Autumn is here. Summer is over. The day, yesterday, was in the 60’s but the house chilly. It was sunny, but the house chilly. It’s chilly now, early morning in the house (I’ve been up since 2am).

The forescast for the next 15 days is for the highs at the most in the low 60’s and that makes for a chilly house, since most temps will be in the 50’s to the 30’s. Not COLD just chilly, the kind that gets to you after awhile if you aren’t dressed warm enough, which means socks, shoes, etc. a must from here on out until Spring, for the most part.

For us girls, me and Victoria, since we wear dresses all the time it also means warmer stuff for under dresses. Tights, leg warmers, whatever.

For me it means BOOTS! Yeah, my favorite kind of shoe is more comfy in the Chilly Times.

It also means wood and fireplace activity. I’m ready for starting some early morning small fires, late evening small fires. Our wood pile, on the other hand, is NOT ready. πŸ™„

Part of our wood pile is ontop of the hennie penny pens, holding down the metal roof panels, since they aren’t permanently afixed. Yeah, our temporary quarters for the hens still exist in full use. One of these days that will change, dreams and plans exist, it’s just the implementation of getting it done at all.

I’m hoping to get a Winter pen ready for near the back of the house, and get a movable type of run to attach to it, let them out on nice days, even move them out for a bit if possible, and then move them back to the more winterperm pen.

All this is dreaming, of course. I’m not sure who will be with us, Leghorns or not. And it all depends on whether or not we can convert the pen that was being built earlier this year but didn’t work out — all in all, hens are fine in GA in the pens they have, they are grown and fair well in cold. Heat does them in faster.

Forecasting for National weather trends this Winter have us not expecting a very mild winter, but a more usual cold and wet, as opposed to drier and milder. It’ll be interesting. This is our second Autumn/Winter with no central heat. I don’t mind that at all. I detest artificial central heat (I can’t breathe well, and get so stuffy headed) Wood heat feels best. Our central heat was a heat pump, and not as bad as other types of central heat, but our system wasn’t set up for our house very well, and also, a heat pump isn’t efficient once temp drop around freezing. Electric heat is Emergency Heat on the heat pump we have, but it didn’t work past the first year, and we never had it looked at since we really didn’t want to use it anyhow. Last year the air system was making me ill, so turning it off made all the difference and we have to have it overhauled and just haven’t had the money, and need extra anyhow to get the whole house HVAC set up, as it’s not entirely set up, and what we did have running wasn’t sufficient to the house in the first place. What a messy sounding thing it is. Basically it’s not as bad as it sounds, we just don’t have a/c or central heat. It is possible to live in North GA without them. πŸ™‚

The idea is to have enough wood to keep the fireplace going, and also to get a wood stove in the downstairs family room. Don’t know if we can do that this year, but if not, we’ll move the TV up by the fireplace πŸ˜‰ probably.

Really very cold days, me and the children will cuddle in bed and read and watch movies.

Or go to Barnes and Noble. πŸ™‚