We are still under Tornado Watch and possible flash flood watch … but that seems to be one that affects those more by creeks and rivers, pond, streams, lakes, etc. We don’t have one that close. It’s not that we won’t ever be flooded, but it’s less likely where we are. We have had lots of rain this summer, we are quite filled up, so just a little extra rain can cause low level flooding, soppy yards, etc.

Last night it rained fairly steady and harder for awhile. I had to put towels around the bedroom A/C unit, water was leaking in pretty fast at times. Just the side-ways tropical rain. So often tropical storms around here do there deed at nighttime. Daylight rain was light. The sounds of the rain were light. Darkness fell, bigger storms rolled through and over us and flashed and banged, but little rain more than the light stuff fell. It wasn’t until after 11pm that the bigger rain came.

The yard this morning was wet, soggy but not soppy wet like some of the 2004 storms produced for us. But I will say that this storm, Katrina, afforded us more excitement overall. Little wind. Little rain, but great thunderous flashyness. I am comparing this all to the 2004 storms and how they acted over us. They dumped rain. Very few crackly fireworks if any. Katrina is definitely fiestier, fiesiest. Yes it did rain, indeed it did, but not in comparision to the rains of 2004 hurricane/tropical-degrades.

All the stories coming out of the sticken areas of The South are so sad. There is one that is the saddest. The older black man who lost his wife in the flood waters, their house split apart, they climbed to the roof and she couldn’t hold on, she said something like “I can’t hold on, take care of the children and grandchildren”. They haven’t found her yet. (I haven’t searched the net for this story, I heard it on TWC, interview with the man, Mr. Jackson in Biloxi, MS.)

That’s just one story out there. Cell phones are all out of service, other utilities are out. So information is sketchy to get at. This is an example of what techonology is: sensitive and not anything to be relied upon. :rolleyes:

I heard one TvCaster on TWC refer to New Orleans as “a cesspool” …hmmmm. maybe so, maybe it has been for awhile (please understand I speak of protestant faith issues! and the TWC was speaking to the water issues from broken levees and all the mess going on there.)

Well the weather today is: Clouds that are low and gray to black racing from the sw to the ne sort of. Breezes that are heavier than a “normal” day to light gustiness (which is delightful). The sun is out behind the clouds and peeks through now and then. Ah, that’s the power source for the tropical moisture to flare up into tornadical behaviour.

So the skies lightened at sunrise, and since then get darker, then lighter, darker, darker, lighter, darker … as the last fringes of Katrina stream overhead to the NE.