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I’ve always liked the IDEA of listening to “audiobooks” but haven’t really done that, maybe something like it in the “old days” of the 80’s to early 90’s … anyhow, I do not OWN any.

So on an email list today someone mentioned and that they are having a sale on right now, on all audiobooks.

Get ready to save big at Audible’s $10.95 sale. Every audiobook on our site, regardless of price, is now just $10.95. No exceptions! Stock up on all your favorite mysteries, comedies, romances, classics, and more!

Sale ends October 4, 2005 @ 11:59 PM EDT.

It’s true! I have wanted to get something like a box set of some book on CD … this is better, in some ways. Sure it takes time, and you have to have the media to burn onto, and such, but it’s a way to get books audible more easily, like CD’s of music, you can buy them in stores and have full rights to them, online buying cuts that down. I can find nice CD’s used often enough, and things on sale … but BOOKS on CD are pricey, like Eragon and Eldest … so getting them for a lot less on in the first place is alright, and this sale is great … super great!

You can listen to part of what you are interested in there on the site. I heard an excerpt from Eragon read, and it was nice to hear someone else read it, and I followed it in my head nicely, and the pictures I’d made of it from when I read it the other week were right there to see in my mind. So I know I will like the audio book when I get it. I’ll get it from audible though, and save money, not to mention beable to get it in the first place. Not possible otherwise. Eldests is cheapest in box set at Costo, at $33 for the whole thing. I can get all three to download then, Eldest comes in TWO PARTS online, I can get all of the books on audio for that series for less than getting a set of Eldest only from Costco. The retail price on that set is $55, so see, way to much to consider buy books AND audiobooks full retail. :veryshocked: Eragon is not that expensive, I forget how much it is in B&N, for one … but it’s a 10.95 buy to have on PC or MAC and burn onto CD or whatever during this audible saletime. I can make graphic stuff to go on cases for CD’s, and can make a box for that matter as well. πŸ™‚

Other fiction books will be nice to consider in this format in later months. It’s nice to hear things and just beable to imagine it all. Listen in the dark, or while in the van. I can’t read much in the van, I get too queasy in the front passenger seat. πŸ™

QUE’ASY, a. s as z.

1. Sick at the stomach; affected with nausea; inclined to vomit.

2. Fastidious; squeamish; delicate.

3. Causing nausea; as a queasy question.

Maisy’s Modern Sentence Use to aide understanding: Reading while sitting in a moving modern-vehicle, such as a family car or van, can induce some people to queasiness.



1. A suffering with another; painful sympathy; a sensation of sorrow excited by the distress or misfortunes of another; pity; commiseration. Compassion is a mixed passion, compounded of love and sorrow; at least some portion of love generally attends the pain or regret, or is excited by it. Extreme distress of an enemy even changes enmity into at least temporary affection.

He being full of compassion, forgave their iniquity. Ps. 78.

His father had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him. Luke 15.


Leave Her to Heaven

I finally got to go to the used bookstore that’s just a few-ish miles away. We did pick up a few things, but I didn’t find all I was looking for. One book that I did find though, which I had never looked for, is Leave Her to Heaven by Ben Ames Williams, published in 1944. I’ve never read it.

I do have the VHS version of the 1945 film that starred Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde, & Jeanne Crain though. I want to get it on DVD, just haven’t run across it ever nor looked on purpose for it. It is one of my all-time old-movie favorites. The film is well done, and won an Oscar for Best Cinematography, Color in 1946, and had three other nominations as well.

Leave Her to Heaven catalog card on My Library Thing account.

Inside the book, opposite the first page of the actual story which is on the right, is a quote from Hamlet, which is, of course, Shakespeare:

Leave Her to Heaven

Autumn Seasonal Allergies

Yesterday I was busy organizing and dejunking and motivating the children, and pulling out books to input into Library Thing. I had a problem creep up then that I detailed under my UGH post yesterday.

The short sweet version is that I felt very allergic suddenly in the afternoon, worse than I had that morning or the previous days. My left eye felt weird and dry and itchy and I chalked it up to the allergy, my right eye felt similar the week before, but cleared up, wasn’t anything but an allergy. So the point is that yesterday it WAS something other than just an allergy, there was a fleck of something on my eyeball, and tried several things, and it wouldn’t come off. Tamara commented with an idea to try and bless her heart, that’s what helped. Simple old scotch tape did the trick.

But now I realized it’s not that it was just that, it’s more than that. Allergy season has ramped up on me in a big way, and the ragweed map has us in the HIGH zone, just short of totally inundated. I can attest to you that I hadn’t looked up the alllergy map info for a few days. I know that it’s been in the moderate range the last couple of weeks or so, and I’ve been up and down in how I feel allergy-wise. Well yesterday I got really bad and the eye fleck had something to do with it, but once it was out I still felt funny, and funnier all over, and my eyes have been very goopy. I know that my left eye has repercussion to deal with, the underside of my eyelid took a hard scratch hit with that fleck. So I expect irritation of that nature to be healing so it’s not going to feel good at all, beaide that though I have the classic symptoms I get from allergies being pollen related … I can feel it in my chest, itchy dragging feeling there. It’s similar to when you have a cold and first realize that it’s moving into your chest. In my allergies I don’t get a full congestion thing going, it’s only minor and constant and very itchy. My throat gets swollen feeling and eventually raw feeling, and my sinuses clog up inside, or my nose drips, or both, or I get massive mud slides down my throat, or everything all at once. It’s not as bad as it sounds, just sometimes. So today, that’s that. I felt so horrid, and so I went to look at accuweather’s site and they say “air quality is good”. “Pollents counts though are HIGH”. Grass is “moderate” Ragweed is “high”.

When we were new to GA there was a drought going on. Since the drought went away due to rain, rain, rain the other year, I have had a ragweed allergy. I didn’t have massive allergies when I was a child in PA. In FL I had January to March massive allergies due to blooming something, either Mango Trees, or something that bloomed right when they did. Painful times those were. In any case, moving to GA I had the traditional worse in Spring things and the general cruddy reaction to mold, dust, etc. the rest of the year. It wasn’t until the drought released that I had a ragweed-season appearance of allergy symptoms. I took Claratin for my spring allergies the first year it was over-the-counter, it helped some. So I took it again when I had my first taste of ragweed-season that year, and it made me worse. I have realized that Claratin just doesn’t do a lot for me. So I don’t consider it as a useful thing to take.

Benadryl Liquid continues to be my only friend, I take a swig of it if I am overpowered by something only. I take a small swig, I’ll let you know. It’s not a lot, not a full dose. I can’t stand full doses of anti-histamines and decongestants. They hit me hard and leave me high and dry, feeling better, but feeling worse really.

So I took some Benadryl this morning, and I’m awaiting it to take the edge off of the suffering.

My left eye is the one that suffered the fleck issue, and my right eye was fine yesterday, but both eyes seeped more night goo than usual, and both feel like dry gel filled swimming pools, though my left one feels worse.

Allergies like this are just ones that make me feel plugged-out. I can see, but feel like I’m not seeing well, everything is foggy. That’s allergies in full swing.

