Dennis is here, the outer north-east bands part of “him” that is. It’s breezey all of the sudden and tropical air and rain are falling (warm and big heavy drops rushing down). Dennis is a cat. 3 hurricane now, and expected to hit somewhere on the Gulf Coast by tomorrow morn, and he’s so big that this weather we are having up here is his influence.

The ground just got un-soggy from Cindy-rain today (still very damp though), so here we go with Dennis and it will be really muddy-ish and soggier than soggy as Cindy made things the other day.

We had another nest of Mockingbirds in a tree out back and they fledged from the nest the day after the Cindy rain. They are still little birdies and one is staying in a small tree near the tree that held their nest. There were 4 baby mocks. They all got out, but I lost track of one right away, and then another soon there after. There were two in the tree that just one is in now, until today. Having baby birds like that around make one consider how they get through such rainy times as this, in their weak young state. They hop around, still getting up their wings to learn soon. So it’s not like they can fly up into some sheltered area exactly. 🙁

I have to get pics up for the birds, I have a couple of nice little ones. I’m bad about getting them up now. I really just need to get them up here!

We are suppose to get a good bit of rain, but not sure, it does depend on how far West Dennis goes, or how far East, of course. I love the rain though. I really love it. I know it’s tough on others in other places, it’s what waters us in the summer though. We need it here. In any case, it’s lovely to hear the rain fall, soft, hard, breezes blowing the trees, curtains blow in and billow about sometimes, fresh clean air. 🙂