Month: April 2005

Comings and Goings

Frank is away on a short trip. He sent me a few photos he took with his cell phone. I haven’t gotten them online yet, but will later tonight I think. I’ll link that here if/when I do.

Frank also told me on the phone earlier that someone might be offering him a job soon. Someone particular that he’s worked with before. It isn’t exactly a need, or a desire, it’s just a possibility of being something interesting. Not exactly that it would work out, we are in the middle of slowly doing the house up, and if a good offer came along, would it be a good enough offer to get us out of this house and onto land without extra penalties? That is the question that drives any answer to any offer πŸ˜‰

Do we even want to go where it is that possible job would want him to be (a general area, not specificly specific), but further from where we are now, facilitating a need to move out of the general region. Q’s Q’s Q’s Q’s and more Q’s.

On another note, pun intended, we are desiring to geer up and get me singing and out there and do a demo. A demo of my voice, singing whatever. I have old recordings on tape that I need to convert to digital.

My real hope is that I’ll get original material to work with, that I can arrange. I have no music room, no piano, and haven’t worked much with music for several years. The last time I sang in public was when I was pregnant with Russell. He turns 9 years of age on Friday, April 29th. :veryshocked:

So it’s been longer than I’ve even thought. I am very shocked at the time.

My last performance was evening church, when I was fairly newly pregnant. I practiced with a friend up to 4 months of pregnancy, then no more. πŸ™

Friends move away. We moved away. That kind of kills motivation and connections and all that.

I am an introvert and do not promote myself well. I need a manager, and Frank promised to be that years ago, and has re-promised just the other day to get up and do it now. πŸ™‚

I really miss singing. I really desire to record. I’ve wanted to do that since I was a young teen. I had great dreams. My first dream was to be a clarinet player in orchestras. My instrument broke in the Spring concert of my 5th grade school year. That was the end of my clarinet dream. No one understood how important it was to me. It was a “oh well, too bad” situation. So I turned to singing after that. In 6th grade I had the lead in our Spring Musical, I was Alice In Wonderland. It wasn’t that I didn’t sing before the clarinet incident, I did. I just was a whiz clarinet player for the first time that 5th grade school year. It was great. I loved it, and loved singing. The instrument was more useful for me though. Without an instrument I had to do it all with my voice.

My voice is a good one. I am not bragging, just stating the facts. God gives us talents and we should use the talents he gives us. So that’s where I am, at 38 years of age, striving to dig out of the hole I’ve been in and … do what it takes to do what we dream of.

I am wanting to do solo work, but also am interested in doing band work. My style is adaptive. I prefer certain types of music though. I can’t say as to how I would prefer to sound, but I will be doing “modern” things and updating old songs for modern use as well.

I like alternative types of music. I like acoustic types of music … in that vein. I like some goth/punk type sounds in the alternative edges. I kind of want to get something in a niche there … something different than is out there now.

Wordings which are to Glorify God, but they won’t be “worship” songs. It’s music for all of life. It can contain explicitly Christian lyrics, or not. It won’t be music that is simply negative or man-centered. It can be love songs, or songs of low times, happy times, or a story about whatever. A hymn jazzed up and mellowed out lyrics with liner notes referencing where the ideas are from. Always having God in the forefront, but not wearing him as a record label. Why? Because I don’t see life as secular/sacred split up. It’s all sacred. All we do is sacred. My God is with me in all I do. When I listen to any music, God is with me. His hand is in me and everyone. Everyone is religious, just that not everyone serves the same god. Not my God. Not the True God. That’s what I want to get out there. That my music is music for all, if you like my style. Listen to it and see what it offers, and get a glimpse of the world I live in. Let it help if it can, help you to seek the one true God. That’s my hope. That it will speak to folks on some level.

We may attempt to self-publish/produce. We don’t know exactly where we’ll go, what we’ll do. We are just in the “OK we are going to do something” stage.

So ultimately this means we will eventually “go on the road” at some point, at different points. We used to want to get an RV and travel. So maybe we will do that. Homeschooling is great, isn’t it? It will work, nothing much will change, only change for the better if anything. We can still do my dream and have a farm. I know that we need something to pay for a farm, and this could help. I know that even if we had a farm and I always stayed there, I’d still need what we’d need to travel — a caretaker, or a couple, young or older, to take care of the animals and such in our absence and do some regular chores daily. Hired Help, in other words.

