Month: March 2005

A thunderous weekend expected

It’s been very warm and late Spring-Like today. Right now temps outside are supposedly in the high 70’s. Tomorrow temp high is supposed to be about 66 degrees F. That’s more like early Spring πŸ˜‰

We are also supposed to be getting Thunderstorms later tonight and tomorrow. That’s very Spring-like. Volatile weather. I do love those kind of storms, but don’t like it if they cause damage, of course, but that’ s just a fact of life since The Fall of Man in the beginning. Something that must be understood from the Biblical View that is correct … something that Man rejects without being stirred by God, since the Fall disconnected the spirit of Man from God, as Adam and Eve had direct communion with Him at first.

God is shown to us in nature. Thunderstorms are one of those sorts of mighty things that shows God’s work and truth. But this is not enough to make man recognize Him and Who He Is. But it is not His fault. It is the hardened peoples fault. It is enough, should be enough but is NOT since the plan from the beginning was for man to come to God through Jesus Christ. His shed blood for our account is what is needed. Whomever comes to Him is saved. Why? No man comes to the Father lest he be called. No dead man stirs himself. Only a quickened heart may beat alive and answer the call.

God uses nature’s witness to make man understand who He is and answer that call. It’s one of His methods to make man see what his heart condition is like. It’s not the only thing though. The PRIMARY is the Gospel and that is through HEARING the WORD. Is that what saves? No. It is GOD who saves. Hearing the word isn’t magic. IMO it’s the ability to hear the Word that is PROOF of a quickened heart. It’s recognition software, in other words. It’s the truth that drives man to God on his knees. It’s the utter ability to hear and understand, all because of that inward quickening and call.

So the hearing may also then hear the thunder and understand that God’s Might Power is real. This confounds the wicked, those who are of stone hearts. They will explain it in any way they can, but fail to acknowledge God. That is purely the point we turn on constantly. It is not man who comes, but God who calls. It is still though man’s own fault for not coming. Man sinned. Man needs God. God chooses and calls, and those who do not come stay dead, they aren’t called. It’s not for us to grasp and understand. It’s the way it is. God’s Way, not mans. Thank God for that. I thank God for the calling of His Children and for that being the thing that He does in families, not some whim here and there, but a steady wind … ever widening.

I look forward to the rain and wind and lightening and thunder. I pray for the safety of God’s children and things. We should all pray for the safety of His children, but also that God’s Truth may be made known to more souls through the challenges they are presented with in storms such as are marching across the southern U.S. this weekend, as well as other weather damages throughout the world past and future.

Spring continues to break out

It’s another wonderful Spring day. A commenter yesterday was jealous of the weather here. πŸ˜‰ Surely that is a good thing! For now. Another day I’m sure it would be quite not that. Wait until a month or two has passed and temperatures will be hotter than hot. :veryshocked:

Spring growth is occuring in more places now. Weeds are springing up mightily and faster than that. Just two days ago there wasn’t as much “green” out there, what we call our yards, that is.

I did a bit of work, not much, just a bit, in my herb garden. That’s a great big task to hack at later. The weeds are nasty around the edges, I must move them back and get some sort of brick border installed. I bought a Sage plant and installed that today. I moved some Thyme around too, there are woody dead looking parts, and that’s what I moved. To see if it would come to life over there, fill out another corner, or not. If not, no big deal, it’s in the back, not as primary in view as where it was previously.

On the opposite end of that square of herbaceous-supposed-growing-grounds are two areas with “for show only” value. They are perennials and haven’t started to grow back up to the sun as of yet. No hurry, I say. The weeds are thick throughout that area, and I don’t want to battle them out with tender shoots coming up. Purple Cone Flower is one type, the other I keep forgetting, a Giant “A-something-0r-other”, butterflies love the pink flowers on it. It gets fairly large.

The Yoshino Cherry Trees are starting burst out into flowery beauty. A few of the buds have opened today, first day of Yoshino opened buds. πŸ™‚ All the buds, or most of them, are very pink and getting fuller and fuller and I hope to get a good photo when they all burst out into glorious song!

The area around the October Glory Maple in the front yard is needing work. I have to get more flowery plants out there sometime. The grassy weeds are encroaching where I don’t want them, but can’t get them out of there at all. It’s the area that we are naturalizing with … um, you know, star, or burst, or fire, oooh, the name escapes, little perennial bulbs that grow each season and get bigger and bigger. They grow tall green spikes and unfurl their little blooms top down, firey crimson beauties. Onions and grasses are there when the main livers go dormant. That’s late fall through early Spring. Every Spring new little plants spring up. These plants are super producers and naturalize easily. Right now that’s what is happening. Under all the weeds, little cuties are getting green and popping up to become bulbs eventually, if they get that far. The ones that are older are bulbs and will begin to put up spikes again fairly soon.

The pussy willow bush is there too. It’s not really going further, just waiting for something … or … ?

We have so much work to do outside, and not quite enough rescources to fill in what we’d like to. There is renovation work too that we’d like to do, but don’t know if this is the year we’ll be able to, rip out the ocncrete sidewalk and put down a new paver one from a different point and path to the door. That is in accordance to our landscaping plan we had drawn up some years ago. It would give more useful landscaping space outside of the house where the current dining room is. Right now it’s just a 2 foot wide space of dirt and weeds and wildflowers, then concrete sidewalk. I don’t like the sidewalk there. People show up right in front of the door so fast with no warning that way. Talk about shocking an introvert :veryshocked: It’s an efficient walk, to a degree, but not ergonomic nor asthetic. It could be rip out and forgetten easily. A graceful curve from further up the driveway would be nicer, and with a branch up towards the road to the mailbox. Foot traffic then would come down through the property, not down the side and out of view of the occupants of the house as is now.

Plants and dirt and mulch and other things cost so much, so we’ve had to do what we can when we could in the past, and are still doing that. Some years ago we did have some extra $ and we had to decide what to do. We had to put trees in, and had to do that first, so that they could grow and anchor into the land and be the corner posts of all the landscaping. The support framework, whathaveyou. That kind of thing was important to us as we had no trees except for the Locust on the side-line of our property and the neighbors, by the garage. It was the one lone tree.

That one lone tree was once small, but is very big now. It has produce many offspring too. Under our deck is one growing since last year. It’s small, and needs to be moved. Just a foot high, still dormant right now. I think I’ve written about the tree that needs moved that’s in front of the gate … it’s the first big offspring of that big lone Locust tree. It’s really large now, and must be moved this Spring.

I’ve spied new offspring this week too. Little division leafsets coming up. They are peculiar and very noticeable. Thick and definitely not a weed. I’ve grown some of them before, but not to adult hood. I wasn’t a good waterer and they died while still in small containers. I did the same to some baby maple trees. I just don’t have the right area set up to propogate little trees to bigger-hood to then plant in permanent place. But I’ve had fun working with them and seeing what’s what. I will have better success if I can get just a little bit of other stuff done this year.

