Month: September 2004

Crashing the show about Crashing the Parties

PBS was supposed to be airing a show last night or tonight, depending on location and station, called “Crashing the Parties 2004”. Hmph, it didn’t air on any of the stations we can get. We have DirecTv again now, and at least two local PBS stations.

It irks me since PBS has it online as a feature being aired, but no DirecTv aired station is showing it EVER! It’s the ONE show on a political theme I was looking forward to seeing, and the ONLY ONE I had planned on even looking at on purpose.

“Hmph” is the best word to describe how I am feeling about it. It’s pretty much like the ballots in GA, totally OUT of my control. Totally NOT having what I want on them. My choice being limited to bad and bad, nothing at all related to what I’d choose. Hmph.

I’m really, really getting frustrated over the politics this year. I support Peroutka, and encourage y’all to vote for him too. He’s not on the ballot here, and local TV won’t air a special about the third-parties and their impact on the election. Hmph, hmph, hmph.

Ode to the Ale – A Poem

Ode to the Ale

By Marysue Meints*

Crazy Maisy loves Corsendonk Pale
Red Tail, Red Brick, ale, ale, ale!
Give me a brick and a tail, and a tale
Abbey, micro, [home?] brewing ALE! ALE! ALE!

* a.k.a. Crazy Maisy

© 2004

I wrote this poem Saturday, September 18, 2004, on a whim. That’s the way I write poetry. I don’t even write most of it down, not that there is much in the first place. At any rate, this I DID write down πŸ™‚

Inspiration for it is obvious, Ale! All the things mentioned are actual brands, as well has homebrewing.

Corsendonk Pale is a Belgium Tripel Style Ale, imported from Belgium.
Red Brick is an Amber Ale, brewed in Atlanta, GA by the Atlanta Brewery
Red Tail is an Amber Ale brewed by the Medencino Brewery, the distribution we have is from the brewery in New York State.

We have several friends from church who homebrew.

Jeanne, Jeanne the water machine

Jeanne was here and now gone. Tropical Storm Jeanne is the third such type of storms in the last month to go through North Georgia. We really needed the rain! Thanks be to Almighty God for his provision.

I understand that it will seem I’m endorsing the destruction that came before … but I’m not. It’s in God’s hands, the storms and the paths they take. It’s in God’s hands to direct what happens in a storm. May we all learn the lessons that God would have us learn.

So we had Frances, then Ivan, now Jeanne.

In Florida Charley was before Frances, but we didn’t get any of Charley, and they didn’t get any of Ivan.

Frances gave us lots of rain and some gusty wind
Ivan gave us lots of rain and lots of wind –pretty steady pounding
Jeanne gaves us lots of rain and some gusty wind

According to a city near us, they got “almost” 4-inches of rain from each of the three storms. I think we got more than that locally, at least 4-inches, but I have no scientific readings to base it on, just the stuff on the deck that fills up with water, not rain gauges just other “stuff”, as well as seeing the rain come down one can “gauge” fairly well.

So we are in too-much-rain-this-monthism, but in not-enough-rain-in-previous-months-itis. How does September stack up to reduce that deficit? Not sure yet. I have to look and find that data.

It’s a blue sky sunny day today, after a rainy all day Monday, and a Sunday morning before that which was the last the sun was seen until today. The Sun came up Sunday morning with the fringe clouds of Jeannes furthest North tail showing right behind. Those clouds moved ever closer in, but weren’t thickly dispersed, and the sun peaked in and out of that floaty stuff. But by afternoon the soppy tropical air had arrived. The eveneing we saw some sprinkles come down on the windshield as we drove home from church. Later that night light rain began, and it got heavier and heavier the next day, and was the heaviest in the afternoon/early evening. Then it was mostly light down to sprinkles and we awoke to a clear sky this morning!

I don’t know what happened in our region, we were under flood warnings, of course, so those close to creeks and such might have encountered flooding. Also, invariably trees snap or fall over from all the rain and wind. We haven’t seen any such in our little subdivision though.

Me Big Eyed!

πŸ˜€ Oh it was funny! Just a minute ago, I’m sitting here reading something on another site, and Russell came up the steps from the basement and was standing there and tried to get my attention.

I looked at him, he proceeded to show me how to do a loop.

Shaked his body back and forth kinda funny, mostly in the middle, then proudly stood and smiled. :redface:

He meant he thinks he knows how to keep a Hoola Hoop going. In any case, it was just so funny, it was SO very personal and something that I wouldn’t dream of doing in a million years, perform like that in front of anyone. Even as a child.

