A thunderous weekend expected

It’s been very warm and late Spring-Like today. Right now temps outside are supposedly in the high 70’s. Tomorrow temp high is supposed to be about 66 degrees F. That’s more like early Spring ๐Ÿ˜‰

We are also supposed to be getting Thunderstorms later tonight and tomorrow. That’s very Spring-like. Volatile weather. I do love those kind of storms, but don’t like it if they cause damage, of course, but that’ s just a fact of life since The Fall of Man in the beginning. Something that must be understood from the Biblical View that is correct … something that Man rejects without being stirred by God, since the Fall disconnected the spirit of Man from God, as Adam and Eve had direct communion with Him at first.

God is shown to us in nature. Thunderstorms are one of those sorts of mighty things that shows God’s work and truth. But this is not enough to make man recognize Him and Who He Is. But it is not His fault. It is the hardened peoples fault. It is enough, should be enough but is NOT since the plan from the beginning was for man to come to God through Jesus Christ. His shed blood for our account is what is needed. Whomever comes to Him is saved. Why? No man comes to the Father lest he be called. No dead man stirs himself. Only a quickened heart may beat alive and answer the call.

God uses nature’s witness to make man understand who He is and answer that call. It’s one of His methods to make man see what his heart condition is like. It’s not the only thing though. The PRIMARY is the Gospel and that is through HEARING the WORD. Is that what saves? No. It is GOD who saves. Hearing the word isn’t magic. IMO it’s the ability to hear the Word that is PROOF of a quickened heart. It’s recognition software, in other words. It’s the truth that drives man to God on his knees. It’s the utter ability to hear and understand, all because of that inward quickening and call.

So the hearing may also then hear the thunder and understand that God’s Might Power is real. This confounds the wicked, those who are of stone hearts. They will explain it in any way they can, but fail to acknowledge God. That is purely the point we turn on constantly. It is not man who comes, but God who calls. It is still though man’s own fault for not coming. Man sinned. Man needs God. God chooses and calls, and those who do not come stay dead, they aren’t called. It’s not for us to grasp and understand. It’s the way it is. God’s Way, not mans. Thank God for that. I thank God for the calling of His Children and for that being the thing that He does in families, not some whim here and there, but a steady wind … ever widening.

I look forward to the rain and wind and lightening and thunder. I pray for the safety of God’s children and things. We should all pray for the safety of His children, but also that God’s Truth may be made known to more souls through the challenges they are presented with in storms such as are marching across the southern U.S. this weekend, as well as other weather damages throughout the world past and future.

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  1. Marysue,
    Happy Easter to you. I hope the weather is not too thunderous and rainy to enjoy Springtime on such a wonderful day. Our family was not planning on anything much to do today, mainly since Daniel is sick with the flu. I saved some laundry to do today since I have lots to do every week, but the washer broke, it isn’t draining or spinning. Rick and I ended up taking the remaining laundry to a laundromat in town and brought it home to finish drying. I am now cooking a late dinner, since I did’t get it started when I had planned. Oh, well, we can’t always have things turn out as we plan.

  2. I know, I’ve been quiet. That’s how it is when it’s a bad anniversary of something. Today is one year ago that I had my misscarrige … and that is the most thing. I also did have a UTI hit me the other day, but I got it knocked out right away with Cranberry and Collidal Silver … I am not spelling that right I think, but close or right on is possible. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I thank God for getting me better right away, I mean, it was really bad in just a few hours and I knew what it was … and had DH go out and get me some things. I wasn’t sure how long I’d be down from it, and it’s that I took a bath while DH was gone, it made me feel better … and then when I got out of the tub he was back and I drank Cranberry and took Cranberry capsules and the C. Silver … and that was mid-afternoon, by nightfall I was feeling little pain, like it had been bad, really, really bad. I had one of these things a couple of years ago, and it’s the only other one. I knew what it was then from all the reading I’ve done and spot on the natural stuff worked fast. This time, it hit me harder faster … and the natural stuff worked fast, faster than the last time. I am sure glad it worked at all, and glad it was fast and just super glad that it was so fast.

    All I can say is that one needs to do cranberry to avoid this kind of thing, make it part of life more often than not. I haven’t had much –if any, cranberry lately, so this is the key time to remember that it’s so importent and so if you have had one or two, have no more, drink cranberry juice often! I never had one until my mid-late 30’s, and that first one suprised me therefore, thinking I wouldn’t get one ever maybe. It is important to look after certain types of helping oneself from getting so sick.