So we have yet another year of good Ragweed Season coming on, I dont’ have to look at precipitation to know we’ve had enough. :veryshocked:

Library Thing

See my previous post about my eye, UGH, read the comments to see how it was resolved. πŸ™‚

This post is about Library Thing.

I signed up on 9-11-2005. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like it, since I’ve wanted a bar-code scanner and software for several years now, since I first read about it so long ago, being available, whenever that was.

So when I signed up I was in that mode of thought. I loaded up a few books, then not many more until the other day. I went berserk and have amassed over 160 books into my account up to this point. πŸ™‚ Not many to go and I’ll have to become a paid subscriber. That’s no big deal though, or rather it is. It’s just $10 for a Lifetime membership. Up to 200 books is the limit for a free account. That’s plenty to see what Library Thing can do for you.

For me it’s like audioscrobbler, only it’s different, it’s books. You don’t digitally listen to books, you have to read them physically. Audioscrobbler aggregates the data from the music you listen to on your computer. It builds a huge database of interactive information on your tastes and gives you suggestions and other options to find other music.

Library Thing is different since it’s a book thing. You have books at home, or you borrow books. Use it how you want, to build a database about what you own, or what you’ve read, or both.

It’s easy to load up your books. Just grab them and type in the ISBN number, if your book has one. In most cases if your book has one and you have the number πŸ˜‰ the right book information is found by the Library Thing searching function. Just click on the link to the right book to insert it into your Library Thing account. It’s zippety doo dah fast, sometimes you have to wait while it searches, but ususally not long at all, and sometimes you have to wait after clicking on the right book until it finishes inserting into your account, but usually it’s fast, fast, fast.

You can manually add your books in also, if you can’t find your book in the Library of Congress data or Amazon. The initial search is based on either ISBN or words you enter, title, author, whatever might help finding the book. If you have the right ISBN it’s generally spot on easy. Sometimes there are other version of the book with the same ISBN, or sometimes when you put the right ISBN in, you do click on the seemingly right book but then if you go to look at the “card” in your account for the book, it’s not quite right. In those cases I’ve found that the ISBN number isn’t right, for some reason it bait-n-switched on you. So I just edit it right there, easy to do, replace the ISBN and save.

Library Thing gets images of the books, thumbnails, from Amazon. The above ISBN switcheroo thing makes for the right image to load. Like a few times the wrong ISBN, but the right book is there, but there isn’t an image. So editing the ISBN gets the image to come in. πŸ™‚

Sometimes there is no image for a book. I wish there was a way to upload those ourselves. Amazon allows that and does have customer uploaded images for more obscure books or books with no image for whatever reason. BUT those images aren’t pulled into Library Thing … which is too bad.

With Library Thing you can make a Widget. It’s just a fancy techy word for code that does something. You can make it do what you want, within the allowable constraints. On my sidebar, to-date, is the output from a widget I created on Library Thing. It pulls out 5 random books from my account, and lists them with links to my account page for whichever book, and a small image. I have the widget allowing me to style the css how I want. I’m not done, only letting it be there a bit softer in look for now, until I tweak it more.

The thing about the images, not having one for every book, is precisely bothersome about using a widget on your blog. Also, a non-standard size of the images really messes up the layout without enough space between book items.

This though is what is nice about an online service to get your library database into. You can display it online, different facets of it in different ways. Nifty.

Another thing on Library Thing is “Similar Libraries”. You can find others with the same books as you, or “Similar Libraries” as comparing data four different ways produces four lists to look at for each user.

Also when you view someone elses catalog of books, if you have any of the books that the catalog you are looking at has, they’ll be the first books, with noticeable graphics on the side letting you know, you and they have the same book.

When you vist anyone’s profile on the right-side info will display that you have no books that they have, or list the books that they have that you have, right there. Also, there is a short list of users and the number of books they share, in that area. It’s connected to the “Similar Library” function, in a way. It’s just obvious, they are the top 15 or so users that share some number of books with whoever’s profile you are looking at.

For me right now the top number of shared books I have is (21) with one user, the next is (14) and so on down in numbers.

These things all change every day, minute by minute, hour by hour, depending on who is loading up more books into their account.

I have more books, but they are buried in boxes in the garage where I can’t get myself. I’ve manage to drag out as many as I can though πŸ™‚ I’m not loading EVERY book at this point, there are some I have out that I haven’t. I’m just trying to load up the ones I like, or that are books I care about in some fashion or sense. Basically, books of consequence. Usefulness, now or before or future.

What it’s done though is make my book passion just burn brighter and higher. I now want to be sure and read some things over again, make sure some things are out and available at all times, get more shelves that can hold the books. We did buy book cases from Target, a few the other month. They are a Thomasville put together nice variety of bookcase. But hold books they do not. The weight is an issue. You have to be careful. So most of the books we planned on having out got put back into boxes. The shelves bow really fast under the weight of real books. So now I have some books out and reinvented the use of the shelves to be book and nicknack and kitchen items shared. I just have to watch for bowing and flip the shelf in question over if it does. Then it’s humped up high in the middle for awhile until it straightens out then eventually is bowed down again. Vicious cycle.

Don’t buy cheap bookcases. $60 can be a cheap bookcase. Buy real wood. But MDF, but don’t buy pressed put together garbage, looks nice, holds fluff, not real books.

Our true aim has been to build nice pine bookcase built-ins around the fireplace. We are hopefully closer to doing that, this winter at the latest. I have to get a good design though, to go floor to near ceiling and have a lot of space to load up books, display the nice ones on top and load up deep shelves behind doors below mantel height. My thinking is to get shelves below that pull out on smooth rollers, european sort of thingies, so that they can be deep, hold a heavy weight, and pull out to access everything easily. All behind cabinet doors. Up top will be book shelves that are just deep enough to hold any book we can throw at it, or collectibles, with lighting, and opened or behind glass doors. Not exactly sure or all the details yet … those are the rough ones.

So it’s Library Thing that has gotten me jazzed up though to start munching through books more than I had been.

I have several books being juggled right now. A few I’ve been juggling without touching for months, but consider them open on my agenda still. Now that Library Thing has got me gathering my things from the four corners of my world, I have the books in touchable space to actually read for sure now.

I was in the middle of reading all Jane Austens works when my hubby brought home a DVD for the one I was reading. I watched it and couldn’t continue reading. I was struggling in the middle of the book in the first place, and the movie only made that worse for me. I will be smacked for saying it most likely, but I liked the movie. The book I found much more dry and not easy to be drawn into like Pride & Predjudice, Sense and Sensability, etc. Yes, I was reading Mansfield Park, and the movie is the version that most everyone that likes Jane Austen books deplores, and says the book is her best book. I say, whatever. Really, I do. I much loved P & P as a book. I love the A&E adaption of it on DVD too. Book is better. I like the DVD of Sense & Sensability too, but not as much as P & P, but I love the book for S & S, really loved that one much more than the movie. So I’m stuck there, in Manfield Park. Stuck in the rut. And I will try to get out.

Mansfield Park is the book on my plate that’s been there the longest, unfinished.