We don’t have a hoola hoop, and never have. He must have seen it on some kid’s show.

Sigh. It’s nice though, he has a good view of him and me and has no shame in being real. Sigh. πŸ˜‰


Virus/Cold and stuff

I’m feeling miserable. Asa was first in line. A few days before his birthday he sounded kind of stuffy, and worse each day, and is now doing better. I, on the other hand, began feeling weird a few days after his birthday, and have been drowning in it badly since Saturday. Initially I only had a bit of a scratchy throat and maybe it was an allergy, it felt. But then I was feeling that itchy thing in my chest, just lightly tickly, bad news. After that is when my sinuses went under, and though I’m breathing, you could fool me into thinking I was breathing under water, like in a swimming pool, nearly.

So I’m tired and dragging and super under-par, but not goodly so enough to go to bed. Bed is the worse place of all, sleep is hard to come by with draining tickly sputtery coughy suddenly overwhelmingly visitingness — when it feels like it popping in. I finally fell asleep last night, well this morning, sometime after 3 or 4am, and awoke just before 9am. So I did get some heavy sleep to sleep that late, just not much of it beforehand, so it wasn’t “extra sleep” that sleeping late brings other folks. That’s the way it usually is with me anyway, getting to sleep between 10pm and 2am regularly, so sleeping until 7 or 8:30 is not sleeping late to me.

So in spite of feeling horrid, I updated something on this blog. I installed a plugin that “guesses” one’s country, for those that leave comments. It uses the IP to guess. So I have it displaying a Flag of that country, with the name of the country reflected in the title that mouse-over pops up. Glad it didn’t take rocket science to figure out. I did have to mess with some php coding to get it to show up how I wanted it too.

Secondly then, the other day I attempted to install another plugin, but it’s incompatible with the preview feature I have installed for comments already. It’s a threaded/nested plugin, that’s really nice, I just couldn’t figure out making it work right with preview installed. I can say that another day I’ll tackle it again and succeed, I just wasn’t doing well enough, with this cold, to piece the right codes together, hacking the plugin and HACK together, in essence.

Well I hope to be feeling better soon as I have much more online work to tackle as well. I need to re-do my church’s site, re-vamp and create new stuff too. It’ll take top mindform for me to do though, and in that task I’ll include getting rid of every last vestige of Movable Type on every one of my sites. Yippee! Good ridance!

Ivan’s rain

Ivan’s rain yesterday came in sheets. Firstly it was misty sprinkling, wind making sprinkling misty, then heavier sprinkling, then the rain really came down in torrents and sheets. It was wonderful to watch.

The wind beat and howled at the back of the house. That would be wind coming from the South, then, as we have the major direction points adjacent to the corners of our house/property.

Standing on our little front porch you could see that wind rushing from beside the house to the front, it was really neat, I mean , with rain coming down you can see such huge steady gusts of wind, it was like a channel through the air and water … where there was no house to put it on guard.

Other gusts would come from various directions, but for the most part the front of the house was calm and the windows were fine to be opened up fully. The back was just pounded with the wind, and water misty and splashing around, though the rain came directionally down from the West sort of, in huge sheets. So the house was being pelted with the rain on the western side, and that has no windows at all. Actually both ends of the house have no windows, just the front and the back do.

There was a bit of lightning in this storm and we were under Tornado Watches. One really nast band of the storm was overhead for quite awhile, it was very much a fun time. πŸ™‚

Frances had no lighting around us, and her wind was much less, from how it seemed here. But it was more gusting and whipping off and on, whereas Ivan’s wind was pounding at us continuously … quite fercocios though nothing bad happened at all. The hen pen roofs were solidly in place the whole time, so the wind just wasn’t getting up and under stuff as some storms it does. I really enjoyed the wind, it was quite refreshing.

The rain wasn’t so heavy later last evening, though it continued lightly off and on, and this morning was misty sprinkly all morning, and then the wind was whipping around a bit and gusting high up. Then mid afternoon, it was quiet, then the sun came out midst heavy puffy white clouds. Darting in and out, no full sun, but nice bright yellow sun now and then, a welcomed sight!

