I’ve now upgraded this weblog to WP 1.5.

It was a bit difficult due to my customization of my comments form, but I got it straightened out fairly fast. I had to change some of the the php tags from “{ ?>” to ” : ?>” and then I forgot to transfer a couple of commas between some things that needed to be changed as well.

In order to do the comments form I took the WP Classic 1.5 comment form and just added in my changes as were in my 1.2 wp-comments form.

It wasn’t totally straightforward, but neither was it difficult to figure out, just a tad tedious.

Otherwise, I need to test to be sure old things are working still, but so far it seems that all is fine.

I used to have a script in my head section, but I took that out and put it in a separate .js file, and I just haven’t put the line in to call it up yet. So some older pages have popups that won’t work therefore. That’s all that is about.

I have exhibit installed for images, and I like that system, yet again, not. I like it for having the photos available in post as writing an already saved post, but I’ve stopped using it as it’s codes, just have used it to insert the urls of the photos into posts. I haven’t had very many photos on this blog, and when I have, I have just had them lined up without thumbs. Just as easy to add my own css divs around each photo.

I know that I won’t want to have that in use always, so I may just go back and change any posts that use it particularly and recode them to url links to the files myself. I will be getting a real photoblog set up again, so because of that I will put less photos in this blog, but probably not by much, as one or two of any “series” I’d load on a photolog would be in here in a post to link to them probably.

So all in all, I have all the same plugins working, except for that I took out the two spamming plugins I had. I need to retool and see if there are updated plugins or better functioning ones to use for the things I have.

I’m wanting to make changes to this site layout, but this one is working fine, so I won’t break what’s not already broken and since it went really smoothly over to 1.5 as a Theme, then I guess I just need to make it stay this way.

I can use this theme as a parent theme and just change the style of the site with a new theme as a color only theme, for example. I could change the way it looks, but content would be the same.

There is functionality in coding in the Kubric theme too, which I’d like to use, so I’ll be playing with things but it won’t be that noticeable since I can switch back and forth in themes easily. So if a page won’t load right, wait, and try again. If it looks very different ever, it’s just because I’ve switched it to the default theme, or one I’m working on.

I want to get some of the info off of this page and onto separate pages that I’ll link to. So that’ll get more room on the sidebar for other things, and I may overhaul my site root index page to include some info from the various blogs, recent comment updates, recent post titles, etc. recent photos, etc. It’ll be more a portal page for the whole site instead of just a slight portal front page that no one hardly visits.

So this is the first blog on this website to be fixed up with 1.5. I have two or three (or so) more to do here. 🙂