I’m writing this as a record of intent. That’s why I’m publishing it on this blog, to get it out there.

Spring Flowers

These photos were all taken on April 19, 2005

Dogwood – Cherokee Chief blossoms

Peony – Blossoms forming

Flower – reappearing after Winter’s sleep – forget what it is, obviously a perrennial!

The Kitchen: We have the fridge

The fridge I had written about not too long ago, but I took those words out of the posts before it came, was brought over a couple of days ago finally.

It’s nice. Nicer than our regular fridge, so it’s now our primary refrigerator. It’s a side-by-side, probably 25 cubic feet space inside. It has an ice maker, and ice and water through the freeser door … but that stuff isn’t hooked up yet. The fridge is in a temperary spot, and wil not be hooked up to water until the kitchen stuff is moved that needs to go, then we can do the plumbing that we need to do.

The color of it is white, and it’s just like our other fridge in that way, it’s that bumpy white finish. The housing for the ice/water on the door is discolored, and a bit cracked on one corner, but that’s rather “normal” in wear … plastic stuff like that goes ugly eventually in different ways, looking bad. The door could be replaced, for $400+ … ha ha ha. No way we NEED to do that. It’s not as clear whether or not we could replace just the housing for that area … but it’s fine the way it is, over all.

We also took out more of that wall we are removing. Piece by piece, slowly “just in case”, but it’s rather mostly sure that it’s not a load bearing wall. It’s just part of this whole remodel, slow and some here, some there, and by and by it’ll all get done. The cabinets I painted before may be far along now to be sanded and repainted now. That will be tested this coming week. Once I get that done it’ll be that the upper cabinets there will also be painted, and we can get things measured out and hang those there and get some electric done and a few other things moved too.

The wall by the steps that hugs the one end of the kitchen is a partial wall, and it’s loose … it moves too easily. We were going to make it a full height wall … so seeing how it really is it will be needed to be torn out and replaced totally. No big deal really.

So things are moving along. Slow, but moving. We have electric that we have to do, then plumbing … then it’ll really be moving … plumbing is the biggy … the thing that means we’ll have to move the sink, or get the bar sink and that inner L counter built and installed … or some configuration so that we have water and a sink to wash with there.

Right now we have nice opening in the wall though, we have two ways to go into the kitchen, so when I am at the stove I don’t have to have people going past me … everything isn’t in place as it’ll be later, but this set up is more like it than not … I’ll have the stove there abouts, and there will be that other way of coming in and out of the kitchen area down near the door to the garage. It’s coming together and even though it’s all in chaos, it’s so much nicer than when we had vinyl flooring and everything in it’s place and a little tiny living room with carpet right next to it with that wall between.

We have a dining/living space now with a large opening to the kitchen, no large wall between. It’s like there is more space now, and we will have more when it’s further along. It’s all about how things are in a room. What place they sit in means a lot. I don’t do that chinese FS stuff, but what I do know about it seems to have “common sense” in some of it. Flow and light and air, they say the energy flows or doesn’t based on what’s placed where, how the room is built, etc.

Our front door opened and right there the house went right back to the french doors, it felt like everything went right out of the house, right away. We took those French Doors out and a board is there now. That’s the place where our kitchen is moving to, it feels so much better. There is no “right out the door” feeling there now. It’s cosy. That’s just one of the things that I felt interesting to mention, it’s just regular “how space feels” that you can figure out without mystical religious symbolism πŸ˜‰

I have to download pictures off the camera tomorrow, then I’ll take some pictures of the new fridge and get them up here.

Finding the CMOS battery in Sony Vaio GRV550

{ gallery [Inside_SONY_VAIO_PCG-GRV550_the_CMOS_Battery] }

Picture One: My GRV550 doesn’t have a keyboard, so if yours does, just ignore the bottom portion of the picture. You see at the top left the top-left part of the body of the Vaio GRV550 … with the “speaker grille” flipped up. To do that, find the little screw on the left side, which is under the flap which is over the I-link, which is next to the USB flap cover. Remove the screw and carefully pull up on the speaker grille thingie.

There you will see the left edge of the computer at the top, and then some of the parts, to the right is a green thing, that’s the CMOS battery.

Pictures Two and Three: Close-ups of the CMOS battery. You have to lift up a black thingie to get to it. In order to take it out you just have to get the little jumper cable and take that out, and pry up the battery. It’s two batteries in a shrinkwrapped plastic thing, the green stuff is that.