The ground was very spongy this morning, and most of the water seemed to absorb well by mid-afternoon. The grass will be growing fastly soon, and probably a new rash of ugly mushrooms will pop up too. Our backyard has been overlong all season, and is just getting worse and worse. It’s a bear to cut, this long. Frank has to use the weed wacker first. It’s a 1/4 acre or so of waist or more high grass. It’s just impossible to cut when it’s so wet too, and so Frank has had little opportunity to cut it back the last couple of weeks. Hopefully it’ll dry out enough this weekend to cut it, before Jeanne arrives, if she does, but it looks like, according to accuweather, she probably will regain strenth and aim her way at the SE US, being by us around Thursday, by todays forecast. πŸ™‚

Ode to September 2004 Storms

Ivan came and sang at our door
Four- inches or more from Frances, just the week before
Four-inches or more from Ivan, this is very true
We needed rain,
God sent these storms
We’re overfilled
But happily so
The earth soaked up that water blue

Frances, she wailed and weeped ‘oh please come out and play’
Ivan he roared, he wanted to come in
Ivans winds were wickeder, they pounded our back door
Seeping in the cracks and moaning all day and night and the next

Then suddenly it was quiet
And then the sun peeked out
Ivan’s visit was over
We saw no floods
No major destruction
Just many leaves
Early falling from the trees

The trees wanted water earlier this Summer
they began dropping leaves in August in defense
only to have storms galore in September.
Who’d have known? God did!

And Jeanne will be coming next …?

By Marysue Meints
September 17, 2004

Intentional rhyming/not rhyming … etc.

End of Summer Organizing

My computer, the desktop, has sparked a Re-Organization, which I’d say is akin to what’s known as “Spring Cleaning”, just not “cleaning” –but moving around, throwing away, re-doing this and that –cleaning automatically happens with such as that. πŸ™‚

My User Profile seems to have gotten mussed up somehow. I was getting Blue Screen of Death errors when accessing different folders and what-not. My browser would crash often, and myriads of other little things over the last month that have crept closer and more often reared their ugly heads.

So in looking at something online last week, I saw that what was recommended was deleting the user profile and moving ones data to a new user profile.

I’ve done that before, for different reasons, different gliches. This time the glitches were moreso Memory related. Anyhow, I decided to give THAT sort of solution a try, and created a new profile and moved my stuff.

But I have a backlog of massive other stuff — from my laptop. I burned most of my laptop data on CD-ROM’s, but then in a fit of “just to be sure” I also moved the whole enchillada onto the desktop hard drive.

When I clean-installed my laptop, I didn’t load all that stuff back on. I had been working off of the desktop for so much longer than I thought I would have, I just left all the stuff alone, had re-created certain kinds of folders and documents, which just adds to the bulk of what I had already from the laptop. I’d go into that stuff off and on to get something particular as well.

So this whole profile switchy has me going through that laptop data and deleting useless stuff (like all the old Movable Type stuff I had saved, for example), and moving pieces of things together with other things I have elsewhere … and that leaves a littler whittle pile to work on. Phew!

I have my profile and in it I have shortcuts to another partition with folders for PICTURES, DOCUMENTS, and MUSIC

All my stuff will go into those folders. Some programs will automatically put things in MY DOCUMENTS, some are programmable to change that, some don’t, but mostly new programs will “remember” where you last saved something.

Well I will not primarily save my stuff in my user profile anymore. I used to move it, on my laptop, and have my documents and settings folder and subfolders on a different partition. This is different now. I have manually set up folders on the other partition, and have short_cut links in my user profiles to those folders, more than one link to each folder, just different places to put them to work well to quickly navigate to the right place.

One good place for that is SENDTO, right-context menu SendTo is a fabulous place to add special links to to send data to a folder with few clicks, anywhere on the computer, or accessible via the network.

The way I have my folders set up now is more friendly towards doing whatever in the future, with the data. It’s more easily figured out since I can use the My Documents for recent stuff if I want, and move it or delete it in order to clean up those areas, keep them pruned down. Archived information is on the partition. Almost all my stuff is archivable, the question is: did I save it for archiving the first time as I should have? So I need to re-apply my “organization plan” to include those areas.

How does this help me Re-Organize everything? Well, it’s sort of like my brain. My computer in disarray, though not as bad as that, just lots of things that could be pruned out, folders put together, split apart, etc., and it’s sort of like static in my brain. With a good fresh start in my profile in WinXP and actually working with my old data to make it more accessible in the future, I know what’s where and what and why, and it’s like the tumblers in a lock, they fall right into place. Ahhh.

