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Some Icy Pics

Icy Pictures from January 29, 2005 (morning). Ice Storm hit the SouthEast part of the US.
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It’s heeerrrreee!

I’ts evening now, and dark is setting in, and the rain has begun … um, but it’s not water, it’s tiny ice pellets.

Forecast/current conditions has us at 34 degrees F. right now with 27% humidity and a feels like of 20 degrees F. with winds from the East at 16 mph. They say rain/ice late tonight, low of 26 degrees.

Well, it’s icing NOW! Frank was just about to make a fast run to the grocery store so that I didn’t have to make a meal tonight (we can warm up frozen stuff, etc.). He’s gone anyhow, even with the knowledge that it’s icing. It’s just started. It’s constant, steady, but light. It melts eventually, but does sit on the ground, deck, etc for a little while before melting. The temperature is just so close to freezing, but just above it.

We also had no sun today, so no heating of surfaces for the purpose of melting the ice faster from heat-gain on objects.

It’s a three mile trek up the road to the store, then three miles back. Country road, a bridge or two … and you know about that “Bridge freezes before road …”

We have the entire wood pile in the house by the fireplace. It’s not that much, considering it’s our WHOLE stockpile of wood :shocked:

We’ve bought it in loads as needed this Winter. Two van fulls so far. It’s not been so cold but in spots here and there. We are flummoxed out of cash to get more wood right now. We DO have enough for tomorrow, then the next day should be warm enough, and it’s a Chuch day anyhow [we won’t be home really].

Sure it was cold in the house today. But conservation of fuel meant conservative fire today and conservative fire tomorrow: or none today, tough it out. Nice fire tomorrow, crowd around it and enjoy the heat on ICE DAY! We can be troopers. I am just that on many occassions when it’s called for, just that every occassion doesn’t call for that. Just some. Like today, I could do this. But not everything.

Funny, it feels a bit warmer in here since the pelting of tiny ice bits started. That’s really not funny, kind of a standard “natural house” thang that I can comprehend when it occurs. Continue reading

Ice Storm Cometh

Brrr. It’s cold again. It was so nice the last couple of days. I was wearing a summer dress yesterday. Day before too. Now it’s back to BRRRR!

There is a Winter Storm Warning for our area. Should be rain coming later today, and with plummenting temperatures, Ice or Sleet or a Mix, and maybe Snow or Flurries. That should be all mostly on Saturday. Sunday it’s supposed to be in the mid-40’s.

This morning in bed I had the Weather Channel on and the temperature was going lower and lower. It was so warm most of the night, then whomp! It started going down. Other areas around here, to the east, in NC and SC were even lower temperatured, since the dew point was in the single digits there, but by us it was in the 20’s. That’s the difference in how cold or hot some other place may be in comparison to another place.

Currently it’s 34 degrees F. Feels like 27 degrees F. Dew Point is at 1 degree. See, it went down, so did our temps and feel’s like temps. Humidity is at 25. Dry as a bone cold.

Sure it’s colder up North in other places. So what. Dry Cold is still COLD different degrees are more dangerous, sure, but being cold is still being cold.

Living in one’s Freezer is generally not much fun. Living in one’s Refridgerator is cool, but not THAT bad.

Think of it: Refridgerator Door Opens, you look for something, taking your time …
Freezer door opens, Rushing to find what you want, slam the door shut fast.

In the Summer, the Fridge feels good. The Freezer offers instant cool down. In the Winter, the Fridge sends a chill your way, and the Freezer is no fun place to be near.

I speak of a nature regulated house. No Central A/C or Central Heat.

So I need to go find a wool sweater to put on. I’m wearing lesser clothing for this weather. Lots more than I was wearing yesterday, but it’s not good enough!

For now, it’s that my toes are chilly, and my fingers are quite cold. I have a big kitten in my lap keeping THAT warm as I type. If I wasn’t typing I could put my hands under said kitten, and get warmer fast! Continue reading

January 26, 2005 Hair Length


Today [January 26] I took a photo of the Back of Victoria to document her hair length. Then I had Frank take one of me just the same.

Victoria has very smooth straight hair. (I’ve taught her to comb it every day, but she doesn’t, so when I notice, as today wanting to photograph it, that she hasn’t combed it in at least two days it’s full of little knots. So I used a teeny bit of oil to help untangle things and whoa the burnished highlights that showed up!)

She has some strands of red in that dark blond, I’ve seen them now and then, buried in the depths of her hair, whole strands, several grouped together, lovely copper/auburn red. The flash of the photo really showed up something the eye doesn’t see as well, but it’s there. My own head was blond when I was a child and when my hair began to darken in photos I was still a blonde to the eye, but the photo didn’t totally lie, as my own picture shows my color today, as it’s been since sometime in my teens, it’s photogenic and coming, just not as detectable to the eye at the time, and time does so forth the truth. πŸ™‚

Victoria gets a hair wash once a week (sometimes not, but that’s not what we desire), and a conitioning that is rinsed out right away. I use California Babies Shampoo/Body Wash and my own WholeFoods brand Conditioner on her. –But I must rinse it out very well, or her hair is very heavy, dull, and disgusting.

We have been growing her hair out since the day she was born, and had many setbacks with her hair staying so baby fine for so long, then when it came in thicker –three separate “cutting” accidents via her and her brothers using illicit scissors applications in secret … well, it’s only been since the last year or so that it’s been getting really longer.

[I can’t put an exact date on it from memory. Maybe I wrote about it in a post here. I’ll have to look for that and repost the pertinent info HERE if so.]

My hair, I trim off scraggly ends piece by piece as need be. Since it’s “curly” it’s ‘curl by curl’ mostly. The longest part of my hair is the scraggliest. When Asa was born [September 2000] I had my post pardum hair fall-out as I usually do after a birth, some months after it. So that would have been sometime in early 2001. Not long after that I noticed a lot of new growth all over [much different than the prior post pardum experiences], and most noticeable at the nape of my neck and at the front of my hairline. So that would be sometime in mid-2001. All that hair now is below my shoulders, I’m not sure how low, but lower than that. So the hair that is longest is fairly lonely, with it’s group buddies further up in the mass.

If I trimmed off the length right now I’d lose inches, but I wouldn’t lose “much hair”, if that makes sense. I’m happy to keep it uneven/scraggly for now. It’s curly so that doesn’t matter to me, I don’t do “blunt cuts” and “even straight cuts”. Curls need cut in their proper position as each curl matters individually. So crooked edges are not really noticeable, and scraggly ends are moreso but still just par for the course, there and not “ugly” per se.