I started to read the Dirk Pitt novel “Sahara” before we were going to see the movie of it. I read all the Dirk Pitt series back when they first came out in print. So I was only re-reading it to be able to highly critique the movie. Well I got several chapters into it and then put it down and didn’t pick it up again, then Frank got the DVD. So I watched it and was able to super-critique up to the parts I had not long before re-read, but after that I wasn’t in super-critique mode since it’s been a long time since I read that portion. All in all, the movie was horrible. It doesn’t resemble the book in the slightest. Character choice was poor, for starters, and they left out major portions of the story in the beginning, middle, and end. They invented some things that weren’t in the movie, a few were in the true spirit of Pitt, but moreso things were not Pitty, and the other characters were really off-par as well. Really, a southern syrup boy is NOT what Dirk Pitt is, if you know Pitt, you know him well if you read all his books, and Matthew McCaun…whatever-his-name-is-spelled-like just ain’t the man. So I have half a mind NOT to re-read the rest, but it’s nagging me that I’m in the middle of it, so maybe I’ll get to it.

Sahara is a re-read that is on the agenda maybe, partially re-read and need to finish it.

The Hobbit I had planned to re-read now, but after reading the first page I fell asleep and never picked it up again. I read Eragon in a day, and Eldest in a day, but couldn’t stay awake for The Hobbit right before. Oh well. Now I’m reading:

The Golden Compass, by Phillip Pullman. It’s a trilogy, so I’ll finish up them since they are new material, then plug into The Hobbit again.

I also have a few Lemony Snicket books that I was supposed to read before Russell gets them. I’ve not even started them, but htey are on the agenda and should be read, are supposed to be for sure. They are easy enough to do. I read the first few that the movie was based on first, and so did Russell, then we both went and saw the movie. I guess that turned off my reading machine for Lemony Snicket. The movie was good, in the spirit of it, and all that, but changed enough for me to say WHY!?? No need to change the story and timeline and who did what and leave that out and make that up. The books were good and good enough and would have made a wonderful movie if the screenplay could have just stuck to the book logicalness and kept all the pretty stuff in line with it and had a more successful movie, IMVHO. Anyhow, there are scads more books after the 6th one, that’s all that we have. Someday we’ll maybe get to them, maybe.

I have a few other books I was planning on getting into, but I won’t go into that here. It’s just that I have so much to read, and often just stare at the TV instead. Eragon broke that chain for me. I often at night am tired, too tired to read, reading puts me to sleep, then I wake up and can’t sleep and can’t read, just blah zombie awake. I find that I do watch TV either that or a DVD in all night, and sleep more, than if I try to sleep or do go to sleep usually without TV on. Nutsy, yeah, just part of my nightowl wierdo self, and getting older.

I have a task light by my bed, it’s not the best for reading by, but is that good Ott-Lite sort of light, which is true light, like sunlight. It feel glorious and looks good. If I have a good enough book I can stay awake long enough to read it a bit at night, if I try to read using the Ott-Lite, which is curiously hard in the task light sort of form it’s in. In any case, I find that if it’s a good book, as Eragon was, I could read it in the day and get into it deep, and then read a bit in bed at night and fall asleep with that Ott-lite on and sleep soundly all night under the Ott-Lite, and wake up feeling pretty good. It’s weird. That light is like yummy magic to my silly sleepy-lack there ofs.

Anyhow, I sometimes have turned it on and just lay there by it and sleep more right than not under it. It’s better if I had a book that I was really deep into though. So if I use Library Thing, it is inspiring me to try to read at bedtime and to try to read what I meant to, and inspire me to read old friends again, and to take good care of my books, get them where they are useful once again. Long ago we had our books out. But the bookcases were ugly. So I tried to spray paint them, and so they are now in the garage holding tools and junk in a half-painted status. They are a plain cheap sort of bookcase. Anyhow not good quality, just a heftier put together sort than the Thomasville nice looking ones we now have inside. Anyhow, in the day, we had them and most of our books out on them and another bookcase we used to have (but don’t anymore). Book collections do grow though, and so … time marches on. I have more reading to do for myself, and need to do pre-reading for Russell, and have to get back to read-alouds, which have pretty much slipped away, due to allergies all summer, groggy crackly voice after one or two pages, and so I nixed it totally. I was never as good as it as I wanted to be anyhow. I have good ideas and fail miserably at it. My singing voice is great and goes on and on, but my speaking voice for read-alouds just goes froggy fast. Also, that yawn thing, I have. Some others I’ve seen on an email list get it too. Yawning when reading aloud. Not yawning when talking, only “read-aloud” times. It’s annoying, and unkickable for me. I’ve tried different things, and continue to have it less or more but always some.

In all this then is the cost of getting books. I like books and don’t get many due to price of new books and not having the ability to go shop rumbling for used books much. It’s something I’d like to correct. I’ve sometimes been able to get stuff on eBay, but mostly I haven’t gotten many books, that’s better for my Cordwainer Smith collection, or buying music, and other things. I have bought a few lots of picture books. That works. I buy Economy Co. Phonics series there too, old workbooks and teacher tools from the 50’s through the 60’s. I had that in my first grade school year. Dot and Jim and Tag. We moved though and my new school in second grade had nothing notable that I recall. I’ve been highly interested in collecting what I can from the series though, and found an interesting sub-plot to the whole thing. The books look different a bit through the years, colors brighter later on to a degree, and graphics same, but changed in details in later years.

Take a 1952 book and a 1967 book and compare pages, covers … you’ll see a white kid in the ’52 book, but same kid is just turned into a black kid in the ’67 book. It’s not the features, only the “skin” color. It’s really obvious and embarrassing, I think. They’ve changed the color of the skin only, and then changed the names of those children too.

It’s an obvious educational ploy to change race ideas in the young years of classes. All in all, it’s not something done well, it’s something I’ll get here in picture later, I’m planning on scanning a lot of these books into my computer and I’ll post a few examples here soon, if I can get them done.

OK, so now that I’ve changed the subject, I’ll just change it again. I like eBay, but want to get books in bookshops, find old books on the shelves and feel the pages before buying. There’s a store up the road a few miles that Frank goes to to exhange paperbacks, they have mostly used books on the shelves and some new. I’ve been there a few times, but money is tight when I have been there. Gotta change that! So Library Thing has lots of my books in the database now, and it won’t be too many more until I hit my limit for the free account. I’m happy to say I’m sure that $10 won’t be a problem and is well worth the price.


I’ve had a very rough day. I was supposed to be able to paint one or two rooms today thru this weekend, but the way things have gone, there’s no way.

Asa, just turned 5-year-old is on a rampage of disobedience and no matter what I do, he’s behind me doing something horrid. The boys room is moving to downstairs and the office to their old room. They have been so very messy and disorganized, it’s a nightmare to motivate them, any old day, lest today. Add in Asa’s horrid behaviour and well, I’m sacked. Plus I’ve got some allergy thing, or thought I did, then I went and finally looked into the mirror at the eye that’s bugging me and saw I have a fleck on the surface of my eye, right over my pupil, it’s on top but won’t move off. I’ve put Saline in like crazy since then. It’s very irritating and driving me bonkers. I have no recourse but to pray, use saline solution, and wait. So if you have a mind to, please pray that God will clear the whatever-it-is-fleck off of my eye and that there is no damage and won’t be any damage and that it will totally resolve very soon.