I’ve gotten more laundry done of late, and that’s one key to my computer organization. The timing of it all is good. I’m able to do more now, become more of what I should be, get the closets cleaned out, clothing fixed, sold, given away, readied for winter, etc. I admit, I’m pathetic with household stuff usually. I’m great at ripping the house apart, banging nails and such. It’s the “stuff” that drives me nuts. It’s the “stuff” that gets out of control. I need my family to help me, of course. As it’s not all MY stuff πŸ™‚ It’s there’s as well. Traditional name for us is Messies. Did y’all know that Visual-Spatialness is tied in with that in lots of folks?

Well, that’s why to “clean” I have to “re-organize” or “re-arrange the furniture”. Spatially I say, “this will go ‘here’ and that over ‘there’.” I do it, it fits without measuring. I get out the broom and sweep everything out of the way, blah, dee, doo, dee, dah … voila! Nice room again.

I’m convinced that to live a good life we must pare down stuff. We haven’t much stuff, it just seems that we do. It’s still “too much” though. It’s sort of a monster that grows 20-feet more tall for every 2-lbs of stuff you bring home.

So motivation is what I have, if only the allergies would leave me alone, or the Claritin would kick in and help more … motivation needs energy as it’s friend and tool, and I have none the past two days since Frances left us. Pollens and molds must be high again. Ever a creature of my environment, I look forward to the New Earth, no allergies πŸ˜‰

I’m just trying, trying, trying, to pass my motivation on to Frank and the children. The Garage is a biggie, and needs attention. πŸ™‚

Our Frances Experience

It started raining after we went to bed. Maybe around midnight, or after. It was after that I remembered, oops, the dog is still out in his kennel. So we had to get out of bed and put him in his crate in the basement. We also had to shut all the windows due to mist and rain blowing in. That made the house stuffy.

So then around 4:20am I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep and feeling miserable with a nagging beginning migraine that wouldn’t go away all night, I went downstairs to the desktop pc and did a bit of surfing. My browser started crashing when I was trying to get some better radar over Georgia to come in, and IE wouldn’t work thereafter, so I had just got Firebird (mozilla) fired up and tuned to when PHOOWAP …. everything went BLACK.

It wasn’t very long since I’d come downstairs, the sun wasn’t up at all yet. I stumbled to the left and put my foot out for the step, and there wasn’t anything there. I had gone to far to the left and was hanging out over the steps that go down to the basement. Whoops! I didn’t fall though. Just moved over and found the right stairs and went up, where there was a tad more light to see by. It’s actually nice when the power goes out, for all the neighbors flood lights go out too. That makes our house really dark. It’ll be nice someday to live where we control the lighting.

So I got upstairs and opened Frank’s laptop, had to fiddle with it a few minutes to get it to wake up. Once it did, it said it was 5am on the nose.

Power was off for just over 2 hours. We had gotten the firestarter stick out and I lit a candle, then my kerosene lamp. I had just blown the lamp out when I had catnapped and awoke to find Frank telling me it was somewhat light out now. Within 10 or so minutes the power snapped back on, with me staring straight up at the overhead ceiling fixture, which was mysteriously “On” when it hadn’t been on when power went out. Talk about pain to a migraine sufferer!

So it’s light enough to see outside. The rain is blowing down the street, across the backyard, etc. in sheets. I don’t have a rain gauge, but I have some jars on the deck that were empty, they are all filled up.

We are gauged for expecting 4 to 8 inches or more of rain. Reports have area creeks already at bank level or overflown this morning. It’s supposed to rain all day, or off and on, or something. Frances is depressed and crying all over us. πŸ˜‰

We’ve seen nor heard any lightning or thunder thus far. Just rain and gust of wind whistling forlornly.

Tropical Storm Frances in Georgia

Former Hurricane Frances, now Tropical Storm Frances, has been overhead all day, her Norther Tail, that is. It’s been breezy and gusty, nothing bad yet, just very much more “windy” than any given day. Overcast with the low flowing tropical formation clouds, making it all seem surreal, as in a sci-fi movie, sort of.

Hurricane Ivan has ramped up today, at 2am 135mph, and then down to 105mph by the 5pm update. Incremental step downs all day. But he still looks good. He’s projected to hit the islands in his pathway, then either go up the east coast of the States, hit Florida, or go into the Gulf of Mexico on to Texas maybe. 3-major options.

Here’s a Visible Satellite photo of the Atlantic: morning to afternoon … which you can see the darkness turning to light and the light turning to darkness … starting with the African coast it was daylight when the picture starts at 5:45am, and light creeps over to the States and then round the other side of the globe where you can’t see but fastly creeps into Africa by the end of the animation when it’s 4:45pm — there’s a big jump from 1:45pm to 4:45pm, which makes the dark come on fast on the east side.