The last “hair dresser” cut was while I was pregnant with #2. My hair got “less curly” during that time. So I guess that’s why I had it cut. But I grew it out after that again. It was only a cut to my shoulders, mostly. I had bangs then, and between then and pregancy #3 I decided to grow those bangs out (not much time between them, Nov. 1998 to before Sept. 2000). That “new growth” after Asa’s birth, I kept a fringe of it for bangs, I had no other bangs at that time, they were long gone grown out. So I did that for a few months, then said “Forget it, I’m gonna grow these frilly worthless hairs out too” [it was a frustratingly too small amount of hair to do much with seeing as it went every direction being curly and too free, not enough bulk to make ringlets.]

That hair is way below my chin now. The shortest of my hairs.

Sometime ago, time melds into itself, I can’t recall how long, it’s just been over a year at the least, I began washing via using only conditioner. I’m not faithful to the Curly Girl (the book that introduced me to the method) method doing it every day. I never washed my hair every day anyhow. Once a week being a homebody is enough, if not too much for me.

So I developed my way being that if I wash it, I’ll wear it down that day, then the next day I’ll wear it down and just put conditioner in it dry to my satisfaction. I may do that for another few days, or put it up, in a pony tail, or tie it into a self-knot. The longer I go like that then, the more it flattens out. Really it’s nicest the day it’s washed, but it takes so long to dry with moisturizers/gel in it that it’s rather a whole day affair before it’s totally dry and then the day is practically over.

My hair isn’t really thick, but it’s light to medium density hairs and a lot of them that make a decent bulk, but that beef up with moisture to look way bigger than they really are. It’s wooly hair. πŸ™‚ That’s why the “conditioner only” method works so well with me.

I don’t have the spring of alot of inches that Curly Girl talks about that hair should have to classify its curl. But I have all the other descriptives for curly hair of the R type, ack, the name continuously escapes me. I must get my Curly Girl out one of these days.

I guess that if I took even better care of it my hair would improve. And once my hair is longer and some of the bottom stuff cut off it’ll show more improvement as well. Besides that, the hair on top is the heavy canopy type and it holds my under curls down. I need to get the right clips to dry my hair with to keep it upright on top, instead of heavy downness bringing. [This goes to that R type, the name I can’t recall.]

My hair is very thirsty. My hair defies classification. So does all my coloring. Seasons, you know those? My eyes are dark green. My skin is fair, my hair is brown/red. I’m an Autumn, right? WRONG! I’m not. I call myself a Summer, and others have agreed with me about it, but that my eyes and hair defy that class. Blues and denim blue’s and blue-reds are my favorites. I can wear Autumn Colors, but I feel ugly in them. I look like my hair in them. Not like ME. They pull me away from me and hide me under an ugly film of orangy-ick. But I can get away with some of those colors if they aren’t near my face, so diluting them I can wear them. I wear all Summer colors fine. I wear some Winter colors well, but not all of them.

So I’m a mixed up thing. That’s according to the Color Me Beautiful and the Shaklee color system back in the 1980’s.

So then, my hair isn’t corkscrew tight, but is nearly as thirsty as that, maybe not AS much as corkscrew, but I put conditioner and oils straight on my hair and it drinks it up.

I need to get on a roll and keep doing it and do it and do it and get it going well.

Victoria - Jan 26, 2005

Victoria – January 26, 2005
A tad oily from Olive Oil spot used to help untangle some nasties before photo.

Marysue - Jan 26, 2005

Maisy – January 26, 2005
Washed day before, so a bit drier than should have been, taken outside and breeze blowing sides out a bit as well. Of course it looks less curly since I’d slept on it overnight as well. πŸ™‚

Many Things in One Post

This is my “many things in one post” post. Weather, books, hens, wild birds, etc.

The weather has turned mild again. Yesterday it was warm enough not to need a fire upon waking. Last night was warm too. It’s currently in the mid-50’s, and that’s without the sun’s aiding. It’s been mostly cloudy, morelike “light overcast” since sometime during the night.

Accuweather is saying that on Saturday high will be 39 and low will be 37. Rain possible.

Weather Channel on TV is saying there is a BIG chance of an “Ice Stor”m looming far enough South to hit us. Which to believe?

Time will show us. :LOL:

In any case, the last time the hens laid eggs is reported on January 22nd. Nothing has been laid since then. Nothing at all. πŸ™

I have listed the book I’m reading currently in this post. Redwall is a great book, the start of a great series that I only recently have become aquainted with. I found it in Barnes & Noble the other night and Frank let me buy it. I’d heard about it on an email list I’m on. I’m nearly done with it. It’s a large book, easy to read, full of lively colorful characters. I mentioned it on a Forum I frequent, and Kelly there said that it’s a great read-aloud series. I must agree, from just the first couple of pages I was thinking that, and now on page 253 I just think that even more πŸ˜‰

I’m looking forward to finishing it and starting it as a read-aloud to the children. Frank knew that when he said he’d buy the book for me he was getting into a big mudhole that’d reach high over his head. There are quite a few in the series. So the first one I have is in large softback format, my favorite format next to hardback. Most of the other books in this series in B&N were normal paperbacks and hardbacks. Can’t afford brand new hardbacks, but this first one in large format softback was do-able. Frank says that he’ll find the rest in same format … he knows I’m a stickler for “same format” books in a series. πŸ™‚

So then I thought it’d be nice to mention birds here too. I haven’t had much opportunity to spy any nice birds for months. My big binoculars bit the dust. Frank got me a little pair from Eddie Bauer Outlet. Children have confiscated them and I can’t ever find them. They aren’t for very far distance viewing well though.

Our big feeder fell over in a storm in 2004 and is all falling apart, out of commision this whole time. So in 2004 I didn’t really feed any birds. I had Hummingbird feeders out, but gave up on filling them up when I didn’t see any at all all Spring when they had been sighted elsewhere in this region. I only spied one here or there a couple of times. So feeders were out and just dormant and got moldy, but still, no interest in them was really evident ever all 2004. I put my really nice glass feeder out front later in the season, and it dripped empty with no hits at all. So I totally gave up.

2004 was also the nightmare year for animals and birds and me. The Bluebirds laid three clutches and lost all three. One: eggs didn’t hatch. Two: Babies died. Three: Babies died. It was horrible. I’ve written of this and the other deathy things before.

