We just got a new store a few miles away. There was a K-Mart there before, but it’s one that closed when they closed a bunch of their stores some time ago. The space is nearly filled now, as store after store slowly has taken up part of the empty space. We have the first PEEBLES in the state, and had some shopping there this afternoon. Frankie had gone in the other day and told me about it.

We found a few nice cute things for V., who turns 7 in about a month. We found some nice shirts for the two boys as well. Nice sale going on, by two get one free on some things, as well as a Grand Opening percentage-off of everything.

They have some nice brands, good stuff, over all a better store than K-Mart, though they don’t take K’s place at all, P is a “department store” kind of place, and K is not that, less and more all over. Cheaper and full of many other things, in other words. P is pretty nice, consitering it all. My take on it is, uh oh. Why did they pick HERE to put their first store? πŸ™‚ Maybe it’s growing faster around here than we even thought. Hmmm.

Anyhow, we also got a new winter play coat for V. and some funny pink boots she can wear this winter, with her casual skirts, and maybe play outside too. Things are good quality there, but not over priced, and better prices due to Grand Opening. The things are not what I’d really want to get over anything, but what available close to home, so …

I got three new blouses and a couple of jackets as well. Now there is where I had to laugh. I looked in the Misses stuff and found NOTHING. I passed the Jr. section and stopped short in front of a rack of really cute baby-cord blazers. Two colors, one a tan-ish and the other a dusty rose-ish … I pulled out a M in the pink and tried it on right in the aisle, not exactly my “INTP style” to do that usually, πŸ˜‰ and oooooh I loved it!

I used to where Jr. sizes, before babies. Since then, I haven’t been happy with much in Misses, and well I was just thrilled to find a really hot blazer that fit me. It’s snug in the middle and so vvveeerrrrry feminine, the waist is snugged in, as I sayed before, and it’s a girly blazer for sure. It’s something I didn’t ever have in my close closest, something that girly. I must say, when I was younger, they didn’t put nice things like that in the Jr. Dept. Lines of Clothing. I’m still a girl, just older and my shape is different. My take on it is that the styles out now are so very me, over all, this summer the skirts out there, and continuing into Fall and Winter things, they are so great, so similar but improved, so much like my childhood. Re-cycled styles … what comes around goes around. Nothing new under the sun, that sort of thing, just something old, improved.

For the last … I forget how many years, I’ve been wearing only dresses or skirt/blouse combos. I have had the worst time finding anything that either fit, or that I liked. I went through a “jumper” phase, it was all I could find that was “ok” and I’m glad I don’t HAVE to wear them anymore. I have found a few things here and there since then, and slowy got a better wardrobe going, though it’s not really “my style” overall. I’m struggling to get me into my clothes, I mean, get the real me to be in my real style. Skirts I have now, several nice types for me, but blouses has been my bain forever. I’ve never been good at blouses.

Before dresses, I was a T-shirt and Jeans girl. I wore dresses too, but mostly T-shirts and Jeans, Walking Shorts and Nice T’s, that sort of thing. I got more modesty though, and quit the pants wearing completely bad when ever that was. So for me, skirts are tough, they aren’t my usual style, before it was dresses of different styles, mostly not comfy types, so they didn’t work for me to go into my new clothing phase, as comfort is first for me in daily life πŸ˜‰

So I was happy to find a couple of blazer/jacket things that work with some of the skirts I have now, which makes the blouse issue less of an issue, finally. Autumn/Winter is my favorite time for clothes, I can wear tights and boots and looser thick stuff. Layers that are good, not several, just a couple. I am very sensitive to too many layers, seams in many things, and all that. So I have to be picky about what I can wear ever, specially Winter. So now some of my things feel more complete since the P run today.

I’m guessing I’ll have to get more and more stuff as soon as I can, since styles will change, and they won’t be in my favor necessarily … get it while the gettin’s good!

So I re-looked at the Misses section in P before leaving. Ugh. Polyester reigns supreme there! Ugh! They had nothing of interest, nothing. Jr’s didn’t have any skirts I liked, almost, but not in the end. That’s OK, the upper stuff was good. I’m glad I looked, usually I have tried that in other stores and found nothing in either section. Just these last couple of style seasons has proved out anything good in little/big girls clothing and in Jr’s or Misses anywhere.

Of course, I am talking about less costly clothing … ready-to-wear off of cheaper store shelves. I have found a few things in Dillards in some sections at times, but there those are pricier things. All in all it’s that Peebles is something new for us, and it isn’t pretentious, and not a big mess either. It’ll be interesting to see what they are like later, see if they improve, get worse, stay the same, or what.

Well, I’m nearly ready for Winter. Really ready for Autumn, and it seems to be here now, the weather is cooling down, and tonight it should be in the high 40’s with low 70’s tomorrow and getting a bit cooler the next few days. I looked at the 15-day forcast, and it’s for a similar trend, just low 70’s at the highest with more highs lower than that, and lows down into the very high 30’s later. Beyond that, I don’t know. I used to rely on Accuweather and look that sort of data up via the past 12-month data, but they’ve removed that from the regular user interface, you have to pay extra for more data now. πŸ™ I haven’t looked for another source as of yet. I pay little things on a few other sites for content, and have no wish to do so with weather!

Oh, I did get a nice little program the other day, Moon Phase stuff [link] … it’s a thing you have to pay for, just once. You can look up past and future and current Moon Phase data … it’s really nice. I’m very interested in the moon and it’s influence on things.

I realized for the very first time via this program, that I was born the morning of a New Moon. I had thought I was born when the moon was “waxing” … as some other websites had said. So there I found, not really was it waxing, not really, it had turned to new at 12:30am … I was born at 8:27am.

Duran Duran has a song, which also fascinated me, I didn’t know why. Now I do. New Moon on Monday. I was born on a July Monday morning many years ago, under a New Moon.

Hey, means something to me, just interesting, I mean. Funny, I have something to connect with my fascination with that song now. FWIW πŸ™‚