Bluebird babies are hatched!

I checked them today and there were four sweet newly hatched baby Eastern Blue birds. They are small and all look fine. I can’t be sure when they began hatching but if Mama Bluebird began sitting on July 26, then twelve to thirteen days would mean they hatched yesterday or this morning, though I noticed no shell residue, but they look so tiny and sweet and new they surely are freshly alive in this world.

I am hoping all goes well and that they grow up to fledge and live over winter to start their own families next Spring! They’ll be young, as Cornell info says they lay as late as early June. We are in the South, so that’s good, but I do fear that if they do fledge they’ll be too young for the winter season, as early November is only 3 months away.

Well, I’m just thrilled though to see that all four eggs hatched. That’s a wonderful result. 🙂


  1. Ugh, these are gone too. I checked them today, and there was the remains of only one left, partial at that too. Ugh. What’s the deal? It could be an inferior couple … Mama and Papa Bluebird.

    Well, it’s raining today, connected with Bonnie it seems. I’ll un-install that bird box when it dries out. I pulled the nest out with a stick. I’ll clean it up and install it elsewhere in 2005.

    I do want to say, the nest was dry. When I checked them on Aug 7 they were newly hatched beauties. Perhaps Mama and Papa just weren’t feeding them right. Ant only come in to take apart dead and nearly dead things. Sickly things would be starving babies … so it’s not the ants fault, they are only cleaning up a “nature’s mess”.

  2. Man, that’s really too bad! Sorry to hear it. 🙁

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