I planted some variety of Iris a few years ago, a darkish colored bloom, but it hasn’t ever successfully bloomed. In the past years it has started to form blossom(s) in the Autumn and “first frost” kills it/them off before they open. From what I understood of my Iris plants they should have been “earlier” bloomers than that. Whatever the case, I finally dug them up today and will replant them elsewhere later, if I can get DH to dig out a spot for me in the backyard.

They could have used dividing, the old parts were bulky and new plants were grouped together tightly in a few bunches. I do hope I’ll be able to relocate them well, and that they will be happy and bloom when they should. Of course it’s possible that I got an odd lot of Irises, and they’ll never do what I thought they would do. In the backyard though they’ll get different light, so that’s something which is opposite of what they got in the front yard, where they had been all along.

This will mean that I have to get a decent area ready for landscaping, some place that is wild with weedy grasses right now. I’ll have to maintain it faithfully to keep new grasses from growing into it. We have nothing “landscaped” in the backyard currently. My old herb garden has one remaining German Thyme in it, and it’s surrounded by grass. The other things just caved in and then grass took over. I don’t know why they all caved, but my German Thyme didn’t. I’ll get her out later, and put her with the irises, I guess, to give her a better chance of growth. Grass can be nice, but it can also be a horrid enemy. :veryshocked:

I have another little iris variety in the front that I should relocate with the bigger variety I’m in the middle of doing such with. That means going back out where the sun is shining hotly. It’s middle-afternoon, so I’ll wait until later.

The day is actually quite nice. Rather mild air, just hot in the actual streaming sunlight if you stand or sit in it a few minutes or longer. The air is autumn dry, harkening our memories to such days in past years … a promise of milder days and nights to come.

Current temperature is supposedly 79 degrees F. with 44% Humidity, a feels-like temp of 81 F. I think it actually feels nicer than that personally, and it’s possible it is cooler than that in our front sunny yard. It seems so since I am particularly sensitive towards warmer scenarios … it feels more like 75 degrees F. to me 🙂