Winter and Spring doing their thing

I’m up just for a short while. It’s tiring being up, but also tiring being in bed, though it feels good to stay there, my mind wanders far from it and forces me up now and then. Whatever that means!

So I was looking at Accuweather’s 15-day Outlook, and it seems to me it’s going to be a frustrating early Spring. Last Normal Freeze is March 15. Temps between here and there look fine, as all things go with keeping temps above freezing.

March 17th though, they are forecasting freezing temps, and frosty temps the next couple of days after that, hovering right around there for lows at night. Grrrr.

We are still 10-days away from that, so we shall see.

Otherwise we currently have Sun that’s going away, with light cloud cover coming in, well actually it’s sliding in as overcast, that’s the edge, I see clear blue to the east and those white fingers reaching out that direction and just plain old overcast behind it back towards the other directions. Possible Thunder Storms later this afternoon, and rain and temperatures falling down to the be at the most 49 tomorrow. Today it’s supposed to get into the high-60’s. So that’s a big temperature change coming our way, again. Up and down, it’s that way most winters, but seems more uppy and downy this year.

Frank’s off to Savannah again today. He’ll be back tomorrow night. Bad timing, but could have been worse if my illness waited until today to hit instead of yesterday! In any case, I AM feeling better than I did earlier this morning when I posted. I posted that and went pretty directly back to bed. I’m getting towards starving feelings now, so that’s a good sign, and figure that a nice 2-egg scramble on cast iron pan in butter with sea salt sounds devine.

I must take it easy though, with three chiluns full of energy, I can’t smash every bit of my energy now, so I must post this and make that egg and rest again.

So Spring is coming, trees are still putting out their buds and such. Our Weeping Willow is still greening up and our other trees are getting close to opening buds … but not yet. Other’s trees have bloomed, but only here and there. The Cacophony of Spring’s Triumphal Entrance is still a ways away. I am glad it’s not here now, with me under the weather, I want to be out there when it’s time, drinking it in getting my hands nice and dirty.

So I am guessing it’d be best to bide my time and wait until April. We have lots of indoor painting to do anyhow. So if I can get some energy back this week it’ll be painting time. I love painting! Really, I do! [plus there’s decontruction and figuring out what to deconstruct and where and what and moving things and re-constructing to do!]


  1. Yesterday it was Springlike here in southrern Wisconsin. The temperatures got up near 60. We opened the windows and sliding screen door to the back yard and it felt wonderful! Today the high was 42, which was last night’s low, and it will not get warmer, but get down to about 15. Snow and freezing temperatures are in the forcast for this week and Spring is no where in sight yet. Everything around here is so dead looking. The only bright things are the beautiful cardinals we have seen through winter, but they are singing loudly lately, looking for their mates and that means Spring can’t be too far off.

  2. One more thing…I hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Becky, thanks! I am feeling a lot better today, thus far. My tummy is still sensetive though, and I’m not up to energy levels of usual yet … they don’t get “so very high” anyhow usually 😉

    In the last week or so I wrote about seeing geese flying North. Did you see that post? Found here.

  4. Marysue,
    I just peaked at your comments about geese flying north. Boy have we been seeing them here! There are some that stay all winter, but large groups of them fly by here on their way to Canada. Who knows, maybe we have seen the same ones that you saw, if they got down that far south. I don’t know the typical winter migration and how far they usually travel before coming back north again for the summer. I hope your health continues to improve.

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