So I did take those tiny new sprouted Locust seed growths and put two of them in better spots of the back yard, and put a big stick as a marker by them so they won’t get trodden or mowed over.

Two others I have in a little pot, I can’t leave them there, I will kill them if I do :shocked: It’s just a holding tank, for lack of other termage. Once they start getting bigger, putting out roots … they’ll be hungry and thirsty and need to be in the Good Earth.

I’m thinking of veggies now too. I need to get some tomatoes out, and get some seed and grow some tomatoes to put out myself later in the season, for the second half. So I need plants to set out first. I haven’t had good fortune with the ones I had last year. I’m not sure exactly where I’ll get the plants, or where I’ll put them. I’m itching for some good home grown fresh tomatoes though, with sea salt and mayo. Mmm, Mmmm, Mmmmmmmm!

Besides all that, it’s Spring and a happy time of the year, or should be. But it’s a sad time for me. This is the week that is the one year anniversary of miscarrying our 4th baby, and I just can’t get rid of the images of it all. It has nearly split me into two people. One is depressed and one is not. But we are one, not one is truly depressed, only that one is bright and happy, the other is dark and saddened, more sensitive and ouchy, just touched to the very quick of my soul and changed forever. I’m sensitive to this and it’s like a beacon … marking out a place and strobing light hit’s my eyes every so often. It’s empty arms right now when they would have been full, and seeing others that are alive, it just reminds me of the deep pain I carry and am not supposed to unmask for anyone but God. But here it is, that’s the truth and it’s the one year anniversary this week. I can’t help but write about it and put it into the dear Springtime bloomings things.

I’m moreso reminded of it as well because of the place where we get our hen feed from had a fire and one of their barns burned down. Many animals that we looked at and petted just a few short weeks ago lost their lives, and among them a black Ewe who was pregnant when we saw her, and gave birth to twin not long after that, they died in that fire. It haunts me, as do the deaths of this past year and a half that so heavily marked the time for me. Animals and people. My own baby being one of them. So much pain and sorrow. When God wipes the tears from our eyes, we will rejoice, and until then, the tears will fall. When time is no more, sorrow will be no more.

Spring is the season of coming to life. So it’s a happy/sad time for those who have seen death in this time. I’m encouraged by seeing the Yoshino Cherry trees getting ready to bloom. They sang a dirge for me last year, and now break into song again this year. Time marches on.

NPP Stuff

For Cindy: the NPP Link: Paul Perspective.

I originally posted it on Valerie‘s weblog here.

I haven’t written about the topic on this weblog. I would be happy to do that on Hyperthinking, so I’ll post this link there too. πŸ™‚

Mary Sue Candy and Marysue

Someone searched Yahoo for “Marysue Easter Eggs” and a few links for my site came up near the top. That is totally normal I think, since I am Marysue and I talk about eggs often enough, and apparently even have the word “easter” in a post or more than one. πŸ˜‰

I found out about “Mary Sue Candy” in the form of their Vanilla Butter Cream Easter Eggs long ago in Florida, when I was much younger. I found them in a drug store and bought one due to the name on the little package, and fell in love with the flavour of the actual product. It’s delectable!

I hadn’t thought much about this candy since moving to Georgia, but last year when in The Cracker Barrel one day, I spied a Mary Sue Easter Egg, and had the first one in a long time then.

It’s that time of the year and I’ve been thinking of them on and off, and then here someone else out there thinks about them too and seaches and find my site! πŸ™‚

Anyhow, as for eggs, we haven’t had our hens laying any for awhile. The last day posted in my egg report for March 2005 before today is uptodate … no more eggs than that. Today though, we got a brown egg! That’s spectacular since it’s been a very long time since we had one of them. Let’s see now, my notes show: March 8 – 1 Brown egg. None of them since then until today. Last white egg: March 18 – 4 White eggs. None so far since as of right now.

We had better production in February, and March has been alright some days, I mean better than the none for weeks on end of winter! March days of laying have averaged about 3 per day, but that doesn’t include non-laying days. Production has been weak, very weak. I hope it’ll go up very soon now that Spring is officially here.

Back to Easter Egg talk. I’m hoping that Frank will get me some Mary Sue Butter Cream easter eggs today while he’s out. I reminded him where he can find them. He thought it interesting about the Yahoo search and me being at the top with the candy company in rankings.

I’m not super surprised though, I get good rankings on many searches. I’m not proud of it, it’s just a fact of being. I talk about things because they are interesting or it was a problem I had with something and I solved it. I like sharing info if it can help even just one person besides myself.

Anyone here know what Mary Sue is? There is a genre of writing that using that as a Litmus Test, there are Mary Sue Litmus Tests out there. It’s a strange genre, not my kind of thing. Good thing. My name isn’t suited to that sort of writing πŸ˜‰ It’s a bizarre world out there.

I had that name given to me in 1966. It meant nothing more than splicing two names together as a compromise. Not my favorite name. Not a good life with that name. I don’t mind it as much now, but insist that I am “Marysue” … not “MarySue” or “Mary Sue”. That’s one reason to adopt a nickname for oneself, and that’s me, “Maisy”. It’s a better fit for me and that’s a fact of life for certain!

There are other “Mary Sue’s” out there, and they are popping up with internet getting more popular. They seem to be creative. I am too. But haven’t done much of anything with my creativeness. πŸ™ I have nothing but my amatuer photography in my Photo Blog, and my websites to show for my talents.

One of these days, if I can get stuff accomplished, I hope to have music available … my stylized singing, CD’s, MP3’s. Sigh, but that’s no where close at hand. I have to record somewhere, and just haven’t had that opportunity yet. I have no equipment to suffice for even a hacky job of it. πŸ™

So I am Marysue, but will probably try to make myself moreso Maisy. I’ll be singing from now on as Maisy. I will be writing as me too, that’s Marysue and Maisy as one. Mary Sue was a trial to have as a name being a child … it’s hard to have as an adult too.

So here’s more of a Mary Sue rant:

When you meet someone new they hear your name and say “Nice to meet you Mary.”

Um, I said “Marysue”. I refresh it and retell it and they still say “Nice to meet you Mary” or “Right, Mary”. Urg.

When I send an email to someone it is signed “Marysue”. Responses are oft times to “MarySue”. Urg.

It’s just personal preference for what I like and what is right for me and I wouldn’t fool with YOUR name as such! Why my name? Just because it’s weird?

I could go on with the other types of names … all the forms of “Mary-whatever”. But I won’t.

Of all those, the only one that’s alright to give me is one that is never given, Sue … that’s just as much me as Mary, isn’t it? I see other people with “Mary” and another name attached, they can drop “Mary” with no problem, right inline in a conversation it’s acceptable for a “Mary Jane” to be “Jane” all of a sudden.

So who cares, right? I do. Me, plagued with a name that never has had consistency except to be blander than bland.

