Sunrise after a night of Thunderstorms

Last night we had major thunderstorms come through, including earlier in the day as well. After dark we had the worst of them, harder pounding rain and pea-size, and some a tad larger, hail. Lots of Lighting, cloud to cloud mostly, it was wonderful to watch. The sky was filled with the flashes and glowing of that sky only electricity.

Here’s a photo I took this morning as the sun was coming over the horizon. The ground was misty, light fog that would soon burn off once the sun was higher.

Photo taken with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA February 22, 2005


  1. What a beautiful photo!!!! Thank you so much for posting it! We’ve been having crazy weather here too. Tornados in California?!? Who’d have thought?? LOL!!!

  2. Thank you for the beautiful photo comment!

    I have it on my desktop now, and it looks so wonderful, I very humbly say:

    God’s creation being so gorgeous and He giving me the eye to appreciate it and the ability to see that a camera would capture that gorgeous creation so well I am so very thankful for, and that God allowed man to create cameras and computers and such to appreciate it all the more on days when that beauty isn’t there. It’s only there for a few seconds. Then gone. Sunrises on each day are different, so it’s just grand to have a view of the sky to share with others, and to keep and cherish as well. 🙂

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