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Katrina’s Tail End

We are still under Tornado Watch and possible flash flood watch … but that seems to be one that affects those more by creeks and rivers, pond, streams, lakes, etc. We don’t have one that close. It’s not that we won’t ever be flooded, but it’s less likely where we are. We have had lots of rain this summer, we are quite filled up, so just a little extra rain can cause low level flooding, soppy yards, etc.

Last night it rained fairly steady and harder for awhile. I had to put towels around the bedroom A/C unit, water was leaking in pretty fast at times. Just the side-ways tropical rain. So often tropical storms around here do there deed at nighttime. Daylight rain was light. The sounds of the rain were light. Darkness fell, bigger storms rolled through and over us and flashed and banged, but little rain more than the light stuff fell. It wasn’t until after 11pm that the bigger rain came.

The yard this morning was wet, soggy but not soppy wet like some of the 2004 storms produced for us. But I will say that this storm, Katrina, afforded us more excitement overall. Little wind. Little rain, but great thunderous flashyness. I am comparing this all to the 2004 storms and how they acted over us. They dumped rain. Very few crackly fireworks if any. Katrina is definitely fiestier, fiesiest. Yes it did rain, indeed it did, but not in comparision to the rains of 2004 hurricane/tropical-degrades.

All the stories coming out of the sticken areas of The South are so sad. There is one that is the saddest. The older black man who lost his wife in the flood waters, their house split apart, they climbed to the roof and she couldn’t hold on, she said something like “I can’t hold on, take care of the children and grandchildren”. They haven’t found her yet. (I haven’t searched the net for this story, I heard it on TWC, interview with the man, Mr. Jackson in Biloxi, MS.)

That’s just one story out there. Cell phones are all out of service, other utilities are out. So information is sketchy to get at. This is an example of what techonology is: sensitive and not anything to be relied upon. :rolleyes:

I heard one TvCaster on TWC refer to New Orleans as “a cesspool” …hmmmm. maybe so, maybe it has been for awhile (please understand I speak of protestant faith issues! and the TWC was speaking to the water issues from broken levees and all the mess going on there.)

Well the weather today is: Clouds that are low and gray to black racing from the sw to the ne sort of. Breezes that are heavier than a “normal” day to light gustiness (which is delightful). The sun is out behind the clouds and peeks through now and then. Ah, that’s the power source for the tropical moisture to flare up into tornadical behaviour.

So the skies lightened at sunrise, and since then get darker, then lighter, darker, darker, lighter, darker … as the last fringes of Katrina stream overhead to the NE.

A Tribute to Katrina

I made up a new poem-ic phrase while IM’ing with Frankie last night:

Rumble, rumble, boil and crumble.

You know — the witchy brew chanting of literary edges … it’s a play on that. Offshoot tornadoes, awesome power in storms such as Katrina.

If you watch the news [about Katrina] you’ll see some things from Georgia, perhaps. Roofs gone, buildings crushed, fear struck into the hearts of many. Worse stories are starting to filter out of the coastal Gulf area.

God is so very powerful. So very much The Creator of all things wondrous. Storms like Katrina are a testimony to God’s power. Atheisticly minded folks won’t think so, but that doesn’t make it not true. Katrina was a massive Cat 5 hurricane as she steered towards the coastal area of the Gulf of Mexico. She slowly degraded, and is now a Tropical Storm, but something to watch out for still. She’s still a powerful Trop. Storm. She’s holding on.

Floods, mud, houses falling apart, tornadoes spawning off and ripping of rooves … it will continue today and Katrina’s remnants will meet up with another flow in the NE to dump upon the already wet and being rained on NE.

May God be Praised.

Turn your heart to God, let Him heal your wounds. Rebuilding, moving away to somewhere else, mourning losses, these things are temporal. The soul is not.

Under Tornado Warnings

We are under particular Tornado Warnings/Watches this evening. Just a while ago, oh about an hour ago already, I heard a bunch of rumblings to the South, and sure enough it was dark out that way, and lighting could be seen cloud to cloud. It then started to be the more dangerous type, ground to cloud. So I looked online and found there and on TV as well that Walton county had Tornado Warning on, and there was an immensely red and yellow cell from the most outer feeder band of Katrina there … and that county is not far away, in fact just below us.

Lightening action was intense for awhile, then seemed to pass by to the North. The TV radar is still showing very active cells below us though. So we’ll see what happens locally IRL. I turned the computer off and the network and phone stuff for awhile, but turned it on again to see what’s happening and to post this.

Frank is in Florida and can’t call me anyhow, so I wanted to get this online so he might see it. Our phone service is not working. DSL is though. We have vonage through DSL too, but that’s not working either. We only have one phone, so I can’t tell what’s up. Well, actually we do have another, the fax machine. I just went down and plugged it in, but it gives me the same “open” connection sound. I haven’t tried it in another jack, all jacks are connected daisy-chained anyhow. It’s weird though, that the modem can connect to the internet via the phone jack, but that vonage box isn’t connecting to vonage and neither is dial tone for local service that the DSL is through. Weird, weird, weird. It all started sometime this afternoon, I’m not sure when, there was no lightening around at all then.

The rain has been light since it started when I last posted. Steady at times, but never heavy. Just a light tropical rain. Before all the lightening was getting intense I was out looking at the clouds in the front of the house and had my camera, snapping a few things, and a Ruby-Throat Hummingbird came by. So I went in and made up some sugar water for them and filled the one feeder I have out there. I had filled it last week, but never saw them drink from it. I saw a hummer and so did Frank, but never did we see it feed. The feeder dripped dry. So I watched tonight after I put it out and there were two hummers that came back and were playing and flew to the feeder many times, back and forth here and there in the trees, across the street, zipping back and forth between all these and other things.

I got a few pictures, but they were blurry, and then I might have gotten a few better ones with the Hosta’s, but I have to check that out still. My hostas have some that bloom earlier and some that bloom later. The white blossoms are out now. The hummers fed on a few and that’s the time I snapped what might be croppable to blow up a bit.

It was lightly raining at that time, a time that hummers love to play in, I’ve noticed in past years. This is the first interaction I’ve had with hummers in a long time. Last year wasn’t heavy hummer time for us, and this year not at all until today. It was refreshing to see the hummers play in front of me. πŸ™‚

The lightening we had was refreshing too. Many cracks and booms and rumbles, and daggers and forks of lightening. Ah!

So being under Tornado Warnings is about actual spotted Tornadoes tonight, as well as weather being primed massively by the tropical system to just expect sudden tornadoes in the weather, often maybe diguised in heavy rain and not noticeable until it’s too late if you aren’t in a safe spot … then you are toast. So of course I was out on the porch watching. I wasn’t standing in the open, but I guess it’s a spot that’s not recommended in any case. I saw nothing but nice clouds, gentle rain, and massive lightinging here and there. There were notices on TV of spotted tornadoes, but in directions not exactly affecting us, so I was just watching carefully, enjoying the weather phenoms.

I’ll have some photos to post later, if any of the hummers or night cloud photos turned out.

Tropical rain begins

We have sprinkles starting, the sky is dark grey and blackish clouds … and it’s a large area of such. The radar for our state shows rain over us and growing.

The county next to us to the west has/had tornado warnings. So … the evening rainy thundersomeness of tropical moisture has begun for us.

Doggy is in his crate. I do hope we don’t lose power for any reason, I don’t have any “eat without heating up” sort of foods on hand really.

We do have a propane gas outdoor stove, but Frank never set it up for me since we got it … πŸ™ He’s not here, it’s too heavy for me to do anything with, so I hope I have no use for it in particular today or tomorrow.

Georgia Clouds – Tropical Connection to Katrina

I took a few pictures of some clouds forming and coming in, from the Westerly direction. Beautiful clouds. Here are two of the pictures.