So it goes to say about the Bluebirds that they tried hard, but failed. I’ve seen them about lately, actually one female and two males. They are so beautiful. I missed them around most of the Summer, with them busy with nests (and not super visible then) and then the nestings failing, they sulked off eventually and only have been more noticeable the last few weeks.

Brownheaded Cowbirds weren’t around last year either. Maybe because I didn’t have a seed feeder out. But then, I don’t now and guess who’s lighting in our trees, screeching out their whistlepiercing sounds? Yup, Brownheaded Cow Birds. They sit on the Bluebird Nest Box too and try to mess with it. I do not like those birds. They are not like the Bluebirds, whom are gentle and sweet. Bluebirds stick around if you go on the deck. Cowbirds fly away if you do that. πŸ™‚

Just this last week too then we’ve been innundated with droves of Chipping Sparrows. Unfortunately I can’t ever see them very well, with no binoculars to aide my sight into the yard. They are very diminutive birds. Cute little fellas. I call them all fellas. They all look alike, pretty much, and all look like little guys.

I’ve seen a few Starlings, and they are staying clear of bothering my stuff. They are another kind of bird I don’t like. They might be responsible for some of the Bluebird Failed Nestings.

American Robins have been tottering around the yard too. Won’t be long before they are here in droves, no doubt.

I really want to get a new feeder and install it in a great place in the yard. Hopefully I can do that soon!

I lost many of my hummingbird feeders through neglect and then child destruction fully this past year. I have one remaining, my very pretty red glass arsty flower looking one. It’s gorgeous. I’m happy it’s stayed put happily and safe on the front porch. I left it there all Winter, so far, that is. I really should clean it and refill it, in case there are any Hummers around this Winter. I know they’ve been sighted in other areas in North/Central Georgia. I just don’t stay faithful enough to them to lure them in. πŸ™ I am trying to make myself say I promise to keep it filled and clean this year. I’m trying. I will try, how about that?

But I need to get a few more feeders just for the Hummers themselves. They are such fun birds! So acrobatic around the feeders in mid-Summer. A delight to watch, that is a sure thing. But you must put out feeders for them –to be able to witness these things so well from inside your house.

I went out front to where I have the peonies and iris and pussywillows. The irises are growing new leaves. The Lambs Ear there is starting new growth. The Pussy Willows are starting to plump up a bit, with a few of them unsheated already, too early though. The Peonies last year growth is still there, dry and brown, just winter texture, you know. I leave it there on purpose. I checked beneath them, and sure enough, there is growth occuring there.

This mild weather is hopefully not going to hurt the plants. We had a very mild Autumn and only got cold weather finally near the end of December, and had mostly very warm weather in January. Some cold snaps. Maybe an ice storm finally this coming weekend, maybe not. But I hope that whatever happens with the weather, that we have a wonderful Spring bloom nonetheless. I really want to see the Yoshino Cherry trees is brilliant blossom. 2004 Spring was terrible for them all around the Atlanta area that we saw. Ours did so very poorly. 2003 was a grand season for them everywhere that we saw them. That’s why last year was such a dissapointment.

We have a Dogwood that we need to remove. It died last year. But the other two next to it are still alive, but all have some dead areas, and peeling bark. I fear we must remove them all. πŸ™ Well, our landscaping sort of slacked off the last couple of years. I really am itching to pick it up and do lots of work on it. That take money though. Also my garden is calling me. Frank is letting me order seeds from an heirloom seed company in February. This will be my first time growing everything from seed. I’ll be sure to have a second-season mid-summer planting.

That’s all for now!

It’s coming …

It’s cold today. Yesterday it was too, but the sun was out in full force. Overcast here today. So it’s decidedly colder feeling in the house today.

Here is our Fireplace from just a few minutes ago:

Ah, nice and warm. Well, IT is. Being right by it is toasty. πŸ˜‰

But I have a series of pictures that show that the sun IS coming soon! Here they are:

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Cold Day – thinking ahead

On days like today we keep a electric space heater running in the “family room” which is the “basement” just a walkout space, a slab as otherwise known. On the main floor, over a crawlspace, we have to keep a fire going in the “dining room” which is what “is supposed to be the Living Room but we made an actual ‘dining room’ “since it’s too small for an effective ‘family/living room’ though we did use it as that for most of the years we’ve been in this house.

Days like today are the odd ones, most days are more mild in the Winter. It never got above freezing today, in fact didn’t even get withing a few degrees of that special temperature. Add the gusty winds into the mix, and it was in the teens or lower, single digits, all day, as “feels like” temperatures.

I wore socks and long boots, and a knit pant for warmth under my very long big tiered “western” denim skirt (which we got for $20 at some western shop last year … it was a much higher priced item originally), and a thin wool turtleneck longsleeve sweater. I’ve been alright all day like this. Not really cold, just cold hands on and off, but easily fixable. My feet, amazingly, have not gotten cold. πŸ™‚ That’s the deal killer for me. Oft times even wearing boots I do get cold feet.

I’m not complaining about today then!

I went out one time this morning. I put on my long lined raincoat, which is like a Spring Coat, sort of, and felt fine going out to the hens to check on them, etc. I came back inside and realized my face was the only cold thing, it felt like my sinuses were frozen entirely. πŸ™‚ Yes, that cold. Cold enough to do that, but that snippy cold didn’t feel so cold otherwise. Kind of like, very cold is like that. Dress for it and it only affects your nose and sinuses if left unprotected.

So even that though didn’t make my feet cold. I hate having cold feet. It’s misery of miseries.

Frank was telling me about a radio guy, Steak Shapiro, about when he got cold feet at a football game, as Frank had heard it on the radio today or yesterday or something. It was funny. Kind of like he turns into a totally different person. Yeah, I know about that firsthand, myself! I have the reverse in hot weather. Above 75 and I melt fast and become a totally different person.

So it’s important to have warm feet. Sometime in the last week or so there was a “cold” day and my feet got really cold. I had to go get in bed for a long time. Even then, they didn’t get warm enough. So finally Frank took us out to Barnes and Noble to read and be warm for the evening. I had to get my feet warm first though. If I have cold feet in shoes, then the shoes HURT horribly. Frank says he doesn’t experience that. Hmph. Figures. I do. It feels like any shoe I put on is pinching my toes, too tight, even if they aren’t, which none of my shoes really do anyway.

I had to fill the tub with hot water and soak my feet before getting ready to leave. I could have done that before, but really, having cold feet turns off your mind as to all the possible ways to get out of that predicament. Only the “lets go out” speech from hubby turned out that answer in my brain. Oh yeah, soak them!