Even the Mary Sue of that writing Litmus Test fame isn’t a sweety. She’s the “perfect” thing, a writer putting themselves into their story as a character that is perfect, that’s a Mary Sue character and is not a desired thing in that genre. OK so it’s not a perfect description, I don’t know how to write one. I’m not perfect and know so little about this topic, more than I ever wanted to, in fact. It’s just another reason to want to be who I am without being “Mary Sue” or “Marysue”. Or then it’s the “Take back my name and make it something right”. But then I still haven’t been able to conquer the wrong put-my-name-together-isms, and so, after all is said and done, I am just “Maisy”. πŸ™‚ I am also Suzie-Q, btw. That’s another pseudonym of mine. As a child my mother called me, seldomly, just occasionally, Susie Q, and I don’t know why it never was upgraded to a real nickname, it was superb and I loved it. I otherwise had no real nickname, not that I needed one, but since my woes with my “real” name were so hefty, and easier nickname could have been real gain for me.

One might think that if my name is Mary Sue I would hear my name if I heard “Mary” called. I never have. If I hear “Sue” or “Susie” or “Susan” called I perk up and think of my name as being that automatically. It’s not that I conditioned myself to that. It’s always been that way for me. Hence my discomfort with “Mary anything” it’s just such a plain name, ever too popular for my own zone of living. Go figure I’d marry someone with the first name of “Frank”. Did you know that nearly every movie has a “Frank” in it, TV has an awful big share of them too. I do mean “character names” mind you. Passing through any smallish town you can see “Frank’s Garage” or “Franks House of …” or “Frank’s Pawn” or “Frank’s Bar and Grill” , etc.

It’s really plain, I’m being Frank about it. πŸ™‚

I made a point about my children having true first and middle names, and that they’d have nice names. Able to be perverted, yes, isn’t any name? But less so needful and on purpose we’d call them their first names. Me, I was “Mary Sue”. It was my name. Not really first and middle names, just two first names that never were separated legally. They were one name, with a little tiny space between them. I put them together in my later young years. Legality people don’t care. Why should they anyhow? It’s me with a space or not, capitilized or not. I’m not a name, I’m a dumb SS#. :rolleyes:

So I am who I am. It’s not that people can’t change their names. Sure they can. Sometimes it happens in childhood, or at school or home at any point. It’s is sometimes oneself that does it, but more so rare, I think. I’ve done it. It’s me and no one else has been interested in naming me properly, that’s then my job. Being an Introvert it makes more sense about this who name thing … why it’s been as it has and why it’s come to me being the one to confirm a name choice on myself different from birth certif. name.

Do what y’all want to with that Mary Sue stuff. It’s a familiar name, but I’m not attached to it tremendously and think of myself as “Crazy Maisy” more oft than not nowadays. πŸ™‚

But I still like Mary Sue Candies. Those easter eggs are good. Vanilla Butter Cream is my favorite. Chocolate Butter Cream is my second favorite. They are just little things, a nice snack. Grab handful. If you don’t like them, send them to me via post!

Spring Plant Profile

Our trees, etc:

Autumn Flame Maple – 3 : blooming
October Glory Maple – 1: nearing readiness to bloom
Weeping Willow – 1: leafed out and getting longer
Apple: 3: waiting until April
Yoshino Cherry – 3: getting ready to bloom soon
Cherokee Chief Dogwood – 2: getting ready to open blooms
The mystery tree we forgot the name of – 1: blooming and leafing out
Various other little trees are starting to grow and put leaves out, no blooms on them.

Pussy Willow bush is ready to go, but isn’t yet.

Peony bushes are pushing up their burgundy spikes still.

Hostas are pushing up their purpleish spikes now too.

Iris – several plants – are growing more again

Lambs Ear – 1: is getting new growth going and extending itself further

1 unknown bulb is putting up leaves, but don’t know what it is. (it’s never flowered in previous years, it’s something left from something I planted there a few years ago that never did anything)

In my herb garden the two varieties of Thyme there are growing more, the Spring Thing! I gave them a hair cut the other week as well.

BeeBalm is getting a bit more spunky, expect it to start growing upwards again soon.

Chives are getting spunky too, starting to put out bigger greener Springy tubes.

That’s not all, there is more, but those are the main plants. It’s Spring!

Spring Begins!

It’s officially Spring now! Today is the first FULL day of Spring.

I am hoping for a decent small garden of tomatoes and peppers and whatever else. May God bless my gardening tries this growing season, and give a bountiful harvest and help me fend off the pests throughout. I pray He will allow things to be gotten for the garden, whatever it is we need. I dedicate this growing season to Him. He is the creator and the one whom controls all, to His Glory is this growing season!

Book Meme: What’s nearest you

Found this Book Meme out on ‘the web’

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. DonÒ€ℒt search around and look for the Ò€œcoolestÒ€ book you can find. Do whatÒ€ℒs actually next to you.

Book next to me -the closest one, sent by my mother the other week.

Page 123, sentence 5, (actually counted the 5th complete sentence, ignored the hangover from page 122)

If it grieves you deeply that your spouse seldom gives you a gift for any occasion, then perhaps your primary love language is “Recieving Gifts.”

The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Committment to Your Mate –Now With Comprehensive Study Guide–
By Gary Chapman

I have a prior edition of this book, I think, as well as I do know that I have a children’s version of this book, which isn’t FOR children, but ABOUT children, learning how to read THEIR love language, as a parent. That’s what introduced me to this topic and I learned that what is on Page 123 sentence 5 is what MY primary love language is. So this Book Meme coincidentally snagged a real live post topic for me!

I decided to do this Book Meme and did it by starting this post, copying the Book Meme instructions into it, THEN getting the book closest to me. I had no agenda other than following instructions, not knowing with full realization what book was closest to me.

So this is the one “love language” that I think most people this is phony or dead-wrong, the one not to have as it’s selfish, materialistic and such. How wrong that all is!

It’s also not the opposite, that it’s fine and any old gift counts since “it’s the thought that counts”.

Bingo! It’s the source of grief for me all my life. It IS the thought that counts. It’s not the monetary value per se. It’s about quality … quality of thought. Light thought, no credit for gift given. Well maybe some, maybe a tad, or maybe a negative sum.

It’s that frivolous “It’s the thought that counts” which is usually employed to mean “You don’t like it, but you have to pretend you do since it’s “the thought that counts” they remembered your birthday at least.”

Yeah, but they put no THOUGHT into it.

For those people who like to Receive Gifts, it’s their primary love language, it means that their loved ones tell them they love you by their deep thoughts in how to show it through something of physical staticness.

It doesn’t have to be costly in $, or time, or thought, it should be easy to think deeply about your loved one. Consider something that would have deep value to that loved one, mean something truly wonderful.

For me it’s easy: I like blue, cats, flowers, candy bars, gadgets, computer geeky stuff

Sure a pricey object is a gift of love sometimes. But then so is a candy bar. Particularly one I like. Rapunzel makes a good organic good chocolate bar. It’s pricier than hersheys, and so much better, but still cheap. It’s a great gift to person with Receiving Gifts as their Primary Love Language.