To get out of a bind, as some of my posts have gone over, take out the CMOS battery and put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes, then reinstall it. That fixes some of the problems of getting the computer to boot up. I’ll link to those posts later.

Picture Four: A different perspective from the left looking right, you can’t see the CMOS battery, it’s more to the right. You can see the jumper cable and where it plugs in, for the CMOS battery though. It’s the last jumper thing at the top right, a two pronged whitish thing connected to a black wire and a red wire …

Spring Colds

A few days ago Asa sounded kind of sick, then he started sneezing and was listless for a day or two (nice in a way since he didn’t get into the usual trouble he does … he’s still at that age … 4). He coughed up some chest congestion Saturday night and so with that going on and the occasional sneezing that was still happening, I stayed home with him, and Russell began sneezing a lot that morning so he stayed home too. DH and Victoria when to church in the morning.

DH is out of town today now. I woke up not feeling right. Just that feeling, you know you are coming down with something. It’s a high-pitched-sounding-feeling. It is a floaty-heavy-loss-of-energy feeling … just a bit. Anyhow, I got down in the kitchen and spoke my first word and that’s when I knew how bad it was already. My voice is really low and thick and gravally. I do know that for me it’s not just sickness, but a combo of that and regular spring allergies. Russell too. Asa hasn’t showed any allergies yet, I have hopes for him not to since he was a natural baby, no shots. Victoria shows signs of allergies and is just different. Russell’s are more in the forefront. I know for me and him then, a cold on top of allergies is just more of what we are used to, with more bothersomeness added to it and just no fun.

So this morning Victoria is also sneezing and acting a bit more grumpy than usual.

Things usually go wrong when Daddy is away. Already it’s been harder than usual, and I’ve had to clean up some stinky paint that V. got into. I do not understand how children do not understand not to do some things. They know to do or not to do something, but don’t seem to know that it should or shouldn’t be done. Urgh. Asa is feeling better. He’s getting into everything and going nuts.

Top off the colds and the allergies with a HOT day. It’s supposed to get to 81 F. Earlier this morning it was already 73 F. outside. The house slowy heats up and there is nothing you can do about it if it’s that hot out. The night is cool enough for the house to cool down overnight, and the morning is alright, but the afternoon to early evening is hard to deal with on days like this. We have a better thing going with the lack of French Doors on the back of the house now. They were a great source of heat via sun growing as it goes though the glass, and hot air flowing into the messed up seals. Just removing the doors and a piece of plywood in that place has made it better.

Upstairs, bedrooms, it’s much hotter though in the warm months. It’s too hot for me already today to be there. Living floor, kitchen/livingroom/dining room it’s coolish, but slowing ramping up to hotter. There is little air flow on such days as this. Flowing hot air isn’t very nice anyhow, except in the oven. Our house being an oven is not in my best intrest. I cook faster than some folks do.

It’s just a not as nice day to have it be the hottest of the year, the first really hot day. Being just under-the-weather with a light-cold, a spring-cold with allergy counts high … and this hot air thing, very sunny and hot, and V. played with the stinky oil-based paint and so it’s stinky and getting hotter in here. πŸ™

Asa is full of energy and I feel like something the cat dragged in. Not THAT bad, but close enough. Asa has a head start on the cold, he was first and that’s not in my best interest. His either. But I’m the only one who cares about that. He sure doesn’t. πŸ™

Apple Trees will bloom soon

Our Liberty Apple trees will be blooming soon. The buds are setting and two on one of the trees opened today. I supposed many will open tomorrow and Monday. The problem with this is that the tree that needs to bloom so that the Liberty blossoms can be fertilized is our MacFree, which rarely has put out more than a handful of blooms and usually those only open when the Liberty trees have nearly finished there bloom. It’s frustrating since we bought these trees through a catalog nursery which said these two are good together for making apples. Hmph. We do need to trim down the MacFree, it may be growing all wrong, from the root stock more than from the MacFree. These are Semi-Dwarf apple trees. So really I want to get Crab Apple trees … they’ll do the job of looking nice and helping out the Liberty Apple blossoms. We don’t have any plans to get any Crab Apple trees installed though, at this point.

One day I hope we can move from this property and I’ll be sad to leave these Apple trees. I’ve wanted to do good by them and get sprays and helps for them, so far they are au’ naturel except for some pruning and fireblight spray help in past years. It costs money to upkeep apple trees. Money that we would have had but didn’t have after all the job changes in the past years since we got the trees. So we got the trees with good intentions.