Ah, it was so nice. It took awhile to get them there, but eventually they were warm. I dried them off and hopped in bed again to be sure to keep them warm for a bit, then put on socks under the covers and my boots. That did it. I was fine.

It’s funny how cold feet get. Just that once they are cold, they are cold. It’s a horrible cycle. In the summer my feet can’t get too hot. Only my neck and head can. It’s really my neck, the thermostat at the base of the head in the back. It’s the place that regulates temps. So that place though doesn’t make my feet warm in the Winter. Funny how it is. Cold feet make me nuts. Shut me down. But it doesn’t mean my whole body is cold. Just my feet is enough.

In the Hot Summer, it’s my neck that has to be fooled into being cooler to not freak my body out. If I can’t have ice or a cold bag or can of something on there, I go wacko, get mean easy, etc. My cold feet thing is that I can get mean easy, but it’s more or less that I can’t handle stress as easy, and I can’t function right. In Summer I can handle NO stress at all. It’s like I live for cool evening breezes, and on some days, there are none of those.

So here I sit in a chilly house, fine and warm, next to a fireplace fire, and I’m thinking of the miseries of Summer. πŸ™„

I say that cold can be dealt with, there are ways to get warm. But heat cannot always be dealt with. Put clothing on to keep warm, layers, wool, silk. You can have silk and other things on for wearing in the heat, but they don’t KEEP you cool when it’s 80 degrees. They only feel alright on your skin and your brain whigs out from the heat.

So Summer, Air Conditioning is a friend. But became a foe in our home when my allergies went through the roof in 2003. Turned it off and things cleared up. 😯

So since then we’ve lived au’naturel. It’s fine, like today, if we used the air system, it’d be a useless Heat Pump, and that doesn’t work once near freezing, it can’t pull any heat out of the air. So we’ve learned to live in a cooler house during the Winter and it’s mostly fine. Cloudy days are the worst when it’s cooler. What’s cold in this house? Inside, below 50 is cool. 60 is really nice.

Autumn, and Spring, are lovely in a natural air house. Nighttime in the Summer can be grand, but some nights are just stagnant and worse than that. Mostly though, in Georgia, Summer is hot, but nights are cooler, cool enough to be what gets one through the day, just to live for the night. πŸ™‚

Those days are coming. It’s January. It’ll just be another month before some of the Spring flowers begin to come out. Trees will start to swell their buds, and the air will sing with the coming of Spring. That pulse can be felt in January, yes even on such a cold January day. πŸ™‚

We are an Early Spring region. A Long Growing Season region. A very temperate climate. Well, except for Summer. See the lovely year round stuff keeps us Georgians happy to put up with Summer, for the lovely Spring, Wondrous Winter, and Awesome Autumn. Summer is bad and good. Thunderstorms are great. Melting hot days are not. But those nights are worth it. Ceiling fans are useful, but not worth a dime on those hot stagnant nights.

Oh what a wierd post this is. I had no objective to write this stuff, it just flowed out. You know how opposites attract, and extremes compare, etc. πŸ˜‰

Well anyhow, cold days like this are nice to sleep in on. And that we did today. We did miss church, and that’s easier to do on such a cold day, since staying in the house at all means we need to burn a fire. Besides that I’m sniffly allergic these last couple of days, and that’s miserable to go anywhere like that. Cold cold and baths for everyone didn’t happen on Saturday night, and Sunday morning was too cold and we’d just have had 20 minutes to get ready and go …

So day of this and we are tuckered out and just stayed home with the homefires burning. Nice, but we do miss going to church on such times.

Eggs for Jan 23 2005

1-23-2005 Egg Count:

No eggs again today. [None yesterday: Jan 22 πŸ™ ]

Total Eggs: 0

Don’t blame them today. It’s COLD! It was 19 degrees this morning when we finally got out of bed. Too cold to get up early. We were up by 9:30am. Wind chill was 7 degrees. Windy Cold day.

How would you like to be a hen in the yard on a day like that, and be expected to lay an egg? I let them off the hook. JUST for today. πŸ™‚

The Kitchen Dream/Reality

In our CONTINUING effort to organize … we took the center stacking unit out of our master closet and put it in the long closet in the room the two boys share. It’s a regular closet, just a double-long type. Our master closet is a small walk-in. All our closets were fitted out with wire shelving as part of the builders package. We do not like them.

We have found the new Closet Maid Completions at Lowe’s and plan on using some of those pieces in our master closet, when we can afford to start changing things out.

For now, removing the one piece from ours gives us MORE walk-in space and that’s grand. We can now actually stand in and see our clothing hanging on the sides of the closet easily. πŸ˜‰ There is room then too to fit baskets on the floor and not have to trip over stuff … laundry, etc.

The boys closet then, is more useful. For us, that piece in our master closet was a nuisance at best. Sure it held stuff, but wasn’t used rightly and we just couldn’t figure out how to make it useful for us.

For the boys, they each get two shelves to hold pants, socks, undies, t-shirts, etc. Frees up hanging space where the pants used to go. Free’s up all drawer space in the dresser in OUR room. πŸ™‚

Eventually we plan on putting in a whole closet organizing system for them too, but for now it’s an improvement with something that was annoying for us, so it’s a win-win.

Another helpful thing is that Frank moved the refridgerator to the other side of the kitchen for me last night. It’s on the side that USED to be the eat-in side …which was ineffectual for us, and I always have wanted to flip the kitchen around and do a few other things. Phase one of this was last year, we swapped places with the fridge and stove. Frank moved the electricity for it. That felt better. It was only a partial feel-right. The fridge had originally faced the backyard. I didn’t like it. Garage door was to the left if you were standing in front of the fridge looking at the fridge. It was down several feet, but was a walkway really. Whole counter next to it has suffered the same “seems like a walkway space” area fate.

When we first moved in, it seemed the kitchen was large. We soon found out it was a glorified galley kitchen. Take the garage door measurements out of the width of the kitchen, and it’s a tight squeeze galley. 😯

So since moving the fridge I determined it would definitely feel more right at the opposite end of the room, which would mean it would face the absolute opposite way, looking down the room to the end where the door is.

We haven’t set down any plans on paper yet, but plan on removing all the cabinets and putting them elsewhere, rebuilding what needs that, new stuff where we need it. New countertops for sure. New sink too.

