Working through issues, I’m not sure what’s what.

I have been using CG-Referrer as a logging program and nasty combatant. I had WP 1.5 running since moving Hosts, and meant to get another WP running, but didn’t until yesterday. All along since updates to WP have been out I meant to upgrade, but didn’t, until the night before yesterday.

CG-Referrer stopped working on this site when I upgraded to WP, the first upgrade I attempted. The upgrade worked fine, but CG-Referrer didn’t work right. So I went and found the most recent CG-Powerpack. I deactivated the old version in plugins, deleted all the files, and then uploaded the new stuff. I activated it in Plugins. I went to the admin functions of CG-Referrer and saw how nice it was now, quite nicely upgraded to pull out more data and function friendly-like.

But then I saw, over time, the new CG-Referrer wasn’t working to log info at all. 🙁

Yesterday I installed a brand new copy of WP on my other site, for a new blog. I installed CG-Referrer there, and it does the same thing as this sites version.

So it’s not any old file I kept here causing the problem, and not something funky in how I did it all, I downloaded a brand new copy of both WP and CG-PowerPack before installing the new blog.

My last ditch effort will be to connect to my site via FTP instead of SFTP and see if uploading all these files will work.

The last thing is that I use DreamHost as my Host, and they do have things different than what works with some PHP, I am learning. So maybe that’s what this is about.

I had WeatherIcon2.0 installed on this site, and today it suddenly started to throw errors at me. It seems to be connected with what I read about url_fopen stuff, not sure exactly what it is, but I had this ugly error sitting there on the side of my page, extending the width of my page, ugly, ugly, ugly. So I took it out and kissed it goodbye. It doesn’t really make sense, it worked alright the whole time since the upgrade, until just today. It’s not just my station, it’s ANY station I tried. So like I said, “smack-pooey-ooey … goodbye!” :veryshocked:

I have other plugins too on my other site, the older install that is still WP 1.5. I have three different plugins to get recent comments and entries and top commenters there. I have found that the c2c_top/recentcommenters plugin doesn’t work. Oh, but it does. Call it up in a plain php file with wp-headers that are at the top of wp pages so that the info will work with plugins and such in that WP install, well in that case, just the headers and the php function call to get_commenters of the right variety, it works!

I also tried it on a WP 1.5 Page, I put the call in a template in my Theme, and then created a page based on that template. That page then is linked on the side bar. Click the link for that page and voila! The page loads and the info for that plugin is right there fine and dandy.

But try and call it up on the sidebar, forget it. It’s doesn’t do anything, no errors, just doesn’t do a thing.

This has been that way since I started that blog on DreamHost. I just haven’t tried to fool with it until now. So using that thought process which began since all this drama, I looked into my plugins here and saw I had two old “post and comment” sort of plugin lying around, activated but not used. So I made sure they were unused and chucked them. The actual plugin I’m using for sidebar reflection of activity is “c2c customizable postings” – a terribly complicated post recall plugin that you can customize up to your hearts content, I guess. I have it filtering through recent comments and recent entries only. Maybe it’s capable of doing the top commenter bit role. The reader may have noticed that I referred to the top/recentcommenters plugin above, the one on my other blog that I’m having trouble with showing up on my sidebar … it’s a c2c plugin, just as is the one here that’s the fussy-optioned one.

So I’ll do a test of both on both of the blogs and see if I can get what I want going. It should all work, I use the same host, same account for goodness sake. That’s the c2c plugin.

As for CG-Referrer, it also does run on my old blog on the other site, the WP 1.5 install that I’m talking of that has the c2c problem. It’s the older version of CG-Referrer, and works fine. I’ll maybe upgrade that plugin first and see if THAT works on WP 1.5 on my dreamhost hosted sites.

Also I’ll note what I did today as well: I sent trackbacks and pings back and forth to my three blogs. Trackback or Ping to and from the blogs worked. Trackbacks worked to and from 1.5 and Pings would go out from 1.5 to, but not received into 1.5 from I think. I may be flip-flopped on that last stat. In not out, out not in, one of those. It’s that the blog that sends the ping rates it as sent, but the receiving blog doesn’t post it. So sends it to a 1.5 and the 1.5 doesn’t get it, but the did send it. At least that’s how mine is acting. Ok, that’s enough techy for now. 🙂