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina coverage on the Weather Channel is what I’ve been watching the last few days on and off, I watched it through this past night (when I was awake, as I was and have been the last several days, a pattern that I go through often enough, it’s not unusual) and so I’ve seen it all as it came through and changed into a humoungous hurricane and gained fame as the 4th strongest hurricane in the US ever recorded. Hows that for an introductory runon sentence πŸ˜‰

Katrina is making her third landfall right now, in Missippippi. Jim Cantori remarked in a phoned in report not long ago that the flooding he saw where he is was “something I’ve never seen” … a big statement coming from him! He reported that they were 27 or so feet above sea level, and thought themselves safe from the surge, but had to suddenly evacuate to higher ground when the water came into the parking lot and was covering the cars in about 20 minutes … three to four feet of water, 27 feet above sea level.

The Weather Channel is remarking too that the surge forcasted is the highest surge ever, wave heights are huge too. Katrina was a Category 5 hurricane yesterday, and weakened to a Cat 4 in the night before landfall, but at landfall she was 140 mph sustained winds and that’s nothing to shirk off. Not as bad as the previous strength of 175 mph, but still … 140 is bad. 100 is bad enough.

We are in NE Georgia, and not in harms way, but will be under a flood watch later, and a wind advisory (25 mph or more sustained winds) and most likely a tornado watch. So that’s not NOT in harms way, really.

Reports of fuel problems are racking up. Gas prices will surely rise, shortages become a problem in The South, maybe nationally, that’s what I heard from Jeb Bush, Gov. of Florida, on TV a bit ago, and that’s also data that’s reported elsewhere.

Jim Cantori was talking in his phone report that I discussed above that all sorts of things were floating around, like a big garbage bin, the sort that looks like a train box, just floating around, that’s a super heavy tonage kind of thing just floating around.

The air around our house changed since yesterday. It was mild feeling yesterday, not too hot nor too humid. I walked outside this morning, and it wasn’t hot, but I could barely breathe, it was so humid, so very tropically humid. Thanks to God that we have A/C window units this part of summer! πŸ™‚

Frank is flying to Florida for a short trip for work. He had to go, this was planned before Katrina was born. He’ll be there overnight and the concern is airport troubles when flying home tomorrow.

Right now, on TWC there’s another phone report coming in from where Jim Cantori is, his producer, and he is talking about the flooding problems, and that they now had to be evacuated to the second floor of the building they are in, he said the water out there earlier was literally a sudden river rushing at them, and they had to flee for their lives, and that NOW there is at least 6 inches of water on the first floor of the hotel …. the worst any of them, the crew that covers these hurricane events, has ever seen. Absolutely the worst ever.

This is a historic storm. I thought as much when I heard that Katrina was named. She lived up to her name. That hard “K” sound is feisty. Camille was feisty too. Katrina wasn’t too nasty her first landfall, but people died. That’s bad. The damage that we’ll see in the coming weeks when crews can get into the areas now under threat will be interesting. This isn’t good, but it’s stuff that I love to see. I’m very weather-fan-storm-chaser oriented. Some people have to be. I didn’t “professionally” go into weather … I could have, but didn’t. I don’t mean I had an opportunity, but I could possibly have, but didn’t pursue it. I’ve been a storm enthusiast since I was very young.

The point of this post is just to record the event, this very historic event, Hurricane Katrina. We are under her cloudy edge, the outer outer clouds associated with the monster storm. We’ll see some wind and rain most likely later, I’ll report back as to what happens.

Ode to a Lizzard

Ode to a Lizzard

Death came quickly
to your doorstep

I tried to protect you
but all in vain

For I was the one
who wielded the weapon

I was the one who
caused you the pain

I cried with sorrow
at your passing

I cried with guilt
I cried with shame

But those around
me stared and mocked me

And will no longer
remember your name

by Marysue S.


I wrote the short poem above many years ago. I was still living at home (late teens, early 20’s), and some incident in my family’s living room caused this ode to form in my mind. The exact circumstances elude me. The sentiments in the poem tell the tale in full though, without recalling the exact details. I wrote it down right away.

I recall writing this. I recall the tears. The sorrow. I cannot, though, recall exactly what happened at the event. Something my mother did resulted in me dropping something is the best my fuzzy memory can recall, but it’s not surety.


13 is supposedly a bad number.

They say the 7 year itch is something.

Now it’s just a year before the double of 7.


Frank got a desk for himself and a desk for me this past week. I put mine together the other day, it was easy, I just needed help with the glass for the top, carrying it over to be installed, then flipping the entire unit once built.

I’m in the torn-apart kitchen with the new desk. Last time I was “up here” at all with a comuter was with my old laptop. This is different though, I have a nice glass computer desk now. I’m behind the stove, but able to be around all the goings on in the kitchen/dining/living area. I had been relegated to the downstairs office, way out of it, for me.

The freedom came when we ditched the ethernet connection and got me a wireless pci card. πŸ™‚ I stayed down there in the office though after that, since I didn’t want to figure out where to put the table … the small casual dining table that’s been my ‘desk’ for a long while now.

The glass desk was a bonus for me. (Frank’s was planned moreso than mine was) So I’ll have those tables (he is using my bigger old casual dining table) back eventually for kitchen, learning, etc. use. Both new desks are from Staples. We looked at all the major office stores last week and in the weeks before. The point being we were looking for cheaper slim solutions. We saw plenty of nice big office desks, computer oriented versions and whole suites, but they are all out of our realm in this house. Pricey too. So what we saw at Staples were a few different desks in a certain product line. Mine is glass and metal, very solid, blue tempered glass, a wide desk area, keyboard drawer below, and two shelves below that to hold the computer, and other things. On the desktop is an elevated shelf to hold the monitor. In the “table” setup I’d have little room left on the surface to write, or store anything, with just a monitor, the computer, and the keyboard and mouse right there on the one surface. This new desk affords me super-duper space. It’s all open and lovely. I like the glass look. It’s very modern, moreso than our house is. Well think on that a second, our house is in torn-apart status. Modern glass furniture is sort of bizarre in here. (wall 3/4’s torn apart, moldings torn out, flooring torn out, living on subflooring, cabinets partly torn out and sitting against the other wall.)

In any case, it’s functional, and puts me back in the thick of things. I can do things on the computer and cook, and do this and that, and the other, more easily now. Before it was that I was down in the “basement” and that takes me away, and I can’t jump up and go do things and do any sort of computer work that way, I had to just sit down.

This desk is mine, but meant to eventually be the children’s computer desk. Once the kitchen is moreso underway in construction, I’ll have to move, and whenever I can get a laptop again, I’ll have the option of getting a lovely wood writing desk that will fit into a small space better. That’s no time soon, hopefully the kitchen work will be soon, and I’ll find a corner to squish into. πŸ™‚

This is all just a lesson in organization. Modern computer equipment is quite unruly in how it has all those cables and needs for electricity. I good desk that can manage all that is worth it. It’s the “gadget” that helps one to organize well. Previously we had an organization attempt in a small computer armoire, and we didn’t like it much after we got it. It closed us in and was a nightmare for organization. It had doors to shut it away, and papers piled up and things got put in it, it wasn’t fun. It was a magnet for disorganization. That was a long time ago though, we haven’t used that in a very, very long time for a computer. Victoria has it now for putting things into. More suitable for that.

For me, I need to have my things out in the open to understand them. Work related things (which is kitchen, family, education, hobby) for me need to be visible and accessible. So this desk is a dream for me. Glass see through-ness, my computer is visible, but not in my way physically. I can access the buttons on it easily. If I have a problem with it, it won’t be so hard to get it up on my desktop and work on it, either.

Frank’s desk is still in it’s box. It’s a maple-laminate and metal sort of desk. It’s not the usual cheap laminate desk (what I think about when I think about put-together cheap furniture.) It has a slim appearance, but lots of horizontal space for all that active paperwork he’s involved with. With this desk he’ll be able to be more organized as well.