It’ll mean moving the plumbing and so the sink location will be around where the French Doors currently are. We’ll put sliding doors where the sink now is, there abouts. Not exactly there, but near, same as the sink near where the French Doors are now, not exactly there.

The stove then will be on a new portion of cabinet/counter, that extends into the kitchen. It’ll be a peninsula, bar on one side, stove and counter on the other. Hoping to create a true good triangular work space with proper spacing between the elements that count. A kitchen that has NO walkthrough. AMEN!

So were are partway there. The stove is in the middle of the room, sort of, hugging the sidewall at it’s back … transition means we don’t mind things being in wierd places. So I’ve cooked there since I moved it there to clean under it sometime after swapping places with the fridge before, and I left it there for a cooking session, and loved the position, it felt great. So it’s stayed there ever since πŸ˜‰

Now the fridge is in the right general area. I still have stuff to move out of the end of the kitchen, where my bookcases and stuff have been, what I’ve been TRYING to organize for a few months now …

Once that’s cleared out, then I’ll put the small kitchen table that’s been a desk more often than a kitchen table, next to the fridge, and it’ll simulate countertop for a bit.

Our objective is to get a great kitchen, that works. It’ll have room at the sliding door end for a nice round table, for instance. It’ll have plenty of room really. It’ll just have built in good function with all we do, and it’ll also open up into the room next to it, which will increase light into THAT room, thank goodness, and just be a really nice main floor, finally.

We will install wood flooring too. All of this we hope to do on a shoestring, doing as much of the work as we can ourselves, and that includes the cabinets and installing anything new.

I plan on keeping the ones we already have, repainting them, and painting the interior for the first time too. They have always been untreated inside, and white enamel on the outside.

They will be white inside, with buttercream top cabinets, and a rustic blue distressed finish on the bottom cabinets. Countertops will be some sort of buttery color. Bullnosed edges. Maybe tile backsplash. And new will be a white Cast-iron deep double bowled sink and new faucet too.

We need a new dishwasher. We had to junk our old one already. We want a new stove too. That will come in time. I’d also like a veggie sink somewhere.

So that’s our doings. Not that we are doing much. Just still de-cluttering and mostly dreaming of the changes, with just moving that old fridge finally. :laugh:

Eggs for Jan 22 2005

1-22-2005 Egg Count:

Total Eggs: 0

Frank and I just went out and checked for eggs, and there were none. That was 1:00 PM.

The weather is rather nasty. It’s foggy/hazy very wet mist all the way to the ground, with everything coated with a light wet film of water. The air is supposedly 37 with a feels like of 33. It’s biting to the bone cold feeling, but mild at the same point as I went out in my thermal cotton long sleeve dress, thin socks and slip on shoes. So if I had been dressed for about freezing I wouldn’t have been so cold, well maybe. The only cold thing about me now since being in for several minutes is cold toes and cold fingers. πŸ™‚

I’ll go out armed with better warming clothing and check later, well sooner than later. I’m hoping for eggs at 1:10 and 2pm, which would be an hour later each respectively from yesterdays egg layings. I’m not SURE we’ll get them, but hoping. Day before that we had three white eggs and a brown egg. Every other day layers would mean at least a white egg and a brown egg today, if not more. I assume that the white eggs of yesterday are from the same hens as laid on the 4 egg day, as One of the timings matches up with that theory — not both, but then who knows what they are doing out there! πŸ˜‰

Eggs for Jan 21 2005

1-21-2005 Egg Count:

12:10 PM – 1 White 1.9 ounces
1:00 PM -1 White 1.9 ounces

Total Eggs Thus Far: 2

I’ve checked for eggs a few times today, and there are none yet. Yesterday I collected a warm one at 11am. It’s now about 12pm, so maybe I’ll get something very soon. I just changed the Leghorns nest box for a fresh one. [I use water boxes, sturdy thick cardboard, with the perfect lip to hold hay or straw in if one top flap isn’t pulled open when opening the water box … I cut a three sided hole in the top with a steak knife to act as the egg retrieval flap, and connect the box to the SuperYard using bungee cords which hold on through the “side hole handles”. It works beautifully, and only needs replacing if the rains have been often and the box falls apart. Can withstand normal rainy day usually, if next day is dry. If I painted the boxes with outdoor enamel paint, as I’ve wanted to but haven’t yet, I think they’d survive a whole year or so. In any case, I need to replace them on and off, not very often, a few or four a year maybe, unless I start out with an inferior box, which I did last time πŸ™‚ ]

The A-Frame was moved, Frank swung it around to the left. No brown egg there at that point. I’m going to figure out a new nest box for them. We got a light out for them last night. Frank got a hanging lightbulb dealy-do. So I was able to see lovely things in their after dark. The Australorps all huddle together under the loft on the grass in the corner, and the three Wyandotte types stuff themselves together onto the loft.

That explains what I thought was probable but could only sense in the darkness, but not see. So I saw it in full disclosure last night. That explains the lack of hay entirely up there now too. The lip on the edge of the loft isn’t as high as I’d like for hay retention. With three biggish hens sleeping there nightly, well that’s a doer-in of a totally only nest box loft. πŸ™

I’m finding myself thinking of putting a loft on the other side too. Door on that side as well. Nest box jutting out behind it as well, a shed roof type that opens on the outside, under the handles that move the A-Frame. ONE of those places should be an egg laying place, I hope. I mean dedicated a bit for sure by the hens themselves, a dedicated nest box. With them thinking the same as me about it. πŸ™‚ One thing I want to do also is make a stairway kind of roosting bar deal. Like a stringer coming out from the board that comes down in the front of the loft … and then sticks going across to go up the stringer giving levels to roost on, and hop to the loft on. They fly up there fine, but figuring if roosts supplied, they might decide to roost on the roosts. Maybe. Maybe not. Worth the effort. This is a proto-type experimental pen. πŸ™‚

Before I published this post I went back out to the Leghorns to check, and yes, there was a nice white egg. Hay made into two circular depressions, which is indicative of two hens in there at once. Which means, another hen is interested in laying, maybe today, maybe not, but at least happy to have a full hay nest box again, for one day at least. I reinstalled the bungee cords to make the box ride high — they had been getting on top of the older one that I just took out this morning, sleeping on top of that, some of them. πŸ™„

They have a nice roosting rail that they use. It’s just funny that some of them want to cram themselves on top of a box as they did. They have done that in the past too, but not always.