How about a coffee mug with a cat or cat saying, or bluebirds, or just a blue mug. Or a teacup that is rimmed with “platinum” since that’s something else I love.

Catnip for my cats, so I can play with them.

A flower picked by the roadside, of blue or gorgeous hue or design.

A new potted herb, to transplant into my herb garden. Something nice: fragrant or flowery, or culinary in purpose.

A pretty pot and some potting soil and a packet of seeds. Some sprouting materials to grow many of something. More than one pretty pot. Seeds that are good for the garden, flowers of herbalness, that can be in pot or the garden. Something like this is a super neat gift, a way to start something, have many of them and do multiple different things with them. Have plants inside and out from a packet of seeds.

A poem written just for me. A story written just for me. A witty comment written down just for me. Those are free things, just mind power need be applied and a steady hand to try and make it legible on paper for me.

A gift to me from my dear husband might be that he “teach himself better handwriting” and then use that to write portions of anything out to me on cards, note cards, index cards, pretty cards, anything.

Something else then is books. Bring me home a book now and then. Something you see in the used bookstore that strikes you as “something she’d love”. Bring me home children’s books. Picture books. Coffee table books. Journals to write in. Paper. Ink for computer printer. Stamps. Puzzles. Scrapbook makings. A desk. A craft carrying case. Boxes of all sizes. Wood crates from stores that give them away from their unpacking of goods, freebees or cheap couple of bucks. The things in this paragraph are cheap or cost a bit of something more, or more than that. This is the area to get super creative in, and find cool things for less by going to antiques stores, used bookstores, thrift stores, etc. Some of the things are useful needful, like computer printer stuff. It keeps one happy to know they can print in color πŸ™‚

Now something I want that would really float my boat is a feather old-time pen and envelope wax seal kit and ink bottle. There are kits like that at bookstores lately. Really cute and right up my alley. This has a monetary cost though. Also in these sort of places are cool thermal coffee things (one at B&N is tall and stainless steel with pink outer shell, so pretty!) it’s a travel mug type. There are tea-pots-for-one of many designs. These cost too. Of course. One must use money of higher increments at some point during the year πŸ˜‰

I realize that most of my ideas here cost money. But they also are things that may just spark other ideas that don’t cost money.

This post is dedicated to my husband Frank. Feel free to refer back to this post anytime you need to or want to, bookmark it dearie! πŸ˜‰

My mom sent this book recently, I said above, the book this post is about. This copy has a study guide in it, so that’s different. Frank said he’d be happy to study it with me. That we need to do. I don’t know what his primary love language is. It’s confusing for some people and easy to understand in others. I didn’t understand it about myself until I read the book about finding your child’s love language. That book made it clearer than daylight to me. I saw myself in the child-examples, how I was as a child, and it transfers rightly over to adulthood, love languages don’t change much. It’s not that they don’t change at all. I think part of this is that all love languages need to be represented in one’s life, just one or two are of primary importance and will be in balance when all needs are met more or less. It’s that one’s primary may seem acutely too sharp if other things are out of kilter, I think.

I’ll close this post by reinterating what it is about Receiving Gifts that is key. It’s thinking deeply about what’s good to give someone like that. It’s meaning deep things by giving something. It’s not just “trying” but it’s excelling at trying to try one’s best to please deeply” It’s to truly know what one would like. It’s to not give something that will make them think “What did he give me THAT for!”. That reaction in someone like me is something of a bad nature. It feels bad, it’s a socked in the stomach kind of feeling. It’s truly blue and sad. It’s a letdown, failure sort of thing. It can be maddening too, depending on the situation. It happens to be more like that when relatives do something that is obviously not well thought out. Or they don’t understand that that thing is really weird, why would anyone want it, let alone me – a relative that … ok it’s this: give things you KNOW they want. OR find something safe and great, like a CD cheap. Don’t give white elephants. It might not hurt the giver, but the givee feels stomped on and can’t say anything, has to hold in that pain.

It’s the thing about having that as one’s love language primarily, that makes the givee in most situations a thoughful giver as well. So it’s hurtful to want to give lovely presents to others, and always get ugly present from them themselves. DH learned to get things from department stores and get them wrapped, for some gifts, there. That puts a huge smile on my face, it means he cares, he knows I appreciate a lovely wrapped box, with something lovely inside, small on sale cheap is fine as long as it’s nice and wearable, usable nice to look at, touch, use. Whatever. Wrap it up nice, put it in cute bag, frilly froo froo hanging out the sides, bows ah, that’s love. (but the insides have to have value too or else the wrappings don’t count as much.) πŸ™‚

Paint is Stinky

Did y’all know that paint is stinky?

Some of you might know, but some may not. Paint that you can buy in the stores today can be quite nice and near odorless … or at least comparitively so, to older genres of paint. If you are young enough, Latex might be the usual term to use when referring to paint. Its ease in cleaning up was key to it becoming so popular, I have no doubts on that!

For older folks, yes that’s me, when considering painting I first think: Oil-based? Or Latex?

I usually have picked Latex in my adult years. It’s just so much easier to use. Oil-based paints are tough though. They are really worth their trouble. Stinky, messy to clean up, but a good tough coat of paint.

Primers also come in Oil-based or Latex.

If you know Kilz, you might have a family like mine. Dings and dents and holes and marks made from any writing or crafting thing you can think of that might be in our home. Kilz is a great friend to us.

Kilz2 is the Latex version. Kilz is the original Oil-based version. We’ve used both before, but the last time we used any it was Kilz2. It was a rude awakening being in a small cramped room with Kilz this morning. It’s over though, for now.

We have a Living Air machine, and that was faithfully by my side in Victoria’s under-the-roller room. The one window that is in there was wide open too, but the smell just hangs in the air. It’s not so bad at first, but by the time you are done and go to get that fresh air smell outside … you realize you can’t smell fresh air, Kilz is in your head. Ick!

The Living Air machine will do it’s magic and zap that smell away by tomorrow at the latest. But I need to do a second coat. I’m hoping that my husband will be home early enough and agree to tackle it together this evening. It’s not such hard work, but it’s hard when it was done the way I did it, with two big pieces of furniture still in the room. I had a space around the room I could sqoosh in and out of to get here and there, slide the furniture further that way, over there, back over here, and so on, to make room to move the ladder, the Kilz, and me, to not-yet-primed wall.

Kilz can be painted over in an hour. An hour is nice space of time between, but in THAT room, no way, that’s too much at once all by my lonesome.

Paint, now that’s a different story. The paint we have is Latex. Of course! It’s the top coat, it’ll be grand in Latex, easy to clean up, and go lovely over the Kilz. Paint covers differently and is like icing a cake, imo. No, it’s like painting. πŸ™‚ Priming isn’t exactly painting. It’s one of those crucial nasty steps to “get ready to paint”.

My paternal Grandfather was a painter. He died in 1926. Painters back then had stinky nasty paint. Lead paint. That’s why he died. My maternal Grandfather was a carpenter. That didn’t kill him. I have both of them in my blood and my love of renovating I know comes from them. It’s not “renovating” but “creating” really … making something, doing something productive, aethetics … beauty in the craft.

