Speaking of good books, as in the last post, the Inheritance Trilogy has this site linked … which looks good, and we are very excited about it, even though we’ve not read the books yet, but since I’m writing about it all today, and my wireless keyboard is going nuts, not working right:

I declare the rest of today, Day after Birthday Recovery and Sinking into Egragon through Literary Portal Day.


[Update: 9:06pm] I got to read the first chapter and a half, and that’s it. I was constantly interupted at first, when I tried to read the book downstairs, and got nowhere, so I went up to my bed with strict instructions for the children to play with this or that particular thing and let me alone for an hour, so I could sink into my reading for once.

Asa just couldn’t leave me alone, so start, read a sentence, stop. Start, go back and read sentence, read a few paragraphs, stop, start, …. stop. I gave up after that and resolve to read as much as I can tonight. I really did like how it started. I had a bit of trouble with the part I was last reading, it was a bit choppy, dare I say I was prejudiced by my knowledge of whom the person is that wrote it, from reading of the author, and knowing he was younger when he wrote the book, or not. I will say it this way “It reminded me of my own writing when a teen, a bit rough, not said in a clever way, not “knowingly”, not “flowing”, just immaturely written. It was just a small section. It made me uncomfortable, like when I hear someone singing and they go flat or sharp or get mousy sounding, and I know better how to sing what they are singing and I am embarrassed for them. Anyhow, I do like how the book is in general though, and a fresh crack at the book later will be one that has already read that small section and maybe it’ll not be that bad second time through, and I don’t expect the rest of the book to be rough as that piece was. Just to be forthcoming, it’s the part where Eragon gets to town and is in the Butcher shop … it’s the dialogue, the character introductions that ensue … it really reminded me of stories that I wrote when I was a teen, my self-attempts at novel writing that I abandoned.

I abandoned them because I decided I hated dialogue … and felt constrained to write about places that are real, like I couldn’t “invent” my own world to write about. I was held in check by my silly education I’d had up until then, and I despise it grotesquely … I’m mad at myself for letting it get the best of me and keep me from writing more.

Dialogue is hard to write, it takes maturity, I think. So it’s something that grows with a writer as they mature and keep on writing. My education derailed so many of my desires. I’ve toyed with creating my own world and attempting to write novelia again. Hmmm. I’ll see about it after awhile. It’s time to enjoy a young author with a good future. The Inheritance Trilogy is the beginning, readingly wise for me, and eventually for my children.