It’s all good.

Hens and dog again

I just moved the Leghorn pen, the slow way, inch by inch, pull this side, pull that side, straighten that part, pull again … etc.

I checked for eggs there this morning, much earlier, and noticed dirt next to the pen, and a hole right there. There were no eggs in the pen. Victoria had said yesterday that there were 3 eggs in there. I hadn’t gotten them, they should have been there today. But they weren’t, and I can venture to say what it was. Not really a guess, just a “didn’t see it” but evidence is high enough to understand it.

Doggie ate baby bird today. Doggy must have dug next to and under the hennie pen to get those eggs. They don’t have a nest box in there right now, so they’d be available if they were near to the side of the pen. Doggy has never done this before. Dug, yes. Dug into the pen? No.

There are several white feathers all over the pen. It’s my guess that he did the deed earlier this morning, he was out loose all night. He had been in his crate all afternoon because of the thunderstorms, so I let him out last night to run free, didn’t put him in his own pen out there. I should have. He just must have scared the whities, and some lost a few feathers in fright, they all were there, and looked aright. [yes, that’s it, “aright” not a mispelling!]

I just didn’t realize that the baby birds would be out of their nest so soon, or that the dog would dig to get eggs ever. Dumb me. I knew previous to yesterday that I wanted the dog put away from about then on “because of the possible mocks out of nest soon”. Kick myself a bit there.

So I finally decided it’s best to move the hens further from that hole the dog made. I moved them a bit, then more, then figured since I was doing it inch by inch and I’d done that much, it’s not much harder to just keep going and move them out to totally fresh grass. I’m bad about it when Frank’s not here and I don’t feel well. So now that I’m thinking on it I do need to give them a box again. I’ll try and get them one a bit later, the sun is brutal at this hour still.

I did get one egg from that pen this afternoon. The A-frame biddies haven’t laid a thing in a few days, and just one egg before that, and very little before that. They look fine. Nice and red combs and all that. Figuring it’s time to turn on a light for them. Already. I don’t know, and don’t feel like looking it up, how much daylight we have this week each day, or how soon it gets down to much lower. All in all, the hens have laid when they’ve wanted to, in their second year, and don’t go by conventions sake at all. God knows why, but we don’t. πŸ™‚

So when it comes down to it, those three eggs the dog got *most likely* really add up to be missed at this time of the year, especially seeing as the A-Framers haven’t contributed to the pot at all recently.

Various: Cold, Kitty Litter, etc.

Today I feel a lot better, and I thank God very much for that! But saying that I’m still sick, my throat actually is scratchy again too. I’m not sneezing, or at least not as much as I did yesterday. No sneeze *yet* today, in other words. Yesterday I noticed the tickly trickle make you choke streams beginning. For me, that signals the end, and can go on for days or weeks or months, depending on everything at the time. These are the trickly things that make you cough, and if you try and suppress that coughy-stuff, if you are where you don’t want to cough, you start to choke and turn into a million burning tiny pieces of hot burning embarrassed cheeks. I don’t like this part, but it’s better than the stuff forever-it-seems cold.

I’m still all stuffy and all that, but not as miserable, Sudafed is doing a better job, so the war is winding down πŸ™‚

We’ve had our kitty litter pans out in the backyard for a long time. In our house right now we have no good place to put them. So with problems in upkeep, etc., they got tossed out back to be cleaned and never got worked on, just piled up with other things when Frank mowed the grass, and time marched on.

Instead of them I used water boxes (the same kind as I use for the hennies nest box in the Superyard) and that worked fine, depending on how well they were cleaned out. Cardboard box with litter and 6 cats, I have to say we’ve had to throw away the whole box instead of cleaning it out, more than once.

I got so sick of that today when Russell decided to listen and clean out the box, didn’t do it yesterday at all … so I had him go out in the backyard with me and find a real litter box. We found one, and I got him started on cleaning it, soaking it first. After breakfast I gave him a sponge scrubby and a bowl of hot soapy water. He did a good job of cleaning off, but really nature had done the job as well, with sun and rain on it for how many weeks? It was litterless that whole time, mind you.

While he was out there, I was inside at the computer. He came running in yelling at one point. The news was: “The dog is eating a baby bird under the deck.”

Oh, poor things. The baby mocks must have been older than I knew and come out of the nest this morning. The dog was running around the fenced yard and saw a nice snack. Oh poor baby(ies) who knows how many of them their were or how many he got or got away. The nest is the one I talked about a few days ago, it’s high up in the tree. I looked around and didn’t see any other birds in the tree or other trees where they have gone before, earlier clutches. I didn’t walk the fence line, I figure there wouldn’t be any there, if you know what I mean. :rolleyes:

I saw one Mockingbird on the fence after all that, but wonder where the parent were when the dog got the baby(ies). There was no ruckus.

So anyhow, back to the litter, we have the box in the house now and it’s a better thing to have litter in, comparing it to the cardboard temporary system I had going badly.

We have stairs that go down to the basement area (walk out level though) and it usually gets full of junk fast. I clean it out, and then stuff falls down the steps, clothing, toys, paper-stuff-that-should-be-thrown-away, etc. It’s part of the “we are messies” household stuff. It’s not that we like it, but it’s like, for me, I wouldn’t let that stuff be there, I wouldn’t get it like that all by myself, but I don’t live by myself, THEY live with me. Now who will change this: Do we all care about it? No. The young ones don’t care at all. :rolleyes: They should. I’m trying to get them to see where they walk, if there is something on the floor, pick it up and throw it away if it’s garbage. Don’t walk through it and kick it. Don’t drag it. Put dirty clothes in basket, in laudry room at least. Not on the floor. Put toys in your room. It’s hard to understand how beloved toys are just lounging around on the steps and down in the hallway, far from where they are supposed to be played with, and then more stuff falls down there and the dust bunnies all go there to live … it’s a mess.

In this case then there were also three big chunks (half-wall size) of drywall leaning against the wall.

I figured, “Well here’s as good a place as any for the kitty litter.”

Frank will need to get the drywall out of the laundry room when he gets home. I dragged it into there to get it out of the hallway. Then I just broadly swept everything else into the other room downstairs, and shut the door. That’s the stuff the children have to pick through to find their stuff and then throw away and put away everything else as is appropriate. The hallway was then clear. So the box and the accessories are down in the hallway, in the way, sure, but much less in the way than all that other stuff was. I mean, there is a clear path to walk next to the litter box, a clear path down the steps and through the hallway to each door there.

It’s not the nicest place for a litter box, but then, it’s not exactly the worst place, considering where else we have to put it. It was something that we talked to Russell about this year, keeping the litter box clean is his responsibility and Mama and Daddy’s, but it’s HIS job to make sure he does it every day, at least once. He agreed. But doesn’t follow through. He loves to “play” and plays all day and if you remind him of his job he droops and complains that he hasn’t played today enough yet. Blah, blah, blah, that don’t fly! πŸ™‚

The other task he has, which he agreed to, was to sweep the steps and hallways. Upstairs and downstairs, that’s two small flights of steps and two short hallways. Sweep every day. Put clothing that strays into hall into baskets. Throw papers and things that fall away. Put toys away. Put whatever is there, away. Don’t let it stay. He just ignores it all and walks over it. Doesn’t sweep, therefore, no way to do that with all the stuff there.

It’s like this for me: I may be the mother and housekeeper and all that, but I can’t pick up and sweep every little thing in every single room all by myself every day and just constantly upkeep everything else as well. All my children contribute to the mess, they have arms and legs and energy enough to help. It’s not like I ask them to do much. No, just don’t make a mess, and if you do, clean it up. See paper on the floor, it’s not yours, so what, pick up that paper and throw it away.