I have no idea what it could be, but it could be glass … I had to pick up some glass that broke in the basement who-knows-when, a picture frame, today. But I can’t be sure there was anything to it that was that small, or that could have gotten in my eye … oh but it’s just frustrating to not know and not be sure about it at all, just know there’s something there that is disturbing normal feelings, it’s a grating feeling and my sinuses are going nuts from it. So my fantisy is that it’s glass or something rough or prickly and very small but big enough to be seen and just stick there on my eyeball. Ick. It’s like any old allergy thing, the eye feels dry and sticky and itchy and if it just gets washed out it’ll feel better. Like if there’s a bug stuck in there, or sand or dirt. But this is something right on the top and it won’t get off. URG. My eyelid isn’t happy about it either.

Frank isn’t here. He’s out for another day or so. I don’t know this is an emergency, it might be, but might not be. In any case I am not one to run to anyone medical for help so soon unless it’s something super bad and all that. So I wait.

Update: 10:03pm: I took a shower, hoping that the humidity would help, water washing in and all that … but it’s still there in my eye. I hope that sleeping will help it get out. Maybe a nice big allergy icky night will help goop it out. Anyhow, at least the shower made me feel a tad better, but the icky allergy stuff is coming back fairly fast now. Ho hum.

Really it’s just horrid since I can see it, but can’t get it off. Touching the eye with anything can be dangerous, but not that, just plain too sensitive to stand. The eye blinks naturally and it’s so hard not to, to put something up to it. I used to wear contacts and had no problem putting THEM in, or taking THEM out, but that’s totally different, a thing that slides and all that, but I do recall times I went to sleep without taking them out and without moisturizing them first, and in the morning they’d be stuck on my eyeballs or up inside under the lid all crumpled up and I’d have to peel them off, but they worked differently, of course, than this mysterious fleck, since they could hydrate with saline and then unfurl themselves more easily and they had edges to get anyhow, whereas this thing is a tiny fleck in comparison, but big enough to be very irritating and tempting to pluck off with SOMETHING, but what? Chewing gum wad? Bread dough (unbaked)? Something to put there and grab it. Hmmm. Ideas welcomed. See now, I can’t tell if it sticks out of my eye how, or what since my eye is a global curve, of course. Self-examine only shows me that maybe it does, feeling it, it sure does have presence above the level of the eyeball, but is is only smack down and stuck on, or is it a wedge into my eyeball with an edge sticking UP. Hmmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmm. This is the biggest thing that has made me go Hmmmm.

Can you see it?

Providing a link to my other post.


Vanilla and Violets


We were at Harry’s the other day and I was looking through the plants outside the store, lingering and looking deeper than usual since Frankie was on the cellphone and I figured I’d just look for something to get, even though he doesn’t usually *let* me. I don’t usually press him to get a plant, you know how it is when you want something but are used to things being too tight to get frilly-froo-froo.

So it goes, I stumbled onto African Violets in the corner, and they were inexpensive. I grew up with them around me, my mother usually had a few, at least, on a windowsill in my childhood. They are so very Victorian too, so I bit the bullet, put three in the cart.

I haven’t had an interior plant for several years. I used to have household plants in Florida. I was good with them there. I like tropical greenage, and that hasn’t done so well for me in GA in the homes we’ve been in (all of two, mind you!)

The last inside plant I had was a hanging-something over the sink, a fern of some sort. It was lovely for a long while, over a year, then it went from green and healthy to whited out dried out in a zap-who-knows-how-long-a-time-zap, but it was zippety zap fast. So I left it there for longer than it was there green, in that dried dead state. It looked really cool, that’s why I left it there. A dead plant was my only household plant, the last one I had.

Because we have such a crazy household of people and are in the middle of re-doing everything for the last … bit of time, I haven’t had another plant. I do love plants and consider myself a plant person, gardener, and it’s discocerting everytime I realize that I haven’t really been a “good” version of what I consider myself to be, in fact find that I usually am a non-existant practitioner of said thing most every occasion that there is to discover these disconcerting sorts of things. Ah, the way of the life for the ever eratic eclectic one (me.)

I have my African Violets in the bathroom on the windowsill. That’s an East-SouthEast facing window, not the best for it, not the worst, alright considering the sun is not in Summer session now. It’s a transitional space for them, for now πŸ˜‰

I need to get some African Violet food since I have none, of course, seeing as I haven’t had any plants of any sort for so long, and no AV’s at all. I think I’ll devise a bottom watering system for the plants, and then also I need a delicate little watering can for top watering every once in awhile. (Never get water on African Violet leaves!)

I’m not sure where I can put these delicate little flowery plants, but I have to devise some good place for them. They need light, but it doesn’t have to be direct and shouldn’t be much direct in any case. They can also live under regular lamp light, so I’ve read, but I don’t want to do that. The problem with plants on windowsills is “cats”, as wells as window blinds.


I bought 2 vanilla beans that day at Harry’s as well. Frank got me some 108+ Proof straight barrel bourbon for them … I put it together today, homemade vanilla extract, it’s in a closet, dark, warm, not hot, not cold.

I looked all over the web for ideas of what to do. So many sites say you have to have such and such type of bean, or else it’s not good. I have no idea what kind mine are, Harry’s only sells it as “vanilla bean: 2” in a clear plastic box. The pictures I saw here and there online look like the ones I have, nice bourbon vanilla beans. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. They don’t have the “vanillin” white powdery look on them, but they were long, 8 inches, curved at the top, and plump and super fragrant.

I split the beans, but didn’t separate them. I stuffed them into the bottle of bourbon and capped it and put it in the closet after a good shaking.

I’ve read that you should have a bean per cup of alcohol. Or 2 per 3/4 cup. Or 12 per … on and on it goes.

I have a 750ml container of bourbon, with 2 vanilla beans installed. It’ll do. I’ve read that others say it’s alright to do that. But no one really gourmet-like seemed to like the idea of that. They mostly are in the “a few weeks in the mix” type to make vanilla. The longer steepers said it’s great vanilla, and they are the ones that use less bean to alcohol amount. We shall see what happens. I’m open to putting in some more vanilla beans later. But not 12!

The two v-beans I got were $3.99. Not a bad price for vanilla beans, but to get 10 more … uh, yeah. So this country girl will be pleased to see what a good 750ml of straight barrel Wild Turkey Rare Breed turns out to be like with 2 beans now, maybe adding 2 more in a few weeks, for good measure. December is the date I’m shooting for. I’ll take some off the top before that maybe. I’m not opposed to experimentation all along the way.

I’ve long wished to try making my own vanilla. It’s very expensive to buy good stuff, and expensive to make your own, so if I can make an expensive-ish bourbon into decent vanilla, I’m ahead of the game the rest of the game-length.

I’ve read people say that homemade is better than storebought. Others say homemade is nice and fun, but not the best by far.

It’s one of those objective subjects, isn’t it? No, I’d say it’s very subjective. And so I subject myself to experimentation for my own subjective view to be formed. πŸ™‚

Best Fall Foliage and Autumn Color Web Cams for 2005

Best Fall Foliage and Autumn Color Web Cams for 2005

Check out the above link for links to some great Web Cams for Autumn Foliage views, or just lovely nature views!