I’m not good at either thing, as they were, they did their stuff for a living. Here I just do it while I live in it. It’s just part of being a homeowner that doesn’t hire a decorator. πŸ˜‰

So what’s the cure for Oil-based stink in your head? Eat some ice cream. It doesn’t take it away, but softens it, creamy layers it, it’s not so horrid after eating ice cream. For me that was Chubby Hubby. I didn’t eat the whole pint. Only my chubby hubby does that. πŸ™‚

So paint can be stinky too, not just the oil-based primers, like Kilz Original. Our Lotus Flower for the base top coat in Victoria’s room is Latex. But the paint on the wainscoting will probably be an oil-based enamal-like paint. We want it to be TOUGH. Delicate and feminine, but super scrubbable tough —SDT That calls for a high stink factor. THAT will be done in the garage, on saw horses though. Then applied with nails and the nail holes touched up with dabs of stinky paint.

I forsee a need for more Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer soon. “Everything But The” is my favorite. Chubby Hubby is really good too.

NY Observer Gets Curly Hair

Is She Straight, Or… A Secret Botticelli? Girls Scorn Curls by Liz Krieger [Google Cache]

This is a humorous piece about something I’m very familiar with . Curly hair, and straightening it and pretending it wasn’t really curly.

I myself blowed it out in my teens. I also chemically straightened it by myself in my home bathroom. That was the early 80’s. I thankfully realized that I had really cool hair when it was wet … hmm. But it always dried up then, into a big blownup ball of furr. I HAD to blowdry it on HOT with a brush and curl it under and out to get it to go straight. I had to do that or it’d be frizzy and horrid.

I have a school picture of my hair in fine form. Late in the day it was finally my turn to get snapped. The camera chose to unveil the horizontal lines around my head. Straight hair with horizontal puffed out lines around my head at different levels. It was a huge crimped relaxed style, and super ugly.

What happened? Moisture. It was Florida. It was sweaty and hot in the hallways. My hair desperately tried to fluff up … but since it was blown out and didn’t get all wet, just humidity around it … it crimped up funny horizontal lines instead. It took me seeing that picture and thinking about it long and hard to realize that I looked like that more often than not. My “eye” straightened my hair out, but the real vision of me was frightening daily. I mean, I started out the day with it straight and smooth, and without being privelaged to see it happen, transformed to an oddity daily. My first look at the picture was of complete horror! It really was something to have to adjust to, that I don’t look how I think I look. That was a stepping off point somehow, for the time in the near future that I figured out that my hair looked great when it was wet, as long as it stayed wet.

I never had the privelage of a super great hot straightening like Liz Krueger talks about in her article. My hair was weird when it was chemically straightened. It was a strange process and freaked me out … it seemed my hair was gelly gummy stretchy during the process … comb goop through the hair and comb it in well. Oohh, now that I know I’m glad I survived! That was nasty stuff to do to my own hair.

I have other horror stories with my hair. I’ll save those for another time.

I found this article today because someone searched one of my sites for curly hair and lavender … so that set me out to see the page ranking, curious, not WANTING to be on top as some individuals online are … comment spammers, anyhow I got waylaid and started looking at other sites, and a second search produced that article. It’s dated for today, so that was great timing on the searcher to my site! Without that I’d not have been looking around for curly hair articles. Especially since that site is a “registered users” site, I’d not have had access to it. So I linked to the google cache of it, for as long as that’s there. I have a capture of the page in Firefox, so at least I have a good copy of it for my own enjoyment. Too bad it’ll go away to nether regions eventually out here.

I must add here that I didn’t grow up thinking I had curly hair. I didn’t. I seemed to have “hair with body” as a child. Sweet blonde smooth locks that flipped under at the ends, and up on those other ends, but not “curly” not even “wavy”.

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s that was when we didn’t know so much about hair. We now know that 60% of people (Americans? or ALL PEOPLE?) have curly or wavy hair, different hair that needs to be babied. But it’s WORTH IT!

So for me it was culture shock to find out that MY HAIR IS REALLY CURLY!

It wasn’t just wavy … it was soft corkscrews, some tighter, tighter when I was in my twenties, for sure. My early teens saw me change from girl to turning-woman, which darkened my hair color and changed the texture and wave to distinctly different.

I had no support, and so blew it out to “make it obey”. I never “let it go”.

At the beach my hair looked good, like a walk on the beach with my relatives, my aunt said “you have great beach hair!” with pride and jealousy mixed into the statement. I was proud, but knew that everyday wasn’t a beach time. πŸ™ My hair at the beach shone, even blown out, it just got looser, the body evened out and with it blowing around in the ocean breezes it separated into pieces of hair, locks, that just were so nice, but not “curly”. You do know, if you know curly, that is totally curly. It’s just the curly without the curl. It’s just the curly peeking out in supreme conditions (sea air), which would give way to unfurled curls if I got it wet in the Atlantic’s waters. But that’s just beach hair. It never turned out so nice at home day in and day out.

I finally put two and two together and had a love/hate relationship with my curly hair in my late teens, beach good. πŸ™‚

Then “Against All Odds” the movie, was out. Ah, the hair of that girl got me wanting it. I got it cut at a place super close to my house, it was just across the street angularly from us, a small place, not filled with people, a haven for an introvert like me! At any rate, she (the stylist) introduced me to “hair gel” and the “new curly me” was born, but it was short. I had ups and downs with lengths from then on, but always with gel on the outside of my hair. I sought out humectant conditioners and used more of that than shampoo, but all those years I still shampooed first. Silly. Strip it and add it back on. That’s not so good. We know that now. Well, at least I do. I meant the “collective we” of curldom understanders.

It’s been awhile now since I’ve gone to “conditioner-only” washing. My hair is still curly and needs to be worked with everyday. It’s really long though, so is quite a pain to re-wet daily. I have gone about with it in pony tails after a day or two, without daily washing, and it gets less curly. I’m still abusing it those days. I am pledging now to take even better care of my curly hair and always wear it curly, even if it means I have to wash these long locks every single day.

I will make a comparison here to my “before” method, maybe my curly hair looked curlier a day or two after a wash, whereas today it doesn’t, because I was stripping, re-moisturizing, gelling, laquering, and spraying this and that over top — my curls were locked in with that “curly treatment”.

I’m totally “natural” now, and so my loose curls can flatten out (but still be frizzy curly flattened curly, makes no sense, but it’s there.) It happens over night, and when I get frustrated doing something and jam it up into a band to hold it high. So a few days of that and it’s worse every day.

Curly Girl suggests every day, or every other day … and so I admit here it’s true, but I need to come to grips with doing that with long hair. Long Botticelli curls are nice. I’m glad God gave them to me. I wish for curlier sometimes, but what I have is me.

I look best as me. Natural me.