Continue reading

Frances and Ivan

Hurricane Frances made landfall around 5:30am this morning, Stuart, FL area. The hurricane force winds extend out quite a bit, so you can be far from the eye and it’s still bad. We are praying for y’all! She’s a big one. Once she tracks further west and north it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of her, and if we’ll see any visible signs of her in NE Georgia.

In other news … my Ivan was upgraded at 5am. Hurricane Ivan is tracking west at 21mph, fast little guy, winds 75mph, gusts 90mph. You can see him in both these pictures.

The first is a still taken this morning: Continue reading


Storm Buff that I am, here’s some more on Frances and friends.

Frances is looking, according to forecast models, to go up through Alabama now, not even close to NE GA as originally forecasted … so how much rain will we get? It’s debateable from this distance, with Frances still not even over the coastline yet in Florida. But the forecasts have moved her further and further away from our area … rather something dissapointing, as I love tropical rainstorms, most likely what she’d be by the time she’d be near north GA.

God seems to have spared S. Florida from worse damage via strong winds, in reducing the speed of the hurricane’s winds and forward movement, but that exact thing will bring more rain damage to the areas she lingers over, so trade-off, slower hurricane more rain. Faster hurricane more wind.

I say the above since they say her slow movement is causing the ocean waters to churn up colder water under her, so the warmth of the Gulf Stream isn’t an issue, she has no warmth to feed off of, though photos show her improving maybe collecting herself to intensify. The Gulf Stream is a warm “stream” of water off the east coast of the US where a hurricane can pause for great refreshment before banging into the coast. It’s a wonderful area usually, with sea life abundant there, due to the warmth. Maybe the waters under her aren’t so cold after all, but that’s all speculation! πŸ™‚

I have a stake in all this … my mother is in S. Florida, her husband and my brother with her, and also my Uncle lives down there. We have good friends that live nearer to Melbourne, so they are in the thick of it right now. And then also, we used to live down there. We were married in 1992 the weekend Hurricane Andrew happened. I lived in S. Florida from 1979-1996, and Mr. Andrew was the only major hurricane to hit the place, and we missed him due to evacuation, just married, blah, blah, blah, we missed all the great fun of a hurricane party. Now they aren’t all they are cracked up to be, if the eye hits near-by … it’s just the way of things in Florida, to ride it out. But our one real hurricane just wasn’t worth chancing, being just married and all.

So I now live vicariously through internet coverage of hurricanes hitting the East Coast. We don’t have TV signals, so web is all there is. Good stuff though!

Look at her now. Frances is closer, intensifying again. Poised on the coast, crawling towards Florida ever so slowly. I love these infered photos, they are really cool looking, for lack of better descriptive terminology … πŸ˜‰

Here’s another view of the Atlantic: Continue reading

Drudgery Day

See here the map, and see why I’m blah, blah, blah. Give it time to load … [492 kb] once it loads it’ll go through it’s pretty cycle. Continue reading

My First Boyds Bear

My first Boyd’s Bear was purchased in 1995, I think, at Dillards. I didn’t know he was a Boyd’s Bear, only that he was very cute and so we bought him for me. I love Teddy Bears, but hadn’t much of a collection, just a few odds and ends.

Mr. Teddy Bear 1995 was to be my first of a collection that has grown and grown, by small leaps, not large, and not into a mountain, but large enough.

My bear, I do not know his name. I “think” he may be “DINK” but I”m not sure. He was missing for several months, and I just found him last week, when going through some Winter clothing in the closet. My bear! Oh I’d looked for him many times, fruitless labor. I missed him.

Here he is: Two different views, to get the idea of what he looks like.
Continue reading

A series of End of August Asa


Here is Asa, wearing a new outfit. It’s part of the HUGE eBay Lot I got for him. This series of photos was taken the day it arrived. He was anxious to wear something out of it. The socks are the only thing visible that we already had. πŸ™‚

The shirt has a graphic of a monkey holding a banana, that’s what that blob is.

Asa is nearly 4, but still three years old. He’s getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger! He has a hard time posing though. Most of these were the response to “Smile” or “Cheese” or “Just look at me” or “turn around” He’s the cog in the wheel for group pictures with his brother and sister, usually. πŸ™‚





Proverbial baby of the family. [which has it’s sad points for me, as I knew it would before writing this. It’s true he’s a clown of sorts. So how does that figure into me having another baby, still in the future, or the baby that was due in Oct. but miscarried early. Sigh, it’s a confusing mortal thing.]

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