Wednesday and Thursday Eggs for Jan 19 and 20


1-20-2005 Egg Count:

8:30 AM – 2 White 1.7 ounces, 2.1 ounces
11:00 AM – 1 White 2.4 ounces
11:45 AM – 1 Brown 1.8 ounces

Total Eggs: 4


1-19-2005 Egg Count:

2 White

Total Eggs: 2
note: 1 egg was frozen when found

Eggs for yesterday and today are a bit confusing.

Yesterday, Wednesday, January 19, 2005, I retrieved 2 white eggs from the SuperYard, the Leghorn pen. One egg was cracked — frozen solid inside. That egg I peeled (easily) and put in a dish for the cats.

The other egg wasn’t frozen.

My guess is that the frozen egg was laid on (moreso later that not) Tuesday … and the non-frozen egg laid early Wednesday morning. Maybe. The non-frozen egg was very cold. The morning was very cold. The nest box has no straw/hay in it so the eggs laid would have no protection from the air temperatures overall.

My thinking is that the one egg was laid on Tuesday late in the daylight hours, and therefore was frozen solid by the time I got to it on Wednesday morning, seeing as the temperatures got down to 18 or so in the hours before Sunrise.

The other egg might then have been laid early, as the sun came up, and the cold temperatures then would have cooled that hot egg down very quickly. I didn’t get the egg until after 9am I think, most likely after 10am.

So that is Wednesday. Sort of. We went out yesterday so have no verification of what was laid the rest of the day. Got home late last night, and having no flashlight –didn’t check the nest boxes.

I was out there this morning at 8:30am, and in the Leghorn’s nest box there were two eggs. Both very cold. Overnight the temperature supposedly didn’t get below freezing. It looks that way in the yard, with no frost around –and the air felt balmy to me when I was out there. I didn’t button up and felt fine. Currently Accuweather is saying it’s 32 F. with a “feels like” temp of 24 F. Yeah, right. Not so! Not here, at any rate.

So the two eggs in the box early this morning are from … ? Yesterday or today. Sigh, we’ll never truly know. I can take a good guess about it later today or tomorrow or the next day though, if other hens are laying now. πŸ™‚

I haven’t weighed the eggs I got yesterday or the ones from this morning. Maybe later, maybe not!

Update 11:15 AM: I just checked the hens and there was a nice big, warm egg in the Leghorn’s nest box. So I weighed it and the other two eggs I got this morning from their box. Measurements in the box at the top of this post.
Update 12:00 PM: I went out to check for eggs again just a little while ago, and decided to move the A-Frame a bit since they had no eggs in their “nest loft” again, and one was found in the corner of the pen that is only findable by sight when the pen is moved … so, I moved the pen, and voila! There was a brown egg. It was in the grass, of course, so very cool. Laid when? Last time we did this was on Tuesday, which was the first time we found a brown egg this way. We didn’t move the pen on Wednesday, so today’s move unveiled an egg from this morning? Or yesterday? Seeing as it didn’t really freeze over night, I’m not entirely sure, but the egg itself was clean with a few dirty streaks which wiped off easily with a damp cloth.

Eggs for Jan 18 2005

1-18-2005 Egg Count:

11:15 AM – 1 Brown 1.6 ounces

Total Eggs Thus Far : 1

It’s cold. 18 degrees on the F. scale. Brrr!

I’ve not donned the gear to trudge through the backyard to check the hens yet. Once I do, this is the post on which any findings will be reported. πŸ™‚

12:00 PM Update: I went out to feed and check for eggs a bit after posting this earlier. No eggs in either nest box.

Frank and I went out after 11am, checked for eggs and looked at some things in the yard. There were no eggs in either nest box. Frank then moved the A-Frame over a quarter, he was going to move it the other direction but I asked him to move it the way he did — which unveiled an egg that had been laid in the corner of the pen, opposite end from the official “Nest box” loft. It’d been too difficult to see it in the pen. It was perfectly safe the way we found it, could have been crushed in other instances before being found :shocked: So we are thankful that we were led to do things the way we did.

This one egg so far today is brown, and comparing it to the brown egg from last week, it’s the same nice shape, weighs the same ounces, it’s identical except for being a darker shinier brown. Still light brown, but not pale brown as the other is. Hmm. Could be an Australorp, could be a Wyandotte. Could be the same Australorp as before, or another Australorp. Case is made for it being a hen that didn’t previously lay this year yet. Hawklady and one Australorp did lay in the lofty nest already. That’s the logic I’m going by, that either of them MOST LIKELY would use the nest box again, not lay on the ground.

The egg itself I deem from a morning laying, today, it’s top was clean and dry, the bottom damp as if it had been laid and the bloom had dried on top, but not on the area resting on the grass. It was cold, but so was the ground! The temp was the high 20’s at the point we found it, with a 38 “feels like”.

Eggs for Jan 17 2005

1-17-2005 Egg Count:
10:00 AM – 1 White 1.8 ounces
12:30 PM – 1 White 1.9 ounces

Total Eggs : 2

It’s a cold day. It was in the 20’s last night, and supposed to be around 39 for a high today. It’s not bitterly cold though, fairly a mild cold. It’s creeping into the house now, as the Sun progresses to the South/SouthWest. The house has windows that face SouthEast mostly, and so by Noon in Winter, the rays hit the side of the house with no windows.

For us I am considering a fireplace fire a bit later today. For the hennies, well, they have the same old same old. πŸ™‚ The Leghorns are laying fine now. Not that they are up production-wise so much, but that SOME of them are producing well. Two so far today, two yesterday. That’s great when we had NONE for so long.

The A-Frame hens aren’t doing much but eating. So that one green egg and that one brown egg were what? Just one from two different hens, then nothing more for days … how long? I’m anxious to find another green and another pale brown egg.

Saturday and Sunday Eggs and more

1-16-2005 Egg Count:
AM – 1 White 2.1 ounces
PM – 1 White 1.8 ounces

Total Eggs: 2

We are home this Sunday morning. Still drippy nosed and such, with Dh getting worse, me getting better.

About the hens:

On Saturday, yesterday, January 16, 2005 — there was an egg in the SuperYard, underneath the nest box (which hangs on the side of the pen, enough room to squish underneath it if you are a scrappy leghorn hen size). It was dirty, from being on the ground, in a pen that needed to be moved for a couple of days already.

We had no other eggs that day.

Today, since we are home, we did move both pens and re-water them during feeding time. In the SuperYard nest box, was a nice big white egg. I weighed it on my digital scale and it’s 2.1- ounces. That’s in the Large/Extra-Large realm of egg measurements “officially in the US”. I say that since it was flipping back and forth from 2.0 to 2.1, so it’s hedging towards less than but not totally surefully, 2.1 ounces.

