Last night/this morning it got cold, was supposed to be around 25 degrees F. but here is was about 18 degrees around 8am or so. Considerabley colder than “city” areas around us. πŸ™‚

The day warmed up to the low 50’s and it was SO nice. But it’s to get cold again over night. Low over tonight/tomorrow morn is supposed to be 35 at this point, so they say … but right now they say it is 30 degrees … that’s now. That’s colder than it’s supposed to get at all … πŸ˜‰

Well that’s all from who-knows-where-and-who-is-taking-temps … as it’s not US at HOME. Our thermometer, the only one we have had … broke this last year. It was a digital dude that had a probe to go outside, and took that temp as well as the indoor temp, and saved low and high temps, etc. Nice, below $30 at Dillard’s some years back around this time of year (you know, all the junk the department stores have for sale in the middle of the aisle during “holiday season” for Christmas mostly …) Oh, it talked too. It’s history now though, and I try to believe what the folks in the paper, on the internet, on TV, are saying about what it is, and what it should be in the future.

I can tell relatively what temps are myself, by going out, of course, and feel good enough about my “close to nature” self to know I’m right about stuff. Like this morning, it was so frosty, I knew it was below freezing, but WAY below was my idea and when I saw they said it was 18 around this little part of GA, I believed it was about that. Below the 25 that was predicted, at least.

I can tell when warmer weather comes in and it’s just warmer weather, or when warmer weather comes in and it’s telling the tale of cold a’coming behind. Or some other kind of storm. I’m not 100% sure. Just get the feeling and come out right more oft than not. Well, I get good practice on this all in GA, with the way things go up and down, in and out. Weather changes more often in winter than in summer. But still, it’s not always hot, not always cold, not always mild, not always anything … it’s so variable here. It’s sort of always hot in the summer, but then, it’s not on a day to day, hour to hour basis, and same with the winter, it’s mild here, but not on a day to day, hour to hour basis. It really gets cold here. It was just as cold here last night, as it was in some northern towns that are cold all winter, usually.

OK then, I looked at Boston, MA on accuweather, and they had the same over night temps as the area around here last night, but today they got to 40 degrees about, but we were at 50 degrees and above. But are the same temp now again, about 35 degrees … which is what Accuweather is NOW saying about now, instead of the “30” that is said it was then as a now then πŸ˜‰

Always changing, and then that’s just it, where’s the temp from? Not here, some remote area 20 miles away, no doubt.

I’m judging house temps by how cold it feels in different areas, and seeing what the thermostat up in the hallway says it is. Lately it’s below the 50 degree mark over night, and creeps up to 53 or 55 by midday, it’s warmest and hovers then goes back down. That’s the coldest spot in the house. The back of the house gets the full day of sun, if it’s not cloudy, which helps greatly. The fireplace now in use helps to get the dining room nice, and seems to help a degree or so up the steps to the thermostat, but doesn’t get overly hot since it’s a high catherdral-ish sealing in there, and the down and up hallways are open to this area, with the kitchen right next to it with a small wall dividing it. The kitchen gets the full sun. Front dining room with fireplace gets no sun at all in winter, just a tad of late evening sun in summer. (we live with the main directions pointing through the corners of our house, visually speaking.)

At any rate, chilly inside temps of below or just above 50 are what we are getting accustomed to, and when the outside day turns to the same temps, we see it as “so mild” πŸ™‚ It’s all about inside air vs. outside air, and how much water is or isn’t in one or the other. As I’ve mentioned in another post resently, dressing modestly, for winter, means dressing warm enough to get through it fine. I like it cooler, it’s breathable air any how. πŸ™‚

What do I usually wear? Well, I wear dresses and so does my DD. We wear long skirts, as like me: I’m usually wearing one of my two Eddie Bauer thermal weave cotton long sleeve dresses, slip, with cotton tights, and tall leather boots with 1-1/2 to 2-inch heels. I may wear a denim dress instead. That’s my usualy though inside the house wearing. I have some other things to wear out, but that’s not where I need to keep warm, most places we go it’s TOO WARM in them. I do not like fake heat, no I do not. It makes me unable to breathe well. It seems to suck my breath right away, as one can imagine what it would be like if the old wives tale about “cat’s sucking babies breath away” would be like. Yes, I visualize that “old wives tale” always have. I understand what it should feel like, if it was possible … πŸ™‚ Cats don’t do that. At least I don’t think they do, they never did it to me, nor to my children, and attempt no such thing night or day here, and we have had enough cats to know.

Oh speaking of cats, that’s part of our night warming stuff on the bed. One or two or three pile around our legs and sleep all night. One gets on our legs, or goes to someone else, another takes it’s place, and on and and on. I like it. It’s great during the winter, a bit too much in the summer, but they seem to like it in the winter more themselves as well. It brings on more heat to huddle together with other living things, so I consider that we are helping them feel comfy, and they help us feel warmer, if not truly “comfy” , but I tolerate it, and so does DH, and we all live happily.

The kittens have fitted right in, spawling out on Frank’s side of the bottom of the bed most nights, moving up closer later, and sitting on my chest sometimes for part of the night. They are sweet. Think Blue, Count Two. Getting bigger, -F is a spitfire lovely cat, becoming a lap sitter with me during the day. -M is so cute and just loves belly rubs. -F is a fighter when it comes to belly rubs. -M has lovely longer hair, looks messy usually. Looks super great if he gets spooked! Bushed out to the hilt! They’ve brought young play back into the house, and from the 12 year old down to the 3 year old, all those cats are more active now. πŸ™‚ Love those youngsters.

We saw some other kittens in Petsmark last Sat. Getting kittylitter, we saw all the animals there, of course, why not?! Two brothers, one a choc. point siamese and the other a black and brown something … both mixes (and litter mates), but the one was so pretty, and they pulled my heart strings … but we already committed to Think Blue, Count Two just two weeks prior. πŸ™ Sad for them, but happy for TB,CT and so happy for us to have them too.

Fire’s down for the night. Time for bed!