Frank has one of the clients he works with coming in this week. It was supposed to be mid-week, but they changed it to start today, and messed everything up therefore. Tuesday, tomorrow, is Asa’s birthday, his fifth, and traditionally we are all home on the birthday in question … and that allows ease of preparations for me.

Since it’s not so this year for Asa’s I’m am all alone pre-day to do what I can, but not go out and get anything, reliant on Frank picking up things on the way home, if stores are open whenever that is. Otherwise he’ll have to try and work it out to be here when stores open and bring me stuff ASAP in the morning, but that’s not likely to work.

He was supposed to go out to dinner with a bunch of folks on the second night of the visit, and that is something he can’t do, it’s the BIRTHDAY day! He says he’ll be able to cut out early and be home by 3:30pm, or maybe he meant he’ll leave then to get home. In any case, I’m not sure he’ll be able to, past events haunt me in this, promised arrivals end up much later, etc.

So the whole deal is bad enough for me, since I’m stuck here, but have no clue what I might need anyhow. Sure I could just figure that out right now, right? No, it’s bad enough, I have a Migraine today, figures. I haven’t had one for many days. So the story goes … just when I don’t need a Migraine I get one. I took over-the-counter Excedrin earlier, and it seemed to stay the symptoms after a bit, but now it’s afternoon, and it was probably hours ago that I took that and that is why my symptoms are worse now, and it’s just a cyclical horror show when it’s like this: it doesn’t go away after first dose. It seems to hang on and on for a day or two or three in these cases, flirting with me sometimes, making me half-functional, fully functional for a bit here and there, then prostrated for awhile sometimes, maybe not at all, but totally non-functioning just on my feet. Yuck.

I’ve worked through holidays with Migraines before. It’s hard to do so with Frank home, but he helps and that aides me greatly. With him gone, I’ll work myself to sicker status no doubt. These cycles are tough, I take excedrin, then more later, I try not to take too much, but eventually it seems it doesn’t work and then it seems that I’ve overdosed later … it’s like my body shuts down production and then two or three doses hit my system at once later. So if I have a better grip on early symptoms I think excedrin knocks it out fast and early, with no repercusions. But if I let symptoms wander by and do nothing until later, it is too later usually, and it’ll hack away at me longer and longer. It’s not a precise thing though, for I can think I catch it super right away and nothing works. Or it can drag on and on before I do anything and one or two doses knock it out. Or not. So it’s all ethereally nothingness. It works, it doesn’t work. I cope, that’s all I can do. I complain about it here, only complaining since that makes me feel better about it all.

I gave up making those dumb Wilton cake molded star covered icing cakes some years back. It tried several years, they came out nice, but the pain of it was horrid, the time involved, …. alful. Stressful to the hilt. I got a three-star tip the last time, and then it didn’t fit what I had, and it was too late to do anything else. So I vowed that to be the last time.

I’m glad. I couldn’t do that sort of cake in Migraine state. πŸ™‚

I just make some cake and put their name on it, get candy decorations. And call it good. When they are older I’ll make a gourmet cake for them. That’s more my abilility. They’ll appreciate that more later, not now at under 14 or so years of age πŸ˜‰

I talked to Asa last week about what he wanted for his birthday dinner, and we came up with Lasagna. Great. Tomato sauce with Migraine. Bad deal. I’ll have to get that working today though. I am certain I don’t have enough cheese for it, and have to wait until late to get it going, so I’ll try to take more excedrin and make some bacon, see it that helps interm. πŸ™‚ Bacon is the one thing that never had turned me off when sick with a Migraine, or pregnant in the first trimester. It’s the one thing I can stomach when nausea hits. Go figure, greasy pig meat. I now only buy organic non-cured bacon, so at least it’s good greasy pig meat now. πŸ™‚

Well dear Asa turns 5 tomorrow, and still sucks his thumb, carries around a baby blanket. :rolleyes: He’s smart as a whip, smarter than that actually. His intellect and age and maturity are very “out of sync” πŸ˜‰ As is quite normal to be asyncronous in development of such when a visual-spatial gifted young person.

Please excuse any spelling errors. I hate editing and Migraine-State defies editing, might make spellings more prone to being wrong as well. πŸ™‚