If we are able to go sooner than later, or perhaps get some land first that we will build upon … then we could move these trees, but I wouldn’t want to do that later than sooner. I’d feel better about it moving them to another place where we would be with them for longer, while we still had this property and could replace the trees here with something else before selling. It’s a sort of silly attachment to the trees that I have. I don’t think they are doing as well here as they would do on another property. We got the trees right when I first was pregnant with Victoria, and we planted them after we had just known for certain our second child was on the way for a week or so. They have special meaning therefore. I chose them for the type and name and they ended up being more special due to baby stuff afterthefact.

So it goes that we have another year of Spring Fertilization beginning and little hope of a nice apple crop once again as well. If the bee population is higher it would be helpful, and if there are other apple trees in the area that could be a help under higher bee population conditions. I would have bees on our own larger property, for fertilization of apples and veggy garden, and for honey. I won’t get into that sort of thing in our little subdivision though. So we are dependant on whatever conditions prevail … and that will be blessed by God this year I hope, so we can have some apples in September, just a few would be nice. Liberty apples are so crisp and sweet. So very nice. We have had only a few but never enough nice ones to have for long. Just a few for a day or two’s use, then none. Or not even that. Disease and yucky who-knows-what kind of things take most of the apples that form. So I’m anxious for the day when I can have pro-active sprays to increase yield, and bees and other trees to aide fertilization!

Cabinet Hardware etc

I hung the doors on the painted yucky cabinets. It looks nice, the color is great, just up close it’s too ridgy, and a few spots got mussed up in the hanging anyhow, so it’s best that I have to re-do some of it in the first place.

The cabinets originally had the doors hung differently. They are four doors, and were hung with the opening side facing in this order:

Right, Right, Left, Left

The upper cabinets that originally were above them are the same, but the doors are taller and have the catherdral routing in them. The lower cabinets that I’ve been working on have smaller doors and they have a plain routing around the door, in both upper and lower it’s an inch or inch-and-a-half inside from the edge. Both upper and lower were hung in that order.

I didn’t like it. Some years ago I changed the upper doors to face this way:

Right, Left, Right, Left

That made more visual and usage sense to me.

I hadn’t changed the bottom ones, or if I had I can’t recall … I took the doors off the lower cabinets so long ago now it seems, and I really don’t know since I painted the face of the cabinet then too. In the paint you can see the outline and holes of the old hinge positions. I saw none in the middle where there would have been some if I had changed the positions before. I can see that I wouldn’t have changed them back when I did the others since they are lower doors … not as noticeable and all that. In the place the cabinet sits now they are more prominent and that makes it noticeable that they hang a certain way or a different way. I saw immediately when I went to hang them that they truly belonged Right, Left, Right, Left. I only have two drawer fronts finished and with those two drawers installed, one can see the beauty that is beginning to show. The old countertop sits on the cabinet … just sits there, not installed anymore. It looks ugly now. It doesn’t go with the butter yellow cabinets and weathered wrought iron hardware!

I’ll get the other two drawers done today and then take a photo of the outside of the cabinet section at least. Ignore the junk on top of the counter if I post the picture here, where I most likely will do so.

I have to also put all the stuff inside so that we can get the other side of the kitchen cleared up. We’ll be taking the upper cabinets down too maybe and moving them to sit atop the counter of the lower cabinets for now. We have that new/old fridge coming tomorrow, so HAVE to make room πŸ™‚

I’m ok with the re-do of the paint on the cabinets I’ve done so far. I have the right stuff for the re-do now, just need to do a few go-overs in a couple of grits of sandpaper and then a new coat of paint with the little cute rollers, but not for 7- 10 days. It’s just a wait to do it, and then I can fix all the little things that I have to and want to. πŸ™‚

With the upper cabinets down on the counter top it’ll make it easier to work on them too (rather than have them on the floor).

So I have to go to work and move all that stuff now! Pictures here later!

Painting the cabinets saga drags on

I’m very much not pleased with how the painting turned out on my cabinet door and drawer fronts, face of cabinets too. In actuality the “painted by brush” look that I was going for turned into a very-too-much thing, and now I have to sand that down and reapply with a little smooth roller to hone down the ridges.