I’m linking to it to remind me (moi) to look often.

Hot Hennie Update

Our hennies egg production has picked up a bit the last few weeks. I have tried to keep them in order, get counts to put up here and all that, but … last week and over the weekend I’ve not been my best, so some things slide. FWIW.

The biggest thing to note though is that I took HawkLady out of the A=Frame the other week, put her under a metal basket that is supposed to go into a shelf thing for a panry sort of setup, but it’s a cheap thing and the basket is strong and not useable in the pantry thing, why not use it?

Upside-down it works to contain one hen. Not wing-flappy-able, but alright. I put HawkLady under it with a small former-catfood-can for water. I took her out since she hadn’t been laying much and had dropped off totally and was loosing more and more feathers. She has had a minny-molt going on for some time, in other words. She looked better after a few days in the new space. She got new grass every day at least once and looking at her today I saw her looking so much better, feathered out nicely for the first time in … and later the boys came running in to tell us that there was a green egg in her little pen. Ah, yes! There was! A beautiful green egg. Sigh.

There’s another that needs the same treatment, she is a Wyandotte, Pointsettia, and has lost a lot of feathers on her back. It’s not nice to see, and not nice for her, a big red target to the other hens in the pen with her. Peck, peck, peck.

That’s what Hawklady went through and it wasn’t that bad, just some days, and with something to do, it works to do it. So I have another basket I can use.

What I want to do then is to get a little pen built to hold the Wyandottes and HawkLady alone. It’ll be easier getting them together in a small pen, rather than getting them back into the A-Frame with the big girls, the Australorps.

The Australorps are laying something most days, up to 5 brown eggs a day, more like 2 most days though. So it’s an every other day sort of thing. The “up to 5” included the Wyandottes, of course, seeing as we have 4 Australorps, not more. πŸ™‚

The Leghorns are laying about 50-75% every day now. That’s really good for old women like them. We aren’t sure what to do with them, we’ll get them a light soon and see how to keep them laying over winter and maybe then when they quit we’ll do the deed.

I want some new pullets. I’ve wanted new ones. I’d be happy with more Australorps, or Golden-Laced Wyandottes. I love them both. My Australorps are so sweet, they remind me of an older sweet cat, in general. We shall see what we can do.

It’s been Summer again, very hot lately. It was Autumn-like then, bam! here comes Summer again. The 15-day outlook is pretty hot still. In any case, our Cherry trees have lost most all their leaves already, and our October Glory has a lot of changed leaves, and lost leaves already. This is early for both of these types. I’ve seen other Cherry tree types without leaves too, when driving around the last couple of weeks. It was the end of August when it started for them, and sortly after for the October Glory Maple.

I’ll get some pictures I just took of the trees on here soon.

Eldest Review

Product Image: Eldest
My rating: 5 out of 5

Eldest is the second book in the Inheritance Trilogy. It was released just this past month. We got a box set of this new book along with the first book Eragon.

I read Eragon and couldn’t wait to start on Eldest. I did wait a bit, not long. I finished Eragon and wrote a review here yesterday. I finished Eldest this afternoon.

Eragon was a better book IMO, but it is so only because this is how I traditionally view trilogies, that the first and last are the best, that the middle is a bigger stage-setter for the end. All in all though, this book, Eldest, is full of adventure and growing, fighting and war. Parts of the end are a bit jumbled in my mind. I did race through the book. I couldn’t help it. It was very readable and a delight to read.

I found many parts of it to align themselves to real life situations, how we know someone, then don’t see them, that person changed and grows, and then we see them again. Who are they? Often it is we are are on the receiving end of “who are you?” Eragon goes through this. He changes and it’s fantastical to his cousin, who is going through is own hellish experience and not understanding what’s going on with his cousin, and how the truth comes out … it’s all a shock to Eragon, but not a total shock to the thinking reader. And the changes that Eragon went through as he trained with the Elves are wonderful, but he’s changed so that when he gets to the place of having to be The Rider in war, it’s a bit uncomfortable for him, so many things he’s learned, and grown in mind, body, power … he looks different, and everyone does notice, when he gets to face his foe and then his cousin, it’s them who *to me* make him feel a bit odd about it, like he’s doing weird things. It’s like he’s great about it all, and then others mock him a bit for it, cheapening it.

It’s all about the truth though, the evil in the land of Alagaësia is not those who have magic, for this is a fantasy land, not one which there is a Supreme God in, as of yet. There are religions, but there is no absolute about religion in this fantasy land of Alagaësia, but things about race and religion have come up in Eragon’s learning sessions, and what he’s faced more and more in how this book culminates.

It will be interesting to see how the story goes in the last book. (But must wait, so very long until it’s out in hardback, whenever that will be!)

Eragon Character Quiz

You are most like SAPHIRA

Like the majestic dragon, Saphira, you are brave and ferocious in battle but also deep in ancient wisdom. You think before flying headfirst into battle. You prefer the solitude of the wilderness to the populated cities of Alagaësia.


The quiz is fairly meaningless if you haven’t read “Eragon”, but you can answer and get a result, of course, like I said, it’s just pretty meaningless if you haven’t read the book. πŸ™‚

I’m glad to come out as the beautiful blue sparkly dragon Saphira, I like her a lot. πŸ™‚


Eragon – EHR-uh-gahn

Saphira – Suh-FEAR-uh

Alagaësia – al-uh-GAY-zee-uh

Eragon Review

Product Image: Eragon
My rating: 5 out of 5

We have the Inheritance 1 & 2 Boxed Set of Eragon and Eldest.

This review is a short one on the first book, Eragon.

I enjoyed the book immensely. It’s a “can’t put it down” sort of book. I did read the first 2 or so chapters the first time I picked the book up, but wasn’t able to keep reading due to being interupted, so I put it down. The next day I did pick it up and keep reading all day. I had a migraine that had me feeling too back to be up, so the children did not bother me, and that left me to read. The book was great, took me into it, away from my migraine-self.

It’s a rich story of a boy who is nothing much and becomes someone great. It’s the first book of three. Two are out, one to come later. I found that I easily fell deeply into the story, as if I was Eragon. As if I was there, was him, knew his dragon, felt what he did, the connection with her and others. Growing up, becoming a man, a Rider.

I will start on Eldest very soon. My migraine is still here. It’s feeling bad now since I don’t have Eragon to escaped into.

I will put it all this way: When one has a painful migraine reading can be difficult. It can be too much to read anything on the computer for long, or on paper. It’s exactly like that for me with this migraine. It hurts and I feel sickly. It’s painful to be on the computer writing this. Just to lay down would be so nice, but that would be just something not so good, I would still feel bad, still hurt, not be able to escape the pain and suffering. ERAGON led me down to a place where I could get past the wall of pain and leave it behind. Truly it is a magical book. Very readable, not a “read-down” thing for young readers, but a challenging book for young readers, and very much something that adults can enjoy. For a book to get me away from my migraine for a whole day, when the pain is really there and won’t go away, is something wonderful.

I add this book to my “favorite” list, and will pick it up again and again.

Homeschool “Hundred Acre Wood” style

You are a Tigger Homeschooler. Tiggers jump into
homeschooling with both feet, as a grand
adventure. Everything is about learning, and
their days (and houses) show it.