The article linked above talks about that sort of thing. How girls don’t look right sometimes, they are Fake Straighteners. It looks false, worse than a toupee. I’ll take a stab at it and say “Let it out! Let it get wet, moisturize it, work with it, give it a chance to be real for you!” I can say that. I was there once. So if you are a fake straight girl, leap right into the best of treatment for your real curly hair. Get the book Curly Girl, and let live!

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Demolition and Painting!

The other day we went to Lowe’s and got some paint. The color is called “Lotus Flower” and is a light buttery delicate yellowish color. It’s the base for Victoria’s room.

Originally I had planned to have her room be very pink, with light pink or creamy light pinkish as base and darker pink in vertical painted stripes. We also have planned all along to have wainscoting, beadboard, painted enamel white, or maybe another color.

So I had gone as far before as picking out a color card with the pinks on it that I wanted to use.

At Lowe’s recently then, we were looking at other things and got round to the paint last. I had actually walked past the color area on the way to the back of the store when we first were there, and thought about finding that color card again, then felt a compunction to keep walking, which I obeyed.

Then I saw a different manufactuer’s colors, and my eyes fell on a brochure which had complementary shades on the back in color swatches. That’s when the plan changed.

So now it’s Lotus Flower for the base.

First we need to finish prepping the walls, filling holes, and sanding the old eggshell down a bit. I removed the baseboards this afternoon. Good hard work, loud, thrilling for me! I love anything with a crowbar, it seems. πŸ˜‰

So probably I’ll be able to start the painting on Monday. First the Kilz. Kilz is important in our home. πŸ™‚

Then the Lotus Flower. It’s such a beautiful shade. I’m not a yellow fan usually. Victoria has different coloring than me though, and appreciates it more, but on the scale of all things weighed against all other things doubly over … I like Lotus Flower. Whatever that means!

We’ll be getting beadboard for the bottom half of the walls. We’re getting it in the 4 Ft. high sections. A good thick plywood, it’ll really protect the walls and add beauty as well.

That will be painted enamel, a pink that’s on the card where the Lotus Flower color came from. Then it’s time to reflect on the changes and to see what else I want to do. I’m taking it in steps, natural, and I’ll let it flow as it wants to.

I’m thinking still of stripes in pink … just not sure what type or shade. Always I had planned to do decoupage of paperdolls I’ll print out from cute things I’ve found online, many of them old paperdolls from vintage early 1900’s ladies magazines. I still want to do that, and will have to wait until the stripes issue is worked out to decide further on the decoupaging.

We’ll choose a chair rail trim and also something for the ceiling edge, a crown molding or maybe something a bit more elaborate … fun stuff, to trim out a room as a decorator! She has one corner in the room that juts out, it’s right as you come into the room –the hall closet, and we’ll put a wooden decorative corner piece it’s whole length. So it’ll end up that the room with be encased in prettily painted wood. πŸ™‚

Lastly then will be organizational things. She has some, but not enough. Really the biggest thing is a raised platform bed is what I want to build for her, and give her storage, study, relaxing reading space underneath. It’s a small room and we need every square-inch! I need to paint a few pieces of furniture that she has as well. So I have much to keep me busy there.

There’s then the hall bathroom. Frank is going to replace the toilet, that one has been nothing but trouble. And the sink and cabinet there will go too. We found a nice different piece that is a cabinet and sink that go together, and is very pretty, euro hinges in the doors, and a curved upper door look, and the sink is cultured marble and extends out of the cabinet base, it’s not a skirt sink, similar, but it’s very curvy and extends out as a curve into the front space where a sink usually has already ended.

We’ll also replace the light fixture, and I’ll trim out the mirror to make it look prettier. Oh, the room has to be painted again too. And then a corner cabinet and new shower curtain should round it out, well ‘cept the floor. Once we decide what to do with the floor, it’ll be done. πŸ™‚

We need to repaint the whole house interior and exterior. This is the start of major painting in 2005!

More info on the Probably Poker Hit – maybe – maybenot

see: WordPress Support Forum Post

The quote below is the last thing I wrote to the thread linked above … and the site there is broken, so I can’t post it.

Another thing to add, the last piece of SPAM commenting I got was an Online Poker piece of crap … I have gotten little of any junk the last couple of days, miraculously or due to efforts at adding stuff to filters here and there. This new one got through to moderation on March 10 in the afternoon, … not tagged as SPAM, it used a different URL this time. One that is listed in google as Online Poker, of course. “genaholincorporated” dot com is only an online poker site, a new spammer for this blog. Since they had “Online” and “Poker” as the “user name” for the comment, it got flagged for moderation.

Don’t y’all just hate the Online Poker gouger? I also hate the smut spammer too. They started hitting this blog after I upgraded to 1.5, with a vengence. But one reason or another, due to my efforts or not, they have stopped for now. This last trickle was one drop, mr. online poker yesterday. Was it therefore this being that has caused the problem I had this morning, and the curious emails of password changes …

All because I have secretly joined the efforts at getting wikipedia’s online poker entry at the top of the google ranks, by linking to it on my blog? Maybe that’s it. Maybe it’s not.

I’m only speculating from snitches of data I’ve browsed through today.


That was the referring url on the wp-login.php junk above, for the #4 hit on the site.

The first hit was at 05:59:33, the next 5 seconds later, the next 18 seconds later … then a lull of four minutes and 20 seconds.

That lull is when the next hit had the above url as the referring url.

What were they doing meantime? There is nothing in my referrers to show … did they get in and do something in my link manager?

I’m going to look right now.

The suspect thing to me is that they hit the site on my .us domain, which only points to my .com where the real content is.

So they somehow have my .us/weblog/ as the referrer on their first vist to /weblog/wp-login.php –without having logged a visit in on my index.php previously … but …

earlier there was visitor with an page referrer with a different IP listed, that came from a page listing LINKS to the wiki encyclopeia for “online poker”.

My site shows up in that search, I have that link in my sidebar and it’s not visible on my page due to CSS styling. I added it there to help the effort at stopping that durn poker spam.

Why do I think this has something to do with the other … that same IP that came in from the referrer … next logged in my referer going to` .us/./` with `.us` as the referrer.

That’s weird, at least in my referrers it is, as nothing shows up like that from my “normal lookings.”

That all happened at 05:01:44 and 05:03:01.

I say this all since it’s dealing with Online Poker and that early this morning:

1. An IP showed up from an page referral that was showing pages linking to the wiki-encyclopedia about Online Poker.

2. A little more than a minute later that same IP showed up as trying to load a `.us` domain page on my site.

3. About 56 minutes later a different IP came in and tried to load wp-login.php, tried to change my password for admin, somehow sent weird emails to me saying password was changed, and actually did change my password, and meanwhile after trying to load pages a couple of times came back after a 4 minute lull with this as the referal url ``
and then began hitting wp-login.php again with just `wp-login.php` as the referring url for the rest of them.


Everything in my LINKS manager looks fine.

I have no idea if they got into my WP install or not. I can’t tell anything is changed. But I just wouldn’t know that easily, if it wasn’t super obvious.

