I’m on day #, … ? I guess three or four, of symptoms … this cold, ugh. I’ve dragged through the past few days due to having this ‘puter to occupy myself with πŸ™‚

The TV isn’t much value when there is nothing much on. I mean, DirecTv and there is nothing on. I can’t say there isn’t anything on for real, but really on, not much. So I layed abed a bit later in the morning, after breakfast, and flipped on the telly and watched the end of some 1960 movie, dumb, I needed to see the beginning of it obviously. Irrelevant as to what it was.

I don’t mind watching BBCA sometimes, if there is something on that I don’t mind. πŸ˜‰ So thankfully there was something on. I saw the last half of Changing Rooms this morning. It’s what the american TLC show “Trading Spaces” is based on.

Comparing the two shows, it’s culture clash to consider the differences. I am American, yes, I am, true blue born American. I don’t like American brashness though. It comes through loud and clear on that TLC programme. See my true colours coming through? I’m using real spelling on the words that fall out of my fingers, if I can think of them. It’s not that I am trying, it’s that I naturally like British spellings. I used to be a reader, you know, still am, just not as much as I was years ago, when the love of spelling brit was so high for me.

Next on TV this morning, BBCA, was Cash in the Attic. Now I love that programme. It’s peculiarly delicious. Rummaging around other peoples homes, homes that often are as old as the country I live in, chocked full of stuff, attics and basements and spare rooms and hallways, and all the other odd names for room that they have which my stuffy cold-symptomed head can’t recall right now.

Another show they do air is What Not to Wear. I love that programme too. I really do like the ladies that star in it, and find their method of choosing which women to help out very uncomfortable, being an introvert as I am, it’s difficult to watch those women who ALL need help, and see which are intros and which are extros and … well it’s sort of like those HGTV shows, Designers Challenge, for one, which has a home owner with something, a room or section of the house, they want it re-done, and there are three designers which draw up plans, and they each seperately pitch the plan to the homeowner, and the homeowner has to pick the designer to do the job.

I get involved too deeply in these kind of shows. I watch closely and I choose the right people … and then have to sit back and wait to see if the ladies pick the right ladies, or if the homeowner picks the right designer.

In the cases that they get it right, it feels trimphantly brilliant, to use a of bit brit-speak again (not saying THEY say that, they just like the word “brilliant” is all I mean). I squirm inside when they pick the wrong thing/person/people. It works out in the end, but if it’s the “wrong pick” a loose end or two exists (in my mind) which can never be tidied up. πŸ™

In any case, I like both those shows, but I like the BBC What Not to Wear moreso, they really do always pick someone(s) who really need help, and really do help them. Their manner is kind, and loving and tough, all combined. It’s not about “fashion” or “being thin” either, it’s only about being who you are and looking what’s best for you, to give yourself confidence and all that sort of thing.

Now, that show wasn’t on, but I did see commercials for it. So I was reminded of it, as well as I consider it when I think of Trading Spaces or Changing Rooms. There is an american version of What Not to Wear, whatever it’s called and it has a man and a woman hosting it. It’s like all the american stuff though, moreso brash, than not. It’s not a bad show at times, but overall its rough compared to the brit What Not to Wear. [rough in how I mean “sophmoric” or “slick” which means really “not as good but thinks it’s better” πŸ˜‰ ]

This is all my opinion, mind you. All coming from a sick mind. Well, not my mind, not it being sick, just me sick, the body that the mind currently resides in. πŸ™‚

So TV time was alright for a bit. Then crash bang, a thunderstorm rolled in and grew and grew over our house. It cut off DirecTv for awhile, the black clouds blocked the satellite signal. So I left the TV and dragged around the house. The lightening was really active. We lost power for a couple of seconds. That was fairly early on, when the first really close crash of thunder was noticeable. Of course, I hadn’t shut down the computer yet. It happened naturally then, of course. πŸ™‚ Oh wouldn’t it be nice if PC’s had a nice little lithium rechargeable battery just for such times. I know, I know, you can get batterybackup things … it’s not what I mean though. I mean, a slot to hold a laptop battery. Insert. Take out. Switch. Use it in your laptop or on the PC. Dumb idea. Sure.

It’s all useless if you need to use a big old CRT screen anyhow. I do. I’m looking forward to the days when I can have a 17-inch or larger flat screen LCD monitor. I’d like over 20-inches, in reality.

I’m rambling. I made soup for lunch. But it still is sitting in the bowl next to me. I just don’t feel like eating it. It’s cold and gross now anyhow. Ick. I can’t think of dinner either. I’ve made myself make dinner the last couple of nights, but it’s late by the time I make it. This cold is the traditional type of illness with me: I am miserable when I wake up, but drag around, and by late afternoon I start feeling just horrible, and feel like I should maybe die for the next few hours, and then feel better later evening, so much more better that I can’t go to sleep, then get miserable sometime in the middle of the night again, after I finally do fall asleep, cycle completes, then starts over.

The thing about the evening that I have heard since I was young is that the time of the day for temperatures of the body to go higher is then, so if you are sick, it’s the time when you will feel worse, if you are feverish your fever will get higher … no kidding you don’t feel good then, really, it’s true for me, if not for everyone. 4 to 7 approx. is the witching hour for sickies. So thinking of that, I’ll post this and go lay down and see what’s on BBCA, FOODTV, HGTV … if nothing there, then WeatherChannel is my fallback. :rolleyes: I don’t mind it, but I like it more if there’s a weather event going on. There’s really not right now. Trop. Storm Irene is out there and may strengthen, so I heard earlier today, but that storm’s far away in the ocean and not near any land yet.

Achoo! I mean, bye! πŸ˜‰