I’ve had a very rough day. I was supposed to be able to paint one or two rooms today thru this weekend, but the way things have gone, there’s no way.

Asa, just turned 5-year-old is on a rampage of disobedience and no matter what I do, he’s behind me doing something horrid. The boys room is moving to downstairs and the office to their old room. They have been so very messy and disorganized, it’s a nightmare to motivate them, any old day, lest today. Add in Asa’s horrid behaviour and well, I’m sacked. Plus I’ve got some allergy thing, or thought I did, then I went and finally looked into the mirror at the eye that’s bugging me and saw I have a fleck on the surface of my eye, right over my pupil, it’s on top but won’t move off. I’ve put Saline in like crazy since then. It’s very irritating and driving me bonkers. I have no recourse but to pray, use saline solution, and wait. So if you have a mind to, please pray that God will clear the whatever-it-is-fleck off of my eye and that there is no damage and won’t be any damage and that it will totally resolve very soon.

I have no idea what it could be, but it could be glass … I had to pick up some glass that broke in the basement who-knows-when, a picture frame, today. But I can’t be sure there was anything to it that was that small, or that could have gotten in my eye … oh but it’s just frustrating to not know and not be sure about it at all, just know there’s something there that is disturbing normal feelings, it’s a grating feeling and my sinuses are going nuts from it. So my fantisy is that it’s glass or something rough or prickly and very small but big enough to be seen and just stick there on my eyeball. Ick. It’s like any old allergy thing, the eye feels dry and sticky and itchy and if it just gets washed out it’ll feel better. Like if there’s a bug stuck in there, or sand or dirt. But this is something right on the top and it won’t get off. URG. My eyelid isn’t happy about it either.

Frank isn’t here. He’s out for another day or so. I don’t know this is an emergency, it might be, but might not be. In any case I am not one to run to anyone medical for help so soon unless it’s something super bad and all that. So I wait.

Update: 10:03pm: I took a shower, hoping that the humidity would help, water washing in and all that … but it’s still there in my eye. I hope that sleeping will help it get out. Maybe a nice big allergy icky night will help goop it out. Anyhow, at least the shower made me feel a tad better, but the icky allergy stuff is coming back fairly fast now. Ho hum.

Really it’s just horrid since I can see it, but can’t get it off. Touching the eye with anything can be dangerous, but not that, just plain too sensitive to stand. The eye blinks naturally and it’s so hard not to, to put something up to it. I used to wear contacts and had no problem putting THEM in, or taking THEM out, but that’s totally different, a thing that slides and all that, but I do recall times I went to sleep without taking them out and without moisturizing them first, and in the morning they’d be stuck on my eyeballs or up inside under the lid all crumpled up and I’d have to peel them off, but they worked differently, of course, than this mysterious fleck, since they could hydrate with saline and then unfurl themselves more easily and they had edges to get anyhow, whereas this thing is a tiny fleck in comparison, but big enough to be very irritating and tempting to pluck off with SOMETHING, but what? Chewing gum wad? Bread dough (unbaked)? Something to put there and grab it. Hmmm. Ideas welcomed. See now, I can’t tell if it sticks out of my eye how, or what since my eye is a global curve, of course. Self-examine only shows me that maybe it does, feeling it, it sure does have presence above the level of the eyeball, but is is only smack down and stuck on, or is it a wedge into my eyeball with an edge sticking UP. Hmmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmm. This is the biggest thing that has made me go Hmmmm.