I’m not trying to get a super smooth look. Just a “painted” look without deep ridges. So I’m bummed a bit about it. Dh just got home with a new little roller for me and the paint store dude said what I feared … I have to wait 7-10 days for Latex paint to sand it. It’ll just gum up before that. Tell me how I know THAT! πŸ™‚

I knew it and tried to affect some icky things that happened to a drawer front. Somehow deep depressions were made in it, finger print gookies … I didn’t do that … so I am not accusing just saying, it’s a mess to look at, and sandpaper just squishes it around gooky gummy like.

So I need to just leave it all alone and install the hardware and then wait a week or more. THEN I can take the hardware off and start the fix.

Oh well, that’s life.

I know that Latex paint takes time to cure. It’s dry to the touch fast, but don’t you dare try to wash it –soapy water and rag or sponge or whatever, no scrubbing the first month of it’s painted life! For Sanding, as the paint store guy said, it takes 7-10 days of curing before it’s doable. I hope that’s true. It’s a long wait, but not as long as a 30-day wait as it might have been said. So it’s good news/bad news. Not so bad. Just slooowwww. At least I’m on slow-mode already. I’ve been busy, but taking it all sloowwww. πŸ™‚ On the slow-track to getting the kitchen done.

But I do need to get the lower cabinet re-filled for now and the door and drawer fronts on and all put together. The cats are ripping opened bags of noodles, raisins, etc. lately during the night. That’s the stuff that belongs in the lower cabinet as it was being used before the moving. It’s not entirely stuff that should be there, just the stuff that was there. Rearranging cabinets and usage and such is taking that slow-mode approach, and it’s only livable since I live in chaos anyhow, and it’s not so terrible. It’s just confusion of a mild degree and a circus to outsiders. It’s normal to me πŸ™‚

Anyhow, this changes how I’ll paint the other cabinets. Practice makes perfect!

Locust Nursery

A nutty thing I’ve been doing is collecting our Locust Tree babies. They are springing up everywhere in the circumference of that dear tree. It’s the only tree that existed on our property when we first moved in, November 1997. It’s right by the property line, so not quite all ours, but mostly. It gives late afternoon shade, it shields that western sun from baking that front corner of the backyard. It gives shade earlier afternoon too, just less, and that grows to a huge swath by mid-late afternoon as the sun moves across the sky. Every year the tree gets bigger and the swath of shade grows.

That tree was a little skinny “weed tree” as I called it when we moved in. It has grown magnificently. There is an offspring of it that sits in the pathway of our backyard gate. It should have been moved last year, or the year before. Lethargy of mowing stopped Frank from mowing as often, obviously, and that tree sprang up. It got very big last Summer, and has some branches that stretch high into the heavens, nearly as tall as the garage roof which the tree is next to. It must still be moved. I have a space for it all planned out, and several other babies in that nursery actually growing since a few weeks ago there. I have hopes of a nice Locust Grove.

On the deck I have several bowls and jars of various sizes, glass. Water babies inside. That’s water and babies. I haven’t counted them. Numerous ones there are. Over a hundred easily. They won’t all grow up to be healthy trees. If they survive my care and are actually planted one of these days, I’ll have to cull some of them of course. I can’t really let them all grow to tree-hood. That would be immensly stupid on my part. We’d have a Locust Forest before too many years given that.

I don’t know what variety of Locust Tree this big parent is, but it’s wild. It was there when the developer wrangled the soil for this subdivision in whatever year that was, 1995 or 1996. It was left there. Amazingly. I’m glad for it. It has become my friend, that’s for sure.

The first year we were here it had pods hanging from it. Those pods dried out and rattled and fell all over the place. Messy, yes, but it wasn’t so bad. The next year and following years it did not make pods. I’ve written about this tree before, recently too I think. Anyway, it did bloom in the last year or two finally. This spring the seeds from that podding are sprouting abundantly. My eye spots every one of them that is in open area. It’s a curse almost. I dig them out with my fingers. I have dirt embedded under my fingernails this season. It’s a disease, dig out baby locust sprouts.

So I take them to the deck and plunk them into water. They send up two leaves with their thick sprouting trunk-ish self. Those two leaves open out then the real locust looking leaves come up from that middle and spread … frondy and beautiful. That’s the stage to which I’m putting them in water to. From there I’ll plant some of them. I don’t know exactly what I’ll do, but I must put them in the ground. I put some, years past, in a planter, and they all died because I forgot to water them for awhile. Bad me.