In any case, I reported the initial weird issue on the mosquito site.

It’s just bizarre what happened, and that it would seem to be maybe, maybenot, maybeso connected to Online Poker.

I hope that’s coherent enough to make a bit of sense.

It’s obvioius that whomever it is/was is familiar with WP and wanted to get in or do something to my WP install at least. That url above will take someone to the Link Manager page once they successfully login. So was that the goal of the “attack” … and they miserably failed? I don’t know how they changed the password without having access to my email … how they spoofed or used some sort of something to send me weird password change emails, and that it totally bypassed the “normal WP” lost password schematics. So they DID change my password, but did they get in with it, that is the question.

Breezy to Gusty

Now that it’s later … it’s now8:30 am … the forecast has changed and it’s about 40-degrees even … instead of the 8-degrees higher it was said to supposed to be about now a couple of hours ago. πŸ˜‰ Weather changes … changes … πŸ™‚

Yesterday the accuweather forecast for Tuesday, today, said that the storm coming through would bring temperatures down so that highs today would be around 49 or lower. It rained most of the night long.

Right now it’s 50-degrees, very breezy, balmy, and the current day forcast says a high of 57 degrees. Hourly outlook has the temperature going down to the high-40’s over the next couple of hours, then climbing up to the high-50’s.

I’ve been outside already, I heard metal roofing flapping around and had to be sure it wasn’t the Leghorns SuperYard roof floating around the yard. That would mean possible white birds getting out and I’m not up to that chase. I mean I’d have to do it, but it’d be so hard. I’m still regaining energy from Sunday’s sickness. [The sound I heard was loose roofing material that was on the ground near the fence to the west. One of them ended up near the deck … so yes, the breezy gust were moving metal roofing around the yard, ‘quite a few feet’.]

Waking up today I do feel better than I did waking up yesterday. That’s a plus!

So it’s a very breezy day. The last few have been pretty breezy with lake wind advisories being released by the weather officials. We don’t have a lake nearby that we traverse upon πŸ˜‰ but a lake wind advisory always means gusty breezyness that we need to make sure the hennie pennie roofs are well weighted down for.

Whoa! We just had a gust roll over the house, the direction it took made the house a wind break for the backyard … that’s good. It was a very powerful gust, the house was rattling. I guess I should trudge out back with some more firewood to put on the SuperYard roof.

Winter and Spring doing their thing

I’m up just for a short while. It’s tiring being up, but also tiring being in bed, though it feels good to stay there, my mind wanders far from it and forces me up now and then. Whatever that means!

So I was looking at Accuweather’s 15-day Outlook, and it seems to me it’s going to be a frustrating early Spring. Last Normal Freeze is March 15. Temps between here and there look fine, as all things go with keeping temps above freezing.

March 17th though, they are forecasting freezing temps, and frosty temps the next couple of days after that, hovering right around there for lows at night. Grrrr.

We are still 10-days away from that, so we shall see.

Otherwise we currently have Sun that’s going away, with light cloud cover coming in, well actually it’s sliding in as overcast, that’s the edge, I see clear blue to the east and those white fingers reaching out that direction and just plain old overcast behind it back towards the other directions. Possible Thunder Storms later this afternoon, and rain and temperatures falling down to the be at the most 49 tomorrow. Today it’s supposed to get into the high-60’s. So that’s a big temperature change coming our way, again. Up and down, it’s that way most winters, but seems more uppy and downy this year.

Frank’s off to Savannah again today. He’ll be back tomorrow night. Bad timing, but could have been worse if my illness waited until today to hit instead of yesterday! In any case, I AM feeling better than I did earlier this morning when I posted. I posted that and went pretty directly back to bed. I’m getting towards starving feelings now, so that’s a good sign, and figure that a nice 2-egg scramble on cast iron pan in butter with sea salt sounds devine.

I must take it easy though, with three chiluns full of energy, I can’t smash every bit of my energy now, so I must post this and make that egg and rest again.

So Spring is coming, trees are still putting out their buds and such. Our Weeping Willow is still greening up and our other trees are getting close to opening buds … but not yet. Other’s trees have bloomed, but only here and there. The Cacophony of Spring’s Triumphal Entrance is still a ways away. I am glad it’s not here now, with me under the weather, I want to be out there when it’s time, drinking it in getting my hands nice and dirty.

So I am guessing it’d be best to bide my time and wait until April. We have lots of indoor painting to do anyhow. So if I can get some energy back this week it’ll be painting time. I love painting! Really, I do! [plus there’s decontruction and figuring out what to deconstruct and where and what and moving things and re-constructing to do!]


Yesterday morning I prodicted that maybe I would be next, that before wasn’t the whole thing.

How right I was!

Late afternoon I was so tired. Frank was up, but dragging around, had to go out and pick up something, so when he came back I said “I need a nap!” and he agreed that we both did. πŸ™‚

So a little later I went upstairs and Frank was watching a movie on TV, so I watched the end of it, then another came on and so we watched that. I can say I see clearly how bad I was then, now. I didn’t see it then.

So it goes on that later that evening I felt that I was struggling with it all, and was and had to rush to the bathroom.

One’s worst enemy wouldn’t wish that on you, would they? Well, I wouldn’t!

I could describe the whole thing here, but I won’t grace y’all with it. It was just bad. And this morning I am dragging and hungry. I am wanting to go back to bed. πŸ™‚ The worst is over, probably. I thank God for bringing us all through this sickness, and showing us again how precious life is, and how bad sin and sickness are. One day we will be without sickness forever more. Amen!

Expanding Sickness

Sickness has expanded to all members of the family now. Asa and Frank went down last night.

That leaves me having gone through a super mild version of whatever it was earlier … so I got off light, or else more is coming to meet me … :veryshocked:

Sickness Grows

Russell just got sick. He wasn’t until he had breakfast. πŸ™

Frank is gone today, doing some work with one of his clients. So a Saturday is not a good day when it’s a Daddy-gone-day and things go bad.

Sick time, just not a good time, of course. It’s worse though, for he threw up in the hallway. Yuck. It’s sub-flooring, so not a BIG deal as it would be with carpet, but still yucky. I know it’s hard on people who are sick, but why is it they can’t get it where it belongs? :rolleyes:

So I’m hoping this is a time for Russell to learn that it belongs in the bathroom — or in a place that can get washed down easily. He said he wanted to lay down and nap, sometime after breakfast. He said his “tummy was a bit …” I’m not sure what words he used, it wasn’t alarming though. So laying down might have helped him, but he should have been a bit more on the ball about how bad it was.

It’s just a fact of life for him, he’s had little training on this, not having many sick throwup times in his nearly 9 years of life. Victoria has been the one with more. But even she has less than MOST families I hear from.

Anyways, throwup sickness is what has gone around church, but really worse than what we have had here the past few days. So God knows what’s going on. We just have to surf through it.

