Think Blue, Count Two

I’ve been reading Cordwainer Smith stories and aggregating the stuff that I have, stuff coming, and what I still need to get for a full collection of at least all his stories.

So this has combined to be part of the saga of the kittens names.

Cordwainer Smith and cats go hand in hand, as do me and cats and Cordwainer Smith literature.

So the kittens have no official individual names. Right? Right. It dawned on me the other night that they are — and it’s now their official title– as a duo:

Think Blue, Count Two


It fits as the scenario that they are cats, two that are blue, and that they have helped to avert emotional turmoil and who-knows-what-else-worse for me this Autumn … if you know the story, you know the similarities of the story and what I am saying. Otherwise, if you don’t know, just trust me 😉

Think Blue, Count TwoThink Blue, Count Two!



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