My sweet blue male kitten is so fluffy, he looks like a nice warm slipper. Yes, I am chilled.

It’s a cooler day with no sun most of the day, just a few moments here and there earlier this afternoon, but that was it. It’s not really “cold” but it feels so when in the house it’s 55 degrees in warmest spot. 😉 A clear sky means warming in house from sunlight hitting the back of the house. That’s what we need.

So we are needing to get the fireplace figured out and able to run — Winter is coming, sooner or later, but will come suddenly when it does, no doubt. A fire brings such cheer on a gray day. I’ve written about that before. So I’m thinking about the fireplace and imagining it’s going full force. One can go a bit farther with that, than not thinking of anything but “I’m chilled”, or keeping that thought in the back, but not thinking really of warmth except to hope for some and do their thing hoping for warmth. I think it’s better to imagine it, it comes alive and sort of really works to warm oneself deep down.

So right now the kitten is on my lap. Ah, nice and warm. I’ve had the other kitten on my lap here earlier, and Strider, of course, and Dixie even … those three fought over me several times this morning. The boy kitten wanted to, but stayed back out of the way. So he’s here now. 🙂 I like him. He’s so sweet. His sister I like too, but she can be such a “spitfire” out of nowhere … she’s so much like Dixie, and the boy is so much like Strider. It’s funny.

So at least there is something usually around to warm my lap, but that doesn’t help my toes!

We all need some new socks this year, and that’s my biggy — warm woolen soft socks to where in the house, and with boots. I like my toes to be warm. It hurts so to have cold toes in shoes, doesn’t it? Sure does to me! It’s an instant cranky-maker.

So I am hoping to find some good deals on good stuff that’s warm and wearable. Right now I have old big cotton socks on, and they aren’t doing the trick. This is warning-time: Winter will throw worst this way, and I must be ready for the whole family!