The ice melted away on Sunday and Monday. By Monday morning there was just some left in places like “roof valleys” and Northern exposed places where it had piled up, and little stuff that was gone by noon that day.

The temps have been higher than freezing, but it’s been mostly all cloudy, just a bit of sun peaking through yesterday afternoon for a small time. So with the temps in the 40’s, that makes things chilly still in the house, with no fireplaces going.

Frank is getting more wood for us this afternoon. He’ll be out the next few days and the temps are supposed to be around 38/39 tonight through Thurday morning. Cloudy, rain, etc. That is cold in the house, with no sun. So since Frank will be running around all day those days, we can’t “duck out” and go to B&N, for instance, so I will need to be building fires in the fireplace again. πŸ™

Well that’s not so bad, just that I would LOVE to see the SUN again. I am really one that needs that sun every day. Not alot, just that the HOUSE needs it at the south to get warm, and then I need to see it as well and get my fill, stand in it and bask like a cat for a bit. Then I can avoid it the rest of the day and be fine. It’s nice to see the brightness though, out the kitchen windows and know that it’s there. Heavy clouds make things so “dull”. Add chilly temps to it and it’s harder to “deal with”. Like it’s no fun going out in the yard to the chickens when they aren’t laying eggs, and it’s cloudy and chilly, and they need fed and watered. I mean, give me eggs and that’s a bit of brightness πŸ˜‰ But no eggs, and cloudy, chilly, yuck.

So that’s the thing, no eggs still. πŸ™

We went out and got a bunch of food from the store yesterday … so today it’s get things in order there day. Not so easy when it’s dull in the kitchen, and I am fighting off a migraine. It’s not that bad, just an annoying grating one that is more so sickly than painfull.

I do suffer from these often, as I have since my teen years. I just deal with them. Sometimes they are more often, other times not very often at all. I know that I love the sun more — to sit on the deck and shut my eyes and bask in it when I have a migraine. So since I can’t … sigh.

A cold day with clear blue sunny skies is wonderfull and it’s been awhile since we’ve had that. Ice days in the past have had the day after cold and clear and that’s lovely to see. But we had just cloudy, cloudy, cloudy this time. πŸ™

Happy February! Spring is closer!