What kind of Hundred Acre Wood Homeschooler Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sure, I knew that already. Woo! hoo! hoo!

Just a cute quiz to take, maybe someone will get a different answer and let me know who they are/what their result to the quiz is/let me know if it’s accurate to their model of life if I don’t know what their’s is like.


We are Tiggery, we have no schedule, bounce all over the place and have fun … but don’t always have something visibly going on, it’s not a “physical” Tigger Home Education we have, but a Visual-Spatial anything mind or body sort of thing. Kind of like how the Pixar movie “The Incredibles” can be viewed as an allegory about Gifted Education … and translates beautifully to the entire gamut of “gifted intellectually” or “gifted physically” or “gifted creative artsy” types. In the movie the “gifted” are the “natural super-heros” and the guy who has no “natural super-hero ablility” does have what would be considered “giftedness” in our world, but in the movie it’s “fake super-hero” stuff, creative, sure, but not what makes a “super-hero” in the movie. So to align the creative guy in the real world with what he’d be around the “natural-super-hero’s” which are “naturally gifted” would be to make him out to be a clever system to make regular folk appear to be as smart, creative, physical as gifted folk, but really aren’t aside from great tools that make them mediocrely successful.

In the real world, great tools work MAGIC with gifted folks using them, and only make mediocre stuff out of non-gifted.

Like take art, music.

Put a gifted singer in front of a mic and let her rip
Put a wanna-be-singer in front of a mic and let her sing and let the studio make her rip.

The real singer is good on her own
The other ain’t, but is marketed.

So what.

That’s me. I don’t record, sure, wish I could, but that’s beside the point. I haven’t not succeeded, so what. I wish to, but haven’t pursued it. The only point I’m making here is that the singers out there being played are mostly not good naturally, and there are some of us out here that are naturally good, so they [the recorded ones] should all be happy we live in a world that Cindro created. πŸ™‚

It’s just an example.

OK, so I am keeping my children with me, and it’s natural, and we are bouncy and plan to pursue all things that crop up. I’m not a bouncy person though. I’m as slow as molasses in person, quiet, reserved, crazy in my mind, racing around and having a million thoughts at once. To some I might be loud, but they don’t know the real me. I’m a nut in some cases, I can be really loud and forward, but normally I’m what I am: an introvert and glad to just watch and race around in my own head, that has rich worlds in deep layers inside.

This goes to me thinking then, how does a non-visual-spatial-introvert live in their heads, what’s it like? If they aren’t pictoral in thought, how do they introvertedly be reflective in the introvert-ish way. See there, now I have some new knowledge to pursue. That’s sort of what it’s like in our home educationally. One thing sparks a new idea and we or they or I or the one goes off and finds something else that brings them to that other thing, then sparks a revolutionary thought that opens up a whole new something else.

La dee da da day, normal day for us.


Speaking of good books, as in the last post, the Inheritance Trilogy has this site linked … which looks good, and we are very excited about it, even though we’ve not read the books yet, but since I’m writing about it all today, and my wireless keyboard is going nuts, not working right:

I declare the rest of today, Day after Birthday Recovery and Sinking into Egragon through Literary Portal Day.


[Update: 9:06pm] I got to read the first chapter and a half, and that’s it. I was constantly interupted at first, when I tried to read the book downstairs, and got nowhere, so I went up to my bed with strict instructions for the children to play with this or that particular thing and let me alone for an hour, so I could sink into my reading for once.

Asa just couldn’t leave me alone, so start, read a sentence, stop. Start, go back and read sentence, read a few paragraphs, stop, start, …. stop. I gave up after that and resolve to read as much as I can tonight. I really did like how it started. I had a bit of trouble with the part I was last reading, it was a bit choppy, dare I say I was prejudiced by my knowledge of whom the person is that wrote it, from reading of the author, and knowing he was younger when he wrote the book, or not. I will say it this way “It reminded me of my own writing when a teen, a bit rough, not said in a clever way, not “knowingly”, not “flowing”, just immaturely written. It was just a small section. It made me uncomfortable, like when I hear someone singing and they go flat or sharp or get mousy sounding, and I know better how to sing what they are singing and I am embarrassed for them. Anyhow, I do like how the book is in general though, and a fresh crack at the book later will be one that has already read that small section and maybe it’ll not be that bad second time through, and I don’t expect the rest of the book to be rough as that piece was. Just to be forthcoming, it’s the part where Eragon gets to town and is in the Butcher shop … it’s the dialogue, the character introductions that ensue … it really reminded me of stories that I wrote when I was a teen, my self-attempts at novel writing that I abandoned.

I abandoned them because I decided I hated dialogue … and felt constrained to write about places that are real, like I couldn’t “invent” my own world to write about. I was held in check by my silly education I’d had up until then, and I despise it grotesquely … I’m mad at myself for letting it get the best of me and keep me from writing more.

Dialogue is hard to write, it takes maturity, I think. So it’s something that grows with a writer as they mature and keep on writing. My education derailed so many of my desires. I’ve toyed with creating my own world and attempting to write novelia again. Hmmm. I’ll see about it after awhile. It’s time to enjoy a young author with a good future. The Inheritance Trilogy is the beginning, readingly wise for me, and eventually for my children.

Society of Books

I posted this quoted material on Carmon’s site

I got a “Spam Karma” warning: two links, and a different email address, no doubt, pegged me for a spammer :veryshocked: :LOL:

What book would you use to escape?

I prefer to curl up with any of the Cordwainer Smith stories … here is a link to an Illustrated Bibliography, on a site run by one of his daughters.

I also love to sink into Little House on the Prairie series at times, but my preference runs to read Farmer Boy time and again. That’s my favorite, Little House in the Big Woods is second. I’ve been reading these (Little House) since I was 8. πŸ™‚

Then put into a category: Chronicles of Prydain & Lord of the Rings Trilogy — they are pure lovely escape at other times. In this category will be a new entry, the second in the Inheritance Trilogy just came out. I haven’t read the first or second, but know that, from reading ABOUT them, the tradition this writer comes from is bound to be richly portrayed in the pages … Eragon is the first book, Eldest is the second and just came out mid-August. I have them sitting on my desk … just need the time to dig in now.

I love good literature written for children, it’s never outgrown πŸ™‚

Marysue (Maisy)

Praying Mantis

Last week Russell called me from the backyard to come out and see something. He saw a Praying Mantis, he said, and wanted me to see it and verify it, basically.

So out I trudged and sure enough, on the blue fabric roof (Sunbrella fabric) of their play structure there sat a fairly large brown Praying Mantis.

I hadn’t seen one since I was a child. So I took pictures of it the best I could, but didn’t get any good shots, though I don’t know for certain, I haven’t looked at them on the computer yet, they are still in my camera. I just know I didn’t get at an angle to get a good close-up, he was up on the roof and not in a position for me to get in front of him well. I say “him” not knowing if it was a male mantid.

Two nights ago I noticed that on the front porch, up near the ceiling there was a Praying Mantis on the facing board. We have Daddy Longleg spiders up in the corners, not on purpose, they are just there. There were other bugs flying around, it was dark out and the porch light was on. One little beatle seemed to be the mantid’s preying attention. The molding at the corner of the face board and ceiling seem to be something the mantid couldn’t get over … but I thought that a feign in actuality, and within a few minutes the mantid proved that to be true.