So I will probably ask Frank to Mantis me out a plot of ground for Locust Nursery, and then maybe I can grow some fine specimens and get good at growing them and knowing what to do and what to look for in a good locust sappling. Maybe someone somewhere would like some of them. I don’t know. All I know is, they are free trees. They grow wonderfully, become great shade trees. They aren’t ugly, they are thorny, they do bloom fragrant tiny white blooms eventually then set up big green pods that turn brown and then rattle as they mature and dry out. They fall in autumn and winter to the ground, and in the coming years those pods open up and the brown thick little seeds germinate, sprout to become new trees, as long as they aren’t mowed over.

They aren’t climbing trees. They have messy pods, but those pods aren’t gooey, just abundant when they are formed. They are easy enough to rake up and dispose of. I don’t know, as I said, what variety of Locust this tree is, but here it is nice looking, and has bloomed for us only once in 7 years. It must have bloomed in Spring 1997 since the tree had abundant pods on it that September when we first saw the house being built.

I’ll find a picture of the tree from way back then, and find a recent photo of it to compare growth. I’ll see about pictures of the seeds and seedlings too.

Kitchen Update

I’m finishing painting the doors and drawers for the lower cabinets that I’ve gotten painted so far. I’ll put the drawer pulls and knobs on later tonight or tomorrow, depending on how many coats of paint I need to do. Once that is all done I’ll take some pictures to put on this weblog in a post. πŸ™‚

Forget the whole fridge thing. I deleted it. It’s not happening after all. Who cares. I don’t.

I’ve been busy and off-line

Off-line, but not by choice. Our DSL was down since last Thursday until late this morning. It’s still not working well, it works but drops off occasionally. While we were without DSL we were totally without it. We had no signal at all. We had phone service though. We complained and complained to our provider and they were running around with phone service problems, they said, and our DSL was on the backburner.

All it took, as we thought, was something at the switch was needing to be replaced. Simple and just took a person to go there and do it. But then we are at the same place as before … we are up and running, and dead in the water for connecting to sites or emails at times, but then up and running again a bit later, never knowing if it’s there to connect to or not, but the green light is on the box just fine.

It’s frustrating since we can’t load something just because we want too … it’s supposted to be there, the DSL signal, but it’s not always. Hopefully “they” will get that fixed sooner than later. We did get a new modem out of this though, since the Tech was here and the signal was dropping and since they have a new model they use for new customers. It’s a router/modem, but we have our own router. So we use that as a bridge to our router. The new modem is nicer though, how it looks and sits, it’s more stable in housing.

Since that has all been happening I haven’t been online, of course. I’m very “out of it” and have some issues on my sites to take care of and blah, blah, blah, no matter, I just haven’t been online so it’s kind of wierd to be writing something on a blog again. πŸ˜‰

I’ve gotten some more done, but not all, in the painting and remodeling we are doing. I’m taking it slow. Hardware I ordered came fast, but I ordered the wrong type of hinge by mistake, so now we have to wait for that new one to be sent out and return the others for our money back. It’s great looking stuff though!

Frank’s dad was here last week and we did another project … took the French Doors out. Now I have no door in the kitchen to the backyard or deck. Sad, but more good than bad. It’s not as hot on sunny days since there is no glass there. No drafts on cold days either. All better, mostly. The inside isn’t finished yet. We will have the sink in that area, but more so on the edge of that, so putting framing for a window in there wasn’t in the works. We have to measure and make the right plans for that and then we can put in the window framing once the upper cabinets are gone from where they are now on that wall, then drywall and THEN I can paint the walls.

We got paint for the walls, a light blue. We picked that based on what countertop we will probably use. It’s a motled stone-like look, with grays light and dark and little blue flecks, the blue pops out when next to the paint color we picked out. It goes nicely with the butter yellow cabinet paint too.

We decided to go with a slide in stove-probably too. Fridgedair makes one that is really nice and it’s a compromise to what I want in the kitchen. All in one unit, the oven is smaller, but it’s convection, and it has a warming draw on the bottom. To do a cooktop and wall ovens, we could not have afforded all of that. So this makes a compormise since I wanted the cooktop and wall oven, double wall ovens really, with convection, but the cooktop was what I wanted for using on either side of the counter-L that it’d be on … slide-ins have the controls on the front at an angle down away from the top. Cooktops have the controls on the top of the cooking surface, so they are accessible from any direction really. A warming drawer is something that I’d like too, cheapest ones of that are over $400, but usually more. So this model of slide-in has most of itl. It’s around $1000, pricey, but that’s it, it’s packed with stuff. Worth it. Just not the “top” that I’d like in total, but it has the smooth top and bridge to make burners connect if want, and a “keep warm” area there too, and expandable burner too.

