Exciting day

Today our hens laid! As far as we know, three today. It’s raining quite heavily now, frequent lightening, so we haven’t checked the hens in awhile. πŸ™‚

Hawklady, one the Leghorns, then one of the Wyandottes laid. So we have a green, white, and brown each. My favorite combination! I didn’t see who laid the brown egg. Frank did. It was a Wyandotte, but he knows not which one. (He can’t tell the difference between them, for some reason πŸ˜‰ I can, Trinity has a tri-topped comb, and Pointsettia has a pointy curved topped comb, distinctive, both of them, and their feather patterns are a bit different as well.)

Earlier this afternoon Frank went to the store to get a few things, as well as get some mousetraps. We found a dead baby mouse on the front walk earlier this week. So that signifies other mice around no doubt. Foster, our outside cat, might have gotten that mouse, or another cat prowling around might have. In any case, the ants ate it, not a cat.

So Frank was at the store, and there’s Scarlet in the kitchen holding a mouse in her mouth. Russell saw it first and drew my attention to it. It was a regular sized big mouse. Well I couldn’t do anything, just keep my eye on her and the mouse in her mouth. It was alive. She held onto it, growling at the other cats gathering around her, following her … she’d put the mouse down now and then, it’d sit then try to run, then Scarlet would just pounce again and grab it up in her mouth to hold it.

Frank finally got home. He picked Scarlet up and put her in the garage, with the door down. We checked her a bit later and she still was holding that poor mouse. Another time Frank went in the garage to do something and Scarlet got in the house, holding the mouse still. I got her back out. It wasn’t fun, not wanting the mouse to fall on me, or for me to really touch it. So then she was in the garage again. Later I looked and didn’t see her. She must have been hiding. But on the step there was some white thing and gooky blood-like stuff around it. Not a lot, just a small thing, um, mouse-size innerds of some sort I guess. Sometime after that Frank looked in the garage and Scarlet came out of hiding and back into the house. She was all cutesy rubbing our legs and proud of herself. :rolleyes: Doing what God intended for her to do.

We have mousetraps now then. I hate using them. I really like mice. We had pet mice when I was growing up. Wild mice are different, I know. I still think they are cute though. That poor mouse that Scarlet had in the house, it was squeeking a few times, right after she’d put it down then pick it up again. Sigh. Poor little thing.

We live out in the country but not totally, but it’s country around and our yard is big. We have gotten mice in the house a couple of times in the past. I haven’t seen any in the house, just know they might be in the garage. So Scarlet’s mouse from today shows that they can get in the house. She got one, afterall, and is an indoor (totally) cat.

So it was a big day here, three eggs! And a live cat and mouse game.


  1. You had good hennie news and I have bad. πŸ™ Suffice it to say here that the most eggs we can get now are what you reported of your own today. I’m slow to blog lately…but I’ll mention it at my place soon… *sniff-sniff*

  2. Hi, Marysue! I was so glad to stumble over your blog. Ages ago (or so it seems!) I knew you over at the PW list and PP discussion board. It’s been fun to sort of catch up with your news and get a glimpse of your life. May the Lord bless you. Love in Him, Lucy from England

  3. Tamara, thanks! Our incoming egg count has increased dramatically and we are so happy for that. I haven’t updated anything here though, and just need to “make a new page” and start it again. Suffice it to say, the hens seem back to full production and get noisy when they are going to lay, and there’s a lot of “squawking” out there late morning, as today it was. :rolleyes

    We have new neighbors too, and so I feel weird with them there *maybe watching* and yesterday a little kid of theirs was on their deck “bawking” at me when I went to water the hens. Me being VERY much an Introvert when it comes to people I don’t know in close proximity — was squirming in my skin and have “felt like I’m in a fishbowl” ever since. πŸ™

    But I love them laying anyway. Oh to compare the grand grocery store “free range organic” eggs to my home grown ones, it’s amazingly … “Store Wars: The Next Generation, Rebellion of the True Farmers” … REAL natural, not just USDA Organic πŸ˜†

    I don’t know what it is per se, but maybe it’s just on my weedy grass they get the orangest yolks, the most delicate flavor, the fluffiest texture when scrambled, the smoothest wonderful anything when used any way. Compare them to grocery store’s best and the grocery store loses hands down.

    I made scrambled eggs from those ‘grocery store eggs’ yesterday and today, to finish them off. Palest yellow they were when mixing up. Blah yellow after cooked.

    I made scrambled eggs for me yesterday from my hens eggs. Orange-yellow when mixing, bright yellow gorgeous things after cooked.

    I can’t stand fried eggs now unless they are from eggs from our flock. :shocked: Gooey orange yolks are great. Pale yellow gooey yolks are grotesque. πŸ˜‰

    Tamara, your hennies just have to take a break sometime and they’ll get back up to speed eventually. Mine have taken many breaks this past year, and finally all seem interested in laying at the same time for the first time together in a long while. I had wanted new hennies this Spring, but we haven’t done anything about it. πŸ™ So I hope to get some biddies this Autumn that will lay first at Springtime. Our first hens, the Leghorns, were hatched in October and I liked how they were the first year. It’s sort of backwards, but it really seemed to make sense. The next two installments we got were all born in the beginning of the year, like end of January, and in February. I like egg production beginning in new birds in March, not July, or August!

    So anyhow, we have to do something with our Leghorns. They are old ladies, but laying right now. When they “stop again” they may not be let to live … but I’m not feeling so friendly about that right now. πŸ™

  4. Well, since I’m slow to post at my own blog… We *really* won’t be getting more than three now unless we purchase more chicks/pullets…a BIG (and I mean *big*) bear got two of them. *sniff-sniff* It was so sad. πŸ™

    I’m having computer woes…ds #2 (the 2 yr old) nearly killed the computer a few days after baby was born. Daddy had it on the table and ds dumped his cup of H20 on it. *sniff-sniff* some more. πŸ™ He sure did cripple it…I’m thankful it’s useable even if it is annoying turning it on…rebooting…and sometimes rebooting again to get it to work.

    I’ll say all this on my blog soon…and more probably… πŸ˜‰

  5. Store Wars gave me a good chuckle! Thought some who read my blog would appreciate it too. πŸ˜‰

  6. Tamara, I can appreciate your computer woes. I work on my lovely geriatric laptop … which is only slated as such since the Coke Spill Incident in July 2003(thanks to my two youngest.) Otherwise it’d be in good shape still.

    I had to remove the keyboard and turn off the task pad and the leftside USB and FIREWIRE ports don’t work right anymore.

    So I have a wireless keyboard and mouse for this laptop and somehow miraculously was able to clean it up and continue using it, but it’s fragile at times, not all the time though. It’s not a “movable laptop” easily since then though either, so it’s a “Glorified slim desktop” πŸ™

    Sorry about the bear and your chickens. That’s a hard one! I hope you’ll be able to get some new chicks soon. I want to as well.

    We got a full dozen yesterday, 11 the day before, and a dozen the day before that. I’m thrilled and know it won’t last forever. At most two aren’t laying at all, a brown layer and a white layer, but they might be taking turns and so I can verify that there are some that aren’t laying maybe, they just haven’t ALL layed in one day thus far this season to PROVE that they ALL ARE LAYING. — Just venting for my own comfort πŸ˜‰

    I really liked the Store Wars things, just shrieking inside that it’s part of the Emperors plot to ensnare us, the USDA … πŸ™‚ I envision the next version … just don’t have the wherewithal to create it myself.

    Which brings to mind the REAL Star Wars, maybe there is life after what’s out there already, a real Christian Ending. The True Last Episode. Hmmm.

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