It’s a Visual-Spatial Visibility problem, really. Messies are always Visual-Spatial, but Visual-Spatials come in degrees of messies, not all are messies and all the ones that are messies are differing degrees and levels of messies.

The overall problem is though, they can live in chaos and find things they need in a messy stack. It’s organized sort of, not in a sequential way, but it’s something that that messy understands. So it goes into it further that when things get messy, they are too hard to think of cleaning up right then, there’s no place to put this or that, so our minds put an invisible skin over the stuff and we just don’t see it anymore.

It’s this problem with the hallways and steps and floors of most rooms. Sigh. I’m less a messy than that. I am a piler. I don’t like stuff on the floor. I live with it since I hate bending over. It hurts my lower back and I end up in pain from picking stuff up. I learned long ago not to, or else. I know that if I’m doing something and I drop it, I need to pick it up. Sooner or later, sooner. Right then or when I do something make sure I pick it up at the end of the job. I try and do so in most cases.

So it’s only out-of-control messies that make it worse. We live with messier than should be because of the invisible “it’s not mine” sort of thing in the children.

So I’m out to make sure in the case of the downstairs hallway, it’s there that the kitty litter is, it is there and NOTHING will disguise it, fall into it, kick it. It will be cleaned out regularly and be kept in order. The hall and stairs will be kept clean. End of story.

I’ve been TRYING to get things more in order for years now. Trying to get a place for most things. That’s the kicker to organization, and it’s why our house is not organized, we don’t have all the spaces we need to organize in.

Some people are natually cleanies. Yes, they are full of will and can do it.

Some though are naturally not like that. They want to have nice places to live, but don’t have the wherewithall to pull it off.

I don’t think either is the best spot for anyone. The cleanie should relax a bit. The messy needs to have a team that will help, and gadgets and shelves and drawers enough to help them do it.

So it’s the hardest part when messy marries messier, and have three messiest children. What’s a plain messy to do with messier and messiests in the house with her! So it’s been my desire to pare down. Get rid of stuff. But even doing that, things pile up more.

Add on to it that we have the house torn up. It’s just more messy than we naturally are. We have need of building things in the kitchen and dining room … and then consider all that and being sick. Who does much when they are sick? Things pile up more.

So it’s nice to be feeling a bit better, but then again, not really πŸ˜‰

I am trying to get the whole kitchen area swept up and re-oriented. Half of everything is still in boxes, with the counter and cabinets of more than half the area disconnected and in half-use. The old cardboard kitty litter area was in the corner of the kitchen, so now that THAT is out of there (YES!) I think I can rev myself up to move more around and tidy that up a bit and get it more ready to do that cabinet painting eventually. I still need to sand down those cabinets I already painted, the paint got groovy and spotchy in areas and so I need to get that smoothed out to roll on a top coat, then finish the other cabintets too.

As soon as this cloggy cold goes away, I’ll be able to start that. I hope we can start on building the central L of the kitchen then too.

Soup, Weather, TV

I’m on day #, … ? I guess three or four, of symptoms … this cold, ugh. I’ve dragged through the past few days due to having this ‘puter to occupy myself with πŸ™‚

The TV isn’t much value when there is nothing much on. I mean, DirecTv and there is nothing on. I can’t say there isn’t anything on for real, but really on, not much. So I layed abed a bit later in the morning, after breakfast, and flipped on the telly and watched the end of some 1960 movie, dumb, I needed to see the beginning of it obviously. Irrelevant as to what it was.

I don’t mind watching BBCA sometimes, if there is something on that I don’t mind. πŸ˜‰ So thankfully there was something on. I saw the last half of Changing Rooms this morning. It’s what the american TLC show “Trading Spaces” is based on.

Comparing the two shows, it’s culture clash to consider the differences. I am American, yes, I am, true blue born American. I don’t like American brashness though. It comes through loud and clear on that TLC programme. See my true colours coming through? I’m using real spelling on the words that fall out of my fingers, if I can think of them. It’s not that I am trying, it’s that I naturally like British spellings. I used to be a reader, you know, still am, just not as much as I was years ago, when the love of spelling brit was so high for me.

Next on TV this morning, BBCA, was Cash in the Attic. Now I love that programme. It’s peculiarly delicious. Rummaging around other peoples homes, homes that often are as old as the country I live in, chocked full of stuff, attics and basements and spare rooms and hallways, and all the other odd names for room that they have which my stuffy cold-symptomed head can’t recall right now.

Another show they do air is What Not to Wear. I love that programme too. I really do like the ladies that star in it, and find their method of choosing which women to help out very uncomfortable, being an introvert as I am, it’s difficult to watch those women who ALL need help, and see which are intros and which are extros and … well it’s sort of like those HGTV shows, Designers Challenge, for one, which has a home owner with something, a room or section of the house, they want it re-done, and there are three designers which draw up plans, and they each seperately pitch the plan to the homeowner, and the homeowner has to pick the designer to do the job.

I get involved too deeply in these kind of shows. I watch closely and I choose the right people … and then have to sit back and wait to see if the ladies pick the right ladies, or if the homeowner picks the right designer.

In the cases that they get it right, it feels trimphantly brilliant, to use a of bit brit-speak again (not saying THEY say that, they just like the word “brilliant” is all I mean). I squirm inside when they pick the wrong thing/person/people. It works out in the end, but if it’s the “wrong pick” a loose end or two exists (in my mind) which can never be tidied up. πŸ™

In any case, I like both those shows, but I like the BBC What Not to Wear moreso, they really do always pick someone(s) who really need help, and really do help them. Their manner is kind, and loving and tough, all combined. It’s not about “fashion” or “being thin” either, it’s only about being who you are and looking what’s best for you, to give yourself confidence and all that sort of thing.

Now, that show wasn’t on, but I did see commercials for it. So I was reminded of it, as well as I consider it when I think of Trading Spaces or Changing Rooms. There is an american version of What Not to Wear, whatever it’s called and it has a man and a woman hosting it. It’s like all the american stuff though, moreso brash, than not. It’s not a bad show at times, but overall its rough compared to the brit What Not to Wear. [rough in how I mean “sophmoric” or “slick” which means really “not as good but thinks it’s better” πŸ˜‰ ]

This is all my opinion, mind you. All coming from a sick mind. Well, not my mind, not it being sick, just me sick, the body that the mind currently resides in. πŸ™‚

So TV time was alright for a bit. Then crash bang, a thunderstorm rolled in and grew and grew over our house. It cut off DirecTv for awhile, the black clouds blocked the satellite signal. So I left the TV and dragged around the house. The lightening was really active. We lost power for a couple of seconds. That was fairly early on, when the first really close crash of thunder was noticeable. Of course, I hadn’t shut down the computer yet. It happened naturally then, of course. πŸ™‚ Oh wouldn’t it be nice if PC’s had a nice little lithium rechargeable battery just for such times. I know, I know, you can get batterybackup things … it’s not what I mean though. I mean, a slot to hold a laptop battery. Insert. Take out. Switch. Use it in your laptop or on the PC. Dumb idea. Sure.

It’s all useless if you need to use a big old CRT screen anyhow. I do. I’m looking forward to the days when I can have a 17-inch or larger flat screen LCD monitor. I’d like over 20-inches, in reality.

I’m rambling. I made soup for lunch. But it still is sitting in the bowl next to me. I just don’t feel like eating it. It’s cold and gross now anyhow. Ick. I can’t think of dinner either. I’ve made myself make dinner the last couple of nights, but it’s late by the time I make it. This cold is the traditional type of illness with me: I am miserable when I wake up, but drag around, and by late afternoon I start feeling just horrible, and feel like I should maybe die for the next few hours, and then feel better later evening, so much more better that I can’t go to sleep, then get miserable sometime in the middle of the night again, after I finally do fall asleep, cycle completes, then starts over.