It’ll be some time before we get that, so I don’t know how long that will be. We will be doing the counters later too, just moving what we have around and get the “stuff” done piece by piece.

So I’m busy moving stuff around too, like I have my little table with my laptop out of the kitchen now, and in the “dinning room/living room”. That gives us more space to move stuff around in the kitchen. But first, it’s filter out all the junk that collects around were I have my “desk” πŸ™‚

I am putting the new hardware on the doors and drawers, have to drill new holes for the drawer pulls. That’s fun stuff. Another power tool thing πŸ˜‰

Painting for that stuff should get done tomorrow. Once the hinges arrive, I’ll put them on and take some pictures and load them on this weblog.

Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

We got some paint the other day, for my kitchen cabinets. The lower cabinets that were by the garage door are now at the other end of the kitchen, what was meant as the “eat in kitchen/dinning room” area originally when the house was built in 1997 (not by us, but by the builder, we just bought the house after it was being built already).

The cabinet section is free standing, and won’t be installed until we do a few more things. But I can get it ready and that has begun. For no reason we got Glidden paint, just that we were in a store that had paint and a color we liked and that was the brand on the color chart … it’s very much like the Corian color that I have liked when I’ve looked at samples … that is “Butter Cream” … Glidden color is “Vanilla Cream”. It’s butter colored. I checked that out. Slice into the butter I have, and that slice is the same color. A very nice soft creamy yellow.

I have done most of the painting on the piece of cabinet, but have one or two more coats to do to the outside part, and I also need to do the doors and drawer fronts. I have painted the inside of the cabinets too, that is some job! But what I want. I cannot imagine anyone else doing this unless they were doing it for themselves. I wanted nice smooth insides, since it’s all lumber type cabinet, not the stuff that companies like KraftMaid, etc. make. This is rustic real made on side basic cabinetry. We hope to make some more of it to fill out the design we’ve come up with. It will be easier painting those from the start, before being put all together. πŸ™‚

The cabinets we have were White Paint, with White knobs. I’ve picked out a style for new hardware, and it’s something I have to order online, as no store seems to have it, and it’s all special order and at high prices. Online I have found it for much less. It’s a simple style of hinges, drawer pulls, and knobs, a weathered wrought iron look. I wasn’t sure of what to do before I moved my “bakers rack” into the kitchen from our dinning area (what used to be the living room). We had space due to taking the upper cabinet section out where the stove originally was. That space on the floor was vacated by the Fridge, which was there after the stove was there. We moved that fridge to the other end of the kitchen, then just last week moved it to a whole ‘nother spot. Doing that baker rack move, I realized how much I love that piece, and that’s when it hit me, it’s the wood and metal. The metal is right. It’s dark banged up looking wrought iron … ah, same as on my Foley-Martens Butcher Block rolling Island’s hardware, and the coffee table we have that has wicker baskets and that similar banged up wrought iron edges and I love Art’s and Craft style … dark knobs and hinges. I started to look online after not seeing anything in HD that I liked at all. Most there is light and shiny.

I found it online when looking at a manufacturer that HD’s website said they had product from. That manufacturer has lots of styles and I found the stuff I liked, and then had to search online for good pricing. I found a few places and should be placing an order (or orders) tomorrow for enough to deck out this one piece of cabinet to start with.

It’ll look great on the Vanilla Cream cabinets, hopefully. All will be changed to be like that sooner than later, and then new counter tops … I’m not sure what, but something dark. Cheap as can be, of course, so it can’t be stone, or corian-like stuff. Must be something cheaper. πŸ™ But that’s alright.

So I’m busy getting paint in my hair. I’m happy painting cabinets, it’s fun. It’s lots of fun. πŸ˜†

The wall in here need to be painted before long, and they are yellow and so sooner than later for this is a must. It clashes with the Vanilla Cream. So that’s something else to make a decision on, wall color. Think, think, think. I do better visually. I just go into the store and look at paint colors on the little cards. The right thing hits me right between the eyes every time, so that’s what I have to do. πŸ™‚

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