoplay], but it’s worth it to see a first!
Click below to download the [QUICKTIME] movie of Asa [3.87 mb]

Asa Learned to Swing

Yesterday late afternoon Asa wanted to go outside and play, so I said “Yes.” A short time later he was yelling for me to “LOOK MAMA!” and since our doors and windows are open with no A/C running, I could hear him just fine … so off to the deck I went and what I found is above in a short QT movie, done via our Olympus D-520 digital camera. Not the best image, but a nice enough one to save for posterities sake.
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