Frank is away on a short trip. He sent me a few photos he took with his cell phone. I haven’t gotten them online yet, but will later tonight I think. I’ll link that here if/when I do.

Frank also told me on the phone earlier that someone might be offering him a job soon. Someone particular that he’s worked with before. It isn’t exactly a need, or a desire, it’s just a possibility of being something interesting. Not exactly that it would work out, we are in the middle of slowly doing the house up, and if a good offer came along, would it be a good enough offer to get us out of this house and onto land without extra penalties? That is the question that drives any answer to any offer πŸ˜‰

Do we even want to go where it is that possible job would want him to be (a general area, not specificly specific), but further from where we are now, facilitating a need to move out of the general region. Q’s Q’s Q’s Q’s and more Q’s.

On another note, pun intended, we are desiring to geer up and get me singing and out there and do a demo. A demo of my voice, singing whatever. I have old recordings on tape that I need to convert to digital.

My real hope is that I’ll get original material to work with, that I can arrange. I have no music room, no piano, and haven’t worked much with music for several years. The last time I sang in public was when I was pregnant with Russell. He turns 9 years of age on Friday, April 29th. :veryshocked:

So it’s been longer than I’ve even thought. I am very shocked at the time.

My last performance was evening church, when I was fairly newly pregnant. I practiced with a friend up to 4 months of pregnancy, then no more. πŸ™

Friends move away. We moved away. That kind of kills motivation and connections and all that.

I am an introvert and do not promote myself well. I need a manager, and Frank promised to be that years ago, and has re-promised just the other day to get up and do it now. πŸ™‚

I really miss singing. I really desire to record. I’ve wanted to do that since I was a young teen. I had great dreams. My first dream was to be a clarinet player in orchestras. My instrument broke in the Spring concert of my 5th grade school year. That was the end of my clarinet dream. No one understood how important it was to me. It was a “oh well, too bad” situation. So I turned to singing after that. In 6th grade I had the lead in our Spring Musical, I was Alice In Wonderland. It wasn’t that I didn’t sing before the clarinet incident, I did. I just was a whiz clarinet player for the first time that 5th grade school year. It was great. I loved it, and loved singing. The instrument was more useful for me though. Without an instrument I had to do it all with my voice.

My voice is a good one. I am not bragging, just stating the facts. God gives us talents and we should use the talents he gives us. So that’s where I am, at 38 years of age, striving to dig out of the hole I’ve been in and … do what it takes to do what we dream of.

I am wanting to do solo work, but also am interested in doing band work. My style is adaptive. I prefer certain types of music though. I can’t say as to how I would prefer to sound, but I will be doing “modern” things and updating old songs for modern use as well.

I like alternative types of music. I like acoustic types of music … in that vein. I like some goth/punk type sounds in the alternative edges. I kind of want to get something in a niche there … something different than is out there now.

Wordings which are to Glorify God, but they won’t be “worship” songs. It’s music for all of life. It can contain explicitly Christian lyrics, or not. It won’t be music that is simply negative or man-centered. It can be love songs, or songs of low times, happy times, or a story about whatever. A hymn jazzed up and mellowed out lyrics with liner notes referencing where the ideas are from. Always having God in the forefront, but not wearing him as a record label. Why? Because I don’t see life as secular/sacred split up. It’s all sacred. All we do is sacred. My God is with me in all I do. When I listen to any music, God is with me. His hand is in me and everyone. Everyone is religious, just that not everyone serves the same god. Not my God. Not the True God. That’s what I want to get out there. That my music is music for all, if you like my style. Listen to it and see what it offers, and get a glimpse of the world I live in. Let it help if it can, help you to seek the one true God. That’s my hope. That it will speak to folks on some level.

We may attempt to self-publish/produce. We don’t know exactly where we’ll go, what we’ll do. We are just in the “OK we are going to do something” stage.

So ultimately this means we will eventually “go on the road” at some point, at different points. We used to want to get an RV and travel. So maybe we will do that. Homeschooling is great, isn’t it? It will work, nothing much will change, only change for the better if anything. We can still do my dream and have a farm. I know that we need something to pay for a farm, and this could help. I know that even if we had a farm and I always stayed there, I’d still need what we’d need to travel — a caretaker, or a couple, young or older, to take care of the animals and such in our absence and do some regular chores daily. Hired Help, in other words.

I’m writing this as a record of intent. That’s why I’m publishing it on this blog, to get it out there.