    So I had a bad weekend. I was tired. It was the UTI working on me. It was Monday that the big symtoms hit me. Monday night that they left after intents cranberry and rest.

    This month has been hard on me due to the anniversary at the end. I’ve avoided thinking about the date until tonight at dinner, and when my mind realised the actual date, I blobbered and had to cry alone for a while.

    It’s funny to be OK with something, but on the other hand it just haunts you for the rest of your days. That’s this for me, so far. It’s not funny, it’s just odd, I mean, it’s normal to me really, just that I think others may not understand how it is, that I am A-OK with how it happened and that it does and that we cannot know God’s reasons, but that it’s that the small child in me is with Him now. So that’s comforting, but I still miss that child in my arms, and cry when I think about it, and cry when I see a young baby and cry when I think about the baby being this old now, and taking pictures of them and … they never were born alive, and were so tiny and so not ready to be born. Oh, it’s just tough, and that’s all. I just visualise it all often enough. It’s deep in my thoughts and there is someone whom I used to think of before I was pregnant, like someone was missing in the family. That’s it. This is the one that was missing. It feels that way, at least. So I think that’s my main feeling of missing out on this life of the child that haunts me. It’s hard to explain. It’s just true that I’ve had those “feelings” that all were not here, and then thinking about it everyone was. Then later getting pregnant, and then losing that babe … and then realising that was the one whom was missing. And would always be missing from our lives except for that small time when we were excited that they were going to come and live with is. Then they just died unknowingly so early and so dissapointment sets in. God has that child, we don’t. It’s His child, no doubt. No doubt at all. We do miss it though. I do miss it especially. ๐Ÿ™

  3. I’ve used dried, powdered cranberry in a capsule and it helps, but I’ve never heard of using colloidal silver for it. I used juice once, but couldn’t find any without sugar in it, and I’m sure that that’s why it didn’t help me any.

    I’m so sorry about your loss – I hadn’t realized it’s been a year already. How far along were you when it happened? I know just what you mean about that feeling that someone’s missing. I get that, too, usually about 3 or 4 months before I get pregnant again.

    (((Maisy))) May God comfort you with his presence in a special way right now.

  4. I was at 10 weeks along. It was early, but still … it is worse than later maybe, since I really wanted that baby, not like I didn’t others, I mean I wanted this one just as much and more in some ways since I am in my later 30’s and hadn’t been pregnant at all since 2000. Our youngest turned 4 in Sept. 2004, and the baby would have been born sometime after that and between our #2 child’s 6th birthday in Nov. 2004. My three children were 2 years apart between each, well, less for the last one. So this baby would have been different, a baby with older siblings and 4 years between the younger and youngest. A big hole it is. Only God can fill it.

    I am sadder about it since I am in my late 30’s too, and this may have been the last one. I don’t know. It’s just “how it is now” and there are things about it that just make it sadder since it’s not that there is another coming along … it’s great for those that have that happen, but it doesn’t happen for all ladies and the older ones that have to go through this, I have much understanding for them now, that I may not have had otherwise, no, I couldn’t have had it. Only going through it for sure is away to truely understand. When a baby comes along after a misscarriage, it fills up some spot. It’s not that it takes that other away, but fills up something for it all, softens it up some maybe is the way to put it.

    For the “barren” after misscarriage, as this has been thus far, it’s like sitting in a cavern, or abandend quarry. Hard and echo-y. Stone and cold and wet, alone.

    It’s sad and all that. It’s not dispair. Just a bluer outlook, and being an “aloner” already that just is a bigger part of me since March 2004. Ups and downs. Life goes on.

    It was maybe too bigger of a deal to me since before Feburary 2004 I had come to terms with maybe not having more babies, that I was getting older and my family would grow up without another young one added. Even though I felt something, some one, was missing. Then the truth hit in Feb. I was pregnant and what a joy it was! Only to turn to bigger tears and missing of feeling a child around and all that … oh, so sad.

    The hardness of being happy and growing younger right back to being older and and having an older family and no baby coming. Nothing to talk about and do to ready the family. Just back to old plain times again. Days move on, hearts hold back. And pain sinks in and stays. It’s really like I’m two different people and that I am still me, but changed and that person, but me still, but not. Oh, confusion over it, it sounds funny to write it out. It’s more complex than that, but really so very simple. Just not easy to write it out. ๐Ÿ™

    Thank you for prayers and thoughts. I need them and really God does comfort me. My child is with Him, and that is better. It’s just sad here on old earth without that dear one to hold just once even. Known life in me that goes before you can look in it’s eyes. That is what is most hard on me.

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