The thing about the evening that I have heard since I was young is that the time of the day for temperatures of the body to go higher is then, so if you are sick, it’s the time when you will feel worse, if you are feverish your fever will get higher … no kidding you don’t feel good then, really, it’s true for me, if not for everyone. 4 to 7 approx. is the witching hour for sickies. So thinking of that, I’ll post this and go lay down and see what’s on BBCA, FOODTV, HGTV … if nothing there, then WeatherChannel is my fallback. :rolleyes: I don’t mind it, but I like it more if there’s a weather event going on. There’s really not right now. Trop. Storm Irene is out there and may strengthen, so I heard earlier today, but that storm’s far away in the ocean and not near any land yet.

Achoo! I mean, bye! πŸ˜‰


It’s mid-morning in the USA now, and Audioscrobbler’s site is still only showing the “new site” message, but the magic behind the scenes must be working, the plugin I use is connecting and submitting now. It wasn’t earlier this morning. Progress!

Update: [1:52pm] The plugin only connected to send in three or four tracks, but that was something, more than nothing. Activity. Connection. Still waiting for website to change … and plugin to connect again … πŸ™‚

Update: [3:05pm] The plugin connected again, and tried to send in some tracks, but then got an error “200” message in the log file, and then it tried to connect several more times and it downloaded “style” and “html” code stuff instead of doing whatever it was supposed to. So I shut down WMP and opened up the log file and deleted the garbage in it. Then I restarted WMP a few minutes later and the plugin connected and sent the cached tracks in and has since sent in OK the last track I just played, and is logging the current track, and seems to be connected. Submission is based on if the plugin can connect at the actual time it sends the data, of course, but the thing is: there is progress still happening. Behind the current though, what is going on? We are anxious for the exact timing of the show beginning, when is the curtain call? :shrug-I-don’t-know: but content to wait for my dear friend audioscrobbler to come out and play.

Update: [3:45pm] loaded. Whoopee! It’s nice and red/cranberry. I logged in. It’s got my info, icon, it’s crawling though … sloooowwww but it’s in now, it’s logged my recent listenings and it’s so different! Way to go guys (Russ, etc.) I first new something was different when I hit “refresh” and it slogged and didn’t load that “new site” page. So I canceled and just tried, so now I’m trying to load my audioscrobbler profile. It’s in. It’s It’s mirrored. Hmmm.

.: technorati: :.

Audioscrobbler Updating

Audioscrobbler has been down for site maintenance. I got hooked on using them in, uh, May I think, or some such timeframe near to that. In July I had my computer, the Vaio GRV-550 laptop that died, it’s what I used to listen to music up in the main floor area of the house, connected to a 2.1 digital speaker stand-alone set. I had ripped a bunch of CD’s into my computer, and played what I wanted to out of all the tracks, made my own odd playlists, listened to whole albums often though.

Audioscrobbler got me more interested in listening to precisely what I was in the mood for, as is my actual methodology for music listening, but Audioscrobbler helped me fine-tune my habit, and I also have found new music to start to like through them. Needless to say nearly, it might seem apparent to some of you, when my laptop died, I was in withdrawl a bit. It wasn’t a bad habit and therefore something I should have stopped, it was just that my computer was playing music so much of the time for me, and I loved the interactive lists that audioscrobbler had available of aggregate info. All the sudden having no machine to play music on like that … was very hard.

I couldn’t listen to music on the desktop at first, as I was sharing that with Frank. Then he got his laptop, and I could quietly listen to music while I was at the desktop, seeing as it’s in Frank’s office … but just a few days into that phase is when something unknown went haywire and I was without computer entirely again. Finally we got the new hardware that we bought interm to work, and I have a computer to work on and listen to music on again. But it’s still in Frank’s office. It’s wired into the network, and this is the only place to do that currently. So I’m stuck here.

Frank is out of town, so it’s a good time to actually listen to music louder. I hadn’t been on Audioscrobbler for weeks, then I was on and listened to some during two different weeks, then I layed off and didn’t go there the last few days. I checked it out yesterday and … it’s offline. New Improved site coming soon.

Today same thing. Then just now I went back and it says “new site
Tuesday 9th August.” That’s tomorrow! πŸ™‚

I would hook up my good speakers down here if I could, but I can’t. I am realizing just now that we took them on a trip with us, when we went to Charleston, in case we would watch a movie on Frank’s laptop in the hotel. We didn’t. When we got home Frank brought stuff in the house, but never brought in the speakers. I saw that a bit later, and didn’t make a move to bring them in. I knew it since then, and just didn’t do anything about it. Now they are in the airport, that’s where our van is, and I can’t get to them at all. :rolleyes:

I’m a bit excited to see what audioscrobbler will unveil tomorrow!

Rainy Monday

Frank is out of town today. He’s got my cold now too, just the headcold part so far. He doesn’t sound so good over the phone. He says he’s feeling OK though. I, for myself, am not feeling that bad, but I had another bad night last night, that’s three in a row. It’s this virus-cold thing. I’m just bothered by it enough that in the day it’s just blah and not bad just blowing the noze and sneezing off and on, and feeling a bit tired, more tired when I sit down, but at night, I’m tired, very tired, in bed I am just achy blah, not comfy, not totally horrid, just not comfy at all.

I’ll be glad when this thing lifts.

I’m a bit yuckied at this though, since I was planning on painting the hallway upstairs, with Frank not here. But I’m feeling bad enough not to undertake that job. Well, I do have to get the hens moved outside. They were moved yesterday, but Frank was going to move them for me today before he left, and forgot. It’s been raining, so it’s mucky in their pens already. It’s like that. If it doesn’t rain it’s alright to leave them there a day or two. With rain it’s best to move them two or three times a day. Rarely do they get moved when it’s raining though, so the white hens get really muddy and terrible looking. The other hens are all dark and look fine in any sort of weather.

The last few days the hens haven’t laid as much as they had been doing. Don’t know why. It’s just the way it is sometimes. So off I go to slosh through the wet grass, it’s very soggy underneath it all.

Go figure

Go figure, the last post I wrote yesterday, I felt much better. My throat felt better. Big deal it was! Really. But by the time it was nearing bedtime I was aware of the truth. I was only going downhill. I have a cold. I am now miserable. Bad night, awoke with the clock by the other side of the bed showing: 10:07am; :veryshocked:

I stumbled downstairs and there were all three children, watching Roly Poly Oly (disney childrens animated show – cute stuff.) And Russell was just helping himself to a cup of coffee :rolleyes:

“Where’s your Daddy?” I managed to push out through my very cloggy voice box.

“Oh, at church!” they all replied in unison.

Then they swarmed around me and into the kitchen all yapping at the same time saying different things though. It was caos! They were only telling me that their Daddy had left one more toaster tart and one icing packet for me. They apparently were charged with telling me that when I arose. OK. Sugary tart for breakfast, feeling bad, icky cold symptoms. No thank you!

I usually don’t buy such things. Frank does sometimes. He does it to help make things easy. Good intentions, the children love it, I like it sort of, the product, but inside know it’s junk and wouldn’t buy it myself, and … blah, blah, blah I could go on, but won’t. πŸ˜‰

I was just surprised at how late it was when I awoke, and that my husband left and went to church leaving the children all there. If charged properly it can work, our eldest is 9, but it’s not always a kosher thing to do. All in all, Frank must have just left when I awoke. It’s probably what awoke me. But when I made my way down it was obvious that he was totally gone, and the children wouldn’t be able to say exactly when he left, or estimate it very well. We had talked the night before and he was going to take one or two of them with him, but must have chickened out when the time arrived, and I was still abed. Yes, better to leave them all then to leave only Asa with me still asleep. But that’s an ethereal situation, not what happened. Activities of a higher nature, getting the other two ready, would have awoken me anyhow. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Well this Cold-virus is not a fun thing. I avoided the ickies for so long, only to finally have it come slamming down on me right when Frank is poised to go on a week long trip for work. Ugh, ick, yuck. That’s how it often is with me, it toys with me and I guess I get my army defending well at first, then I start to feel sick, then better, the army is defending well. That then brings another rebel-army to the door, and my army defends again, and again. Then a new marauding army comes to town and barges in and flattens my army posted at the gate. It gets in. Full Body War begins.