The children and I were watching through the side-light window, by the door. The beatle was running here and there on the ceiling, and came closer … and suddenly the mantid began moving forward again, but faster than it had moved before in it’s feigning movements … and it struck out so fast it was wild, exciting, we all yelled out in glee … it was awesome to watch like that.

Yesterday morning I went out onto the porch and didn’t see the Praying Mantis anywhere, not that he wasn’t there, of course.

Last night I went out and looked, but didn’t notice him out at all. Not that he wasn’t there, of course.

This morning I was up around 5:30 am, and turned the porch light on sometime around 6am, it was still dark. I noticed that the Praying Mantis WAS there, sitting on the back of the glass single hummingbird feeder. The birds weren’t out yet, it was still before sun-up.

I decided to then go onto my computer and look up the insect for info. I did, looked at a few things and then didn’t look at all I’d turned up on the first search page, but went and did some things. The sun was then starting to come up, faint light appeared in the distant sky edges, the black of night had lifted to a gray growing light. I saw that there was a Hummingbird sitting on the end of a bamboo pole the children had stuck into the porch railing. She took off into the October Glory Maple in the front yard, then came back and hovered in the air, and flew away again. I went outside and stood there quite still. The hummer came back and did the same thing. Hovered, but wouldn’t drink as she seemed to want to do.

I went back to my computer and opened a few more pages and nearly freaked when I found this page.

So I got Frank to go look at the Praying Mantis at that point, and told him about it all. He grabbed something to try and move the mantid off the feeder, and it only made the mantid move closer to the end of the feeder. A hummer was around still, and wouldn’t go to the feeder still, I think it knew something was dangerous there.

Frank then got something else and managed to get it off and into the stuff down on the ground, at least. The feeder was freed of Mantis Preying … and not long after a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird came and ate, and has been coming to and fro to eat ever since. But not before the Praying Mantis was knocked off the feeder.

I don’t know for certain that the Praying Mantis was planning on eating a hummer, but it’s very possible, and I wouldn’t want that happening on my front porch. I’ve had feeders up for several years and never saw a Mantis around and I’m glad I looked on the web when I did.

If the Mantis shows up again I may get a jar habitat set-up for it and capture it for the children to study and feed it bugs and all that.

“To find adults, look on flowering plants and at porch lights in August through late September. Adult males will often fly to porch lights in the late fall.”

That quoted link just above comes from an Arizona site, but it seems applicable to Georgia, at least in the situation we have/had it’s true that it’s September and we have a porch light that is on at night often and was on when the Praying Mantis showed up on the porch.

Happy Birthday Asa!

Five years ago we had a sweet little baby boy at home right now. All the activity had calmed down, and we were alone with our baby boy again. I say “again” since he arrived before any of our attendants did. So when he was born, we had him for several minutes, all to ourselves. Then the hustle and bustle arrived.

It was a great start to the day. He was born sometime before 2am … something like 1:47, we estimate. Isn’t it grand, in today’s modern world we have an “estimated time of arrival” –nothing exact, for our 3rd baby’s birth. πŸ™‚

Asa is a tornado. He’s Tigger (bouncy and loud). He’s Calvin of (calvin and hobbes) but not a 6-year-old yet. He’s a little boy, a growing boy, a baby, a big boy, all rolled into one package. He has so much to learn, he’s learned so much already. He has a love in his heart for many things, and we pray it grows into a great solid love for God as he grows up. He has much maturity to attain, he is just now turning 5, afterall.

He’s the youngest of our born children. He has not been like the baby all the time. He was potty ready before he was 2. When he was 4 he started wetting his pants sometimes (too busy to go to the bathroom) but he’s potty learned. Just too busy and too young to care. He still is sucking his thumb at night, and during the day when he is sitting still usually, for whatever reason. He hears from us, “Put your blanket back on your bed!” a hundred and twenty-eight times a day. He’s carried it around for years, with time off. I’ve taken his “special” blanket and put it up. He couldn’t have it anymore. Then he found another baby blanket that was Russell’s baby comforter, and claimed that as his. That gets taken away, then a toddler blanket that was Russell’s gets found and claimed. So it’s just a cycle. He goes with no blanket and is fine. Then finds something to haul around, and the hauling re-starts. It’s funny, he’s so different from his siblings.

He’s the one true extrovert among the three. He’s the only thumb-sucker, blanket toter. Russell is a sensitive introvert, has never sucked his thumb or claimed anything to snuggle with. Victoria is also an introvert, and never sucked her thumb and doesn’t have a special snuggle thing of any variety. Both the older children had a pacifier at times when they were babies, but had given them up totally before 6 months of age.

Dear Asa, so very extroverted, so very comforted, he was born into this world in the nighttime, and was a content baby, sucking his thumb, sleeping through the night from birth. I did try to wake him up to feed him, I gave up after awhile, it was too much trouble and absolutely didn’t work. He was a natural-sleep-through the nighter. He ate well all day and evening and slept all night. He grew up and did everything early, and was talking in paragraphs when he turned 2.

It’s fun to see your children grow up in the early years, but sad too. Their babyhood slips off piece by piece, and Asa’s is about to shed his baby-self totally. This is his last year of official baby-ish-ness it’s barely clinging on. My baby is growing up! πŸ™‚ … πŸ™

Happy Birthday Asa! May this year bring you closer to your family, and closer in heart to your Father in Heaven, God Almighty.

Tomorrow is Asa’s Birthday

Frank has one of the clients he works with coming in this week. It was supposed to be mid-week, but they changed it to start today, and messed everything up therefore. Tuesday, tomorrow, is Asa’s birthday, his fifth, and traditionally we are all home on the birthday in question … and that allows ease of preparations for me.

Since it’s not so this year for Asa’s I’m am all alone pre-day to do what I can, but not go out and get anything, reliant on Frank picking up things on the way home, if stores are open whenever that is. Otherwise he’ll have to try and work it out to be here when stores open and bring me stuff ASAP in the morning, but that’s not likely to work.

He was supposed to go out to dinner with a bunch of folks on the second night of the visit, and that is something he can’t do, it’s the BIRTHDAY day! He says he’ll be able to cut out early and be home by 3:30pm, or maybe he meant he’ll leave then to get home. In any case, I’m not sure he’ll be able to, past events haunt me in this, promised arrivals end up much later, etc.

So the whole deal is bad enough for me, since I’m stuck here, but have no clue what I might need anyhow. Sure I could just figure that out right now, right? No, it’s bad enough, I have a Migraine today, figures. I haven’t had one for many days. So the story goes … just when I don’t need a Migraine I get one. I took over-the-counter Excedrin earlier, and it seemed to stay the symptoms after a bit, but now it’s afternoon, and it was probably hours ago that I took that and that is why my symptoms are worse now, and it’s just a cyclical horror show when it’s like this: it doesn’t go away after first dose. It seems to hang on and on for a day or two or three in these cases, flirting with me sometimes, making me half-functional, fully functional for a bit here and there, then prostrated for awhile sometimes, maybe not at all, but totally non-functioning just on my feet. Yuck.