Tomorrow is Church, eat at church Sunday no less. I don’t think we are going, after all. πŸ™

Victoria seems OK. She hasn’t done anything since the last reported stuff. But she also didn’t eat her breakfast. That’s fine. Don’t eat if your body says “NO!”. She had dinner though. So it’s wishy-washy as to her status, but so far, no more throwup. Now that it’s 2-down, #3 will have to be watched closely. :rolleyes:

Thursday awlfuls turn to Friday good

Last night I wrote that I wasn’t feeling well, and Victoria was sick too.

So I went to bed at 6:30pm and just layed there, watched TV and rested. Frank went to the store and got TV dinners for the children, and some mac and cheese from the deli and a ham slice for me. He warmed them up and it was a good dinner. In bed. I stayed there and it was good to do. I had chills the first couple of hours under the covers, but that went away eventually. Eating was devine, I had a big appetite, but exhausted, so it was good to have simple food prepared and served by someone else. I hadn’t been hungry, without realizing it, in a couple of days. πŸ™‚

So this morning I woke up feeling fine, except for the obligatory allergies of Spring.

Victoria woke up in the middle of the night, well, actually it was 10pm a bit thereafter πŸ˜‰ and threw up again. Frank helped her.

So that’s that. She seems OK now. So do I. πŸ™‚ Hope it hold out. We are going out to do a few errands, and see The Pacifier if all goes well. πŸ™‚

Started out Cold, ended up Chilling

It’s been another chilly day — and harder to deal with today, as the sun hasn’t been out and shining on the back of the house all day as it needs to in order to warm up inside on a day like today, that starts out very cold and warms up to over 50-degrees slowly. The sun has been out, but not all day, mostly it was an overcast morning, and that’s when the sun is at the back of the house, to the east is to the left when looking out the back, and the sun then travels around to the right all morning, bringing warmth if it is visible. In summer it’s TOO hot. In winter it’s totally welcomed!

It’s actually, minus the breeze outside, warmer feeling in the backyard than in the main floor of the house. Colder in the downstairs on the slab … warmer upstairs, and as I said, just plainly too chilly on the main level (crawl space underneath).

It’s not cold enough for a fire, we don’t have much firewood right now anyhow, and I’m not feeling up to keeping up a fire anyhow. I’ve had an odd headache all day. It started out a migraine and then became a whole head thing which is abnormal for me. It’s either a migraine or not usually. So well, it’s actually fading now, finally, but it was much worse most of the day and getting worse all afternoon.

I guess it could be a virus. Guess who just threw up? Victoria. She’s been complaining about not feeling well, off and on today, but only mildly and had no “particular” complaint when pressed for one. So just a bit ago she went upstairs and said she was going to lay down, her middle wasn’t feeling good. So finally she had a particular complaint! Then shortly afterward she came out crying and yelling alternately that she threw up in her bed and was still throwing up as she talked and walked and yelled and headed for the bathroom throwing up there still. Ugh. Well, Dh is home and he dealt with it, not wanting me to get sicker. Thank you Frank!

I am feeling chilly, but it’s really not THAT cold in here. Last night I got under the covers and was freezing, it wasn’t THAT cold in the bedroom then either. I then had the chills. I didn’t have a headache then though. So today I did start out with one and it just got annoying and worse and I’ve had chilly feelings and now feel actual “chills” again. Oh boy, guess it is something. I’m glad to know my headache has a probable cause. It makes sense now.

I do know that viruses attack families differently, one member is very ill, throws up, etc. Another just feels off-kilter, another gets a fever but doesn’t feel that bad, another just doesn’t want to eat, another has to go to the bathroom a lot. Not that it’s that here, I’m only referring to past events. It’s just me feeling headachy, chills, and blah. It’s her throwing up and complaining mildly all day.

At church there has been horrid virus stuff being passed around. We weren’t there this past weekend or the one before. Executive order by hubby, to stay healthier, to avoid that illness, since we’ve had enough colds and such these past months.

We did go and see The Incredibles the other day. We had to go on a couple of errands and by Costco there is a cheap theatre. $.99 matinees … so we went and saw The Incredibles on a whim that day. We’ve seen it before, and really like it, one more chance to see it on the big screen before it comes out on DVD.

So we had popcorn. Popcorn and me don’t always agree. I like it, but it don’t like me later. πŸ™ So I had too much. I didn’t feel good later that night and felt super bad in the middle of the night, achy middle. But better by morning. But … maybe this and that are connected. I don’t always feel that way after theatre popcorn. In December for Christmas we saw a movie and that night Russell and I were miserable too all night. It’s the sort of thing that you associate with something particular, but you get it other times too, unrelatedly, and other times you do the same things and don’t get it … so.

It’s probable that coincidence reigns here, and that popcorn and fake butter make me sickish, and that all things being favorable for sickness, if there are germs around, that’s when they pounce, when at a popcorn aftermath time.

For me, sickness usually hits me and I can feel it in the top of my head down to my toes, a wonky whoosy echoey feeling. Dull thuddy, wuddy, muddy. It travels down and you can tell when it hits your intenstines. How? Not that. No, it’s HUNGER! Hunger finally strikes. It’s let go of the grip on the tummy and gone lower, beckoning for food, which only lures you into it’s trap, eat too much and feel worse again as that goes through your system.

It’s an adult “has a good enough constitution to not be throwing up” sort of thing and so the virus just travels la-la-la along until it’s out of you.

I sat down to write a post just to write, and so started writing about it being chilly, and realized due to Victoria’s ill effects that I’m actually not cold, just chilled from the chills. Realization of being sick, through blogging. If I hadn’t blogged about it I mightn’t have thought about it this way. πŸ˜‰

It Snowing! Happy March!

In Georgia it’s usually Springtime in the South, by the time March 1 rolls around. Sure it can get down to freezing at night, and some days be chilly, but not that bad.

It’s snowing right now. OK, thick Flurries.

It’s snow though. It’s snowing. March 1, 2005 10 AM and it’s snowing in Georgia.

I took some pictures with the digital. I’ll see how they turned out a bit later. It’s not easy taking pictures with a digital, of something like this. It’s nice to get fast pictures on the computer without having to develop film and print it out first, but lets be real, sometimes a photographer just wants a normal camera to use. πŸ˜‰

My camera has a backlog of film to be developed and needs new batteries, so it’s out of commission for now. πŸ™

So is March coming in like a Lamb or a Lion?

That doesn’t apply down South, overall. This is not lamby nor lion like, so it’s not even something I can pretend to rate, as I would based on a mild balmy day, or a wild windy stormy day. This is just heavy clouds over cold air levels, dumping it’s load in a fuzzy nice way. This is way better than the rain we had the last two days. It’s nice to walk out in 30 degree snow filled air weather. It FEELS warmer. It’s nice. πŸ™‚

So we’ve had a weird winter again. Snow in March. Add it to the vaults. It’s NOT an environmental problem, mind you. Just another wacky weather event. They are around all the time. Years and years before vehicles traveled with gasoline as fuel. πŸ™‚

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