I'm a Georgia Voter [Write-In]

Today is Election Day in the United States of America, a.k.a. The USA, The US, and formerly known as “These United States”.

Frank and I both voted this morning, with the three children by our sides. Voting has gone E-voting in Georgia this year. Touch Screen voting was easy. I sort of showed Russell what was happening as I was voting, and Victoria watched as well. Frank had Asa by him.

This was my first time voting for a Write-In Candidate, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

We nearly didn’t vote. We were going to vote in the Advanced Voting last week, then didn’t. We have been frustrated with many things this election season, and all in all, it came down to the fervor of Election Day Morning trash talk everywhere spurring us on to the local polling place.

Husband and I agreed to vote “No” on both ammendment refs. This was the main sticky point last week.

Idea: Pragmatic to vote YES on the marriage ammendment, we both came to agree on that, as in: it’s a way to get Something Done to vote YES, but that isn’t the real goal. The Goal is to get the courts out of deciding certain things, and the real goal I have is for the State to get out of licensing “marriage”. So therefore we could both happily vote NO, and later reforendums could speak to correcting the wrongs.

Voting YES on that would have brought about howling lawsuits and horrendous litigations in any case. So talking about it from that perspective shows that it isn’t the answer.

We do not agree with “Civil Unions” per se either. So this is a longer kind of a road to lead down the right path as to what Marriage is, and what State Sanctioned Unions for Special Privelages are/is.

Phew. It’s particularly a thing that we did not agree with Federally passing such an amendment either, saying it was within the States Rights to decide.

From there we saw that the real deal is that it’s not for STATES to decide via License who can marry, or who can …

We believe MARRIAGE to be something precious and State Sanctioned is not what we want, though we were married under a licensing of marriage program in Fl, we do not wish to see this the future for our children.

We did many things in the past, pollitically connected, via stupidness. No one knew any better, seems.

So we are now here in 2004 and seeing the future through Sunglasses. The future’s so bright, we’ve got to wear shades.

It’s bright with sunlight filtering all in the further scenes, as well as bonfires interm.

Tumultus times are ahead, no doubt.

Proud Peroutka Supporter(s) and Peroutka Write-In-Voter-In-Georgia folk.

Doing our Duty to honor God through voting for a Godly Candidate who believes in Limited Government.