As it goes, that’s a good size. Glad to take it!

I like measuring egg weights. I started doing that last year and recording things in a journal book manually. I didn’t do every egg, just sometimes. Like in April and May I recorded most of it.

2.1 is a general nice size for a veteran hen. That was a low norm for them last year. 2.167 oz. is the “extra large” rate. So that’s why I noted the fluctuation of the weight on today’s white egg, and why I said it’s between two sizes. My scale doesn’t have that many decimal points either.

Most white eggs in 2004 were Extra Large or Jumbo. Jumbo is 2.417 and up. Most of course were just under 2.4 with some over that. So 2.0, 2.1, were the low end, 2.2, 2.3 the middle, and 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 the upper. More lower than upper, but more middle overall.

I didn’t record the egg weights all year. I did well for awhile, then stopped. That’s normal for me. I lost interest in it. Too methodically, routine, it just got really old.

I am finding that my way of doing things is to discover a way to do something neat, then set it up to work well, then mangage someone else into the position of doing, check up on them, then let them just go with it if I think them capable.

Seeing as I have such a small labor pool in the family, very young yet, it’s been ALL ME. Entrapenorialness doesn’t work so well without a labor pool of capable folks to draw from. Aha! I find that I do better directing a job in the house as well. Me pittle around, they do. Me support and help a bit, but mostly they do it under my guidance. It’s not the same as “ablility to delegate” It somewhat that, but not. I mean, I can’t just “delegate”. I must create, setup, run, control, THEN hand over piece by piece with oversight and THEN say “It’s yours” eventually.

I never knew that about myself until a couple of months ago when my 8-year-old-boy became much more useful around the house. πŸ™‚

So somehow this will figure into recording a full season of eggs and sizes — πŸ™‚ Team effort. Not “just me”.

Year before last, 2003, I created log sheets on the computer and printed them out. I had configuration for the possible eggs each day, and X in the box if got one. Left Blank if not. Then I could do things on that sheet too, for at a glance knowlege of how many eggs we got that period of time, and how many eggs we had on-hand to use or sell.

I just couldn’t stand that method season two. It wasn’t half-bad, it was good. But I didn’t figure on how to make it better, so abandoned it to a fully manually written journal.

That was more interactive and worked, and I did different things throughout the season, but it didn’t facilitate the same “at a glance” knowledge as previous years data had going for it. But also it was contained in a nice book, not on floaty-away-paper.

I also tried to update my Hen Report weblog with all the egg counts and “interesting” things that occured that are good for me to reflect on later, and anyone else can read if they want. But I ditched that format when I went to WP, and haven’t decided what to do with that data, bring it in here, or leave it there for posterity, or turn it into a self contained WP weblog, as it was an MT one before.

I do think I’ll manage to squiggle it into this weblog somehow. I’ll do some special page category thang and have it out of here, just on the side bar as a link, with counts a sub special category that’ll show on the sidebar.

Just means I have to institute that through coding. Not hard, just takes time. Tedious due to time.

So that’s the housekeeping I need to do. As well, I have my church’s website over my head needing much input. I’ve a document to un-Word, and code and split into several pages … and that is cooling my heels about it. I’m needing to get my ‘puter here back to a table, so I don’t feel so compressed. It compresses some of my HTML/CSS/PHP Webmaster Creativity. The stuff I need to implement MORE and do MORE where I NEED to. πŸ™‚

2:00 PM Update: I just retrieved another egg: White 1.8 ounces. It could be a third bird laying, or not. It was warmish, so not layed that long ago.

Showing My Desktop

This should be “Show Me Your Desk” but is instead: Showing My Desktop!

Found through: Tulip Girl and Karen: Life with 4 Kids and a Dog and Donna: Quiet Life.

Showing: My Desktop :)

I have a digital camera, but my “desk” setup is chaos right now. I have my geriatric laptop stuck on the same shelf of our older entertainment armoire as my two of my sound system components. It’s a cramped spot. Done since the cold of Winter chased me from the kitchen as I’d been setup on a table, to the dining area where I am now, which is next to the fireplace. The cold relented, but I’ve stayed.

I don’t have a real desk. I have a smaller kitchen table that I had been using. I had been using a larger one than that, but DH took THAT table for HIS desk when he started working out of the house, and so I was stuck with the smaller one, and it doesn’t house my stuff well. It gets junked up FAST so it was a relief to move to the dining rooms cramped spot.

In any case, it’s howI work. I move my stuff around all the time, if I can. Keeps me happier to re-orient, not really re-organizing πŸ˜‰

If my laptop was NOT geriactric I would be anywhere with IT. But in July, a year and a half go, dear children 2 and 3 tried to kill it with a Coke. They did well killing the keyboard and more, so I’m now using it with a “wireless keyboard and mouse” and it’s opened, and on lifesupport all the time therefore. It works alright, just is a glorified laptop, really a slim desktop now. πŸ™

So there is NO picture of the spot I have been sitting at the last several days … too small and crunched in there to get a nice picture of my messyness. πŸ™‚

For those without a digital camera, you can do this too. Just put on your monitor what you want to be shown, and press the “PrtScn” button [Print Screen].

This puts the image on the copy clipboard. Open an imaging program, such as Photoshop Elements, or whatever it is you have on your computer, and do what you need to do to paste the image.

For instance, in Photoshop Elements, or Photoshop: Open the program, then click the “New” button for a new image, or press CTRL+N on your keyboard for the same thing, or else go to “FILE, New …”

The new image layer options will be there, they should have the correct size of your desktop resolution, click OK. Then go to “Edit, Paste”. The image should paste into the empty image layer which you started.

To save for the web, change the resolution to 72ppi, and save it to a smaller size to display on your webpage.

I use the “Save for web …” feature in Photoshop Elements for it’s ease.

Just click that and choose the settings. Medium quality is alright for a photo, and I use 600px wide. Make sure to save your file as a JPG or JPGE.

Name your file, save it, and then upload to your site the normal way you upload files and photos.

If you don’t have an “easy to web” setup, just play with your image program until you can get the file small enough for your web page.

New Eggs

I checked the hens this mid-morning, and they hadn’t laid anything.

It’s 2:45pm and I just got back from checking, as I walked up to the A-Frame I saw that Hawklady was down on the ground.

“Good,” I thought to myself, “she must have laid an egg.”