It’s probably just a mutation-ish thing, these dumb viruses hit the children, they’ve never had them before, and the virus does it job. The whole time it’s looking at me and saying “I’ve seen you before” and somehow changes itself to become a worthy virus for me or beckons another passing virus to join in the cause. Thanks a lot.

Windy Mocky Weather

I was just outside a bit ago, and there was a new storm brewing over head. My throat has gotten better since I last wrote, the previous post to this. Anyhow, the sky was black in patches, large patches, funny format of edge design, very flat clouds. There was blue sky visible, but not very much, but layers of higher clouds visible where black clouds were not covering the lower sky. I was moving the hens, and Frank was out there already, before me, chatting on the cellphone with someone.

So since it looked like it was going to rain again I took advantage of the cooler air with the storm overhead, and moved the hens one last time today (I had moved them earlier). I was listening to the air sounds around, and heard a great rustling sound coming from the East. I looked, and sure enough all the trees that way were swaying, the leaves being frenzy thrown too and fro on their branches. The wave moved closer and closer and suddenly it was swirling around us in our yard. Oh the wonder of a great swirly wind of fresh air. The wind movement calmed a bit, but stayed fresh and high, fast but not as swirly crazy as it first had hit.

It was a nice time, so cool and autumn like. It was late in the day, so the sun was lower (it’s amazing how much lower it is at this hour, the Summer IS going fast. It seems it was only the longest day of the year a short time ago.) I got done moving the hens and then fed them more layer feed (they appreciated that!)

I then just stood and devoured the delicious weather feelings. I had also gone inside just before and washed my hands and invited the children out to feel the windy weather. So we were all out in the yard. I heard some baby birds calling, and it sounded close.

I went over to the Maple which has a nest in it, high up in the tree. It’s so far up there … no way to see into it, even with our tall ladder (it’s not an extension ladder, it’s just a 6-foot type normal big ladder) but I watched it, and sure enough more chirping came from right up there, then a Mockingbird flew out of the nest. An adult, of course.

That nest was there long ago in the Summer. It wasn’t only just recently built. I did’t notice any activity in it at all though until now. I haven’t been in the yard much this Summer, but I have been out there some. I’ve heard chirping mockingbird babies often, even through closed windows. We hosted two successful mockingbird nests earlier in the season. I know I’ve heard other clutches of mockingbirds in the trees on the property next to us and across the street as well. So here was a newer clutch, new baby mocks high in the Maple directly across from the Maple that hosted the first Mockingbird nest of the year. That makes three nests. Impressive by our standards. We’ve not hosted one in the backyard before this year (not including the Bluebird Nest Box nestings). We had one in the front October Glory Maple the first year we installed that tree, but not since. Northern Mockingbirds are very prolificly breeding this year, at least around here they are seemingly doing more of it than in the past that I’ve gained an interest in noticing. πŸ™‚

So it was a nice way to end the lingering windy daylight, then the rain came down in drippy little drops and felt so nice, then got heavy, so we went inside.

It’s going, but blah

I’m not feeling so swell. All night I felt miserable while I was “supposed” to be asleep, but often am not. I was more miserable than normal. When daylight came and I got out of bed (I ususally, during such nights do sleep a bit right before and after dawn, also sometime earlier in the evening for an hour or two or more, often having waking anywhere between 1 and 5 am or before even.) Not that this should alarm anyone reading, I am officially “a nightowl”, have been since I was more aware of myself. I have memories to when I was Two, and they are vivid, but fuller awareness of self came when I began reading voraciously at age 8. I was a nightowl before that, but became super-aware at that time and know for certain of my nightactivitybrainness from that point on.

Anyhow, I’ve had a scratchy throat the last few days off and on, with it getting moreso persistent the last day or so. I’ve been really stuffy headed too, since when the children exibited illness symptoms. I also equate that with around when the A/C window units were fired up. Not that they are what made us sick, but it’s all co-incidental as well as tied together. The A/C conditions exasperate my allergic or their virus and my allergic/virus symptoms. A/C never has totally alleviated any allergies I get. I’m mostly allergic to molds and dust-ish things, not really cats, they only bother me with fur in my face if I’m already over-the-top symptomatic from something else.

So I’m trying to understand myself with what’s going on, like right now, I felt worse the last hour or so, gratingly scratchy throat, nearly rubbed raw feeling, occassional sneezes, nothing too big. My main allergy is usually sinuses clogging up hard-ish feeling. It’s that pressure behind the eyes, in the forehead, and eventually feeling like you can barely breathe through your nose though there is nothing to blow out with normal nose blowing. Gross, yeah, but that’s the nature of this post, about how I am feeling πŸ™‚

My throat thing is connected to my upper chest area. Yesterday I felt that getting itchy and my voice got rougher for awhile, then it lightened up. Today I felt it begin again. It COULD be connected with virus or allergy AND what’s going on in the weather. Yesterday I felt like that, and then we went out to Costco. On the way down the road, just a few miles, we hit a thunderstorm and a few miles later there was hail in the rain. So that’s a pre-weather event sort of illness from yesterday. Today I feel like this the last hour or so, and Frank just came in all wet. He was mowing the backyard and said upon entering the house “it’s pouring, I mowed for 10 minutes longer once it started to rain.” So there, that’s another tale about weather when I am feeling icky like this. The sky was a bit cloudy earlier, but not looking like rain. I was outside a few times this morning. Since feeling worse I did go outside and noted the heavy dark clouds forming, and so I can say for certain that it SEEMS to be a connection.

I’ve often noted that I love rain and thunderstorms, and feel icky when storms are coming in. I love them emotionally for how they are, but physically they do not make me well. It’s the pressure, no doubt. Low pressure systems do a job on me. My allergies get worse, and I connect that with mold spores. I’ve read that mold spores do burst when low pressure systems go through, at some point. I don’t know the first thing about it past that, but can understand that I have physical evidence in my own life to say there’s something to it for sure.

On a side note here: I love being in the mountains, like when we go to the Smoky Mountains every so often. I always feel better there overall. I still get allergies, sure, but overall I feel better and the allergies aren’t so bad.

It’s not the lack of cats. I feel worse when I go shopping that when I am home. Shopping in stores gets me scratch throated. It fades as I am away from it longer. We did go to stores last night, but only Costco and Harry’s (grocery market), neither of them are the worst offenders to how I feel bad when I go shopping. It’s malls and clothing and furniture stores. It’s enclosed chemical overage I am guessing.

Some hotels are like that for me too. So getting away from home isn’t relief from allergies and sensitivities.

I do have high-sensitivities that I am aware of, and figure into that chemical sensitivities as well. I am a “canary” as in “canary in a coal mine”.

The main point of this post is that I’m not sure what it is with me though, this high scratchy throat and congesting chest feeling that comes and goes. I have gotten like this a couple of other times since we got the A/C, and I thought I was getting sick when the children were, that it was that, but it wasn’t. Odd other times during my life I’ve felt allergies like this, but sometimes it’s not an allergy, viruses do start like this. So I wonder every time it starts, is it a virus or just allergies.

I used to take anti-histamines, but stopped doing that. I’ve had prescriptions before a few times, but don’t do that either. I have over-the-counter Sudafed’ed my stuffy-symptoms with 1/2-doses when it’s bad, not all the time, just when it gets bad.