I’ve worked through holidays with Migraines before. It’s hard to do so with Frank home, but he helps and that aides me greatly. With him gone, I’ll work myself to sicker status no doubt. These cycles are tough, I take excedrin, then more later, I try not to take too much, but eventually it seems it doesn’t work and then it seems that I’ve overdosed later … it’s like my body shuts down production and then two or three doses hit my system at once later. So if I have a better grip on early symptoms I think excedrin knocks it out fast and early, with no repercusions. But if I let symptoms wander by and do nothing until later, it is too later usually, and it’ll hack away at me longer and longer. It’s not a precise thing though, for I can think I catch it super right away and nothing works. Or it can drag on and on before I do anything and one or two doses knock it out. Or not. So it’s all ethereally nothingness. It works, it doesn’t work. I cope, that’s all I can do. I complain about it here, only complaining since that makes me feel better about it all.

I gave up making those dumb Wilton cake molded star covered icing cakes some years back. It tried several years, they came out nice, but the pain of it was horrid, the time involved, …. alful. Stressful to the hilt. I got a three-star tip the last time, and then it didn’t fit what I had, and it was too late to do anything else. So I vowed that to be the last time.

I’m glad. I couldn’t do that sort of cake in Migraine state. πŸ™‚

I just make some cake and put their name on it, get candy decorations. And call it good. When they are older I’ll make a gourmet cake for them. That’s more my abilility. They’ll appreciate that more later, not now at under 14 or so years of age πŸ˜‰

I talked to Asa last week about what he wanted for his birthday dinner, and we came up with Lasagna. Great. Tomato sauce with Migraine. Bad deal. I’ll have to get that working today though. I am certain I don’t have enough cheese for it, and have to wait until late to get it going, so I’ll try to take more excedrin and make some bacon, see it that helps interm. πŸ™‚ Bacon is the one thing that never had turned me off when sick with a Migraine, or pregnant in the first trimester. It’s the one thing I can stomach when nausea hits. Go figure, greasy pig meat. I now only buy organic non-cured bacon, so at least it’s good greasy pig meat now. πŸ™‚

Well dear Asa turns 5 tomorrow, and still sucks his thumb, carries around a baby blanket. :rolleyes: He’s smart as a whip, smarter than that actually. His intellect and age and maturity are very “out of sync” πŸ˜‰ As is quite normal to be asyncronous in development of such when a visual-spatial gifted young person.

Please excuse any spelling errors. I hate editing and Migraine-State defies editing, might make spellings more prone to being wrong as well. πŸ™‚

Older Meal made once again

Frank let me get a new crock pot last week. I had three, and something went wrong with each one, and the last time I used one was some months ago already.

Costco had a certain one in stock, a decent price, but it was fluffy-boo-coo to me. I didn’t want it. It was all white, the base and the crock itself. It came with a Little Dipper, was 6qts in size, nice. But the top of it rose up above the top of the base quite a bit, with an embossed floral foo-foo design. πŸ™

We went to Target later to look at the Breadmachine I liked, and got that, and I said, “Look at this Frank,” and he did. It was a 5 1/2 Qt. White crock pot with a Little Dipper, but it was just a regular crock pot otherwise, no foo-foo-ness. It was white, totally different for me who always had black and stainless steel/black varieties. It was also much less money than the foo-foo Costco version. So we got it. πŸ™‚

I meant to use it earlier, but didn’t until today. I was happy to use it, I made a meal we used to love in the crock pot. I made it on top-of-the-stove a few times, but hadn’t made it since, I’m not sure when.

It’s “Smothered Chicken” a recipe I got from Vickilynn Haycrafts e-list a long time ago.

(c) Copyright 2001 Vickilynn Haycraft

Serves 6

1) Place in crockpot and cook on HIGH for about 3 hours:

3-4 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts
6 cloves garlic, minced
3 TB soy sauce (lower sodium)
1/4 cup dried chives
4-8 ounces mushrooms, sliced
2/3 cup water

2) At the end of 3 hours, prepare sauce and pour over chicken in

4 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons olive oil
6 heaping tablespoons whole wheat flour
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 cups milk – rice , soy or dairy (I use whole goat milk)
1 TB soy sauce
2 heaping tablespoons meatless chicken broth powder without MSG
salt and pepper to taste

To make sauce:
In a saucepan, melt butter mixed with oil. Add minced garlic and
saute briefly. Whisk in flour and cook until smooth and browned.
Add milk and cook over medium-high heat, whisking continuously
until thick and bubbly. Add broth powder, salt and pepper if
desired, and soy sauce. Let cook until thickened, and pour over
chicken in crockpot.

Cook chicken and sauce on HIGH for 1 hour, then check the
chicken for doneness. If not cooked through, continue to simmer
on LOW until done. Taste sauce and correct seasonings before

TIP:You can use a meat thermometer to be certain that boneless
white meat chicken breasts are cooked to an internal temperature
of 170 degrees.

The sauce is not super-thick, but rich, creamy and saucy. You
can thicken further if desired.

Serve sauce over mashed potatoes, rice and veggies and serve
lots of fresh whole grain bread to sop it up! Yummy!

Here it is, how I make it:

(c) Copyright 2001 Vickilynn Haycraft

NO MUSHROOMS variation by Marysue

Serves 6

1) Place in crockpot and cook on HIGH for about 3 hours:

3-4 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts
6 cloves garlic, minced(or more)
3 TB Organic Tamari Wheat-Free Soy Sauce
1 large sweet onion, maui or vidalia, chopped

2/3 cup water

2) At the end of 3 hours, prepare sauce and pour over chicken in

4 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons olive oil
6 heaping tablespoons flour (can substitute Arrow Root Powder mixed with water for the butter/oil/flour mixture, not sure the amount, I just do it without measuring. )
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 cups milk (whole dairy, I use raw)
1 TB Organic Tamari Wheat-Free Soy Sauce
1 1/2 TB Chicken Base (gooey paste)

To make sauce:
In a saucepan, melt butter mixed with oil. Add minced garlic and
saute briefly. Whisk in flour and cook until smooth and browned.
Add milk and cook over medium-high heat, whisking continuously
until thick and bubbly. Add broth powder, salt and pepper if
desired, and soy sauce. Let cook until thickened, and pour over
chicken in crockpot.

Cook chicken and sauce on HIGH for 1 hour, then check the
chicken for doneness. If not cooked through, continue to simmer
on LOW until done. Taste sauce and correct seasonings before


I made Basatmi rice to go with it tonight, and green beans. Everyone had plenty and it’s so very richly filling.

It’s a treat, not something to make very often, it’s so very flavorful and so easy to make, but easy to overdo it if you don’t watch it, and then get really sick of it as a meal. πŸ™‚

The crock pot was a different sort of experience for me tonight. There was brown residue from the meal cooking high up the sides. It was very noticeable since the crock is so white. I was able to fairly easily wash that off, and find that it’s inspiring to do so only because it’s a white crock, I was compelled to clean it, not let it soak overnight. πŸ™‚ So it’s already put away. I’m very proud of myself, in a good way only, of course. Patting myself on the back. πŸ™‚

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