Surprise, surprise, when I opened the nest loft door, there was an egg, Hawklady jumped up to say “Hi!”, and my eyes blurred and freaked trying to see that green egg. I had trouble, since being visual I was expecting a certain colored egg, and my eyes couldn’t parse the lack of green on the egg. It was pale, not green, not white, not brown.

So I picked it up and it’s a very pale brown egg. Smallish. I then looked at all the hens. It must have been from an Australorp, being that pale brown. One of them before seems to have laid lighter eggs than the others. Anyhow, the Wyandotte eggs were always darker than the Australorps, and this was a very pale brown egg.

None of the Australorps, save one, had what I’d call “combs and wattles” that showed “red enough to be ready to lay”. One sort of did, but not really. The Wyandottes looked just as “not ready” as the Australorps. I’ll go back out and see if I can get my hands on that one Australorp and see if she’s submissive.

I then went to the SuperYard pen and peeked into the box, and sure enough, a nice skinny longish white egg. Just like day before yesterday. πŸ™‚

So we have one Every-Other-Day-White-Leghorn layer, and a One-Time-Thus-Far-Hawklady-Green layer, and a One-Time-Maybe-Every-Day-or-Every-other-day-the-future-will-tell layer — probably an Australorp.

Both eggs were chilly. So they were probably laid not long after my mid-morning check. Figures. πŸ˜‰ It’s a nice day, supposed to be in the mid-50’s, so out and about it’s nice in the sun, but in the shadows, as the nest boxes are, it’s chillier than not. Tonight it should be down in the 30’s, frosty if not freezy. That’s not so bad, since it was in the lower 40’s this morning, and the hens did lay. It’s the following days, when it’ll get into the 20’s that I’m more concerned about the hens not liking and stop laying.

In any case, it could be that the light is noticeably increasing to them, and they don’t mind laying. The darkest day of the year is past, and maybe they’ll just hang in there and lay some now, no big pattern, then get really going for Spring. Sounds good to me, but then, I’m not the one laying the eggs and living out back. πŸ™‚

After The Rain

Bethlehem to the West

Bethlehem to the East

Bethlehem to the South

Strider by Maisy

I am artistic, but not an “artist” by any means. I am not “naturally good with any artistic mediums to create”. I do mean “art” here, as in drawing, painting, etc.

I have a natural talent for being ABLE to do things. I have “my own way” of doing such things. I haven’t been trained. I can train myself to a degree of success, as far as I am desiring to do so.

So last week I saw some things on a craft show on HGTV, some crafting show that highlights 3 different people in the US, and that person “makes their thing” for the camera. Some lady did something with making a cat for some purpose.

I had be thinking of drawing for many months. I am a doodler, a doodler of shapes and squiggly odd things.

So that TV show coupled with my “thinking about it” the previous months prompted me to get out a piece of paper, pencil, and eraser. I created, scanned and printed, then colored that scanned/printed page with gel pens to create THIS:

Strider by Maisy
Strider by Maisy, January 2005

By no means meant to represent actual reality, this is an artsy crafty thing. I just “did it” and it took very little effort. I am very pleased with the outcome, but know it pleases me since I made it and I have no training and know that it’s a good result for the ability I put into it.

It’s just a little test for myself to prove that I do have something I can shape if I just put myself to the task.

My tastes in art have been with Monet, and other Impressionists, as well as older portrait painters [I wrote about some in a post recently connected to a quiz about “who would paint you?”]. And I like arts and craft type things with animals. I like Warren Kimble, for instance, and other such things.

So there is my tribute to the craft of arsty drawing something near and dear. I need better tools, and meanwhile I’ll do some more and see what I can do. I am not interested in doing computer art. I work with photos and create graphics and such in Photoshop Elements.

I am precisely talking about manually drawing on paper and using physical mediums like that and paint, pencils, etc.

I am all for scanning things in. As I did scan in my basic drawing that’s above, then printed it and used THAT copy to finish the drawing and colorize it. I also scanned the finished product. Duh, most obvious, hay? πŸ˜‰

See now, this is something moreso new to me. I’ve not put anything I’ve ever drawn up on this or anyother site. I have no category of “art” or “drawing” or “crafting” or such to put this post in. So it’s an EVENT primarily. πŸ™‚

Categoricalness can be defined later if there is a need for it. Otherwise, it’s just an event, a flick in the wind, something I did then moved on to something else. I fear, not really “fear”–it’s just an expression, that my comfort with the above drawing will lead me past betterment. So I am posting this to motivate myself a bit, hopefully! :veryshocked:

Rain and Biddies

There’s a big line of storms marching from West to East … USA. The southern line is near us. Fragments of storm have been around most of the day, but the heavy line is coming sooner than later.

All day I’ve gone out now and then to check the hens, *looking for an egg!* but haven’t found any eggs. Just Hawklady camping out in the loft, just hanging out, you know? I have no idea why she’s there and just sitting and walking. She “looks” alright. She laid her first egg in a long time on Tuesday, and had laid nothing since then. Today would have been the “every other day” pattern award, but she’s late for that already. I’ll grant it if she DOES lay something today though.

There’s been nothing laid in the SuperYard today. But neither have the Leghorns destroyed the nest box (as they sometimes will do if they aren’t in laying mode … kick all the hay out.) So the one that laid yesterday has the opportunity of being in that “every other day” pattern as well, if she lays tomorrow. I won’t know which one she is, they all look too alike. πŸ™„ So I’ll just “assume” it’s the same one, if someone lays a white egg.

So I’m happy that two of the old biddies have decided to lay something after all this time, but NOW I’m anxious for them to do MORE! Of course I am hoping that all the others will decide to lay as well. So I’m going to bring more hay out to Hawklady, and see if that comforts her, though I doubt that’s what is up with her, as the green egg from the other day was laid in a space fairly bare of hay already. Sigh. It’s tiresome having to replace nest material. I really do need to figure out a better way for an entrance to hold that hay in the loft.

The weather should be deteriorating rapidly soon, and behind that weather front will be cooler temperatures. We’ll see how it affects the henniepennies. I’m pulling for a “no effect at all” deal. Let them lay eggs! πŸ™‚

My *cold* is getting better. So that’s good news. It’s still not good, just not worse, and a bit better than it was yesterday. I’m still sneezing though, and that’s the worst part, to me, as I usually don’t sneeze from allergies much, and neither have experienced many colds that had sneezing on and off the whole time. So this is fun experimentation. πŸ™„

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