This leads to the next thing I want to mainly point out: Sudafed gets a bad rap because Meth producers use it to make meth. The last few years have caused Sudafed to be under a microscope in sales departments, and it has gone down the road to be “you can only buy X amount at a time” to now being suddenly we found none on the shelves of the stores last time we got some (very recently) … only a new formula Sudafed PE … which is not what works for me. It’s a one-pill dose of 10mg of whatever version of decongestant it is, but it’s not the ususal “Sudafed”. We found out yesterday at Costco that the “original Sudafed” is still available, but THEY will not be carrying it. Other stores will have it only behind the counter, you have to ask the pharmacy attendant for it and in order to purchase it your vital information must be taken down. Urg.

So it’s just one step from being a controled substance … oh, it really is controlled. It’s not only behind the counter, it’s only sold if you are willing to tell them who you are, where you live, etc. You can’t just go in with cash and buy it. It used to on the shelf, now it’s behind the counter and you must be non-anonymous to get it.

I am not in favour of such things. I am not desirous to use it anymore. I didn’t want to use a drug to get rid of my stuff head. I hate using the stuff, I 1/2 my dosage long ago though, and found it a happy medium to use when I needed to. I know I would prefer a natural alternative, and leaned on the crutch of it’s availability so never tried to get natural about it all. Now I’m forced because of my beliefs in government, politics, and all that to not really ever get any of it. But I did just ask Frank to get me some, since I’ve had it really bad the last … whatever, and that it’s the “new” formula of Sudafed that was in the house and I hadn’t seemed to notice it. The pill is taller and not shiny … and the box say’s “new” on it, small area though, and the name has PE after it. I did not buy it, Frank did. I just used it as the other boxes in the past. I know the white and red box and the red pills and the way they are in the foil thingy and there was to many similarities with the old box and pill for me to take a closer look until I finally did because I just wasn’t feeling like it was helping me … and it is then I saw it was new, and that it was a different drug and different dose and the pill was actually bigger. It explained alot. I must say in my defence I took the junk in the morning, waking up and feeling yucky, and I am NOT a morning person at all. So I just didn’t look at it, had no reason to.

So my real thinking on this all is that my head needs cleared and “real” Sudafed does that well in a 1/2 dose, one pill a day, or maybe that first one and then another one pill 5 or 6 hours later. Traditionally, I may have a day or two like that, and then go a week or more, a month or more, with no need for it. It’s more often, then less often, then more, or none, then some, not much, then none, then more, that sort of thing.

If I can live with allergies I do. They just get to a point sometimes that I’m stuffy and need relief. So that’s where I am now. Sudafed PE doesn’t do it for me. I need the real stuff and then I may be able to get away from it again. I’ve been away from it before for a long, long time. I get “weak” and start up using it again, it’s easy to use and does the trick. That’s the weakness to it.

So along those lines I got a pack of “Sea Spray” from Costco yesterday. I’m not totally friendly to that sort of stuff, I feel like I’m drowning when I use it, for a second or two. I know it’s not bad for me, just a sensory thing I have a hard time with. We used to have that stuff around years ago, when we lived in Florida. That place was bad for me. I was needing all kinds of things there. Here in GA is better, yet more mold prone I think. Winters we have freezings, but overall the winters are mild. Pollen is nil then, but mold lives. At least the basic air around is better in winter. I love winter. πŸ™‚ Exept for going anywhere that uses un-natural heating. Wood is best. Heat pump heat is alright-ish. Electric heat is horrid. I can’t hardly breathe in that heat. I feel like, “I’m suffocating” similar to the “sea spray ‘I’m drowning’ feeling” but it’s worse since it’s as if there is little “O” to breathe in electric heat, for me that’s how it is. So many that use it put it up so high though, and that’s half the trouble with it. I love how our house is in the winter now, with just one fireplace and using blankets at night in layers, and wearing silk and wool to stay warm during the day. The house can be in the 50’s F. and I don’t feel cold anyhow. Others might feel chilly, so that’s where warm clothing comes in handy. The air is so breathable in such cases though. It’s natural and full of the big “O” we need. There is something about dry-ness in it, but that’s not the full thing. Hot electric homes or buildings with humidifyers on doesn’t help the situation with me.

Cooler air with wood heat and humidifying is nice, on the other hand, for those really cooler drier air times of winter, when they come, those lovely high pressure blue sky days of low temps. Then I just put a pot on the stove full of water, cinnamon sticks and whole cloves. Simmer away water, and fill the air with moisture and yummy smells of winter! Wood heat sticks better with moisture. All heat does, of course. The only heat, in my book, to want that with is gentel heat, as wood is the premier version of such.

It’s still Summer and I’m talking of Winter weather. I’m looking forward to it, and still feeling it’s not that far off, that “light” issue with less light than ever at the back of the house since the A/C window install, I wrote about that the other day.

I’ve been seeing flocks of blackbirds when we are out too. Since the last couple of weeks of July it’s been something I’ve seen every so often when we are out driving. It’s an “autum” sort of thing, as if they are readying themselves for the big grouping they do. So I have this sense inside that maybe it’ll be earlier this year than usual. Maybe not. Maybe it’s something normal and I just have never seen it before, this early. Oh well. I’m on record, just in case we have an earlier fall or winter or a hard one of either or both. πŸ˜‰

Speaking of nature, the bluebird nesting box has been sitting on our deck. Russell made a birdhouse from a kit awhile back, and it’s workable, but is not openable by humans to clean it out, so I never liked the thought of it being used. Anyhow it was out of the deck and we noticed a male Bluebird checking it out, so we rushed into the garage and got out the bluebird nesting box and stuck it on the deck near the other one. That was over a month ago. Nothing came of it right away, but the last few weeks they got interested in it again and built a nest. Last week there were two beautiful bluebird eggs in the nest. I left it alone and saw Mrs. Bluebird around, but wasn’t able to watch the box for her in and out-ness, since the A/C in the kitchen blocks the views of the backyard entirely. I only saw her when I was in the backyard doing henny stuff.

So I was out of it the last few days and wasn’t outside, others did stuff for the hennies. I went out today and saw the box and went up and looked in, no Mrs. Bluebird, and just one blue egg. There was one missing. And the one egg there just felt warm as the air, so it’s not being sat on. I can’t figure where the other egg went to. There are no remains anywhere to be found. I haven’t seen any horrid birds, not that they couldn’t have done something stealth-like, but I haven’t even seen one around since I took the bluebird box down from it’s old install in the back of the yard when House Sparrows built a nest and started a clutch being layed. I found that, smashed the eggs, destroyed the nest, and took the box down for good. πŸ™ But it got back up since the child-built one was there, and maybe shouldn’t have been. The beautious blue birds wanted a nesting and so I gave them one, but something caused them to abandon it or something worse happened.

I can hardly wait to get the kitchen more straightened out –$ to buy the doors we need and install them, then we can see into the backyard easily again. I am a bird watcher and haven’t watched birds in so long. My last binoculars were ruined by Asa, so I’m out of binoculars again anyhow. Half the reason for less to no bird watching is that the big cedar feeder in the backyard fell over and broke in a storm we had last year. Never had the chance to replace it since. I also used to always put out Hummingbird Feeders, I have only one though now, the others all broke. Just one very nice glass decoritive one, and it’s on the front porch and not that visible unless you stand right at the door. Birds would come and go so fast you hardly could watch their front porch activity in the past. Our back feeders alway got more activity anyhow. So I haven’t even once got that feeder down this year. Bad me. It sits out there looking nice, but is totally empty.

Last year was a bad year for me, loosing the baby so early. This year was anniversary of it and tough and a climb up ever since early Spring, but still hard for me. I find this the main cause for my lack of birding, lack of gardening, lack of much progress in many things. Lately it’s gotten weirder for me too, in ways I can’t really write out, but it’s all just thinking sorts of things that would appear too crazy to write down. πŸ™‚

But I’m trying to pull up myself and get painting going again. I have the A/C now, sore throat or not I can paint. I just need to get the walls more ready. I’ve not gotten it all done yet. It’s taking longer than I meant it to. The children get the walls so dirty, it’s a lot of washing to get the walls ready to sand a bit, and fill holes. I guess I’ll close this rambling post and go do some more washing. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers have really been a great help in this job. Still, it’s hard. So be it. It’ll be worth it when it’s a nice blue instead of the light tan color there now that isn’t very bright and cheery.

