Strider by Maisy

I am artistic, but not an “artist” by any means. I am not “naturally good with any artistic mediums to create”. I do mean “art” here, as in drawing, painting, etc.

I have a natural talent for being ABLE to do things. I have “my own way” of doing such things. I haven’t been trained. I can train myself to a degree of success, as far as I am desiring to do so.

So last week I saw some things on a craft show on HGTV, some crafting show that highlights 3 different people in the US, and that person “makes their thing” for the camera. Some lady did something with making a cat for some purpose.

I had be thinking of drawing for many months. I am a doodler, a doodler of shapes and squiggly odd things.

So that TV show coupled with my “thinking about it” the previous months prompted me to get out a piece of paper, pencil, and eraser. I created, scanned and printed, then colored that scanned/printed page with gel pens to create THIS:

Strider by Maisy
Strider by Maisy, January 2005

By no means meant to represent actual reality, this is an artsy crafty thing. I just “did it” and it took very little effort. I am very pleased with the outcome, but know it pleases me since I made it and I have no training and know that it’s a good result for the ability I put into it.

It’s just a little test for myself to prove that I do have something I can shape if I just put myself to the task.

My tastes in art have been with Monet, and other Impressionists, as well as older portrait painters [I wrote about some in a post recently connected to a quiz about “who would paint you?”]. And I like arts and craft type things with animals. I like Warren Kimble, for instance, and other such things.

So there is my tribute to the craft of arsty drawing something near and dear. I need better tools, and meanwhile I’ll do some more and see what I can do. I am not interested in doing computer art. I work with photos and create graphics and such in Photoshop Elements.

I am precisely talking about manually drawing on paper and using physical mediums like that and paint, pencils, etc.

I am all for scanning things in. As I did scan in my basic drawing that’s above, then printed it and used THAT copy to finish the drawing and colorize it. I also scanned the finished product. Duh, most obvious, hay? 😉

See now, this is something moreso new to me. I’ve not put anything I’ve ever drawn up on this or anyother site. I have no category of “art” or “drawing” or “crafting” or such to put this post in. So it’s an EVENT primarily. 🙂

Categoricalness can be defined later if there is a need for it. Otherwise, it’s just an event, a flick in the wind, something I did then moved on to something else. I fear, not really “fear”–it’s just an expression, that my comfort with the above drawing will lead me past betterment. So I am posting this to motivate myself a bit, hopefully! :veryshocked:

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