Day: September 18, 2005

Best Fall Foliage and Autumn Color Web Cams for 2005

Best Fall Foliage and Autumn Color Web Cams for 2005

Check out the above link for links to some great Web Cams for Autumn Foliage views, or just lovely nature views!

I’m linking to it to remind me (moi) to look often.

Hot Hennie Update

Our hennies egg production has picked up a bit the last few weeks. I have tried to keep them in order, get counts to put up here and all that, but … last week and over the weekend I’ve not been my best, so some things slide. FWIW.

The biggest thing to note though is that I took HawkLady out of the A=Frame the other week, put her under a metal basket that is supposed to go into a shelf thing for a panry sort of setup, but it’s a cheap thing and the basket is strong and not useable in the pantry thing, why not use it?

Upside-down it works to contain one hen. Not wing-flappy-able, but alright. I put HawkLady under it with a small former-catfood-can for water. I took her out since she hadn’t been laying much and had dropped off totally and was loosing more and more feathers. She has had a minny-molt going on for some time, in other words. She looked better after a few days in the new space. She got new grass every day at least once and looking at her today I saw her looking so much better, feathered out nicely for the first time in … and later the boys came running in to tell us that there was a green egg in her little pen. Ah, yes! There was! A beautiful green egg. Sigh.

There’s another that needs the same treatment, she is a Wyandotte, Pointsettia, and has lost a lot of feathers on her back. It’s not nice to see, and not nice for her, a big red target to the other hens in the pen with her. Peck, peck, peck.

That’s what Hawklady went through and it wasn’t that bad, just some days, and with something to do, it works to do it. So I have another basket I can use.

What I want to do then is to get a little pen built to hold the Wyandottes and HawkLady alone. It’ll be easier getting them together in a small pen, rather than getting them back into the A-Frame with the big girls, the Australorps.

The Australorps are laying something most days, up to 5 brown eggs a day, more like 2 most days though. So it’s an every other day sort of thing. The “up to 5” included the Wyandottes, of course, seeing as we have 4 Australorps, not more. 🙂

The Leghorns are laying about 50-75% every day now. That’s really good for old women like them. We aren’t sure what to do with them, we’ll get them a light soon and see how to keep them laying over winter and maybe then when they quit we’ll do the deed.

I want some new pullets. I’ve wanted new ones. I’d be happy with more Australorps, or Golden-Laced Wyandottes. I love them both. My Australorps are so sweet, they remind me of an older sweet cat, in general. We shall see what we can do.

It’s been Summer again, very hot lately. It was Autumn-like then, bam! here comes Summer again. The 15-day outlook is pretty hot still. In any case, our Cherry trees have lost most all their leaves already, and our October Glory has a lot of changed leaves, and lost leaves already. This is early for both of these types. I’ve seen other Cherry tree types without leaves too, when driving around the last couple of weeks. It was the end of August when it started for them, and sortly after for the October Glory Maple.

I’ll get some pictures I just took of the trees on here soon.

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