Plugins and Uprades: Troubles

Working through issues, I’m not sure what’s what.

I have been using CG-Referrer as a logging program and nasty combatant. I had WP 1.5 running since moving Hosts, and meant to get another WP running, but didn’t until yesterday. All along since updates to WP have been out I meant to upgrade, but didn’t, until the night before yesterday.

CG-Referrer stopped working on this site when I upgraded to WP, the first upgrade I attempted. The upgrade worked fine, but CG-Referrer didn’t work right. So I went and found the most recent CG-Powerpack. I deactivated the old version in plugins, deleted all the files, and then uploaded the new stuff. I activated it in Plugins. I went to the admin functions of CG-Referrer and saw how nice it was now, quite nicely upgraded to pull out more data and function friendly-like.

But then I saw, over time, the new CG-Referrer wasn’t working to log info at all. πŸ™

Yesterday I installed a brand new copy of WP on my other site, for a new blog. I installed CG-Referrer there, and it does the same thing as this sites version.

So it’s not any old file I kept here causing the problem, and not something funky in how I did it all, I downloaded a brand new copy of both WP and CG-PowerPack before installing the new blog.

My last ditch effort will be to connect to my site via FTP instead of SFTP and see if uploading all these files will work.

The last thing is that I use DreamHost as my Host, and they do have things different than what works with some PHP, I am learning. So maybe that’s what this is about.

I had WeatherIcon2.0 installed on this site, and today it suddenly started to throw errors at me. It seems to be connected with what I read about url_fopen stuff, not sure exactly what it is, but I had this ugly error sitting there on the side of my page, extending the width of my page, ugly, ugly, ugly. So I took it out and kissed it goodbye. It doesn’t really make sense, it worked alright the whole time since the upgrade, until just today. It’s not just my station, it’s ANY station I tried. So like I said, “smack-pooey-ooey … goodbye!” :veryshocked:

I have other plugins too on my other site, the older install that is still WP 1.5. I have three different plugins to get recent comments and entries and top commenters there. I have found that the c2c_top/recentcommenters plugin doesn’t work. Oh, but it does. Call it up in a plain php file with wp-headers that are at the top of wp pages so that the info will work with plugins and such in that WP install, well in that case, just the headers and the php function call to get_commenters of the right variety, it works!

I also tried it on a WP 1.5 Page, I put the call in a template in my Theme, and then created a page based on that template. That page then is linked on the side bar. Click the link for that page and voila! The page loads and the info for that plugin is right there fine and dandy.

But try and call it up on the sidebar, forget it. It’s doesn’t do anything, no errors, just doesn’t do a thing.

This has been that way since I started that blog on DreamHost. I just haven’t tried to fool with it until now. So using that thought process which began since all this drama, I looked into my plugins here and saw I had two old “post and comment” sort of plugin lying around, activated but not used. So I made sure they were unused and chucked them. The actual plugin I’m using for sidebar reflection of activity is “c2c customizable postings” – a terribly complicated post recall plugin that you can customize up to your hearts content, I guess. I have it filtering through recent comments and recent entries only. Maybe it’s capable of doing the top commenter bit role. The reader may have noticed that I referred to the top/recentcommenters plugin above, the one on my other blog that I’m having trouble with showing up on my sidebar … it’s a c2c plugin, just as is the one here that’s the fussy-optioned one.

So I’ll do a test of both on both of the blogs and see if I can get what I want going. It should all work, I use the same host, same account for goodness sake. That’s the c2c plugin.

As for CG-Referrer, it also does run on my old blog on the other site, the WP 1.5 install that I’m talking of that has the c2c problem. It’s the older version of CG-Referrer, and works fine. I’ll maybe upgrade that plugin first and see if THAT works on WP 1.5 on my dreamhost hosted sites.

Also I’ll note what I did today as well: I sent trackbacks and pings back and forth to my three blogs. Trackback or Ping to and from the blogs worked. Trackbacks worked to and from 1.5 and Pings would go out from 1.5 to, but not received into 1.5 from I think. I may be flip-flopped on that last stat. In not out, out not in, one of those. It’s that the blog that sends the ping rates it as sent, but the receiving blog doesn’t post it. So sends it to a 1.5 and the 1.5 doesn’t get it, but the did send it. At least that’s how mine is acting. Ok, that’s enough techy for now. πŸ™‚

A/C has helped

Life in our house since getting A/C Window units has been better, some. Yes, nicer, not sticky and overwelming any more. Thoughts of Fall are on me … the unit in the Kitchen Window blocks most of the morning light that we have had coming in there since living here. In the Spring we took out the French Doors on that wall, and that cut out most of the light we were used to having in there, so the only light left for daytime was that window … so now with even LESS light … it seems like Fall-Time with the cooler temps and no bad humidity. We have lived “natural” for two years, so I’m used to the “natural” progression of weather … myself is fooled then, in the home where I spend most of my time, into later in the year weather that would mean it really IS later in the year, when infact is IS NOT! πŸ™‚

We had a virus in the family the last week or so. If not for that we would have some painting going on. I’m gearing up to paint the upstair hallway and main bathroom. I’m hoping to get started today on clearing things out of there and getting the walls preparded … in that way I finally broke down and bought “Mr. Clean Magic Erasers” the other week, and I now know what I was missing. Drawings on the walls have been my bane. Now they are easily wiped away. :rolleyes: They are so useful too in other jobs, dirt you have to scrub comes of with little elbow grease, when I am used to really having to dig in and apply that grease. So that just means I am more able to clean and motivate to clean, with a gadget that works well.

After we bought those “Mr. Clean” things I saw a commersial on TV for them, and one part showed someone wiping the grime off vehicle wheel hub covers. So I got right up and took a Magic Eraser out, and tried it on our van wheels, just one, and WOW! It works to get that junk of right away! That’s a big deal, since those wheels haven’t really ever been cleaned since we bought the van in 2000. πŸ™‚ We now have clean looking wheels all around the van. They now look better than the rest of the van. πŸ™‚

So my work to get painting in the house will deal with those pads, I can get all icky marks off the walls easily. So then I need to fix some holes and tape up a few things. Then it’s blue paint time. I have paint that I was going to do the kitchen with. We’d matched the color to a color in a countertop sample that we thought of getting. We probably won’t do that type of counter, and since the kitchen is not far enough along to paint any wall parts, I will use it up in the hall and bathroom, where it will be nice, bright, clean and go well with that Monet picture I wrote about sometime in the past month. I had it in our bedroom, and moved it into the hall, and it seemed to go great there, finally a place for it and inspiration for what else to do in the hall.

Other than all that, the children are all in various levels of coughing out the last of the virus. It’s breaking up and they are getting more energy back, but still whining off and on, not feeling 100% –but getting closer. I did seem to get the virus, DH too, but it didn’t drag us down. Thank you dear Lord for keeping us on our feet! πŸ™‚

I am feeling very itchy though. It’s the weather, the bad air out there, in past years I’ve felt that too, even with A/C. My voice gets worn out and I feel all itchy allergic. We had nice rain not long ago, just when I wrote about it and asked it to come, it did. Now it’s needing to come back again. Smog. Ugh. I’m really sensitive to it. Russell is usually too (he’s my blonde hair blue eyed sensitive boy) πŸ™ So I’m glad to have the A/C units at least, so at least we are cooler and not sweaty and under Smog full grossness. It’s filtered, at least. πŸ™‚

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